Snoop Dogg Says He's Still A Competitive Rapper

Snoop Dogg also talks about going from Snoop Lion to Snoopzilla.

Snoop Dogg recently discussed his competitive edge after being asked about BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers. The rapper also spoke about many cyphers he enjoyed in this year's award show.

"I thought the cyphers were actually dope," Snoop said during an interview with "I thought they were well-rounded. They gave a lot of people the opportunity to get down that deserved it. I really liked Crooked I, Kendrick Lamar and I definitely liked Kevin Hart. So I was entertained by all of the cyphers."

When asked if he would participate in a cypher, Snoop said he might.

"Maybe," Snoop said. "Maybe, because I'm still competitive. I'm still a rapper. I've still got that edge. So, I'd love to."

Snoop Dogg has participated in BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers before, most recently in 2012, when he rapped beside Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, Xzibit, DJ Quik, E-40 and YG.  

Aside from Rap, Snoop is also interested in various genres. As Snoop Lion, he released a Reggae-themed album, Reincarnated. As Snoopzilla, he's now partnered with Dam-Funk for 7 Days of Funk. During his interview with, Snoop explained the name changes. 

"Just call me Snoop," he said. "That makes it simple. The thing is for the project, it wasn't a Snoop Dogg project, so I didn't want people to get it confused. That's why it's a project called 7 Days Of Funk, where me and Dam-Funk we came together and made a group. In the group, the name I'm under is Snoopzilla. But it's for the cause of the group." 

More from this interview can be viewed below. 

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  • Snoophater

    Snoop sellout Dogg.

  • Therein Lies The Essence of My Message

    NaS is the greatest rapper of all time. Illmatic shits on every other rap album ever made. Of the Big 3 (Nas, Em, Jay), NaS is the only one whose lyricism hasn't stagnated. Jay and Em are faltering artistically because they recycle the same tired subjects in vain attempts to stretch their relevancy. They struggle to adapt to their age and put out mediocre pop garbage shit like Recovery and MCHG. NaS has only himself to inspire because his peers still haven't got a clue as to how to grow substantively as lyricists.

    • Anonymous

      mean205 - Considering the fact that 'daughters' off the Life is Good album (his most recent work to date) was nominated for a grammy, I believe people outside of his usual fanbase were listening. So, you should stop spitting all of your hate and get a clue. Just because you aren't interested in his music, doesn't mean other people aren't.

    • mean205

      I think you mean to use 'rebut', or possibly 'refute', instead of the word 'rebute'. Although I'm not an all-knowing Nas lover, maybe you characters use a different vocabulary with words that my small-mindedness can't possibly comprehend. How can I possibly try to refute how you feel about Illmatic? I could give you a list of albums I prefer over Illmatic, but there is no purpose. Instead, I'll just go ahead and say that the last Nas song anyone outside of his dick-riding fanbase paid any attention to was "One Mic".

    • mean205 killa

      AGAIN MEAN205 REBUTE THE OPINION/CLAIMS Butthurt Jay Z/Eminem stan

    • mean205

      I'm just saying that you Nas fans have got some issues. You think that because he isn't as popular commercially as Jay-z/Eminem that you are on some kind of pedestal because you think he is better. If Nas wanted to play the role of the Booty Warrior you'd gladly play the Tom DuBois role.

    • dunn purnsley

      @ smh and mean205 Notice how these two butt hurt bitches don't say anything to rebut his opinion/claims. LOL

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    • Maddie

      Amen to everything you just said, couldn't have said it better myself.

  • Anon

    "If he would participated" It's like they don't even try to proofread before they post.

  • A Chance To Be Someone Else

    Snooper tarnished his legacy after 2Pac died. He was exposed as a soft, insecure bitch and lost his competitive edge as a lyricist. He let cornballs ghostwrite for him and in the process he lost his voice to the white masses.

    • A Chance To Be Someone Else

      WTF are you talking about? European wierdo? Shut the fuck up and form coherent thoughts before typing. I was simply speaking on how Snoop's enthusiasm for the game waned after Shakur's passing.

    • Anonymous

      Uhh no you fucking european weirdo. If Snoop tarnished his legacy it has NOTHING to do with after-he-died-God-in-Europe-2pac. Go adore 2pac in one of his illuminati sites or something. Fucking weirdos who didnt even exists or act this way about 2pac when he was alive or pre-1996 yet now hes this revolutionary figure, somehow. Smh.

  • Anonymous

    wheres the link to the cypher with e40 and them ya dig?

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