Childish Gambino Denies Being Clinically Depressed

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, says he is not troubled despite posting a series of messages regarding his various fears on Instagram this week.

Childish Gambino, also known as Donald Glover, posted several messages via Instagram Monday (October 14). Gambino's Instagram posts were images of notes he wrote on hotel paper. The notes listed several fears that Gambino says he has, including fears about failure, disappointment and relationship troubles.

Today (October 17), Gambino said that his posts should not be perceived as troublesome. 

The rapper addressed this issue on his Twitter account, noting that he is not sad and denying that is clinically depressed. 

Gambino's Twitter posts can be viewed below, followed by his initial Instagram posts. 

Childish Gambino recently announced his Because The Internet album. The project is the follow-up to Gambino's most recent effort, 2011's Camp

Gambino, who has worked on television programs including "30 Rock" and "Community," also released Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, a short-film, in August. The short film can be viewed below.  

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  • fuck news

    celebrity posts his complaints on over-privileged life under the mask of being authentic. the fact its on a social networking site proves its inherently narcissistic, and now he claims its for marketing "intentional or not".

  • LOL

    LMAO Childish Gambino is also known as Danny Glover? So Danny Glover is not his real name just an alias lol.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    This is what happens when you post your personal sh*t online

  • Anonymous

    It's hard believing somebody like Childish Gambino being depressed.

  • SIZZLE610

    Normal people have fears and some self doubt sometimes. Doesnt mean he is depressed just means he is a sincere person and doesnt posture behind some faux macho bullshit like most other hip hop artists do.

  • Anonymous

    'Bino is the man. I hope his album is more like "Camp" than "Royalty" though. Camp was a fucking masterpiece to me

  • Anonymous

    i feel ya, forreal

  • Anonymous

    I don't see how thats sad, just sincere. ppl need to chill.

  • GetWellSoonGambino

    This is sad, I hope you can find peace and happiness Gambino!

  • Anonymous

    that is depressing.

  • Anonymous

  • Whorida

    More songs coming out about his dick?

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    People in the 'rap world' are too fuckin' cool to have feelings any more. Everyone's life is great. You show one sign of sensitivity or being HUMAN and motherfuckers act like there's something wrong with you. That's one of the things that ruined HIp-Hop. It has no human element any more because being honest and real is frowned upon. These kids think being 'real' means being a gangsters. Being real means having the courage to be yourself express how you feel, good bad, or indifferent. That was one of the things that endeared Eminem to people when he first came out. It wasn't just that he was white and had skills. It was that it was refreshing to hear a rapper that could actually have a sense of humor about himself and not have to be the coolest motherfucker alive at all times.

    • Lazy Eyed Republican

      @Demetri you're gunna tell me Evidence is not Vivid lyrically? Vivid raps is just under street rap umbrella. This certainly isn't a Drake endorsement but rappers are people too. It's okay for them to display their fears and nightmares. It's reality. Not every rapper can be Scarface. I have no problem with street rap. But guys like Gambino and Evidence make you really relate to the music in a very real way.

    • Well Actually

      Well actually the reports and media of him being 'depressed' have nothing to do with gangste rap or rap at all. They were media driven articles that made these assumptions. Go look at the Huffington Post. Most likely a hipster writer who thought he was sad when he was just being real. This has nothing to do with rap/feelings, it has everything to do with the media constructing assumptions and presenting them as facts. This is what Nipsey Hussle was talking about y'all. Read through the lines...

    • Demetri

      Couldn't have said it better myself. I think the only gripe people have with the non-ganster rappers is that they may not be as vivid lyrically.

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