Jay Z, Eminem & Black Star Included On Green-Label's List Of "Top 10 Hip Hop Collaborations"

Green-Label lists the best collaborations in Hip Hop history.

Green-Label.com released its list of “Top 10 Hip Hop Collaborations,” which features a list of classic combinations between Rap heavyweights from three different decades.

A track featured in the list was Jay Z and Eminem’s “Renegade.” “The only Rap feature on Jay Z’s 2001 album The Blueprint was the only other emcee in the world as big a star as Hov: Eminem,” reads the entry on Green-Label’s list. “A lyrics-loving fan’s dream, the track finds Jay and Em going back-and-forth for two verses apiece, waxing about the difficulties brought on by fame, media attention, and a host of other issues. Rarely performed live, the song had something of a revival on 2010’s The Home & Home Tour, which featured performances by Jay Z and Eminem’s respective hometowns of New York City and Detroit. Debates rage to this day about which artist had the superior verse over Em’s somber production, but there definitely is a consensus winner: the fans.”

Green-Label also listed Craig Mack, Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, The Notorious B.I.G., and Rampage’s “Flava In Ya Ear Remix,” and Black Star’s and Common’s “Respiration,” among others.

To view the full list, please visit Green-Label.com.

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  • ultras


  • It's all about Hov

    [Jay-Z] Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more) Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money) Get off Jay-Z dick What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name (This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news I understand what y'all trying to do I brought the flutes this time, though I unleashed the flutes on them, guru Gimme some more music in the headphone Let's get the proceedings proceeding this evening Let's do this thing (let's do it right this time) C'mon

  • Chief 1

    I must be old as yo!!!!!......NOT ONCE looking at this list did I get as passionate about Renegade like fools on here. Real Talk I looked at this list and said How the FUCK did "Life's a Bitch" not make this list?!?!?! Best colab EVER! Name a guest appearance in hip hop history iller than AZ on that joint???? I'm waiting..........

  • Ashlee S. Shaver

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  • boo

    its funny people are still defending the fact that jayz got murdered on his on track. "deeper meaning" my ass, he heard em's verse b4 writing his on verse, but still got murked. even jayz admitted em's verse was better. what people fail to comprehend is that we are not saying jayz's verse was awful, actually it was an 8.5/10, but em destroyed, even big, pac, nas etc... would have stuggled to create a verse as good as that, it was an 11/10 verse, and only super lyricists would compete with that.

    • Anonymous

      funny how you such a dick rider you calling it a jay-z track when all he did was record his verse it ws eminems concept and production if you even too the time to listen its not a battle track its about coming up plain and simple

  • you rap like you used to share beds with your sister

    Jay z had more quotables. em is never quoted. hov murdered em, fact.

  • Anonymous

    how is jay z and nas success on there. cred lost

  • Anonymous

    I was gonna get annoyed, but I can't really seeing they put Success on there.

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Pretty solid list. I can't argue with The Symphony or Live At The Barbeque....one glaring omission is A Tribe Called Quest & LONS - Scenario. I'd put that above Renegade or Success for sure. 20+ years later and people still go crazy when that record comes on.

  • Anonymous

    Excuse me? Renegade is an made up track. Em and Jay werent in the studio! The original song is Em with Royce the 5,9. JayZ just deleted Royce's verse!

  • youngsta

    oh, that was me by the way. go ahead and hate.

  • Anonymous

    lol at everyone arguing about old ass gay-z and eminem, when drake and lil wayne's "the motto" destroys anything on that list. and "notorious thugs" is the best song on that list anyway. "renegade" is overrated.

  • Anonymous

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  • 2da9thpwr

    Jay is overrated, its that simple and those who overrate him keep saying that he didn't get killed. He got murdered. Em stood out on that track. I forget that it was a Jay-z track. It sounded more like Eminem ft Jay-Z. Em sounded more natural on that track, his flow was better and his voice just stood out.

  • At y'all

    We don't have to argue about who can rap just go through their raps. Hov!

  • detox petition

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  • Nick T

    Smh it's sad these so called hip hop heads have the nerve to say Em killed Jay. Neither one of them killed the other they were rapping from two completely different stand points. Jay was rapping from the view of a renegade of the streets and Em was rapping from the view of a renegade to the music industry; so of course his verse sounds more like he's spazzing where as Jay is recollecting past encounters he had in his life. Em bars were direct and blunt while Jay were entendres wit deeper meaning.

  • Tom

    ok heres the dumb thing, Renegade was a Bad Meets Evil song... it was one of the first and it came out as an underground track long before the Em and Jay-Z version, Jay-Z just scrapped Royce's verse and replaced it with his own (dick move considering Royce's was better) go search up the Bad Meets Evil version and when you compare them you hear in Em's first verse where Jay-Z does a huge censor and switch

    • Tom

      the hell? howd we get on the topic of Dead Wrong??

    • Ben Dover

      Biggie wasn't even alive to compete with Eminem's Dead Wrong verse. If Eminem didn't spit any less that perfect bars his credibility would have taken a hit. Those Dead Wrong verses were nasty as fuck making it even more classic. Royce murdered Em and Jay verses. Em came with the better verses of the official version. Jay's verses are deeper meanings with double entendres but on the surface Em goes in and that's how their styles is. Royce has always merked Eminem. MMLP2 is looking like hot garbage. 3 wack as fuck songs out already. MMLP is top 20 of all time and this shit hurts it's legacy.

    • iLLYpHiLL

      You say that Em took out Royces verse and it was better Than his own. But Royces verse was just a rendition of Eminems dead wrong verse which to me, automatically doesn't make it as good as Ems verse.

    • Anonymous

      nas never got bodied and how can you say that eminem murdered biggie, biggie never met him this was an unreleased song and eminem jumped on it years later. jigga is just whack nowadays and sucks as hell, makes tons of records with justin timberlake, wtf, are u serious?

    • Anonymous

      Bold for a dude who never had the balls to jump on a track with Em in his prime.

    • Kizman

      When it dropped no one ever said Em bodied Jigga. But as soon as Nas put that line in the song Ether ("Eminem murdered you on your own shit") niggas took that shit and ran with it. To keep it 100, Eminem Bodied Biggie on the "Dead Wrong" song. but nobody ever brings that shit up. Jay was a 9/10 and Em was a 9.5/10 on Renegade. That's not a bodybag.

    • Anonymous

      You got it wrong, if anything it was a dick move by Em since he was the one who took Royce off track and presented the beat to Jay. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/news/id.15220/title.eminem-details-how-jay-zs-renegade-originally-featured-royce-da-59

  • Anonymous

    There's debates over who had the better verse in Renegade? That's new to me, I thought the common conception was that Em's was superior.

    • Da Truth

      Eminem's verse appeals to white middle class american's who didn't fit in with society. Jay appealed to those who stuggled growing up in the ghetto. You can't even compare the verses, night and day. Only the immature don't understand that.

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