Lecrae "Church Clothes 2" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklisting & Stream

The Reach Records founder revealed the cover art for "Church Clothes 2" on Friday's episode of BET's 106 & Park. B.o.B, Boi-1da, David Banner, Paul Wall, and Kevin Ross have confirmed credits on the mixtape.

Lecrae has announced new information on his forthcoming project, Church Clothes 2.

The Houston, Texas-born emcee said on BET's "106 & Park" that the mixtape, his second, is scheduled for a November 7 release. He says that the collection of records will include production by Boi-1da, David Banner, and KE On The Track, among others. Crae premiered his new single "I'm Turnt" from Church Clothes 2 on 106 & Park as well. Church Clothes 2 is hosted by DJ Don Cannon like the first installment of the series. 

When asked what makes Church Clothes 1 different from volume 2, Lecrae says that he has unique content and matured as an artist during the process of Church Clothes 2

"Well you know, one is just maturity," Lecrae said in an interview with BET. "As I have matured as a person, you get to hear the growth of me as an artist. Two, is a lot more comfortability in my own skin and getting to say some of the things that I will uniquely say but great production, got David Banner and Boi-1da on there. Features from Paul Wall, B.o.B and Kevin Ross, it's going to be a good situation."

On "106 & Park Backstage," the Grammy Award-winning rapper explained why he decided to go the mixtape route instead of doing an album. 

"I was at SXSW and a lot of people ran up to me like 'Lecrae, Lecrae, Lecrae,' and a lot of the feedback I got was that they found about me through the mixtape [Church Clothes 1]," the rapper said. "Even though I have been doing this for a while, that mixtape really helped people kind of taste and see what I'm about. Part 2 of the mixtape just allows you to do some stuff that you wouldn't normally do on the album. You can just rap. Nothing but rapping and that's it and scale down production if you want to so that's really why I did it." 

Lecrae says that he has conversations about life and faith with many industry professionals. 

"Oh man, lots of guys. Whoever wants to go there, we go there," the rapper explains. "At the end of the day, I think a lot of people got to understand that rappers are people. Artists are people and people wrestle with all types of issues and they have questions about stuff. Anybody who I've had conversations with, everybody from The Game, to K.R.I.T. [Big K.R.I.T.], to Kendrick [Kendrick Lamar], it's not like 'Hey man, so how was your performance today.' It's just life and so on and so forth. So sometimes faith comes up and sometimes other aspects of life come up." 

Lecrae released his Grammy award-winning album, Gravityin September of 2012 through his Reach Records imprint. His Church Clothes 1 mixtape is nearing 500,000 downloads on DatPiff.com and is considered platinum by them. The faith-based lyricist has collaborated with artists like Big K.R.I.T., No Malice of Clipse, Andy Mineo, Chaka Khan and 9th Wonder.

The Church Clothes 2 cover art is as follows: 

(October 20)

Update: The tracklisting and stream for the album can be found below.

 1. “Co-Sign PT. 2” 

 2. “Believe”

 3. “Devil In Disguise” f. Kevin Ross

 4. "The Fever" f. Andy Mineo & Papa San

 5. "I'm Turnt" 

 6. "Let It Whip" f. Paul Wall

 7. "Sell Out" 

 8. "Lost My Way" f. King Mez & Daniel Day

 9. "Misconception" PART. 2 f. W.L.A.K.

 10. "Round of Applause" f. B.o.B.

 11. "Was It Worth It" f. Derek Minor & Crystal Nicole

 12. "Bun B Speaks"

 13. "Finer Things" f. Tedashii

 14. "Hands Up" f. Propaganda

 15. "My Whole Life Changed" 

 16. "If I Die Tonight" f. Novel

 17. "Hang On" 

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  • abreham gosaye

    bless you lecrae we love u!!!

  • R


  • CutCreator

    This comment was removed for being mad chill

  • Anonymous

    just the fact he is recording with artist not of religious backrounds is a problem smh..

  • Justin Moss

    Lecrae killed it! Easily one of the best mixtapes this year.

    • joestar

      Are we even trying to compare the amount of redundancy in secular hh? before I started listening to Crae I got bored with the same old formula hot 97 hip hop radio hasn't sounded good (with the exception of kendrick and few others) since the 90's. It's funny to me like the pot calling the kettle black...the same top 40 trap beats your critizing christian rap with young..., lil..., etc. Their are alot of good christian rappers like lecrae commercially or under ground like shad k, corey red, eshon burgundy. Branch out look around theory hazit, promise, relic, rig, bizzle their out their you just gotta look. This is a dope positive mixtape if you want ignorant sht. look elsewhere

    • Anonymous

      Shit was wack lana del rey has better shit then this dude

  • Lazy Eyed Republican

    My problem with Christian Rap is that it all sounds like Top 40 with some trap beat and everyone sounds the same. I am a Christian myself, rather proud Christian. I just wish there were more Christian oriented rappers who rapped with a slow flow with more abstract production (i.e. Roc Marci, Evidence) You know what I mean?

    • Lazy Eyed Republican

      Yo thanks so much my brothers. May peace be with you. God Bless. I'ma check these guys out.

    • DoublebassD

      I hear you brotha - try Shai Linne, Timothy Brindle or Stephen the Levite from Lampmode or Braille, Propoganda or the rest of the Humble Beast family - you'll find what you're looking for. It's out there, trust me.

    • Anonymous

      Look for Phanatik.

    • Joshua

      Try out Theory Hazit. A lot of his production and rap has a very Madlib, Alchemist vibe and his flow and cadence is also.

    • Lazy Eyed Republican

      Naming me three songs does not count my brother. There are no Christian rappers who have Alchemist/Madlib/etc. type production or a slow flow reminiscent of Evidence or Roc Marci..It's all very radio-friendly (for the most part)I'm not hating. I wanna be a fan as a Christian, it's just these guys don't cater to my particular rap tastes.

    • CrayCray

      "was it worth it", "lucky one", "inspiration"..... not trying to hate on you but you don't know what you are talking about brother lol.

  • Debra L. Boyle

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  • Stephen Ricketts

    Crae! This is the bomb! Keep reppin my man! #116

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  • Goat

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    • J.P.

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    • nobody

      Damn dude, I don't think god could fix that "poem." Lol, incoherent nonsense. Wasted everyone's time...

    • Young Guwop

      Damn. lol!!! You're the stereotypical angry Atheist who probably gets no pussy and have issues. I'm not religious myself. But don't knock those who are religious. It's called toleration. Try it sometimes.

    • black canseco

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