Kendrick Lamar & ScHoolboy Q Address BET Cypher Controversy

ScHoolboy Q disappointed with "Control" responses, says none of them were "really hot."

The controversy surrounding Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control” was again reawakened this week thanks to the airing of the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards. During the annual awards show, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and ScHoolboy Q took part in one of the show’s numerous cyphers and it was K-Dot’s verse that quickly garnered attention.

During his addition to the cypher, Kendrick rapped, “And nothing's been the same since they dropped 'Control'/And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes.” With the TDE emcee’s current rift with Young Money singer/rapper Drake, many assumed the mention was made in regards to the Canadian artist, but according to Kendrick he was merely having “fun” with his verse.

“That was just us having fun, as usual,” said Kendrick during a brief phone conversation with ScHoolboy Q and Sway of Sway In The Morning.

Prior to Q calling Kendrick, the Habits & Contradictions rapper was asked if he thinks Kendrick’s verse was aimed at Drake to which he replied, “I don’t know, man. I didn’t catch it until people said something about it. I still don’t think he got at Drake because we did that before the little incident.”

He also added that Kendrick’s verse was a spur of the moment addition and revealed that the rapper initially was not going to rap in the cypher.

ScHoolboy Q Says People Are “Digging Too Deep” Into The TDE Cypher

ScHoolboy Q was also asked if fellow TDE rapper Jay Rock’s verse was aimed at a particular artist. At that point, Q went on to state that people are “digging too deep” when it concerns TDE’s cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

“I think that we dropped so many of them lines that people are now starting to catch anything we do,” said the rapper. “‘Oh, he’s talking about—.’ You know what I’m saying? So, nah. Everybody thought I dissed Jay Z when I said ‘What’s 50 grand to a mothafucka like me?’ I just said his line. So, people just digging too deep, but that was a shot at every rapper that have been throwing stones at us…These the same rappers that was dissing us or throwing our names in a verse or speaking of my homie, the same nigga that just asked me for a verse.”

ScHoolboy Q “Disappointed” With “Control” Responses

Q’s conversation with Sway then circled back to Kendrick’s verse on “Control” as the rapper addressed the response from his fellow emcees to K-Dot’s addition to the Big Sean record. The Oxymoron crafter also expressed his disappointment with those who put forth responses, since he felt that none of them were “really hot.”

“End of the day it’s us. We came in as us. We gonna stick together as us,” said Q. “We never was friends with rappers anyway. We cool with everybody. We respect everybody, but it was a rap [bar] that Kendrick dropped. I don’t see how they took it so personal. He named friends and shit. I mean, the king of New York thing, I probably would have went at somebody that said king of New York. I wouldn’t have did it on the same record he did it on with the same concept. That just means you’re not creative. You’re just using his concept. That’s just too easy. We was kinda like a little disappointed. All these cats is really out here playing they selves. Cause nobody shit was really hot.”

Released in August of this year, “Control” features Detroit rapper Big Sean and includes guest verses from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Kendrick’s verse on the non-album cut quickly drew attention thanks to the rappers “king of New York” mention and the rapper calling out his fellow emcees. Among the handful of artists called out during K-Dot’s “Control” verse was Drake, who later questioned if Kendrick would ever be able to secure features with the artists he name-dropped.

“He’s talented as fuck," Drake said during an interview with Los Angeles’ Power 106. "He’s gonna have another album and another opportunity to take the world by storm again. So, he’ll be alright. Even if it doesn’t feature any of the names he mentioned, which it probably won’t, to be honest with you. I don’t know who’s gonna go back from that and be like, ‘Yeah, let’s link up.’ Nah, but he’ll be alright."

Video of ScHoolboy Q’s interview on Sway In The Morning can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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  • King Arthur

  • any

    drake sounds mad worried and scared.

  • hotboxedigloo

    media so twisted if anyting drake and kdot are putting on a plublicity stunt probnally pressure from the labels because kdot and drizzy use to tour together when kendick was on the comeup also kendricks on drakes album and vice versa they are definatley homies this is all for sales no real "rift" plus the pajama thing was to papoose

  • L

    Why is Drake so hurt in all his responses? lol... I mean...? It's like he's inferior or somethin'... No wonder he's always on Complex cuz he sound like he got one.

  • aria

    school boy q look like teddy of off black ink crew

  • Vanbiguous

    YAAAWWWWNNNN these websites, blogs, etc etc losing their shit over these "disses" is obnoxious. It's all posturing, there is no weight behind it whatsoever. At end of the day do you think any of these next generation rappers hate each other...truly? There is too much love in the game, and that's fine, just don't pretend like you are beefin' with each other and critics and blogs and shit need to calm down the "controversy" rhetoric. It's really just ginnin' up traffic and clicks over some bullshit. Par for the course and a huge YAAAWNNNNN from me.

  • Maxx Menkaura

    Most gangbangers like @ScHoolBoyQ are ignorant and genocidal but a few R actual sell-out Uncle Toms. Schoolboy Q is one of those few. #TDE @BruthaDee

  • Troof

    HA! Schoolboy coming across as an egotistical baffoon. Ortiz, Budden and Los killed it on their Control verses. This shit is getting to Schoolboy's head. Even Kendrick is getting a big head. And he's over exposing himself with lame features with Robin Thicke, Dido, etc... How old is Schoolboy? 26? 27? dude looks 39. Lay off the drugs.

  • 2Pac Back

    Yall just some hopeless goons/ You got tongues of venomous snakes and ur throats are open tombs/ A tongue can curse or bless and it go the ability to send the whole body to hell/

  • Anonymous

    why these niggas so scared to just say they was talkin about dude quit actin like bitches and draw the line in the sand you provin him right when he say you half way wit it and dont really wanna jump off the cliff. do you want syrup wit those waffles

  • donnis mac

    Gotta say tho, niggas stepped they game up at the awards show. if you wanna have a convo w/o all the f*ckboy innuendo, Kendrick did his thing in that cypher, Jay Rock caught a body, 2Chainz got to watch his clones, Rich Homie Quan gotta hit, Snoop needs his own show, Kevin Hart and them niggas is crazy, and Nelly ripped them bars. Dude from Italy I think was smashing it too. Really excited about the music, not you weirdo asses who f*ck up the convo flow online so us music lovers can't enjoy the experience and talk.

  • Anonymous

    Schoolboy Q kind of looks like The Weeknd, at an angle.

  • Nahlidge

    These are way past played out by now. But I approached this "Control" response a little differently than most. If you dig it, check out my other joints.

  • so what


  • Anon

    Heres a top5 that doesnt include pac,big,nas,em or jay (generic list) 1.Big boi (Most consistent rapper alive) 2.Rakim (Best flow) 3.Scarface (Real OG, king of the south) 4.Andre 3000 (kills every guest ft) 5.Ice Cube (realest rapper alive)

    • OVO

      I love Ghost and don't disagree per se, but EL-P has to be considered for the most consistent, plus he produces. Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus (Classic) Fantastic Damage (Classic) I'll Sleep When You're Dead (Classic) Cancer For Cure (4.5/5) Run The Jewels feat. Killer Mike(4.5-5/5) Albums he's done the majority of the production on where he doesn't rap: Cannibal OX - Cold Vein (Classic) Killer Mike - Rap Music (4.5/5) Just saying, dude gets overlooked, and has never done anything that was not exceptional.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      Ghostface and Black Thought are incomparable. One has released multiple solo albums, a few classics among them. The other, while undeniably dope, has no solo material to account for. If you throw Black's posse cuts on his resume then I'll throw Wu-Tang's group albums in the mix as well, furthering the divide.

    • Anonymous

      Cosign Ghostface being most consistent. Thought right there. Probably ahead if he did solo/ collaborations more sh*t. It's close like 1 & 1.4 though

    • Anonymous

      "Most consistent: Ghostface Killah. There is literally no competition." Wrong. Black Thought is the most consistent. Ghostface would be second though.

    • OVO

      Realest of All-Time 1. Drake 2. Chuck D 3. Scarface 4. Kool G Rap 5. El-P

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      I agree with Scarface, Andre, and Rakim. Most consistent: Ghostface Killah. There is literally no competition. Realest: Chuck D. Kept it 100 his whole 20 plus years behind the mic and in front of the camera.

  • Anonymous

    fuck this pillow fight between the two softest most overrated bitches in the game

  • Anonymous

    people always dig too deep into wack ass kenny's so/so lyrics

  • Calling u on your bs...

    Kendrick and Q fan but you "real hiphop" drake haters would be going nuts if Drake pre-wrote anything in a cypher but Q just admitted it wasn't off the dome and no one is criticizing TDE about how they ain't "real hiphop". Ridiculous..

    • ETK

      uh no, Chris Brown made it onto the cypher and nobody bitched about that. People would be trippin because Drake doesn't even go hard in his raps. There's no way in high heaven Drake would even come close to what TDE or Slaughterhouse spit, written or not.

    • Calling u on your bs..

      No one goes off the dome even on Hot 97 but if it was Drizzy, trust me the purists would have their panties in a bunch.

    • hellno

      pretty much nobody goes off the dome in these cyphers, your statement is just not true...

  • OVO

    OVO > RHYMESAYERS > TDE > EVERYBODY ELSE I know what you are thinking, who else is on OVO besides Drake and that weirdo named PARTYNEXTDOOR? It doesn't matter. Drake is so supremely gifted as an artist that by himself he's the best label around. Drake is like Marvin Gaye circa 'What's Goin on?" and Nas "Illmatic" all rolled into one. I love me some Brother Ali and Kendrick but OVO is the best label.

  • Anonymous

    "Drake shouldn't be laughing at anyone for being soft when he's the human marshmallow" The cyber marshmellow calling the most successful artist out now soft. Your hate game is legendary.

  • Anonymous

    these dudes is fake spit heat but don't want no drama schooly you ok but you not a mc joell and joey will destroy you on the mic just stay with your junkie raps

  • Anonymous

    ScHoolboy Q album gonna flop hard

  • fuccya

    Always good to see king of ny and another famous og rap legend just talk about themselves tellin it like it is, showing their disappointment in responses to a scandalous diss and shit.

  • Anonymous

    Stop trying to down play shit... Joell Ortiz spanked Kendrick in less then 24 hours! These new niggas are feeling them selves too much! These niggas try to downplay that shit one more time its fuck TDE and everything they put out! They're crying for competition but as soon as somebody spanks one of them on that mic they start talking that lame nigga talk about relevance... SMFH! FOH! Leave that talking to the STANS and Groupies!

    • word

      this. Ortiz bodied K.Dot in under 24 hours and noone else came close. I love Black Hippy, but props where props due

  • XDropBOMBSLikeNagasaki

    As a proud rider of the Coast(WEST SIIIIIIDE) I don't mess with TDE, man, make the coast look soft as FUCK! Game, used to like game, first three albums, after that, cut dude off. Mack 10 too, went wack! Had hopes for dudes like, G. Malone(also turned disappointment), Bishop Lamont(Dropped, now doing some crazy white boy rap), Bad Lucc(went from hardcore gangster rap, then complete swag and ratchet) Slim the Mobster(still go hard, only haven't heard nothing about him in a minute. Only dude repping the COAST like it's 'sposed to be is Mac Lucci, well, him and D-Dimes. But Lucci do WAY TOO MANY pimp songs, WAY, WAY, too many. Man, the WEST really need to step it up. Can't say much for the East, all them dudes repping the South, haha. I don't fuck with TDE...WEST SIIIIIIIIDE. 90's to early 2K WEST COAST gangster ish for LIFEE!! Fuck all that soft shit!

  • Steve Real

    Drake sounds like such a whiney little bitch. so funny how badly he's handling this..

  • 416

    Schoolboy is too fat and lazy.. every time he cyphers his performances are so flat like he can't be bothered to try.

  • Anon

    Drake is a bitch. Pusha T didn't act all sensitive and made a DOPE track with Kendrick after "Control" came out.

    • Anonymous

      Pusha said they did that track before the control verse came out. But yeah Pusha took it how everybody should have. Its competition.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick Lamar needs to STFU with that recycled ass verse hit used in the cypher and his control verse was less than impressive period..

  • fuckouttahere

    For real though, why didn't he say he's the King of LA? Scared to death of those eses

  • jaz

    look at those two fingers in the photo

  • pooch

    well kendrick called out pusha and those 2 already put out nostalgia with a video so i think Drakes wrong about the collabo thing

  • G

    School Boy Q Killed it Last Night @ Webster Hall Tho

  • Anonymous

    Look at those two wack rappers. Drake is laughing at how soft your movement is.

  • Anonymous

    no controversy, just dope verses, KDot killed that shit, that pic at the top funny as hell tho

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