Nas Says He Has "No Limits" For His Next Album

Nas to possibly take part in "Illmatic" anniversary concert in 2014, reveals plans to release a repackaged version of the album.

With Nas’ eleventh studio album, Life Is Good, now well over a year behind him, the Queens rapper is currently at work crafting his next LP. While speaking with the Huffington Post, Nas spoke on the process of creating his next project and how it compares to last year’s Life Is Good.

According to the Queensbridge emcee, Life Is Good served as an aid for all the other projects released last year while his next album will hopefully foster new ideas and inspirations.

“With Life Is Good it felt like Hip Hop needed an album to help steer the direction of the sound and the rest of the albums that were coming out that year,” Nas said. “Or to re-encourage the ones that were working to say, ‘It’s ok to make a Hip Hop album.’ And that was my goal with that. And I think I accomplished that. I think after that I saw a nice sharp turn for the better in rap albums. So that mission is completed.

“With this record, ah man…It’s the next chapter in myself as a writer,” he added. “I’m really excited about every new leaf I turn. Every new endeavor. I’m excited about that and all the potential that comes with everything new that I do. And all my ideas can come to fruition. And that excites me, because there’s no limits to what I can do, in terms of trying to be an inspiration. I just want to do well for the listeners out there. Do well for the whole genre. So I’m excited.”

Nas’ next studio album is currently without a title, and although the rapper came close to announcing a name for the LP, he says he was unsure if it was a good fit for the project.

“I got a little busy, and I wasn’t sure it was really a real fit for the record,” Nas said when asked why he hasn’t unveiled the album’s title. “It felt like I came up with it too easy. And I like that because Life Is Good came up on its own. It just popped in my head. So the next title came up in a similar way, but it was probably too early.”

On top of the release of a possible twelfth studio album, next year will also mark the twentieth anniversary of Nas’ debut album, Illmatic. In celebration of the anniversary of the project, the 40-year-old rapper says he’ll likely celebrate the occasion with a concert and a possible repackaged version of Illmatic.

“We’re putting together a concert," he said. "And I think we’re going to do something with the album and repackage it with special stuff. I think that’s in the works."

Released in 1994, Illmatic features 10 tracks produced by some of the genre’s most renowned beatsmiths, including Large Professor, DJ Premier and Q-Tip. Nas reminisced on his debut album during an interview with VEVO last year, commenting on the grunge-heavy sound featured on the Illmatic track, “Halftime.”

“It was early '90s, so the music was just grunge,” Nas said. “Just dirty, dusty, alleyway kind of sound. That’s the kind of music that the rap music that I was liking around that time. So when I heard the track for ‘Halftime,’ I knew that would be something good for the time.”

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  • subz

    Why is it when nas release a album some peeps already compare it to illmatic. Nas is moving with the times and trying to out do his albums. Some people are still stuck in the illmatic error. Nas has been consisent, he had a dip but he's not perfect he's human. Some people chat so much shiiit. Nas life is good lp was brilliant. I loved it. And the work he did with marely was epic. Talking about real history. Some people wack up.

  • Anonymous

    If Nas did a song with Robin Thicke he'd be relevant again. If he did a song with Drake, Kelis would marry him again.

  • Lol

    All nas fans stuck on illstupid when it all about keeping it moving and progression. Shame on you lazy fake mythical poor niccas

  • Rittz

    Who cares if Nas does 300K or 30K, he's already got a slew of a platinum and Gold plaques if that's all that matters to you sick people. Nas could release a free mixtape if he wanted to, who cares about sales just enjoy the music. I love the music in Nas catalog, he specializes in that culture specific content that I can relate to and I respect him for touching on themes and topics specific to our culture.

  • Rittz

    I can't support Nas because he's never put a white man on one of his albums. Sure his last album has a sample from a dead Amy Winehouse that her producer Salaam Remi threw on the track but why can't Nas show love to us and give us a song?

    • Ur Crazy

      Nas asked Eminem if he would jump on a remix to "Daughters" and Em said no. So there you go, if the white folk don't wanna work with him you can't blame Nas

  • It's crazy

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  • sam snead

    After LIG, I kinda expect a little bit of a let down on the next one but I would like to see a couple features on the next one like AZ,Ghost&Rae,Kendrick. It would have been nice on the last album if jigga and eminem would have done the daughters remix. LIG had steady play through, especially towards the end of the album and through the bonus tracks.

  • sc736


  • Anonymous

    "none of the vets sell that much apart from jay-z" Eminem's a vet and will probably go 3x platinum on this new album. Wayne is a vet and recently went gold. You already mentioned Jay Z. I agree there are alot more out there not doing great. I just think Nas should be doing better considering the run he had before.

  • dentaldambitch

    They call him nasty nas because he's a pedo who fucks young boys. His flow is shit and his lyrics are wack.

  • Anonymous

    This horrible photo like some deep felon lol

  • Anonymous

    A Nas/Raekwon collab album would be nice

  • Not Impressed

    The thing I've always admired about Nas (which is he doesn't really get much credit for) is that he evolves on every single album. Other rap artists tend to fall into a certain niche and do the same things over and over. For example, Drake (Complaining about girls), Eminem (Muti syllable rhymes with no substance or Hailey, Kim, Mom talk), Jay-Z (Money or being the best), Immortal Technique (Politics) 50 Cent (Tough talk), Pusha T (Coke), J Cole (College or complaining about girls) and so on. Nas has songs about aliens, he has songs where he's a detective trying to figure out who killed hiphop, he tells stories backwards, he predicts the future, he talks about the streets, he rapped as a woman on her death bed saying her last goodbyes, he raps about love, politics, racism, everything that's on his mind. No other rapper is like that. Nas grows more then any other artist and that's why I will always look forward to what he has to say, whenever he decides to drop.

  • Anonymous

    1. Ja Rule 2. Ja Rule 3. Ja Rule 4. Ja Rule 5. Ja Rule 6. Ja Rule 7. Ja Rule 8. Ja Rule 9. Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    nasir jones x percee miller

  • Anonymous

    LIG was fuckin overrated. it was too much rnb and no really focus. This time bring real NYC rap back nas. And no features by faggots like: ross, 2chainz , 50 cent, big sean etc.

  • Anonymous

    Life's a Bitch The Message Affirmative Action (Remix) NY State of Mind pt. II Made You Look One Mic Queens Get the Money A Queens Story there ain't a jay's classic song which can match with a classic nas joint

    • @anon

      Well said bro.. Niccas just hate success, realness and progression because they can't attain it so they follow a failure that's says what they wish to hear and call him goat when we know hard work don't and will never hide as we see in Hov

    • Anonymous

      Where I'm From is better than all the songs you mentioned.

  • OG-18*


  • 7 mile back block

    Got the original illmatic the platinum edition guess ill be getting the 20th anniversary edition as well Nas gotta be in everyones top 10 at least. Wheres that primo album at tho been waitin on that like detox n the lox album mc's be slow at droppin what the hip hop heads be fiending for

  • Anonymous


  • AI

    I hope his next album will sound more focused cause Life Is Good was a fucking mess without direction. To this day, Nas has released ONE consistent album in Illmatic (and even that had a weaker track in One Time 4 Your Mind)

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^^ ONE consistent album? If you would just apply a small modicum of common sense, you might realize that no one with ONE consistent album could maintain a 20+ year plus career. Nas longevity is in of itself a direct contradiction of your biased assessment of his discography. And you dare to suggest that Illmatic had a weak track? Talk about instantly losing credibility... And IWW wasn't consistent? Stillmatic wasn't? Lost Tapes wasn't? LIG wasn't? There is no way you can make such an idiotic assertion without being a fully blown Jay stan. Shit I bet you even refer to him as "hov," which by definition is the pinnacle of being a fucking stan. Go listen to that MCHG garbage. FAIL

    • Whorida

      One Time 4 Your Mind was a filler song still better than most rappers' hit songs

  • A Person

    This guy is the second best artist in the history of hip hop (to Rakim) and yet all you guys can do is criticize him, appreciate the man, he has earned the respect of the culture as an artist and especially as a lyricist, and his beat selection is mad underrated

    • Anonymous

      More like top 20. Stop cheerleading.

    • nas has most classic albums

      esco >>>>>>>

    • Sorry lames

      You people are lames and I see that all you niccas see as rap is when a nigga rap mythical things which are not obtainable when rap/Hiphop is based on realness and who raps what he does. Niccas say rappers are actors and you see them in movie but we all know Hov is not about acting or saying things he didnt do. Hov is rap and reality shows it. Period!

    • Anonymous


    • A Person

      I would put Black Thought, Melle Mel, Grandmaster Caz, Masta Ace, Guru, Kool G Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Big L, Mos Def, Elzhi, Black Milk and a bunch of others ahead of Jay-Z, and Biggie, Pac and Eminem are all bunched together with this second group, but yea, I cannot stand Jay-Z's style, he doesn't ooze hip hop culture anymore

    • Anonymous

      best lyricist of all time, i might put 2pac infront of him, with him at 2 and rakim at 4 behind eminem (jay z 5 and biggie 6). In my mind though he did fall off after his untitled album. Jay-Z fell off after Kingdom Come in 2006. Only guy from that generation of the 5 greats that is still alive and on the top of his game now is eminem (im thinking with MMLP2 he's back to the top of his game because of what we've heard so far).

  • Meh

    Life Is Good had too much R&B in it and too many wack guests. Large Pro is the only guest he needed. Loco Motive is the best track on the album. For the next one, leave the R&B for the brothers with the funny haircuts and bring the boom bap.

    • comachonvargas

      ^^^ "Whoever told him to emulate the Drake R&B sound". What the hell are you guys talking about? Did Nas sing on Life is Good? Was he whining about being lonely, having fake friends, or halfheartedly apologizing to woman he fucked over in the past while still hesitating to change his behavior in the future? OF COURSE NOT. You think No intro is in any way a R&B track? Locomotive? Queens Story? Accident Murderers? Back when? Wheres the love? Trust? You wouldn't understand? Stay? Nasty? The Don? I mean a number of those tracks have R&B hooks, but Nas still spits hard in every one just like he always has. How many rap artists get R&B hooks anyways, and are you quick to call all there songs R&B? Ridiculous criticism

    • Anonymous

      Whoever told him to emulate Drake is repsonsible for the uneven sound of Life Is Good.

  • Crip4Life

    I lost respect for Nas' rap game ever since he signed to def jam. How can u make a diss like 'ether' then turn around and shake hands with the same dude who you adamantly referred to as a homosexual. And nobody, including Nas or Jay themselves, can convince me that the beef was nothing more than just a casual hiphop feud where 2 rappers were merely sizing eachother up for the sake of hiphop. Dude said he had sex with his wife and left condoms in his kid's baby seat. Both of them got on some real personal shit. But it wasn't even like they both compromised on equal terms by squashing beef. Jay was def jam's CEO at the time. Jay signed Nas. Nas got shelved. Its like I'm the only one who sees the bigger picture!

    • toppa shot

      Well said Tbones. I hate when dummies think that Jay signed Nas to DefJam. People like to create drama cuz the two battled. If people did a little research they would realize that it was L.A. Reid who brought Nas there, not Jay.

    • Tbones

      Why you so dumb? You are still crying like a bitch after all these years cos 2 grown men deaded their beef and moved on with life. SMH Secondly, obviously you are that type of nigga with emotional issues that will continue cos your babymama or ex got with somebody else as if u own the pussy for life, lmao. Thirdly, Nas did a deal with DefJam and LA Reid, he executively produced all his albums, 3 in total and his unto his 4th on the label now and you moron still saying he got shelved. Jay was president, figure head for only one of the albums and dint he even get a renewal of his tenure but you still blabbing like a sick kid. Whatever makes u sleep well a night gurl.

  • Anonymous

    It's unbelievable how fast Nas' delusional fans want the world to forget that he caught heat like no other for trying to sell out back in the day. But his incapability of producing a hit kept him from reaching other heights, so people act like he never tried, haha.

  • Eye Control

    nas is busta rhymes status. old washed up legend counting on features to stay alive. he should be shamed of himself. where's the album? rap legend getting shelved by def jam. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Jay is a Nas stan. 1. Jay-Z begged Nas and AZ to be on "Bring It On" song off the Reasonable Doubt album. But Nas turned it down. 2. Jay-Z begged Nas to be on Dead Presidents so Nas turned him down so he sampled him. 3. Jay-Z sampled Nas voice AGAIN on Crack Game/Rap Game or whatever the fuck. 4. Jay-Z used to rap like the fu-schnickens but tried to switch his shit up when he heard Illmatic 5. The fact that Jay even knew Nas' child's mother is stalker-ish 6. Jay-Z said "Who's the best MC, Jay-Z, Biggie and NAS" before the beef 7. Jay-Z admitted to listening to ALL of Nas albums in Takeover 8. Jay-Z randomly showed up at the recording of "Black Republican" and put himself on that track (No, it wasn't a planned collab) 9. Jay-Z had AZ in the video for Dead Presidents 10. Jay-Z started working with people like Frank Ocean and Jay Electronica after NAS shouted them out and worked with them first 11. Jay-Z tried to get Nas on the Empire State song AND REMIX but Nas refused both 12. Jay-Z invited Nas to perform at the Carnegie Hall show recently I could go on forever...Because Jay has been on Nas' dick forever. This is why Nas called him a "STAN". For years this dude has been seeking out attention from Nas but Nas ignored him so he started sampling him and stalking him, trying to fuck with AZ and his child's mother...Like a weirdo...Then he throws a little stalker fit because Nas has been shunning him, getting angry just like STAN from the song. Nas is mature now, he's grown, I think at some point he just said "Okay, this dude loves me, he's a fan, I might as well be his friend" lol It was never a real "beef" to win or lose. Jay-Z just wanted Nas to acknowledge him all along.

    • @first anon

      You're a dumb ass and will never get things right at 40. You main after all you said above and after nas had realized where Hov was heading to and what hes doing for Hiphop that made him say we all should thank Hov for Hiphop in an interview. Stay down you sick lame.

    • Anonymous

      I wrote this post about a year or two ago on another article. i love how people are always saving and reposting my stuff on here. lol

    • Anonymous

      The only stan here is you, son. Seek some help, cause you're a Nas fan in disguise posting novels about Jay on an article about Nas.

    • eye control

      yet Jay z's networth is 500 mill right now and Nas had ahouse he bought for 300k forclosed smh

    • cap

      illmatic+belly+stillmatic. everyone should be a nas stan.

  • Anonymous

    1. pac 2. rakim 3. nas 4. jay 5. scarface i really don't give a fuck who agrees or not, i'm just putting it out there.

  • Kizman

    you never see jay fans shitting on nas in every jay z post.. its always the other way round. jay fans got nothing to prove because jay is already highly regarded. on the other hand i cant even enjoy a new nas song on this site without reading some nas fuckboy saying some sideways shit about jay because nas gets somewhat over looked and they dont think jay deserves all the love her gets. i think nas dickriders are just insecure about nas' place in hip hop and the fact that jay, his rival, is more esteemed and celebrated by pop culture. so they are constantly talking down on jay on every blog to make nas look better. nas already top 5 DOA, yet his groupies despise jay's success to the point where they become bigger haters of jay than they are fans of nas himself.

  • yawwwwn

    dude just gon release another boring ass lp that cant hold attention thru a whole track and same stuk in the 90s shit nothin new or crazy innovative same monotone shit double wood plastic comin nas congrats!!!!

  • cap

    this is where its at fuck all that eminem/drake talk over there

  • Anonymous

    fucking forgot nas again damnit.

  • Anonymous

    the one things that most people can agree on is that the top 5 rappers ever are has, jay-z, 2pac, biggie, and eminem. We will soon add kendrick to that but wait a few years.

  • Anonymous

    Hope to see Large Pro, Premier, L.E.S and Salaam Remi on the next one. Especially the first two mentioned. guaranteed to be another great album

  • Professor Chaos

    Can we please have an AZ feature and some Premo beats? It's been too long since Nas worked with them.

  • Anonymous

    nas never disappoints

  • Anonymous

    Nas debut was 1994 and he's still doing 300K retail on a major label which is a feat accomplished by one other rapper, that guy called JayZ. It's amazing that a non-pop,rapper like Nas could have such longevity but it just goes to show that he has something special.

  • imho

    prob get another solid nas album. since everyones back on that real hiphop i expect good things from nas.

  • comachonvargas

    Once again, I read the comments and surprise, surprise, nothing but the bullshit "yeah he is good lyrically but his beats suck" criticism repeated ad nauseaum. I mean, you got dudes on here saying the beats on Life is Good were weak and that the album was poor. You can't seriously tell me that there is a golden age MC who is doing it at nearly the level Nas is today, let alone an MC from this new generation that can fuck with Nas. Jay has dropped nothing but ass for years now, and Em may still have double time flows and complex rhyme schemes, but his content is straight shit and lyrically he does not compare to Nas. Rakim? He was done many years ago, still bitter about UBR and the fact that Nas eclipsed his stature in the rap game plain and simple. KRS? Done. LL? Got nothing. Kool G? Done. Rae and Ghost still get busy, but they were never on Nas' level, and they certainly aren't today. Royce has still got it, but again, he was never in the same league as Nas. Doesn't have the personality or the creativity to really be a great MC anyways. Lupe? Hasn't been around long enough, hasn't nearly the discography to compete with Nas, and sounds like a fucking idiot spouting conspiracy theories these day. His music has fallen off lately too. Kendrick had a great offering with GKMC, but that album is nowhere near Illmatic, IWW, Stillmatic, or Lost Tapes, and Life is Good was every bit as good if not better. Scarface is still going, but he is barely relevant at this point, and Nas has proven many times that he is far more lyrically advanced than Face (see Hip Hop). AZ never really even had a great album besides Doe or Die, and he really isn't relevant at all nowadays (though Aziatic was pretty nice). I mean who else is there? Elzhi? The preface was unbelievable, and the Illmatic tribute was really dope, but come on, the dude's zenith of relevance was his remake of a classic album that was dropped like 15 years earlier, and he still couldn't top it. Ye is an unbelievable producer and all around artist, but lyrically Nas in his I am days was topping Ye's best shit. And I won't even delve in detail about that Yeezus bullshit, which makes Nastradamus look like Only Built for Cuban Linx. I really get fucking tired of people praising Jay as the best living, as if to even consider otherwise is blasphemous. You know how bad Nas would be criticized for an album as shitty as MCHG? Or Blueprint 3? Or Kingdom Come? Or Watch the Throne? Jay's career really needs to be segmented into the period up to and including the Black Album, lets say Jay part 1, and everything after Black Album, call it Jay part 2. Now part 1 is a legend, definitely viable contender for GOAT, all around phenomenal MC. Part 2? There are at least 20 MCs I could name off the top of my head that could work Jay now... Em, Pusha T, Ye, Nas, J Elect, J Cole, Kendrick, Ghost, Face, Big Sean, Rae, Lupe, Elzhi, Royce, Crooked I, Joell, Budden, Jada, Styles P, the list goes on. I mean if you have to segment dudes career like that, then he can't be nearly as good as everyone says he is. Nowadays people just look at his net worth and sales anyway, nevermind actually evaluating his music based on its quality. LIG was one of Nas most cohesive albums, with only one outright weak track (Summer on Smash), and even that track is criticized more than it should be. You think Summer on Smash is worse than Versus? Than La Familia? Than just about any song on MCHG? LOL. Then you have tracks like Locomotive, the intro, Queens Story, Daughters, back when, stay, you wouldn't understand, black bond, wheres the love. Those are some of the best beats Nas has had in 10 yrs plus, definitely better than Untitled, Distant Relatives, and Streets Disciple. Regardless, at some point, when Nas has been at the top of the game for 25+ years and has still got it, people won't be able to deny that he deserves the GOAT label more than anyone else. Why do you think Nas has beefed with every one of the most legendary MCs? They all recognized he was a problem, and not one of them was able to diminish his legacy. The new crop of MCs are light years away from him.

    • @Big Bro

      Well said.. Jay's fans use his verses to address haters beacuse his verses are obtainable than any other rapper that thought he/she is a rapper. I mean every rapper out there have Hov on their lips and walls while their fans hate that Hov is where he is today after all they have done.. And I hear some say say nas is more humble than Jay really? How many rapper can stand the hate Jay have received all his life and till remain him self none! Even at that and with the hate Jay gets from people he still doing his thing and elevating him self and saying nothing back to people calling him and his family all kind of name... nas is no where Hov and it's plane to see from hard work to good/classic music. People mostly blacks are lazy, lame and hold excuse about not being what they want to be and since Hov have broken these things they see as impossible they put the devil on him. Blacks are the most fucked up people on the planet but with Hov we can say not all blacks are black. If I take Africa for example it's plane to see that black hate progression and will never want to fight for it so they clinch on the same religion given to them by the same people they call white and racist praying to God to come down and help them on what they can do them selves and they still travel to the whites man country to seek for better life. Shit on all lazy, unreal and non achieving people out there. Out.

    • Big Bro

      Nas probably got him, but you Nas stans have such an inferiority complex you still want to prove some sort of point to someone who generally agrees with you. All I hear cats say about Takeover is that they like it better than Ether. That's their opinion. Just like this whole Jay vs. Nas shit is opinion. Y'all niqqas can throw the word fact around all you want it doesn't change the fact that it's opinion. People go overboard and use words like "annihilation". Jay is like 5 times bigger now than he was then so thats a pretty ass-backwards annihilation. Just the fact that Nas came back with a diss track and made it interesting and showed he didn't fear Jay saved his career. Irrational cocksuckers like the people on this site want to equate opinion with fact. The majority of people might've sided with Nas back then, but that still doesn't make the opinion that Nas won a fact. It's funny how you insecure fucks only champion popular opinion when it suits your agenda, any other time popular opinion be damned. Popular opinion says that Jay-Z makes better music than Nas and has pretty much always done so, but let a Jay-Z "Stan" try and use Jay-Z's record sales and popularity to try and prove that him being better than Nas is a fact. This shit comes down to personal opinion, there is no right or wrong answer. Your opinion of Nas winning is no more factual than some white boy saying that Eminem is the best rapper alive. Just because the majority may side with a particular opinion doesn't make the opinion fact.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      I didn't know being able to form a paragraph made me try to sound intellectual. Fucking Basehead

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Trolling? fool weren't you trolling yo self now you trying to sound all intellectual and shit dropping paragraphs foh

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      I agree with the vast majority of this post. You reflect my exact thoughts towards LIG. But it's funny how cats seem to be unable to appreciate Jay for what he is at this point in his career. I enjoy mostly all of Jay's work, with the exception of Life and Times Vol 3, and Blueprint 2. Everything else was enjoyable at least. In all honesty, people set an impossible bar for Jay to reach. They can't wait to pick his shit apart because of the standing in the ranks that he's achieved. Add another measure of hate because he's from NYC. Nobody swings for the man at the bottom. People hate similarly on Nas but the difference of commercial success between these two are driving factors. Nas is cast as the underdog every time. Nas is also alot more humble than Jay, which is another contributing factor. Just some random opinions I have floating around. Well written piece tho. Get ready for the trolls to throw some hate your way for the length and common sense content.

    • Anonymous

      tru dat except big sean fucking with jay-z smfh

  • Anonymous

    "If Life Is Good wasn't a reinvention, I don't know what is" What did he reinvent? It contained the same boring lyrics. Same droopy beats, and the collabo's were lame.

    • T

      But it's simply the truth

    • ^

      You copy-pasted this bullshit from a year-old post.

    • Dentaldamboy

      Nas groupies are always trying to revisit history with their biased ass opinions. Nobody rides harder, delusional and more blindly. Let's put an end to this shitty debate. We all know why people have it in their mind that Nas won. The Hip Hop heads wanted Jay to fall around that time so badly that they put all their hopes into Nas when that beef happened. Jay's ego was getting outta control and his career was at a point where he was turning into a symbol of hate, because people associated money and the industry with him and the streets with Nas. The more money and success Jay had, the more credit he lost by Hip Hop fans because we all know how fickle and bitchlike people react to that. They wanted Nas to win and that's what happened in their minds. Jay never had a change, regardless of how good Takeover might've been and lost before they even started, people side with underdogs and he underestimated that factor. Jay is lightyears ahead of Nas in every aspect of rapping and life. People see that Nas has nothing over him and force themselves to believe that Jay has to be inferior in rap, which is far from the truth actually. And let's not forget that you guys give Nas a HUGE pass for turning down that challenge to a face to face battle, traditional hip hop style, proceeds going to charity, that Jay issued. Traditional hip hop? Proceeds going to charity? Those are two of Nas favorite things, just one of countless example for the fucked up perception of Nas.

    • Anonymous

      "said no one ever" get it bruh your definitely not a someone.

    • Anonymous

      "It contained the same boring lyrics. Same droopy beats, and the collabo's were lame." Said no one ever.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Get your fucking head out of the sand Quoteman

    • Anonymous

      Grown man music

  • Anonymous

    "the dude sold 300k, he's still doing good" That's not good for a vet.

    • ^^^

      SMH. Dumbasses copy-pasting old posts.

    • ^^^^

      It's disturbing how unwilling to be objective Nas fans are regarding the I Am..., Nastradamus era and his overall weaknesses. Around this time, it got so bad, people wasn't even excited to hear new Nas material anymore because chances were it would have had a copycat Ruff Ryder synths beat or Aaliyah on the chorus or him singing a hook poorly. This was by far one of Hip Hop's worst eras and should be so in every Hip Hop fan's book.

    • TRUUUU

      some fucking company like a mcdonalds or someone bought a milli of his albums, no one fucking likes holy grail jay z just bought a million of his own albums and gave them away for free. its fucking stupid this nigga is too smart of a business man to make you think, "damn this nigga sold a million copies, he must still be on top" when really it was guaranteed he would sell a mili, i mean that shit is clever. My one complaint with jay is acting like a gansta when he is the richest rapper alive and hasn't been a ganster in 15 years.

    • Anonymous

      That is good for a vet. Many of them don't even sell that much after many years and the only one who can put up solid numbers is Jay-Z.

    • lol

      for todays world..thats damn good.

    • Anonymous

      none of the vets sell that much apart from jay-z

  • Anonymous


  • TaZzZ

    I been waiting on a Nas x Master P collabo... Sick

  • kennyken

    fuck illmatic. I have it already. it was written influenced me more. nas's story-telling is unprecedented. but his beats just don't compare. it's like to opposite of a person whom raps ok and jumps on a dilla beat...but not rapping good enough to challenge dilla's beat.

    • huh

      I respect your opinion, but how can you say fuck illmatic if your a nas fan. if it wasn't for that album nas would not be around today. that's like saying I like wu tang but fuck 36 chambers, thats what made wu tang

  • Anonymous

    Excellent MC...Questionable beat selection...Life is Good sucked donkeyballs (my opinion)....

  • Anonymous

    dude is getting to glamour i read somewhere he spents $ 10000 on clothes a month. his lyrics are up to par but he need to come original with production go with some solid sound a few produceres prefrred one blend it, not some individual beatpicking. jay z will get away with that because of his business ventures Nas not

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    A worthy King.

  • Anonymous

    NAS LOST tho' Jay-Z is 10x fucking worse

  • Nas flops again

    and this album going to flop and go double wood again. lyrically Nas is good, beat selection sucks.

  • Anonymous

    No more Illmatic. That's such a fossil of an album. Let it go already Nas. That's why your career is stuck in the mud cause you spend so much time talking and reflecting back on that album. Man up and reinvent yourself.

    • Zone Out

      Oh please, credible anonymous guy, do tell how Nas can reinvent himself in ways that he haven't reinvented himself already? If he was stuck in the 90s', every album of his woulda sounded like the dusty, dirty street hip-hop the way Illmatic was.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      If Life Is Good wasn't a reinvention, I don't know what is. And there is nothing wrong with looking back at your Magnum Opus, which is considered by many to be the greatest rap album of all time, to reflect on where it all started. But hey, you've got it figured out. I'm sure Nas is waiting eagerly for your opinion on how to make a hip hop album.

    • Anonymous

      the dude sold 300k, he's still doing good

  • YEAH

    Imagine this: ME, KIM K, and NORTH WEST in a insane 3 way. Kim will be blowiing me while NORTH rides me. KANYE YOU MAD?

  • No ID

    Real talk i want to hear Nas, Eminem, and Jay on a track. Who you think will have the hardest verse and the weaker verse. In terms of BARS it would be Nas-Em-Jay

    • Lol

      The only nicca rapping is the only nicca that has it... Hov will show you cats how to do it son.

    • imho

      EM/Nas- c ould go either way and ofcourse Jayz last.. hasnt made a verse worth remembering since American gangster.. although those verses in crown were hard.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      When did Kendrick kill Jay? Did I miss something? Because Kendrick clearly stated that his 3rd verse on the BDKMV remix was due to the nastiness of Jay's guest verse.


      @Anon Have you not heard Rap God. Jay hasnt been lyrical in years. Its over for him in terms of going toe to toe with rappers. Kendrick killed Jay already

    • Anonymous

      Nas Jay Em imo, Jay isn't gonna let himself murdered again by Em

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he is going to experiment with some death metal with Whitney Houston.

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