Ma$e Denies Beef With Cam'ron

Ma$e denies feud with Cam'ron after announcing his new album, "Now We Even."

Ma$e has denied involvement in a beef with Cam'ron.

Ma$e has also said that he will remain loyal to Cam'ron because they are both from Harlem, New York.

Ma$e said this via Twitter, denying rumors of a feud between the rappers who were once frequent collaborators. This announcement of peace was made despite talk of a beef between the two emcees dating back several years. 

Cam'ron and Ma$e were once allies as members of Children of the Corn and as members of the Harlem World collective. The two later feuded with the rappers trading direct and indirect barbs.  

On 2002's "Welcome To New York City," Cam'ron names Ma$e. 

"You get jammed with them jammers, blammed with them blammers," Cam'ron raps on the track. "Ask Ma$e. He ran to Atlanta."  

Cam'ron recently addressed his friendship with Ma$e. 

"I haven't spoken to Ma$e in three or four years," Cam'ron said in an interview with New York radio station Power 105.1. "Ma$e just be up and down. He'll do the church thing, then you'll go on his Instagram and you be like...he tougher than leather, man."

Cam'ron recently released his new project, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1, a mixtape where Cam denounces claims made by Jay Z, among other things. 

Ma$e released several albums through Bad Boy Entertainment before leaving the imprint, including 1997's Harlem World, 2000's Double Up and 2004's Welcome Back. Ma$e recently announced that he is working on a new album, Now We Even.

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    Just because the music was filled with profanity, people still thought they were pop because of the appearance.. The suits, the dancing, the flamboyance. People definitely thought they were pop, compared to.. Oo, I don't know, Death Row? Ink a littledeeper dumbass

    • Anonymous

      The shiny suits were for show, retard. That didn't make them pop. It was to get people's attention. To get them talking. If you listened to the album and not just the radio edits, you would grasp this instead of making a fool out of yourself and getting dumped on right now.

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  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    "Now We Even"...that's what God is gonna say to his ass. It's be interesting to hear the real story of what happened with all that ministry shit. The nigga has always been a nice MC though, I can't front. It's funny 'cause back in the nineties, we all felt like Badboy was ruining Hip-Hop and making pop music instead of Hip-Hop music. But if you listen to that music now, it's WAY more 'Hip-Hop' than the shit that's popular now. It's actually some of the best Hip-Hop of that era. Those producers Badboy had in their stable were fuckin' serious.

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