Kanye West Slams Media During "Yeezus Tour"

Kanye West also rejects the idea of his holding a God complex while saying "God is inside of all of us."

After a string of attention stemming from his inclusion of a Jesus character as a part of his “Yeezus” show as well as the more recent news of his marriage proposal to girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Kanye West is again making news this week from a nearly 10-minute-long diatribe against the media during the Oakland stop of his “Yeezus” tour.

The tour, which began in Seattle, Washington on October 19 and includes Kendrick Lamar and artistic direction from producer Flying Lotus, has also raised eyebrows with West’s performing apparently previously unheard material.

Last Wednesday (October 23), West embarked on a nine-minute monologue that included his vocally manipulated singing as a part of his performance of his song “Runaway.” West begins by addressing the audience at the Oracle Arena with an assumption of shared resentment for the media. “But obviously don’t none of ya’ll give a fuck about what the media say,” he said. “We are more powerful than the media today. I control the media. I get on TV shows and do what the fuck I want, when I want, how I want, my way. And I don’t change, no way. No way. And I don’t give a fuck about no TV show, and I don’t give a fuck about no actor, and I don’t give a fuck about no blog trying to talk shit. All I care about is God. And all I care about is you.”

West continued by sharing his feelings of being unfairly pigeonholed by media outlets like websites and television shows. “You know they try and [put] me into this box right?” he said. “Even if I sit down, I had this one dentist I went to, he would say something, he would tell me like, ‘Yo, so when I was going to dentist school, and we went to class,’ and he’d always have to put it into music terms for me and say, ‘It would be like if you were in the studio.’ And I said, ‘I understand English, you don’t have to put it in music terms for me to understand motherfucking English.’ People try to box you into this thing of, in your lifetime, all you mean is this one thing. But if you were two years old and you wanted to sing, then you could motherfucking sing. If you wanted to ride a bike you would ride that shit. If you wanted to color, you would color. But when you get older everybody wants to put you into this box.”

With a continued reference to the audience, West went on to ask for their participation after the acknowledgement that “Some people can do anything.” “Put your hands in the sky right now if you believe you could do anything,” he said. “Everybody’s so goddamn scared. But I ain’t scared, I’m prepared.”

The rapper-producer finished his speech with a more explicit criticism of “branding” and “marketing.” He also addressed his faith, rejecting the idea that he holds a “God complex.” “They always say I word things the wrong way, but people seem not to get my intent,” he said. “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth. ‘Cause they tryin’ to control ya’ll motherfuckers with branding, with marketing, with media, they trying to make ya’ll feel like you’re less than ya’ll selves. When I say I am a God, it’s because God is inside of all of us. And while ya’ll on the way to work in the morning, I want ya’ll to say ‘I am a God.’ That’s why I worded that shit first person. I ain’t go not God complex. I know he the most high. But I know that I can talk to my God, and I know that everything is possible through prayer. ‘Cause I prayed for my fiance. I prayed, I said ‘God, I wish I was a little bit taller, wish I was a baller…” he said, referencing Los Angeles rapper Skee-Lo’s hit single “I Wish.”

Besides the controversial appearance of a Jesus character and his habit of monologuing during the tour, the “Yeezus” show has also drawn curiosity stemming from the inclusion of previously unheard material. In a recently released video from the San Jose leg of the tour, Kanye West can be seen performing an unreleased song seemingly titled “I’m Not Here” before launching into the Yeezus number “On Sight.” It’s unclear whether the song represents a leftover track from Yeezus or a peek at new material.

Video of the performance can be seen below.

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  • L

    Learn to find the positive in everything. You don't have to like things, but respect them. Kanye is saying some profound things... try actually listening w/o judgement. You might ACTUALLY learn some valuable things.

  • shine

    thiz foo a str8 fag smh i cant stand this punk

  • Anonymous

    If i were at this concert i would be tight. Nigga i just came here to listen to music not you bitching and crying. Kanye nothin but a false prophet tho.

  • Young Guwop

    First sign of being schizo. Having a God complex. Kanye is a simpin nut case.

  • Anonymous

    12th house sun's being 12th house sun's.

  • nasirjones

    this porch monkey doesn't control the media..its all in your head monkey

  • latef

    not you or any of us are Gods. even if God spirit lives in you does not make you God. however, you can be a little god like a King or idol but instead you have been brainwashed by these new age freaks into believing you are more then what you really are. money does not make you a God.

    • Anonymous

      But the 5% use that term as a way to uplift one another. Kanye uses it in an egotistical self-certered way.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to tell you but their is a complete culture of people who are Gods. Ever hear of the 5%? So don't go pushing your fake beliefs on everyone else. #IAMAGOD!!!!

    • Elumination

      We ARE God. You are God and God is all. God = Love, Love = The Dream, The Dream = Now. We are now and we ARE God.

  • Linda Jenkins

    before I looked at the draft 4 $9462, I be certain that...my... brother had been actualy receiving money in their spare time on their apple laptop.. there aunt had bean doing this less than 10 months and resantly cleared the loans on there apartment and bourt themselves a Land Rover Defender. my explanation... http://smal.ly/8wUo2

  • Anonymous


  • Is He Lying?

    September 2nd 2005 Kanye Omari West solidified his self as one of the realist niggas to ever walk this earth when he said "George Bush does not care about black people" On LIVE national TV. You don't like his music? Cool. Hate his bitch? That's nice. Gay-fish fashion sense? Whatever. Nobody else done the game like Ye'. Period. Shits CHESS - NOT CHECKERS!

  • Anonymous

    clowns stay clownin

  • shitfunny

    "Kanye West Slams Media" and "Jay Z Blasts Critics Of His Barneys Partnership"...but when you read the story, how true are these headlines most times????? This is the kind of media manipulation that is happening. Headlines created to twist intent or change perspective into a more negative angle so you will "click"... learn how the media plays with words, its funny

  • Anonymous

    he hates the media, is that why he lets commercials use his music all the time? is that why he always on tv shows? the biggest hypocrite in the world fuck kanye

    • Anonymous

      I dont understand how people defend this man. He made a song called new slaves then sold his fans a $200 plain white t-shirt, but im sure his groupies will find a way to justify all his actions. When he made new slaves he was talking about yall and hes the slave master or in his terminology, "GOD". We keep getting more gullible as time goes on.

    • dylan

      did u even read the article? he said he controls the media!!! you think he doesn't know there gonna write an article on him being controversial? he hates violating paparazzi who don't respect him as a human. u and every other person who hates kanye for anything besides his ego are so fucking ignorant. and it stems beyond kanye. try to understand something before judging.

    • CanYouRead?

      "I control the media. I get on TV shows and do what the fuck I want, when I want, how I want, my way. And I dont change, no way. No way. And I dont give a fuck about no TV show, and I dont give a fuck about no actor, and I dont give a fuck about no blog trying to talk shit. All I care about is God. And all I care about is you.

  • Real

    That Socy 1101. Nah, I got to give it to him. Most of you niggas probably sittin back with your little New Era/Supreme/WhatEverCornyShit thinking Kanye is this and that, when the man honestly isn't saying anything that bad. Matter fact, most of what this nigga's been saying recently has been on point.

  • Whorida

    Has anyone been to a Kanye show lately? Does he do mostly the newer stuff or older stuff? I think I could only handle his show if he does stuff on the first 2 albums

  • Anonymous

    lol what a looser this aint hip hop

  • riv216

    lol yoooo that mask is epic...come check out the new music video "The Good Die Young 2K13" in 720/1080 HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw

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