Ultimate Rap League (URL) veteran DNA has not shied away from offering his opinion on SMACK/URL’s “Summer Madness 3,” which did not include the rapper.

In a recent interview on VladTV, DNA was joined by Charlie Clips, where the two men compared “Summer Madness 3” to “Summer Madness 2.”

“In terms of names, in terms of the highest moment in Battle Rap, in terms of popularity, ‘Summer Madness 2’ was it,” said DNA. “In terms of the battles, ‘Summer Madness 3,’ me personally, I didn’t like a lot of the matchups. But as far as overall talent, I think it was a lot of talented emcees on ‘Summer Madness 3.’ Now, from the battles going down, my favorite battles: Ill Will versus Tay Roc, Jaz [the Rapper] versus Ms. Hustle, and O-Red versus Big T.”

Charlie Clips agreed with the assessment. “‘Summer Madness 2’ was better than ‘Summer Madness 3,'” he said. “Everything that was surrounding it though: from the promotion, to the people that showed up, the crowd was bigger.”

Clips continued: “As far as the battles go, the battles in ‘Summer Madness 2’ were better also. I think ‘Summer Madness 2’ produced probably maybe two to three classics, where ‘Summer Madness 3’ probably produced one, to my knowledge.”

“Summer Madness 3” had its fair share of controversy, with Math Hoffa being banned from URL after punching Serius Jones. Battle rapper Daylyt also claimed that SMACK/URL conspired to prevent his “Summer Madness 3” battle, which SMACK refuted.

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