DJ Quik Announces Retirement From Remixing, Engineering & Mixing

DJ Quik says he is selling all of his production equipment and that he will no longer remix or engineer any projects.

DJ Quik announced that he is retiring from remixing, engineering and mixing in a Twitter update yesterday (October 28).

In his Twitter update, Quik announced that he is selling all of his production equipment. He also said he is not going to remix or engineer any projects moving forward. 

Quik also posted an image of the MPC3000 that he is looking to sell. 

In subsequent Twitter updates, Quik also wonders if he should burn the MPC onstage.  

DJ Quik emerged in 1991 with his debut album, Quik Is The Name, which was released through Profile Records. His most recent release came in 2011 with The Book of David. Quik has remixed, engineered and/or produced for various artists, including Tupac, Murs, Salley, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg and Jay Z. 

In a recent interview with, Quik said he would sell his backup MPC3000 after his drum machine was stolen. 

"I ain't even gonna charge more than $3,000 for it," Quik said. "I ain't even gon' be stupid. If y'all gotta steal it, then y'all can have it. I'd rather give it to you mothafuckas."

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  • Jacyon

    Lol The Game got own hahaaha blaming Knight for killing 2pac hahah the game got OWN THE GAME IS A LOSER hahahah

  • rdh6t7nygh8u

    things do happen.bird mask leather face chaseing you. ppl putting u in woods walking around u in a circle none stop real fast than start grabing ya.devil wishes putting at nite.jasonnns out side

  • Dave

    In other news: DJ Quik announces retiring from making anything relevant. BREAKING UPDATE: His retirement started in 2003.

    • BrageBoogie

      Dude, have you listened to Trauma or The Book Of David? Quik is still on the forefront of hip hop music. Headz are asleep. Ack like u know!

  • ergerg

    Quik is one of the most underrated artists in all of Hip Hop. He's consistently been releasing dope music since the 90s.. whatta shame

  • Ella J. Encinas

    until I looked at the paycheck which said ($)6279, I be certain sister was like they say actualey erning money parttime online.. there brothers friend had bean doing this for under 7 months and recently cleard the loans on there home and bought a brand new Mercedes. hop over to this web-site...

  • RayGotti

    Don't worry folk, guys like Mike Will and Lex Luger are better than Quik anyway so it is not a big loss, Quik was just a crump off the table anyway.


    should we call you DJ Quit from now on?

  • foreallydoe

    Way back in the day somebody must've wanted me to quit cause they broke in my house and cold stole my sh it.

  • Sneak

    Say it ain't so Quik! Definitely one of my fave producers of all time. Safe and Sound had such a nice feel. The songs are actually composed, not simply having a 2,3 second sample looping the whole time, only to switch for a chorus. :/ And to all you chiming in saying "bout time the old generation moved along", show some respect to one of the producers who paved the way! True Westcoast legend! I'm sure Dr. Dre would co-sign that!

  • Fuck Compton

    Like we give a fuck

  • Anonymous

    all these other old washup up nigguz need to take his example. time for a new generation

    • youngsta

      yes, at 1st anon. fuck all the old bitter heads. young niggas run this shit.

    • Anonymous

      That ain't what you mamma said after Daz, Kurupt, Treach, Puba, Redhead Kingpin, Craig-G, Apache, Granddaddy I.U. et al ran a train on her trailer trash ass last nite...

  • Anonymous

    he only said hes done remixing and engineering for other people, dj quik is my fav artist and its a shame some of bullshit hes had to deal with, but this is hiphop and dj quik will come back in the future eventaully

  • cal1

    I am not jumping on this one right here! I give him 10 months maximum until we hear the probably best quik record to date! Long live G-Funk :)

  • Noway

    Quik can't stop. Shame about the lowlife who snatched his shit but son you got a gift, you don't just throw it to waste! World & hip hop needs DJ Quik.

  • Anonymous

    Hip-hop is truly, I understand being tired of what these corporate culture vultures, along with the braindead he/she kneegrows, have done to this music but quitting, Quick, say it ain't so.

  • Anonymous

    I wish the original founders of death row like quik would purchase death row and then run it and begin a new chapter of music....

  • RocFlair

    Some of the crispiest sounds came from Quik's production and mixing. The layered riffs and instrumentals always made me feel like a live band is playing the music. Where am I gonna find that quality of sound now? No Dilla! No Quik! Only Daz? Bar Wars Episode X: Revenge of the Synth!

  • The Nu Troll

    Cee-Lo & Rick Ross presents Rape Gang 1. Mollys and Champagne 2. She didn't even know it (remix) 3. Against her will 4. We got set up ft. Tupac 5. It won't hurt ft. Mack Maine 6. Just like Daddy ft. Birdman & Lil Wayne 7. Can't get no pussy 8. Gonna take it by force 9. It's mines 10. X and Sex 11. Fuck sumthin 12. Bout that rape life Bonus Tracks 13. Roopie Rap 14. Liquid Love (GHB anthem) This shit will go platinum!!! lol!!! Supported by pervs and lames who get no pussy everywhere.

  • Young Guwop

    Noooo!!! Legends like Quik are walkin away and one trick ponies like DJ Mustard are takin over.

  • DAMN

    Damn this is the end of hip hop as we know it, all the greats leaving us with the clowns

  • gqproduct11

    its a sad day in hip hop..i cant believe this, he was the best to ever do it, his albums are all classic pieces of music. The prince of the west coast is retiring, this sux. Dang and i was looking forward to a new album

  • Anonymous

    WTF is this nigga doin and WHY???????????? quik got waaay too much to give still. this not good lames and frauds like dr. dre stay around but real producers like this has to hang it up. hip hop is for real in a bad place

  • Anonymous

    So this also means stop producing right? Damn man why do always the talented once either have to stop early or die??

  • YOGA

    This is the first time I've seen a rapper/producer/whatever announce his retirement and stand by his word. We'll miss you, Q-U-I-K.

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