MC Jin Details Missed Opportunities To Build With Kanye West, Just Blaze

MC Jin talks about his studio sessions with Kanye West and Just Blaze and says he didn't fully take advantage of his time with them.

Miami, Florida native MC Jin's heavy run of fame came during the early to mid 2000's and he admits with fame came a lot of missed opportunities.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, the former Ruff Ryders signee talked about being in the lab with Kanye West and how his passive attitude cost him an opportunity to build with the Grammy-winning producer/rapper.

"I had a perfect opportunity to lock in the lab with Kanye, make a classic and I still think the record we make is what it is and it's dope but is it the record that I feel I could have really, really made? No," Jin says regarding his time spent with Kanye. "Because once again I'll man up to this, (I'm) just hyped and gassed to be in the lab with him."

Jin also describes creating the track "I Got a Love" with Kanye West, citing he believes he should have spent more time building with him.

"Not saying that I'm a diva, but I went in there, he had a sample that was looping on the MPC already, or the keyboard, and he's like, 'Yeah, I've been working on this, this is what I'm going to do.' (He) plays it and I'm just like, 'Word, cool, let's do it... I feel like it was such a good opportunity to build and interact with him and I didn't take advantage of it."

Jin also describes working with Just Blaze in a similar situation.

"Blaze was cool throughout the whole thing but on my end I was just like, 'Yo, I'm getting a Just Blaze beat. I'll take any one.'"

MC Jin released his debut album, The Rest Is History in 2004 via Ruff Ryders. It features the singles "Learn Chinese" and "Senorita" and would eventually see him reach number 54 of the Billboard Top 200 albums chart. He is currently working on his upcoming album Hypocrite. He preformed an unreleased single called "Hypocrite" at SXSW in March of this year.

Watch Jin's full interview with Vlad TV below:

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  • Jerzzz

    Sorry Jin, you missed your opportunity bruh. Shoulda never crossed the ocean to become a chinese superstar with cantonese albums and then never came back to make that crossover to christian rap. Mad talented and a dope M.C. but his time is long since passed.

  • jimjim

    leave the man alone half of us didnt or will ever do what hes done as far as these racist remarks keep them down

  • Linda Jenkins

    before I looked at the draft 4 $9462, I be certain brother had been actualy receiving money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there aunt had bean doing this less than 10 months and resantly cleared the loans on there apartment and bourt themselves a Land Rover Defender. my explanation...

  • Anonymous

    Ive seen him in a lot of hong kong shows. Hes signed in Hk and playing roles in dramas and talkshows, and hes been making music in hk. He had an amazing opportunity in America, but his skills on song writing and everything else was sub par at best, no way would he compete with todays emcees, but at least he has a opportunity to make music and have a career in other countries.

  • Anonymous

    Jin had all the freestyle skill in the world, but stepping into the studio with a superstar is an entirely different thing. That's where an artist's flaws start showing. In Jin's case, he just wasn't meant for a long career, but props to him for admitting he didn't take advantage of it.

  • Anonymous

    Jin looks like he's on crack.

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin stupid gook lookin faggot

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