Hopsin Disses Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar On "Hop Is Back"

On his newest record, "Hop Is Back," Hopsin says he destroyed Kanye West's "Yeezus" after hearing the album.

Following a brief hiatus, Los Angeles rapper Hopsin has returned with the fittingly titled “Hop Is Back,” a record that calls out two of Hip Hop’s most talked about emcees. In the first single from Hopsin’s upcoming album, he expresses his thoughts on Kanye West and his sixth studio album, Yeezus, before offering up his opinion on fellow West Coast spitter Kendrick Lamar.

“I was ecstatic to buy Yeezus / But I burned it first / Heard it and snapped in five pieces / Man, Kanye on that bullshit,” Hopsin raps.

In the music video for “Hop Is Back,” which was also released today (October 22), the California wordsmith reenacts one of West’s numerous encounters with the paparazzi.

Shortly following Hopsin’s mocking of West, he then turns his attention to Kendrick as he raps, “Cause Kendrick took the bar and raised it up higher for emcees / Unfortunately, the little nigga's like 4’3/ The guys a fuckin' midget/ His high is still really short to me.”

“Hop Is Back” doesn’t serve as the first time the rapper has called out his fellow emcees on a record. On "Ill Mind Of Hopsin 4,” Hopsin disses Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator as he spits, “All these no-flow, gimmicky ass fired up behaviors / With wack beats and gap teeth like Tyler, The Creator / Mothafucka, you not dope / So, you tryna get some attention by cussing and eating a fucking cockroach?”

And on 2010’s “Sag My Pants,” the 2012 XXL Freshman calls out numerous rappers including Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne.

Today’s release of “Hop Is Back” comes roughly a month before the scheduled release of Hopsin’s Knock Madness album, which is slated for release on November 26.

Following appearances on a handful of Disney Channel television shows, Hopsin released his first studio album in 2009. He has since collaborated on records with Tech N9ne, B.o.B, and a handful of other artists.

The music video for "Hop Is Back" can be found below.

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  • A.D.B.

    Hop is back??? More like Canibus is back...

  • kanye is a bitch

    Uhm I have to say I like his music and yeah Kanye does suck dick in my opinion I mean did anyone see his new video Bound 2 or whatever the hell it is. Man so many dislikes and fuck Kendrick Lamar too some of his shit and some of Eminem's shit is going all whack too I mean goddamn and Hopsin is who he is and yea some of his shit can be corny but we all know rappers put out some corny shit sometimes like I said earlier Bound 2 by gay ass Kanye West. 2 Chainz puts out corny shit all the time wearing leopard ass jeans fucking faggot ass wanna be rapper cus he can't rap at all neither can wayne or Drake all he does is sing and Nicki Minaj all she does is promote being a stupid slut. Wow Hopsin expressed about how he felt about these rappers and everyone cries like they're butt hurt stfu.



  • Mike

    He dint day Kendrick was bad. He trying to tell people, his level is above Kendrick. But about Kanye, that's a different story.

  • Think

    To say someone is short is hardly a diss. He used a subtle metaphor; just like Kendrick did with Control. He made others feel dissed when they weren't in fact. Hopsin just said "he's short. his high is still low to me." As in he feels he can do better and to be honest rapping started out being the better one. The cockiness the bragging and boasting, the intricate lyricism... Kendrick shouldn't feel disrespected in this. I'm sure he knows he's short and it's probably not the first time it's been said... Hopsin DMX and Tech N9ne sorta have the same subject matter, bashing the industry, religious raps and real life problems. Hopsin has the comedic feature too. There are similarities to Eminem, yes but to go so far as calling him a wanna-be Eminem? I don't think so. Eminem's style's changed since the late 90's so you can't really say he stole Em's style but Em was an influence to Hop. Hell he's an influence to a lot of rappers. Point is Hopsin made a song and fans from both sides got their panties in a bunch for no reason. He said Yeezus sucked and Kendrick was short. He's (or was) a Kanye fan obviously he said he was ecstatic to buy Yeezus, but was disappointed by it, and broke the CD.

  • earle

    Hopsin's raps pretty much consist of him whining and bitching about his peers. If I wanted to listen to moaning and whinging, I would add a bunch of dumb fucking 17 years old on Facebook. He hates on Kendrick because he has no idea how to make successful commercial music. Not to mention he is ugly as fuck.

  • industry insider

    Eminem is making a wack album on purpose to make kenny look like a descent lyricist. Interscope and their marketing schemes. Lol

  • Fuck em hop

    About 90% percent of people on this page must be industry dick riders. I respect hopsin to be willing to call out rappers like kanye without fear. I love Kendrick, all hop said was that Kendrick may have raised the bar but he's plan to pass that. I seriously believe if kanye has the right compare himself to god then hopsin has the right to call him out on it if he has a problem with it. Don't hate a fucking opinion

  • YEBO

    Hopsin is sexy ok you gay Kendrick Lamer fans! Jus because I find hopsin attractive and a major turn on doesnt mean I'm gay. I'm not a kendrick dick rider like you faggots

  • The Real Franchise

    Kendrick fans talking shit about hop for name dropping... kill yourself, seriously. If you're that much on a rappers dick that you can't handle that someone called him short, you really need to find something better to invest your time and energy into. I like both artists but reading some comments from Kdot fans really made me think you people are retarded.

  • Lucy Howard

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  • Blayze

    Trying to be an early Eminem. Might work for the young teenage audience.

  • Tony

    Im not white or in high school or skate board and i like hopsin. Not saying hes one of the best rappers around but he states real shit that no other rapper is brave enough to say. All the rappers he disses are terrible with the exception of kendrick who i think is better then hopsin. lil wayne, kanye, 2 chainz, rick ross all in the top 10 of worst rappers ever. Drake is not much better either just because he sells records does not make him a good rapper just like lil wayne. Eminem will chew and spit out any rapper that tries to diss him thats why noone does, and the ones that have..Well look where they are now. I don't think hopsin wants that lol.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is a contradictory cunt. But I still enjoy some of his shit.

  • Anonymous

    Why are people calling Hopsin corny? Rappers like 2 chainz and future, who rap about nothing but money, hoes, and say the word nigga every other line, are corny. Hop is original. I guess you guys like garbage generic rap like 2 chainz, future, lil wayne and drake.

  • deez

    Hopsin lose the gimmicks and just rap.

  • blkviper

    Hop still got it, yes he has the Em flow but he has his way of doing things. picking fights where there is no fight is old school and frankly getting dull but I like Hop so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on this one.

    • Oren Gondal

      rap god was good but honestly the beat to it was terrible and i dont think that hop is jacking eminems style so much because eminem would never rap on hops beats,eminem used to be more comical and outspoken and sometimes ignorant but hop is not

    • Anonymous

      Em a rap god? Yeah ok

    • 617

      except eminems rap god is a a display of amazing rap technique so why the fuck would hopsin diss eminem when eminem can actually spit bars and has had the success to call him self a rap god considering his fan base is way fucking bigger then kanyes

    • Anonymous

      He should diss Eminem for the current shit he is making, Hey he did it to Kanye.

  • ihlw&adukls'sd&l

    His style really, really, really reminds me of Eminem - minus the word nigga.

  • Anonymous

    He should just change his name to Hopsin the Hater

  • Ali'i

    The only people who like hopsin are white middle class kids in high school. The same ones who think immortal technique is ill lol.

    • eyehack

      Say's the turbofaggot whose trolling on the real and dick riding the fake...Go play in traffic kid, fuckin mainstream dickriders these days I swear..Rake the yard, and hopsin Wasn't even dissin Kendrick but it goes to show how dumb downed the fans are, bunch of simple minded squares, Sadly the same faggots talking down on Hopsin be odd future dickriders...Fuckin squares

    • AuZi

      This kid juss talk shit about Immortal Technique? You must be pretty fuccin young cause Immortal Technique is probably one of the best rappers out there. Or maybe you cant handle the truth he spits.

    • The Real Franchise

      Haha, I love posts like this, 1 loser gets his feelings hurt cause hop dissed his favourite rapper, so he attempts to insult hop online, and if anyone disagrees with him they're mad. Well they might be mad, but you're a fucking retard who probably has no friends, so you make angry posts on the internet, lol.

    • Black P

      You lost the argument once you mentioned Immortal Technique .. Slap yourself in the face ..You should know better than that

    • Anonymous

      Immortal technique isn't ill?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ uses hash tags talking about ghetto "dudes" he does not speak on their behalf.... statement is invalid

    • Anonymous

      Oh did that hit a sore spot? cause its true only white middle class kids listen to hopsin?? u mad doggie huh?

    • Anonymous

      Do NOT use hash tags.. This isn't Twitter.

    • Anonymous

      Uhh..Ghetto Hood dudes don't listen to Common anymore...#Fail but I get it though

    • Anonymous

      the only ones who don't think he's dope are middle aged black thugs living in the ghetto that also bump common in 2013 like he has any relevance in modern hip hop

  • readdy2die

    I never was a Hopsin fan or hater but after this track im definitely a new fan cuz that shit was crazy.. to be honest i never really listened to him before so i dont really know what any of his other material sounds like but this shit is straight dope i gotta check out some more of his stuff

  • Anonymous

    How he gonna talk gimmicks when he wears blue contacts?

  • Anonymous

    Awesome, now destroy eminems new songs please cause thats worse than yeezus.

    • orengondal@gmail.com

      true but rappers delight was like fucking 13 minutes long and that is probably more hip hop than eminem, kendrick lamar, and hopsin combined

    • Anonymous

      yo for real people that keep shitting on rap god is ridiculous. eminem never rapped on complicated beats that makes a song and disguises the lyrics so the song still gets play. he raps on simple tracks and makes them hits with his flow and lyrics and rap god is a 6 minute song of ridiculous flow that shreds. dont be a hater cause no one has the balls to fuck with the white boy. game said it best him self

    • Anonymous

      He started shit with K dot and Kanye for no reason??? That was my point go after the big dog Em Hopsin if you're so above all these current MC's.. Yes Eminem is dope but every new song he has released is complete trash so Hopsin should speak on it.

    • Anonymous

      People don't start shit with Em for a reason. Say what you want about his personal projects, but when someone tries battling him, they get their asses handed to them.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick will smash


    Yoh yoh dat Hopsin diss is murder, flip ts double homocide on K.dot en Yeezy ----- SMH >>>>

  • buuda

    haha dope song and video


    Half these niggas hating on gays watch lesbian porn and will be taking it up the ass from Bubba when they eventually end up in jail. I can't hate on gays. First I'm not a hater. Second, I love putting my dick in girls booties. I don't really get the appeal of taking it in the ass and I'm not attracted to men but again I'm not a hater. But yeah, I'd gladly put my D in your girls booty!

  • Lamar

    this dude is pretty much just a more lyrical tyler the creator all his fans are white skateboarders who hate their parents


      Tyler the creator Doesnt rhyme at all or make since in his songs. or have a story hidden any where in his lines. Hopsin can paint a fucking picture. Tyler the creators fans are a bunch of "oh he's on TV" wanna be fans. They dont even like his music they force themselves to say that cus hes KINDA funny on his show.

  • Anonymous

    He took a shot against Lil Wayne too.

  • I got a dig bick

    Haha dope! Fuck those Hopsin haters.

  • drake runs rap

    1) Drake is the face of rap. If not list nsmes that are hotter than drake is right now all you haters can't. 2) Drake has the most number 1 hits in hiphop on billboards in only 4 years in the game. This is a fact look it up 3) Drakes tours are the highest grossing look it up if your in denial. 4) Every song drake drop gets the most views again look it up. 5) Drake is only 25 he is allready on legend status when drake enters his 40s he will be the most sucessfull. 6) Only hiphop nerds that live in their basement and get no pussy hate on drake all casual fans of music respect and like drake when they think of listening to hiphop they listen to drake All you haters claim i lie when i state facts instead of your shitty opinions drake runs rap its fact!

  • Anonymous

    This guy is whack, period.

  • Anonymous

    Dissing people and beefing has been in hip hop since before you assholes below me were born. If you are offended by it, switch back to peaceful country western.

    • Well, dissing for no reason is played out

      Especially since Game drove dissing straight into the dirt. Unless there's a real back story I don't want to hear it

    • anonymous

      yeezus was not up to par with his "god" status that he claims...like come on everyone rides this mans fucking dick for some reason. this dude doesnt have the album sales or big enough fan base around the world to be a fucking god in rap hes a celebrity not a rapper and in that i mean hes more marketable for stupid gossip stories then he is for hip hop

    • Trolly

      This isn't dissing. This is trying to catch a rep by shouting bigger names

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is overrated.

  • Anonymous

    Yall know your hate fuels this nigga right? haha keep doin ya thang Hop

    • Trolly

      To do what, stay whinny and mediocre. This ain't a feel good movie, and your cheesy sentiments mean nothing as a result

  • Anonymous

    There's no way I can discuss Hip Hop with a bunch of internet nerdy boys who have the worst taste in music and no knowledge of the craft.

  • Trolly

    Hopsin; the professional feeling catcher. Get some concepts bruh

  • Trolly

    Oh look... the gimmicky guy with colored contacts is doing another judgmental song. It's another of the "riding the coat tails of other rappers" variety again. It's too bad that his target audience (high schoolers)have their hands full with Odd Future

  • Anonymous

    The song is kinda cute

  • Anonymous

    yawn. this dude has a lot of potential due to his great delivery and flow. However he ruins it with this corny shit and dissing people every couple of songs. How about just saying something worthwhile? Kind of sad that he has become one of those guys that people just love to hate, but maybe if he didn't do shit like this people wouldn't have a reason for it. On the other hand you could just take it with a grain of salt and say it's entertaining and he's good at rapping... meh Would watch a couple times and be entertained, never to return to it again / 10

    • Anonymous

      you want everyone in rap to stay complaing on twitter and be happy bffs. that is the corniest part of rap all these dudes pretending to be friends to not upset their fan base. bout time someones real, thats what i loved about old rap beef records and reading about people standing up for themselves. not how much kanye loves jay, or what chris brown and riri did this week. bchass beiber is the only one fighting in the club anymore and thats just sad. man up hip hop

    • Web

      I didn't think it was a diss either, I just thought people overreacted to an average verse. All the guys he named outside of Krit suck anyways, so I was happy to hear it, but it wasn't a diss, more of namedropping. Rap fans are too sensitive, and wasn't a fan of Dark Fantasy.

    • Anonymous

      MBDTF was an excellent album from Kanye and that was in 2010 so i dont know what youre talking about. And if you thought Kendrick was dissing anyone with his control verse then youre as sensitive as all the other people that got butt hurt about it. He CLEARLY says he has love for all of them, then after name dropping the people that are on his radar, he CLEARLY says "What is competition, im tryin to raise the bar". That is not a diss. That is a call to your peers saying "hey lets all elevate our shit". Hip hop is competitive. If youre not trying to be the best then you have no reason to be part of it. No rapper has ever said "i hope my music is second best to someone elses". Anyone that got upset about kendricks line has clearly not used to being in competitive environments. Competitions doesn mean you hate the other person. it just means you want to be the best

    • Web

      To add to that, how many diss songs has hop made? He made Sag My Pants, Hop Madness, and this, it's not like he does it every track. People are overreacting. I think this CD will be real dope, but we'll see

    • Web

      Does it really matter whether or not he disses somebody? He's just airing out his opinions on this fucked up rap game. Kanye's been dropping awful music the last 5 years, bout time somebody says something. I like Kendrick and all but that dude disses people then does a song with them promoting their shitty music, I don't get it. Em disses the backstreet boys, spears..ect but he didn't say shit and then do tracks with them, I don't get it. Hop may be corny and all(which means what exactly all rappers are and can be) but at least he doesn't ass kiss like all these bullshit artist out today

  • Yawn

    Wow Hopsin made a diss track...for the 1,000th time...

  • kdotsuxcock

    kendrick lamar has 1 million more likes than hopsin on facebook...and he is backed by a major that probably controls his facebook...hopsin is independent with 1.2 mill while kendrick has like 2.5 lmfao at these comments that he aint relevant

  • J dirty

    HOLY SHIT,A rapper with the balls to say that allota music these days is garbage?...A Rare find amongst a large group of dickriders...I support the man

  • Fish

    I've always been a fan of Hopsin calling out mainstream bullshit frauds, but this one just seems like hating and attention seeking. Poor move Hop.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is fuckin wack but so are kanye and kdot

  • Evanator

    I just lost what little respect I had for this fuck. Dissing Kendrick because of his height? Wow... how original. Get the fuck out of here with that weak shit; what a lame attempt at an attention grab. Fuck Cocksin and his poor excuse of a "diss". He's just jealous that he will never get close to the level of success that Kanye and Kendrick have reached.

  • pacer ssd


  • Kizman

    hopsin is trash, he can rap, but his complete lack of a personality, with shit beats, fucking fruity loops unmastered shit. he is fucking generic. he copies whatever is popular at the time and still fails. oh you think he's "raw" because he viciously attacked lil wayne like that. so brave, like he couldnt have picked an easier target. how could you even like him, did you know he's a christian illuminati conspiracy faggot? hopsin is pseudo rebellious culture trash for 16 yr olds

  • Dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, i can confirm a lot of so-called hip hop heads still don't understand that being a good rapper doesn't mean you can put together a good hip hop song. Hopsin's music, in my opinion, suffers a lot from terrible production and god awful hooks. Lyrics are the most important part to a hip hop song, but production and song writing matter as well. And if your beats and hooks are super corny then the song becomes unlistenable. Hopsin is still a good rapper and I liked Ill Mind of Hopsin 4.

    • Anonymous

      Is this really you? You actually made a good post for once with no idiotic statements. Well except for the first sentence lol. WTG

  • georgel

    This is corny, sure hopsin has lyrics that he proved on his raw album but hes just all corny now with everything he puts out. Because he isnt a huge star every one of his fans worships him like hes so much better than mainstream artists but if those mainstream artists made this corny video it would be hated on. kanye may be an ass at times but he still contributes much more good albums then this guy every will dream of. I liked hopsin after i heard raw album but i see now why hes still not blowing up, the beats arent good and the videos are corny and the style is like if eminem had a twin who was black and just no where near as good

  • Da Truth

    Hopsin vs Nas who is the GOAT? Hopsin takes the win IMO because he is real talking about not doing drugs, tatoos and loving some Jesus! He also disses every fake rappers like its his job! Unlike Nas who only dissed Jay-Z, Prodigy and Nature and went to hell for snufffin Jesus" Hopsin is 27 and also skateboards and wears white contacts and "no one tells him what to do but him like he says in his songs Nas thinks he is cool by just focusing on the lyrics but he aint all that

  • Dax Flame

    HAHAHA thats what I like to see. A bunch of pussies that want to hate because Hopsin killed their boys.

    • Anonymous

      "get off your high horse you listen to fucking kanye west you piece of shit" ^ lol at this pussy

    • Anonymous

      get off your high horse you listen to fucking kanye west you piece of shit. you might as well bump lady gaga! oh and fuck hopsin too

    • Nick T

      Hopsin is just stupid. He doesnt even try to make up for his intelligence gap, he expresses new age racism against his own people by associating the thug life solely as a race issue. Because someone is black theyre going to spontaneously crack some bottles and hustle? Hopsin is real, sure, but i dont listen to music for uncensored stupidity i listen to music thats true to the core.

  • Anonymous

    Tech N9ne sayd: you fuck with Kendrick, tou fuck with me/strange music. But on the other side, he got respect for Hopsin etc... Wondering what HE is going to do..

    • Anonymous

      a lot of ppl said you cant touch kendrick, know what they MIGHT do. twitter diss ooooo run hop run. you heard it here first. NO ONE will respond on record.

  • Slumadian

    Finally! Someone stood up and said FUCK KANYE!! Fucking clown!

    • Anonymous

      Someone finally did? Did you miss the Lord Jamar diss and Papoose lines dissing him? Sure isn't effecting Kanye's tour and popularity though.


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  • @bek0e

    i love hopsin.. he is way beter than many mainstream rapper.. and far more talented.. f*ck all these haters

  • Fon Z

    who in da fuck is Hopsin?? he cant be from LA, I aint heard of him! I hope he has better rhymes then what was used as a quote cuz dayum this nigga sounds queer! You're nowhere near fuckin with Kanye so don't body yourself!

  • Anonymous

    dude is so wack. he chases attention by dissing people with his tired ass flow.

  • Say it

    Who da fuk is this fishazz nigg@???

  • yolo

    This nigga is whack as fuck... sad that he is from L.A. and im from L.a. and ive never heard of this scrub...

  • Anonymous

    fuck this contact wearing mouseketeer.

  • Crystal Edwards

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  • Web

    He didn't diss Kendrick, just poking some fun at him; rap fans can be such pussies sometimes. And Kanye hasn't dropped anything dope since Graduation back in 2007, somebody needs to knock that dude off his pedestal.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin vs Lamar could be entertaining

  • Anonymous

    that's right call out Kanye

  • dazeone

    He was telling the truth on both...lyrically he is not seeing both ...but i like this...keep going...

  • Anonymous

    Did Eminem produce this? Sound like that OG shady sound

  • y'all know what it is

    Shit's lame...that is all.

  • Kenny Lomas

    All these people talking shit when they have no clue...Of course he's doing it for attention, and it's not the first time he or a million other rappers have done the same. The difference with Hop is that he actually has a fuck-load of talent, he just aint quite there yet. He might not have broke through the mainstream yet, but when you can hit 32 million hits on YouTube you have a pretty solid chance.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have to be mainstream to be a fucking amazing rapper. Hopsin's the fucking realest rapper out there right now.

  • Anonymous

    He killed both of them stop being little bitches.

    • isn't killed

      a strong word for this? Oh, he called Kanye a fag. Whoopty do, MEANWHILE Kanye has a wife that looks better than anyone Hopsin will EVER get. If that's what being a fag is then sign me up

  • Anonymous

    I wish I would listen to a dude wearing color contacts. And calling kendrick short isn't a diss. This nigga is so damn corny.

  • Anonymous

    Could be a respectable rapper if he wasnt such a clown

  • Rik Rozz

    TRUE STORY: Blue Ivy: Hi North, wanna play? North West: Am a God. Blue Ivy: Fuk off north Comment if you liked.

  • Anonymous

    Yo shut the fuck up fam

  • Doc

    I'm not a big Hopsin fan, but if someone is telling Hop to get a name for himself in a game I don't know where the hell they've been his Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5 was on trend for like a year that song was Kendrick's control buzz x5 lmfao.

  • Anonymous

    and not one fuck was given

  • DaMamba

    Ayo this lame's been making the same song for his whole career....that call and response shit with the nerd voice goin all "Hey Hopsin if you're not spreading love then why do you even rap" and then he responds to it is wack as fuck and its been played out after the first 500 times son did it. Weak shit as always yo

  • Anonymous

    a rapping troll...

  • Ashlee S. Shaver

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  • sha xl

    Hospin ethered mr. hype with just one line.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is by far the corniest rapper out. Makes Drake look like Ghostface.

  • Toxicflows

    i know ya feeling this shit! west coast hands up!

  • D-Block hardest out

    Wouldn't pay for his album but ill give it a listen he got bars n if u dissing wayne n kanye u fine with me

  • Hipsin

    All I heard Hopsin do is make rant records, try making a good concept album before dissing Kendrick, I swear Hop needs to clear the sand out of his snatch...

  • Anonymous

    And nobody will respond, because nobody in the rap industry knows who he is. Also, you know things are bad for you when you get mistaken for Lil B in a magazine.

  • Anonymous

    hahah fuk lamar all day was a a good diss haha

  • JRich

    Yeah Hopsin's kinda corny, but he does really spit some raw shit. Plus it's a little annoying how every rapper pretends to like every other rapper nowadays, and Hop's disses are usually pretty creative as well. I fuck with it

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because it really took alot of effort to pick on a short guys height and to diss a record everybody in the world is already complaining about anyway lol

  • rtyr


  • Rhymin Julez

    hopsin is one of the best rappers 2day. HEs just slept on by u fuckin mainstream listeners fuck kanye west and kendrick def aint one hopsins level bitches

    • Anonymous

      just look up and compare their cyphers. hop takes it. and how is being like one of the greatest rappers ever a bad thing? when i play ball i want to be jordan, think before you type

    • Anonymous

      A lot of retard talk going on in the first two comments.

    • hiphopson

      hes a rip off of eminem thats why, he brings nothing new to the table

    • Anonymous

      your right he is higher can hopsin acutally make a body of work listening to and im sure Kendrick could slaughter him in a cypher

  • DTO

    Drake could out sing dis nigga any day.

  • Anonymous

    nigga stay name dropping and still in the same position he's been in since he started

  • foreal

    never heard of this dude before. Maybe Hopsin should create a name for himself before going after the big dogs in the rap game. seems lame and is dissing to get his name out. this has been done before and has never succeeded

    • Anonymous

      50 cent- how to rob. get informed i think it worked

    • Anonymous

      Hopsin got 32 million views on ill mind of hopsin 5. You're a retard. I'm pretty sure he's out there, he's just not an illuminati slave and doesn't suck dick to get mainstream.

  • Dental damn boy

    kanye west beat production> hopsin beat production kendrick lamar rhymes> hopsin rhymes FOH



  • D

    Album sales attention stunt .... Wack

  • Swerve2323

    who is Hopsin, why is he on Hip Hop Dx.. and who cares what he raps hah

  • nuc

    you can't not like HOP.. dude drops lyrics like the ol SLIM. great cadence in his music, with ill lyrics.

  • Anonymous

    If you can watch this with a straight face I salute you, cause I cant, dude is so corny I cant even finish the video.

  • Romelo

    I got to admit it, this joint is hot ...Hopsin is back..yup yup

  • TrollHunter

    Hopsin is hella overrated. Kendrick would eat this nigga alive. and Kanye's artistry is on a next level than this fool.

  • Harold Heineken

    This is dope. Fuck Yeezus.

  • tonytee

    Like him or not hopsin is a lyrical beast!

  • 3headedmonstah

    The only thing bad im going to say about HOP is, he sound too much like the old EM. other than that. lyrically he is not be fuk'd with. KDOT not killing this MC like he did the rest. i promise you that. HOP got sign with ruthless at the wrong time, i was hoping he would sign with Strange Music. but he finally doing his own independent shit so its bout to go down.. single banging.

  • David

    Hopsin dissin' Kanye and Kendrick...stfu stupid ass ignorant. Hop is nowhere near Kanye, Lamar, Lupe, Drake or any rapper he went at. He's just a gimmick. Fuck him.

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin is cornier then Eminem during the Encore Era

  • JJ

    Thank you! Finally somebody grew a set to call Kanye out for that bullshit that he put out.

  • Anonymous

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  • canada

    Hopsin is FAR better then shitty Kanye

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