Chance The Rapper Says He Couldn't Meet Eminem Despite Touring With Him

Chance The Rapper also praises Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.

Chance The Rapper has toured with Eminem, but he has yet to meet him.

"I've never met Eminem," Chance The Rapper said during an interview with MTV's Rap Fix. "You don't meet Eminem. He has like his own secret service."

Chance, who is slated to appear as an opener on Eminem's "Rapture Tour" in February 2014, also said that he appreciates Em's contributions to music.   

"Eminem is one of my biggest influences in music," Chance said. "Going to Europe with him was a great experience. Some of my friends were out there, Tyler[, the Creator], Earl [Sweatshirt], Kendrick [Lamar]. So it was a real good experience because that was my first time in Europe."

Chance also complimented another Rap act that he's toured with, praising Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  

"They're recreating the blueprint for being an artist right now," Chance said. "They went from playing 400 and 500 capacity rooms straight into a full-fledged arena tour in Europe. That's the same type of moves I'm trying to make." 

More from this interview can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry but you can't deny the man turned a sellout, the Rihanna duet speak for itself. With his reputation and his bank accompt he could make real hip hop albums and still be on top, but the guy wants to sell a max and makes horrible singles. On that point I agree he doesn't respect the culture. Used to love the artist but gotta be objective

    • Hum

      I think you see only what you want to see. He did whatever he want, seriously ? Half his album smells compromission with cheesy hooks and terrible beats (did you just heard Asshole, Legacy ? That ain't singles but sucks to), for the same reasons you can't say he cares about the art, good music ain't trying to enter the actual top 10. If you're deaf just read the article, the man don't even take time to meet the artist that open for him, nuff said

    • Anonymous

      Your so wrong. Did u hear the album or just the singles. He's one of the few rappers that made it without having to dumb it down or sell out he did what ever the fuck he wanted . He actually is still one of the few who cares about the art of rap the rhymes the flow the metaphors .just please shut up

  • 666

  • 666


  • Anonymous

    Paul Rosenberg picks em's beats and writes down the subject matter on which he may rap about.

  • Anonymous

    another gay rapper trojan horsing the game

  • Drake Til Infinity

    Eminem is a bitch a$$ elitist honk*y. He doesn't give a fuck about the culture. All he cares about is money. He hides out in his posh trailer talking to his Jew friends, like Rosenberg--Dre who has done the same thing for decades. Cube called his bitch nigga ass out on that a long time ago. Em has spent the past decade putting out trash. Em's shady alright, a shady piece of shit.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with ur comment anon, but you listed the worst possible tracks off the album. If you want to make a good point at least list any other song on the album, because all basically all the songs that Hiphopdx released from the album are thrash. All the rest is classic.

    • Anonymous

      Don't feed the TROLL, you will feel much better by ignoring those types of retarded comments coming from an retarded people who don't know shit.

    • Anonymous

      This is the dumbest shit ive ever heard by someone trying to sound smart. How can you say Eminem does not care about the culture and only cares about money when 80% of all rappers only rap about making money. Ice Cube? if you want to talk about a sellout there you go, this nigga used to rap about killing police now he's in movies with 8 year looking like the black mr rogers. Friends with jews? All rappers are friends with jews you dumb fuck its called having good management and the difference in having your career go big instead of sizzling out. Also, If EMINEM is soo shitty for rap then why is it that EVERY rapper in the game puts this dude in their top 10 list.....that's got to stand for something. So stop hating, monst will be number one, rhyme or reason will hit the top 10, bezerk already did, survival is on call of duty, rap god has been praised by a shitload of rappers and love game will prob crack the top 50. So if your hating on em looks like your the minority and he ll just laugh all the way to bank.

    • Anonymous

      LOL a drake fan talkin bout jews

  • Anonymous

    Not only the secret service but Paul Rosenberg is on his every move.

  • Ben Dover

    That's awkward as shit. How do you tour and open for a motherfucker and never meet him. Seems like he didn't try hard enough or this guy is a cornball. People would do anything to see and meet certain rappers and this dude just might have been too laid back.

    • Anonymous

      why would he have to try hard? they on tour together em on his superstar shit the same shit he use to get on Hollywood about

    • Anonymous

      yeah seems like it. i doubt em would say no to meeting him if he met kendrick and the odd future cats

  • ja rule

    I'll fuck this pussy chance the rapper up.

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