Eminem "Rapture" Event To Feature Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole & 360

Eminem's "Rapture" event in Australia is set to include Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, 360, Action Bronson and Chance the Rapper.

Eminem's "Rapture" event is slated to take place February 19, 2014, according to showbiz.com.au.

The event is also slated to include Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper and 360. These acts were reportedly selected by Eminem.

"Eminem has handpicked the now and the next for the debut dose of 'Rapture,'" showbiz.com.au says.

Kendrick Lamar is slated to appear on Eminem's upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The two are slated to collaborate on a selection titled "Love Game."

In August, Lamar spoke regarding Eminem's advice.

"Everybody knows Eminem's penmanship is insane, so I think, for the most part, he focused on that as much as possible," Lamar said to Los Angeles radio station Power 106. "That was the game that he was giving me and my crew. Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in all the other crazy stuff that comes around."

J. Cole opened for Eminem and Jay Z when the two emcees performed in New York's Yankees Stadium in 2010.  

Chance the Rapper is set to embark on his own Social Experiment tour through October, November and December. The tour is slated to begin in Champaign, Illinois on October 25. The Social Experiment tour is scheduled to conclude in Miami, Florida on December 7.

Action Bronson recently announced a collaborative project he's working on with RiFF RaFF. The collection is reportedly titled Galaxy Gladiators

There are several rappers named 360, but this line-up likely includes Australian emcee 360. 

In June, 360 spoke with billboard.com about breaking into the Hip Hop scene in North America as an Australian rapper.

“When Eminem came out, it was a fresh thing to America, a White rapper who was big," 360 said. "But at first glance it looked like a gimmick. When people dug deeper, you realized the dude was as talented as fuck. I think it’ll be a similar situation where an Aussie rapper will come out. It’ll (initially) be a gimmick because it’s an Aussie rapper, but then they’ll realize the guy can actually make music. That’s a goal.”

360 has also participated in North American Battle Rap events for Grind Time Now and King of the Dot. 

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  • imho

    why is there never crazy tours liek this in america.. i dont get this shit. promote n do all ur shit in america, but when u sell n get hot tour overseas? the fuck? how the fuck is this not a tour in america it would sell out stadiums here. jayz/eminem toured in 2 baseball stadiums for 2 days. that tour woulda banked but they got no issues throwing out 20-30 tour dates in fuckin europe..smh thats crazy.

    • drizzy!

      Dude Americans and Canadians have more opportunities to see these artists, so boofuckinghoo! Second, due to the fact that these artists rarely perform in Australia and Europe they can afford to charge more and the crowds are fucking crazy because these artists rarely come. Also if I'm an artist who grew up in North America I would take every bloody opportunity I had to perform in Europe and Australia. A lot of great places, that you can't access as often due to distance. I say this as someone who grew up in North America, who now lives overseas. Us North Americans are beyond spoiled when it comes to hip-hop shows!

  • Anonymous

    the event of the irrelevants. Rulefest 2014 gonna blow this out of the field.

  • Anonymous

    Chance The Rapper, good choice.

  • Anonymous

    360 is possibly the wackest australian rapper of all time. get a real australian artist, there are many.

  • brad

    360? wtf he is one of the worst aussie rappers... get Seth sentry, hilltop hood or bliss n eso and that would be a show. but 360? I'm ashamed of us right now because of this.. this will be humiliating.

  • Anonymous

    hopefully he stabs them all!!!!

  • Anonymous

    so fucking keen! kendrick was amazing when he came last year, didnt see shady last time as he was with lil wayne, fuck dat! ps 360 shouldnt be on this lineup...

  • gjfbnfbjf@jdfd

    Yeah thats right mutherfuckers australia suck my dick america

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Should have replaced J. Cole with Drake.

    • Drake Til Infinity

      @Anonoymous: your response sounds way more emotional than any Drake record.

    • Anonymous

      Why, this ain't no rnb thing, its a rap thing, stupid fuck go lissen to your drake cd and cry togetter with drake about love storys and stupid shit

  • ant smith

    Nice work 360. Australia's real proud of you brother.

  • Trolls smh

    These trolls have NO CHILL wtf

  • off topic but

    I heard EMinem is waiting to add someone to shady records untill someone in detroit emerge

  • Ghgh

    J.coles next Single." Let eminem down"

    • Dumbazz

      Ghgh go eat shit bitchboy u just mad j.cole havin a good ass year and is getting recognition in this rap game LOL glad eminem is giving him some shine looks like j.Cole's wave of success will ride into 2014 so don't hate ass wipe be HAPPY CAUSE Kendrick Lamar, eminem, and j.cole are bringing back real hip hop today fuck drake that pussy is hurt cause Kendrick Lamar ripped the shit out of him on the control single and at the BET cypher and drake won't respond back cause he's scared he knows Kendrick would destroy him completely LOL anyway im happy eminem knows true talented lyrical rappers cause that's what Kendrick and j.cole are and they deserve the spotlight and recognition from big names in hip hop i,only wish this tour of eminems was in America instead of Australia but who cares good to see them doing their thing and doing it big

  • Tony Montana

    Picture this guys: I walk into Kim K room and North West is sitting in her crib. Then it turns into an insane 3 way. KIM riding me while I EAT OUT NORTH WEST. Kanye mad tho

  • 101

    Eminem really knows mc's of today who makes good music. From glasgow months ago he chose yelawolf, tyler & earl, kendrick, chance... He really keeps up with todays hiphop scene and knows rappers who releases dope stuff not just based on their popularity alone, just wish he'd bring danny brown or hopsin to one of his tours too in the near future; eminem doesn't seem to know him or give danny props for his music

    • BigFozzyBear

      I am a big eminem fan but eminem turned his back on Royce Da 5'9 back in the day because of something 5'9s manager said about Dre. JUST SAYING!

    • Lala Vasquez

      @Anon I agree! I doubt this fool Sean has Em attention and besides Big Sean aint shiiiittt cause if Em asks Naya to leave Sean she would. Facts

    • Anonymous

      i doubt eminem cares about big seans feelings that much. i also dont think they;re "homies" they met like once or twice probably

    • Hiphop Fan

      Hopsin is a complete rip-off of Slim Shady. I doubt he would association himself with Danny Brown after he dissed Big Sean. Em is a loyal mother**** and will stand by his homies. But im glad he's working with Cole.

  • Tony M

    Picture this guys: I walk into Kim K room and North West is sitting in her crib. Then it turns into an insane 3 way. KIM riding me while I EAT OUT NORTH WEST. Kanye bruh you MAD?

    • Anonymous

      saying i hope you kill yourself is not cyber bullying.


      @Anon You know if that person really kills himself you would get charged. Thats cyber bullying so stfu before i get Bubba too ram your behind in prison you worthless piece of sh!t

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    • Anonymous

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  • Villmatic

    Glad to see Cole get some recognition by one of his idols. I think it would be interesting if EM and Cole collab. Both of them are talented producers and their styles can mix.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they got good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • gucci mane

    GO ON TOUR IN THE US, FUCK AUSTRALIA..i mean what the fuck???!! yo ass is from detroit! brind dat rapture shit here

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