Jay Z Asked To Cut Ties With Barneys In Petition

A petition has been launched asking Jay Z to end his business relationship with Barneys New York.

A petition has been launched asking Jay Z to end his business relationship with Barneys New York. 

Jay Z and Barneys are slated to release a holiday collection this year, "A New York Holiday." The partnership is scheduled to feature limited edition products to the retailer and interactive window displays for the holiday season.

The petition was launched following reported incidents in which Barneys allegedly discriminated against two African American customers, according to complex.com

On Tuesday (October 22), the New York Daily News reported about Barneys customer Trayvon Christian, who says he was detained by New York Police Department officials on suspicion that he purchased a $349 Ferragamo belt from Madison Avenue's Barneys store location with a fraudulent credit card. Christian was reportedly detained until NYPD officials determined that his credit card was authentic. 

On Wednesday (October 23), the New York Daily News reported that Barneys customer Kayla Phillips was stopped by NYPD officials after purchasing a $2,500 Celine purse because they believed she was guilty of committing credit card fraud. 

Phillips and Christian are planning to sue Barneys. 

Now, a petition on change.org is requesting that Jay Z end his partnership with Barneys New York. The petition was launched by Derick Bowers, a fan of Jay Z and a Brooklyn, New York resident, who says he feels Jay Z should be "appalled by Barneys' actions."

"If he does this, he will send a clear message to all corporations that are likeminded, that this behavior cannot be tolerated any longer," Bowers says in the petition.

Jay Z spoke about his partnership with Barneys in a press release when it was announced in September. 

"With this project, Barneys New York and I were able to take the slickness, energy, and innovation of New York City and translate that into quality, timeless pieces," Jay Z said in a statement. "Everything that encompasses 'A New York Holiday'—the items chosen, the amazing designers that participated, the windows, the design of the BNY SCC Gallery—represents a perfect example of a unique and groundbreaking collaboration that I hope demonstrates how inspiring New York has been to me."


To coincide with his lawsuit, Bowers also created a T-shirt that reads "Barneys New Slaves." The shirt design references Kanye West's "New Slaves." 

"You see it's broke nigga racism, that's that, 'Don't touch anything in the store,'" Kanye West raps on the track. "And it's rich nigga racism, that's that 'Come in, please buy more.'"

Bowers' shirt is on sale for $25 and all proceeds are slated to go to the Boys and Girls Club of America, according to complex.com. The t-shirt design can be viewed below.

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  • Anonymous

    They won't get a dime.

  • Anonymous

    his name is Trayon not Trayvon you fucking idiots

  • Mable Labombard

    upto I looked at the check four $7647, I didnt believe that...my... cousin really taking home money part time at their laptop.. there brothers friend has been doing this for only about 16 months and just cleared the dept on their condo and bourt a new BMW. like this-----> http://smal.ly/GbJ3v

  • Anonymous

    where the fuck you gotta be looking to even see a picture of juelz santana in 2013??? thats what i wanna know

  • EZE

    Its 2013 and we still on the topic of race. Technology advances faster then our own societies face. Land of the free, and we are free but we still feel out of place. I think we need to stop over looking the fundamentals and rethink our mind set in a better way.

  • Anonymous

    What difference does it make whether he is making 6 figures or working for minimum wage? It is still HIS hard earned legal money! Does the fact that his money could've been better spent mean that Barney's should be allowed to discriminate against him?

  • Anonymous

    at least he wasn't there to buy a $300 skirt. glad to see young black boys trying to dress like juelz santana and not kanye west or asap rocky. I'm sure if he copped $1000 dollar skirt they wouldn't have arrested him.

  • Its Um

    He should not pull out of the deal, he should just let whoever wants to buy it, buy it, and if the people who think the store is racist then don't go in, support the local black man who selling his shit on the street.


    I'm 35, own my own business, 11 employees, black, and my net worth is in the upper 7 figures. Never in my life would I buy a $350 belt. I don't understand that shit and I'm curious to what these two people do for a living. I see black men & women that are obviously not making that much money with more expensive bags and shoes than I would buy for my wife myself. Or their kids have $150. It's not because we're cheap but these people don't understand that money is a tool. That same $350 could be used to pay for a computing certification or a workshop that could teach them not to work for low wages. Money circulates. You get out of it what you put into it. If you're trading 8 to 12 hours a day in the system and then turn around and use that money to give right back to the system ($350 belts, bottles of Champagne at the club, LeBron's new shoes) in stead of circulating it into something that will grow (savings, business, lending at increased interest) then you will forever be poor.

    • venice0210

      This is so true, buying a purse or handbag for $2000+ makes no sense for a young black woman. There are so many better uses for that kind of investment. True it is her money, but if she's got it like that she should check her priorities!

    • Anonymous

      @ Who(?) His parent should have spent that money on a Hooked-on-Phonics set, bro. As a matter of fact, based on your comment you should go and spend some money on said set or better yet go and cop the English version of Rosetta stone 'cause you no hablo ingles, a writing class would help also, shall I go on?

    • Anonymous

      "we all did this when we was young . " i dont know about you but the most money i ever spent on a belt was like $40! the only pieces of clothing i ever bought that cost more than $300 were ski/snowboard jackets

    • Anonymous

      when i was 17 i spent my whole paycheck on 2 turntables and a mixer i found on ebay!

    • Anonymous

      yea hes only 19 and your 35 ..we all did this when we was young . atleast he did run outa the store with it

    • EZE

      I say preeeeaach to this persons comment.

    • Anonymous

      he is 19. kids do that all the time. his mom probably takes care of him. get over it faggot.

    • Anonymous

      the kid said he spent his whole paycheck on the belt so he could look like juelz santana! shit it sad!

    • Anonymous

      no it i wasnt a great comment. he is 35 with a family, trayvon is 19 and single. note the difference dummy.

    • Anonymous

      that was a great comment

    • Who

      @ all you! So you think you have a good Point and you just may have, But here is the truth to all you'll, if not for these black kids but these things most white company will be broke and here i go again, who are you to tell someone how to spend their money, waite let me guess only white suppose to have the findist things in life and you'll need to be real in today world 300. aint Jack, couldnt even pay rent twice in this city

    • Anonymous

      he is actually in college paying tuition so quit. I bought my laptop for $1000 and i am not rich does that mean expensive. also he is 19, teenagers tend to show off. your comment is invalid.

    • illone

      While you have a point in general, these people could be (or aspiring to be) in the modeling/entertainment field where some aspect of their 'work' is fashion and the like. So having some fancy pants name brand trinket is actually advancing their career like a .Net Certificate would advance a software engineer.

    • SIG

      That was a good post man.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I really don't get this obsession with big name fashion brands amongst heterosexual males! I'm all for having nice shit, but to care so much about designer brand names is just plain gay. You know what will always be in style?? Just a plain shirt. Black, white, grey and a nice pair of jeans!

  • Anonymous

    Is there anyone Rapper out there that have some fame and money that will stand up for what right, or when 2pac die that was it.

  • Naz

    Listen.... First off you can't judge a whole company based on one person. Do you know how many companies would be out of business if we put out a petition every time there was a case of racial profiling? Every company in America. There is always going the be a group of racist in every business! Secondly, why should Jay pull out of his deal? That would be crazy..do you guys honestly think if he did pull out that things would change? No. Helloooo people this is America! People pick and choose when they feel like things like this is important to speak about. If we really want this to change we should be protesting EVERY time it happens whether it's on a small scale or a big scale! Change comes with consistency not with how big of a scale the situation is on!

  • What

    Let see if money made the man or The man made the Money, Because if it were the other way around they would have cut ties with him or any other rapper, for saying less or doing less than they doing Period.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who spending all they money on a 350 belt to look like juelz santana needs serious help!

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Wealthy white folks don't buy that garbage.....

  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    " I found that while among them (our people in Washington D.C.) there was a large element of substantial, worthy citizens, there was a superficiality about the life of a large class that greatly alarmed me. I saw young coloured men who were not earning more than 4$ a week spend 2$ or more for a buggy on Sunday to ride up and down Pennsylvania Ave., in order that they might try to convince the world that they were worth thousands" Booker T. Washington. Nuff said.

  • Irish

    Clearly NYPD is tripping. Only African Americans spend $349 on belts and $2500 on fucking purses!

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter where the money goes it's Kanye's idea PAY THE MAN!!!! Artist can't be creating things and regular people take their craft put a corny spin on it and charge $25 dollars CRAZY!!!!!!

  • stephenc

    Jay-Z is wack, making new music with Rick Ross about the devil. Making music about smoking weed and other garbage... not a good role model for the youth of America who look up to these people. Rap and hip hop music is in the gutter. At least 2Pac wrote music that provoked thought and spoke out against inequality, which is what this article underlying subject is. Most rap music now a days is conceited and truly bottom street garbage. These dudes hop on a mic and talk about how cool they are. Jay-Z, a person who has such a large level of influence in the black community, will more than likely do nothing to improve the situation at Barneys or change it for the better. When have you heard him giving anything back to the black community? This dude is strictly about making money in any way he can. His concert tickets are ridiculously priced. All you can really say about this guy is he's successful financially speaking.

    • Anonymous

      way too many people here whining with their hand out, lames

    • Narcissa

      "That takes alot to do....Why is it he has to give back to the community? What is bill gates giving? Computers? Windows?" Umm yeah. Because when it comes to giving, Bill Gates is known worldwide-ESPECIALLY in Malaria-ridden Africa-for his stingy giving. I heard he has some lame "giving back" Christmas tradition, in which he stands on an old soapbox in front of MS headquarters. Sporting his usual Scrooge-y black top hat and finger-less gloves, Bill then hands out 10 year old computers for the first 100 poor people-but only if they can both prove they waited on line overnight without sitting down and then apologize for being poor! Of course, Bill makes sure that those donated computers all contain a big Windows glitch-there's no such thing as a free lunch, after all! Oh, wait...Bill Gates has already donated 28,000,000,000 to charity in his lifetime. That's right, TWENTY EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS-SO FAR. In fact, Bill Gates have given more money and ideas to Africa than most European countries. What his foundation have done in the past years is truly remarkable. Obviously, YOU have not read any publication about African and worldwide aid and don't see Gates' foundation as a force for good on the Continent. But his foundation matters to millions of people around the world and thats all there's to it. The Gates' foundation may not be perfect, but when somebody contributes for so many years so enormously in fighting the most murderous diseases worldwide on behalf of the poor, for YOU to say that computers (!) is all he donates to the community, is simply outrageous. Idiot.

    • nasirjones

      bill gates has his own charity which he donates millions each year..why don't u google it with the program he created..lol comparing jayz with bill gates

    • HUH

      Devil?..Too much Youtube, and Hip Hop as always rapped about how cool they are. The only difference was the popularity of those that did. Tupac rapped about everything. Don't make it look like he didn't put thuggin' on the map. Selling cd's is a business, and any artist you buy from understands that. It just seems that you don't.

    • Anonymous

      That takes alot to do....Why is it he has to give back to the community? What is bill gates giving? Computers? Windows? Jay Z gives music and jobs with his business so please sit your tired lame racist ass down...Sick of EVERY black guy who make money gotta give back ask your RICH ASS CORPS to do that...dumbass

  • Anonymous

    why Jayz gotta lose money because a racist cashier or manger wanna call the police on a young blk kids.. i mean i feel sorry for the kid and i hope he wins his lawsuit.. but at the same time that dont make the cooperation as a whole racist. thats just as fucked up as if a rapper has a group of thugs he tours with and one catches a body now the rapper gotta do the time because he associated with that thug an even then thats to the point of the cooperation idek how yall trying to lighten Jay-Z pockets.. thats some sneaky shit yall trying to do.. the mf that started the petition probably not even a jayz fan.. just wanna throw jay name in the mix on some sucka shit.. and why we listening to this guy anyway.. sit yo ass down somewhere yu trying to get yo name big off someone else struggle, i hope he come up missin.. foh

    • Anonymous

      You act like he was water boarded. He got asked a few questions and was let go. I love it how people will sue over anything these days. So you deserve a huge payday because a couple of cops thought you were committing fraud? Cops act on hunches all the time. In this case they were wrong, so write them up.

    • Anonymous

      right? thats just one store

  • Zack

    some racist employees at a store doesn't mean everyone working at the store is racist, and these petitioners are going at it all wrong, the focus should be on getting barneys to work harder at rooting out it's racist employees, getting mad at Jay-Z is pointless, he didn't tell those cops to detain those people

  • J. Carson

    Honestly, the petition will not be successful. Reason being is that, Jay is very wealthy and has been around long enough to have witnessed discrimination in many of it's forms I'm sure. But, this isn't solely because of race, it's also because of the stereotype of being broke that is associated with blacks, and that's what tha f*ck I hate.

  • Anonymous

    The strongest hatred that has ever existed is the hatred that whites have for non whites.

  • Zeus

    I cosign that, History is best to reward all research

  • Anonymous

    I heard this same thpe of shit happened to Oprah when she was in Europe, they didn't recognize her and judged her by her color not knowing she was a Billionaire. LOL.

  • Anonymous

    At least this will keep them occupied so they ain't assassinating Black leaders like MLK, Medgar, and Fred Hampton.

  • Anonymous

    White-skinned people invented racism, normally they show their race hatred by lynchings and castrations but now they have more sophisticated versions to add to their repertoire....they accuse you of being a theif untill you can prove you aren't. Amerikkka

    • Bad

      Hov has lyrics for y'all that want to shit on his hustle... Well said @ Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more) Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money) Get off Jay-Z dick What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name (This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news I understand what y'all trying to do I brought the flutes this time, though I unleashed the flutes on them, guru Gimme some more music in the headphone Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening Let's do this thing (let's do it right this time) C'mon

    • Anonymous

      @BruthaDee - your friend neighborhood racist

    • Haaa

      LMAO nice. "Pull out the flutes on em guru"!

    • X___X

      White people this, White people that (White people won't hold my hand no more) White people this, White people that (White people won't give me no money) Get off White people's dick What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention White people's name White people, White people, in White people news I understand what y'all trying to do I brought the flutes this time, though

    • Anonymous

      Because you generalizing the entire white race isn't racist in itself... right?

  • tony

    this is getting out of hand is the whole world racist against everyone cuz the last time I checked people of all ethnicities get arrested not just black ppl stop tryna make shit about you

  • Zeal

    The credit card might of been authentic but he wouldn't of paid the cc bill for it anyway. He deserved to be detained.

    • WHITE

      YOU WHITE PEOPLE ALWAYS THINK PEOPLE CAN't AFFORD THINGS BASED OFF OF THEIR SKIN YOU ARE SO STUPID AND EVIL TO EVEN PUT PEOPLE IN THAT POSITION....Enjoy the lack of respect the world continues to give you for being ignorant rapist who hold other people down based off of skin and not actions.

    • okthen

      It was a debit card dumb ass.

  • Anonymous

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