Cannibal Ox's Sophomore Album Arriving In 2014

Exclusive: Vast Aire and Vordul Mega are also putting together a worldwide tour.

Cannibal Ox is slated to release its sophomore album in 2014. Vast Aire and Vordul Mega released the acclaimed The Cold Vein album in 2001 and appeared at the A3C Hip-Hop Festival earlier this month

"It’s an exciting time,” Eric Bayruns, the A&R representative who signed Cannibal Ox to iHipHopDistribution, which will be releasing Cannibal Ox’s second album in conjunction with the duo’s Iron Galaxy Clik (IGC) imprint, says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Vast and Vordul are making incredible music for their sophomore album,” Bayruns continued. “The music is up-to-par with and in some cases better than the music that they made on their classic Cold Vein, yet it’s still both new and fresh. Long story short, Cannibal Ox is about to give fans another classic they can enjoy for years to come."

Cannibal Ox is also slated soon formally announce its “The Cold Vein” tour, which is scheduled to include international and domestic dates at which the duo will perform the entire The Cold Vein album.  

Released on Def Jux Records, The Cold Vein was produced by El-P and was named as one of the “Top 200 Albums of the 2000s” by iHipHopDistribution is also slated to rerelease The Cold Vein.

Even though they have yet to release a second Cannibal Ox album, Vast Aire and Vordul Mega have appeared on each other’s albums. In 2005, the pair also released a live album, Return of the Ox: Live at CMJ.

In February, Cannibal Ox launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the making of its second album.

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  • Anonymous

    All doubters need to listen to Psalm 82. Tell me that's not quality Hip Hop. I get the feeling that the majority of the naysayers are El-P fans, who only listen to/think about Cannibal Ox when paired with El-P. Vast Aire can be hit or miss, but Vordul Mega has grown to be one of my all time favorite Hip Hop artists, and too many people sleep on his solo work/projects he's been involved with. Whether or not Vast brings his A game, I'm looking forward to Vordul tearing up this album. Don't sleep on the humble member of Ox.

  • Anonymous

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  • boomBAPhiphop

    The Cold Vein was solid. easily one of my favorite lyrical hiphop. Can Ox was always compared to wutang clan and I have no idea why. They were both acts from NY doing their own thing so maybe thats why. Vast Aires solos sucked. I wanted to like them so badly but I couldnt feel it. Vordul mega's solos were good. It didnt hit me like The Cold Vein did. El-P or not, if they pick the right instrumentals and do their thing, it will be good. I have my fingers crossed.

  • Jon

    Will be epic if they get El-P to produce it... Will be good but slightly disappointing if they don't.

    • DrebinSlevin

      Vast Aire's the reason they had to use Kickstarter in the first place. He's a scumbag that used an event meant to be charity for the family of the recently deceased (at the time) Camu Tao to get money he claim Camu owed him. No one who is remotely involved in underground rap will fuck with these guys. And most producer like Madlib and Pete Rock won't support Can Ox because of Vast Aire. Sick rapper, but he killed his rep.

    • basketcase

      so youre saying if they did an album with Madlib, then it wouldnt be as good or even better than the second one? or even Pete Rock, or Lewis Parker, theres a ton of producers out there...

    • twoholla

      Actually they've had somewhat of a falling out with EL-P so he won't be producing any of the tracks (unfortunately!). I hate to say it but without EL-P won't be smashing like the 1st one. You can expect the production to be more in the vein of Vast Aire's 'space odyssey' lp & past producers Vast has worked with on prior solo lp's like Thanos will be on board. That last Vast lp had some flashes of brilliance (along with the Cage diss track) but not enough to compare in the least with 'Cold Vein.' Vast Aire's delivery can be awkwards at times depending on the tracks he chooses but it's unique & stands out. On the other hand, if you really LISTEN to his lyrics, you can some CORNY lines in his pseudo-metaphysical battle rap comic book steez!

  • Anonymous

    Definitely look forward to this, but I'm preparing myself for disappointment. The last EP was terrible.

  • Just Sayin

    Cannibal Ox - The Cold Vein is a real classic album u lot should really check it out dope rapper even if u aint care bout lyricism the beats are fuckin crazy

  • Maira Sweet

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  • Anonymous

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  • yay!

    praise that nigga jesus!

  • ergegr

    not interested unless El P is on the boards. Last project they released disappointed. They should've just left it at Cold Vein which is a top 5 album all time for me

    • getreal

      No one said only el-p was the only producer that could make good music. Anyway how good was little brother minus 9th wonder? How good was the smif & wessun + pete rock album in comparison to the work they did with the beatminerz? How good has wu-tang been without Rza doing all the beats for their solo projects? Who gave a damn about Guru's music after he stopped recording with premier? Didn't ATCQ put out their best work (1st 3 LPs) when Q-tip did all the beats? Without the right chemistry & beats, the album will either be average, or just plain suck.

    • wax

      So you saying its impossible for other producers to make a better album than El-P?

    • DrebinSlevin

      Without EL-P it won't sound like CanOx though. It'd be like INI coming with a new album and not having Pete Rock on the boards. Or Jedi Mind Tricks with No Stoupe. It just won't be as good.

    • wax

      Thats what I said about Raekwon when he made CL2 without RZA. El-P is dope and all that but Can Ox got some shit too. I love these dudes yo. They good for NY and they good for hip-hop. El-P is dope but he aint the only producer who can make dope beats. That Gotham track stands up to any track on Cold Vein imo. Dope af. Gotham makes me feel like I'm watching Bladerunner or some shit.

  • Anonymous

    Cold Vein a CLASSIC i cant wait

  • Anonymous

    How is one "signed" to iHipHopDistribution?. According to their own site "we are not a label," and anyone can go on their and upload and sell their music. This is like putting out a press release saying I was signed to CDBaby.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, ok. I'm the 1st Anon up there. I wasn't aware and wasn't trying to dis or anything. I'm a long time fan and rooting for them.

    • Anonymous

      They sign, fund and distribute projects for artists...their website is a self distribution platform though

  • Revatom Restorer of Faith

    Vast Aire has been ostracized from the underground Hip Hop community for stealing property from those he toured with. Vordul Mega had a bout with depression and attempted suicide. It's great to see them get their shit together.

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