B.o.B "Underground Luxury" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

UPDATE #4: B.o.B has released the cover art, release date, tracklisting and album stream for "Underground Luxury," a project he's called the "album of the year."

B.o.B has announced the release date for his upcoming album, Underground Luxury.

The rapper made this announcement during an episode of "106 & Park."

"Ladies and gentlemen, Underground Luxury will be hitting stores December 17," B.o.B. said. "Album of the year. Hands down."

"Don't get me wrong," B.o.B said. "All the success from 'Nothin' On You' and 'Airplanes' was cool, but I come back home, go in the clubs and I want to hear myself in the clubs. That's how 'Headband' came about, 'Still In This [Bitch]' with Juicy J and T.I. and now we on 'Ready' with Future. Now with the album, it's a lot more eclectic with sounds that nobody's really doing. It's a well rounded project." 

B.o.B also confirmed the album's release date via Twitter after his "106 & Park" appearance. 

B.o.B's "106 & Park" announcement and interview can be viewed below. 

In September, B.o.B spoke about the upcoming album.

"I want to say that this project is a project that is kind of like a contrasting title, you know, Underground Luxury," B.o.B. said in an interview with Montreality. "I would say, to paraphrase it, this is connecting the dots, from who I was as an artist before the major success to where I'm at now. And it's a lot more unfiltered and unedited than anything I've ever done. So I think it's going to be a great project, great, monumental, career shifting project. I'm actually done with it, but we're really just having fun with it, man. We're making a movie, you know, me and my team. We're just kind of sitting back and watching everything, watching how people respond to music." 

(October 18)

UPDATE: The cover art for B.o.B.'s Underground Luxury can be found below.

(November 2)

UPDATE #2: The tracklisting is out for B.o.B.'s Underground Luxury. The tracklisting can be found below.

1. "All I Want"
2. "One Day"
3. "Paper Route"
4. "Ready" f. Future
5. "Throwback" f. Chris Brown
6. "Back Me Up"
7. "Coastline"
8. "Wide Open"
9. "FlyMuthaFucka"
10. "HeadBand" f. 2 Chainz
11. "John Doe" f. Priscilla Renae
12. "Cranberry Moon Walk" f. Mike Fresh
13. "Nobody Told Me"
14. "Forever"
15. "We Still In This Bitch" f. T.I., Juicy J

(November 5) 

UPDATE #3: B.o.B. has released the Underground Luxury album sampler. The project snippets can be heard below.

(November 26)

UPDATE #4: The album stream for B.o.B.'s Underground Luxury is now available below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Where are you B.o.b?? what happened?

  • Anonymous

    Best album of the year, hand down, fuck what y'all other people say about b.o.b, he had to do it because pop wasn't working, he had to come back to sale more, he's better doing hip hop music then pop music

  • asher1985

    I listened to and really liked it! I was not expecting much because something seemed off about his last album, but so far so good on this one I must say

  • Dr.Kavokian

    B.o.B,hhmmmmmmn.......Ok ,Hes gonna flop big time and here are my reasons.One,He releasing the album way before We expect one from him,Two,His Lead singles are not quite enticing for me to accept and Excite myself for an early christmas present the only song doin waves is Headboard but dats not enough and finally,B.o.B is doing too much of Wat The Crowd Or Hip Hop Environment wants him to do because of The Current Times (J.Cole & Kendrick Lamar) he kinda feels he has to rap.I say he should Go Back To his Pop-Rap Roots i mean in my opinion, he had the best album comin from that genre in 2010 besides Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers...He Can only succeed if hes got that magic back But Considering The Mood Of THe year i think .... A B.o.B & T.I Collaboration Album Would have been Proper .They Have been promising us one and i thought we were gonna get it.Check the list of songz below and tell me dat wud not have made A Good Southern Version Of Watch The Throne B.o.B & T.I. Ft Juicy J - Still In This Bitch B.o.B & T.I. Ft Kendrick Lamar & Kris Stephens - Memories Back B.o.B & T.I. Ft 2 Chainz - Headband B.o.B & T.I. - Wit Me B.o.B & T.I. ft Future - Man & The Martian .....That would have been a great album

  • TMZ

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  • Mary Fields

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  • YoungKorgy420

    Damn BoB... you sold out hardcore. Sucks.

  • Ella Hukill

    upto I saw the check for $9548, I did not believe that my brothers friend woz actualy taking home money in their spare time from there labtop.. there great aunt started doing this 4 less than 22 months and at present cleared the dept on there home and got a brand new Lotus Carlton. more information... www.Fb39.com its just the small minds of our ppl. see a little bit of money and nothing else matters. its sickening really. i know white ppl do it to us but its imo its worse when we do it to ourselves.

  • Anonymous

    What happend to the B.O.B that made beastmode and E.P.I.C that mixtape was so fucking good he made 2chainz look good on perfect symetry

  • Sonny Bonoho

    Track 14 The homie Playboy Tre Featured on it. Revise the tracklist!

  • Anonymous

    So basically, you went the Wale route and sold out.

    • Anonymous

      Not a single white artist on Wale last album or on this B.O.B album so how the hell did they sell out when they did the exact opposite and stayed true to HipHop?

  • Anonymous

    december 16th release in Ireland. I just pre-ordered it SUPPORT THE ARTIST

  • Anonymous

    and not a single fuck was given

  • dope

    B.o.B can be corny af sometimes but i listened to the preview and i think this album is gunna be pretty good, one of the better rap albums this year

  • Anonymous

    Another mixtape of half-ass trying to bite Andre 3000?

  • OUCH!

    Honestly speaking, He should have stayed in his lane with that pop-hop music. Make that money cause this album is just not good and its not believable. Hes not a Hard core, Trap music rapper. His mix tapes showed the A side of him and the B side were his albums. This is C side, its terrible. No hot singles/tracks or features. Hope this serve as a wakeup call for him. Keep it mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga fell off like Saulja Boy only difference is that he actually has talent!

  • Anonymous

    This is why Drake doesn't change, I love B.o.B. more now but he lost his audience since changing, thats why Drake doesn't do it.

  • Anonymous


  • j

    No one's fallen off harder than this kid in recent memory

  • Anonymous

    Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    rapmusic for skinny jeans faggots

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    It seems like the best pop-rapper not named Kanye West has taken some slight to being called a "pop-rapper" (though there shouldn't be a problem with that) and has decided to go trap. And while based on "Ready" and "Still In This Bitch" he is a good trap rapper; it'd have been better if he'd delved more into his rock and electro influences and made a pop-rock-rap LP.

  • TaZzZ

    If I could pick a list of people I never wanna hear featured on a single album, this would be it... Remember when you thought this dude might actually turn out dope, seems like forever ago

    • otp

      that shit was classic to me, not in the sense of illmatic, all eyez on me, e. 1999, or ready to die, shit but like back when i was a freshmen in high school that was something fresh and new and his songs had meaning. i was fairly new to rap/hip hop mostly listened to whatever was on the radio and a bunch of mp3s i had on my computer from friends that would give me whatever was on their mp3/ipod. They mostly had eminem, very popular 06-09 music and some 2pac, big, bone, common, classic kanye and jayz, and a bunch of gangsta rap (sureno and old school classic west coast/bay area music like dre and too $hort). back then before i got into underground and 90's shit i still hated when all i had was modern rap i still cudnt see why ppl like lil wayne (i heard carter three liked a couple of songs: mr carter dr carter but with rebirth i was like fuck this guy)and only thing i cud really listen to was b.o.b. and eminem. like a year later i got really into all the 90's shit and nuthin else but still like b.o.b.. I mean what else was good bak then at 09, that year we got drake! and at first i was like this foo drake seems alright, thats when i heard forever, after that they were a bunch chick songs that guys were vibing to and i was like wat the fuck these niggas gay or wat. but yeah b.o.b. was my shit back then. had lot of respect for him. he had skill and was killing the radio with airplanes.

    • RMAC

      ^^^co-sign......."AOBR was a pleasant surpise of his skills and song craftmanship......strange clouds was garbage to me.....

  • Angela Amador

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  • Anonymous

    It wouldn't a B.O.B. album without a white chick on it

  • COCA


  • benben178

    Time to reflect on an old mixtape he had out several moths ago this will tell me if hes worth it.

  • Anonymous

    you heard it here first: french montana is ghostwriting this whole album lol

  • jasonnns


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  • Helen Michael

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  • Matt

    go to any one selling mix tapes in a gas station parking lot, and they laugh if you ask for B.o.B

  • sincere

    Looks like a trap-album cover. Already lost me there. Plus his recent singles were whack.

  • Mitch

    His last LP was trash. Zero reply value.

  • RobertsVision

    im sure it wont be wack

  • Anonymous

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    This album is going to be sick. He started as a drake and has turned into a kendrick. Strange Clouds is when we started calling him a rapper and if you've listened to and of his joints from this year he's turned into a real rapper and this album will be legendary. Underground Luxury has the potential to be better than good kid maad city.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how i've only used 2 names on this site and in one article one person stole one and then another person stole the other in a response.


      Co-Sign. He's become much more of a rapper since Strange Clouds and no doubt a top 5 album this year. KING KENDRICK

  • furshurrr

    this foo is mad corny

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