Committee Members Object To Street Being Named After The Notorious B.I.G.

Committee members object to a street being named after The Notorious B.I.G. for several reasons.

Committee members have objected to a street being named after The Notorious B.I.G. for several reasons, according to

"[The Notorious B.I.G.] started selling drugs at 12," CB2 committee member's Lucy Koteen said, as per "He was a school dropout at 17. He was arrested for drugs and weapons charge. He was arrested for parole violations. He was arrested in North Carolina for crack cocaine. In 1996 he was again arrested for assault. He had a violent death and physically the man is not exactly a role model for youth. I don't see how this guy was a role model and frankly it offends me."

Kenn Lowy, who is a board member and the owner of Brooklyn Heights Cinema, said he was also not fond of The Notorious B.I.G. because of the language the rapper used in lyrics.

Additionally, Letitia James, who is a councilwoman and a candidate for public advocate, has not signed a letter of support. This is necessary, according to, for the proposal to move forward. 

The proposal was started by LeRoy McCarthy, a Brooklyn, New York resident. He created a petition to co-name the corner of St. James Place and Fulton Street. The petition was made to name the intersection Christopher Wallace Way

The Notorious B.I.G.'s government name was Christopher Wallace. 

McCarthy met with those who object to his proposal and responded, saying that "board members should not hold Wallace's physical appearance nor how he died against him."

McCarthy also said more regarding the criticism that committee members had.

"There are many artists that share stories in a vernacular that their audiences understand," McCarthy said regarding The Notorious B.IG.'s lyrics.  "Biggie used the language from the streets he grew up in to convey what he wanted to say."

The issue has been tabled, according to, until Letitia James or her successor issues a letter of support for the proposal. 

The Notorious B.I.G. became a prominent figure in Hip Hop after releasing two official studio albums, 1994's Ready to Die and 1997's Life After Death. He was shot and killed on March 9, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. He was 24. 

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  • Anonymous

    "Beer brewing was illegal when the elder Kennedy's were doing it, that is why it was called bootlegging" That was back in the 20's and 30's you ancient troll. If you also recall back to your youth, prohibition ended and it became legal. People have yet to see a law that makes selling cocaine legal.

  • COCA

    Damn I thought yall meant THE Committee...

  • 2PAC 4 LIFE

    Biggie = overrated!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh hey, they were completely ignorant about it.

  • Zack

    I feel the guy on this one(except the hate on biggie cussing and getting shot to death, that's stupid) tupac, or common or Nas would be a better choice, biggie was a great artist, but not so much a great role model

  • Spain

    we the best Anonymous mother fucker

  • Anonymous

    Naw, I'm not feeling it, to many names out there that are more worthy and more deserving. Biggie was a petty criminal and a woman-beater, and some of his rhymes were filthy and disgusting, some icluded rape, sodomy, pedophilia and child-murder. Their are people who served their communities without preying on their communities who came from disadvantages backgrounds and they are the true unsung heroes who deserve recognition.

  • Anonymous

    They named a airport after John Kennedy (family came up bootlegging) and beer been brewing since the 1800s sponsoring superbowls today" Beer brewing isn't illegal. Selling drugs is.

  • Anonymous

    Meanwhile the US just had Columbus Day, a holiday for a man who terrorized the natives and had slave ships all in the name of Spain.

  • Anonymous

    Having a street named after a dead rapper is the least of your worries, there's worse shit to worry about especially if you're black, and if it's that serious then have Jay z put money into it since that was his boy and all, and he has helped bring in money and jobs into BK(even if he was just a figure head), hell he might deserve a street name more than Biggie not to mention he has the financial power to make that committee agree.

  • blkviper

    I'm from Chicago and there are many streets named after music artist, they are small strips of a bigger street but there are some. Biggie was someone who came from a bad place and became a major artist in music, I think naming a street after him would have been cool but it's not a slight not to give him one. Rap is an anti establishment Genre why is it a big deal they said no. Effe em now put on "who shot you".

  • son of a sax

    LMAO!!! Im a fan of the late great, just like everybody else. But I dont think they should name a street after him either. He wasnt Martin Luther King Jr. He was just another emcee who unfortunatly got murdered over sum B.S. Plain and simple. Maybe open a community center in his honor but to change the name of the street, to his name??? CMON MAN!!! SMH

    • son of a sax

      LMAO!!! You mean JFK?!?! Make sure you read before you hit post!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck MLK. Do some research if you disagree, and dont just eat what you're fed.

    • son of a sax

      Okay, but JFK family "bootlegging" doesnt directly apply to John F. And JFKs conribution to the civil right movement far out weighs whut his ancestors did. Plus the title "president" doesnt hurt either. All im saying is im not mad. I don't think he deserves a street named after him. I love the culture just as much as the biggest "head" but it kills me when we put these artist on pedestals like we do. Like what he (or they) died for was for the good of man.

    • son of a sax

      Scott La Rock doesnt have a street named after him and I think hes more deserving of that honor that Biggie is. Thats just being honest.

    • hollywood

      They named a airport after John Kennedy (family came up bootlegging) and beer been brewing since the 1800s sponsoring superbowls today.... I guess this stuff only applies to Hip Hop

  • u crazy

    Why do blacks always ask the devil to help them then get angry when the devil does what they know the devil does best. Stop asking start doing it yourself.

  • 2pac

    There can't be a Christopher Wallace Way before a Tupac Shakur Way. Fucking dumb niggas!

  • Anonymous

    Biggie is a role model of how to go from "ashy to classy" so shut the fuck up u dumb as committee.

  • ThisSh*TCre

    The slave-owner's Grandchildren win once again. When will the general public learn that our fight isn't over? We need to keep fighting for our rights. We need street names, monuments, statues, buildings, national parks, all that. The time of looking to our so-called "four fathers" is over. We are using rules created in the 1770s, we need change!!!! I'm talking about new rules, the things that will run the world one day. Thats why they want to control Hip-Hip. We started on the city blocks selling drugs, to eventually having the streets named after us. The government doesn't want that. Thats control, something that the rulers of the world don't want to give away. The fight isn't over. We need to change the world. But for now, we need to change America. One Street name at a time.

  • Anonymous

    The people wanting to change the street name do not realize what biggie did for people. Biggie gave people hope, biggie is proof that you can go from being a drug dealer to making something in your life, getting off the streets, making a lot of money, and influencing thousands if not millions of people. Just because you name a street Christopher Wallace Way does not mean that people are gonna say "I live on Christopher Wallace Way I should deal drugs" whoever says that is ignorant. Biggie is a good role model for anyone, not in the drug dealing sense, but in the sense that people say once your in the game you cant get out, but Biggie got out and lived the American dream. Nuff said.

    • Anonymous

      There has to be thousands of other people they could name this street after. The problem is nobody names anything after just an ordinary, everyday person. Biggie's name would attract attention, which is fine, but what he stood for was negativity and shouldn't be honored like this.

  • Gadzooks

    Meanwhile in Syria...

  • Assassin221

    Damn, she said "physically not a role model." Now all that other stuff, I don't necessarily agree but you can still make a case for it. But she really wants to call him out for being fat? That's fucked up right there.

  • Andre

    Oh so its cool to have a Thomas Jefferson school in almost every city, a White Slave Owner who raped his slaves and had illegitimate children, My school in Texas was named after Mirabeau B Lamar, a slave trading, Redskin slaughtering son of a bitch, but hey lets forget about their history. Right? My point is Idgaf what you name a street, school, library, or whatever you want to name it. I wouldnt mind them declining to name it the Christopher Wallace Way, if it were for a more legitimate reason... But to cite the reason being because he was a drug dealer, & had a few felonies, as well as he cursed in his music? Ray Bradbury has schools named after him and he cursed in his books. Give us a real legitimate reason as to why you dont want the Name of the street to be named after Biggie, not this Bullshit because he is a bad influence on our children. Its a FUCKIN Street name not a muthafuckin statue inshrined on your moms ass. There are street names of Guns and Rich oil execs, who slaughtered millions of people all in the name of money. I dont care if you call a Street Jim Crow Lane. Honestly i hope someone makes one, because it would be a constant reminder as to what kinda shit our ancestors had to put up with & it would allow us to never allow that kinda shit to slide every time we see that street sign, kinds like if the street name was Christopher Wallace, id be a constant reminder of how kids in this neighborhood who sell drugs and carry guns can become a success and one day make a drastic change in their lives that would allow them to one day possibly have a street named after them.

    • Anonymous

      Take a deep breath Andre. Your preaching to the choir on this one. Fact is were not talking about various people throughout history. Their sins have no barring on who Biggie was, and how he chose to live his life. We all enjoyed his music, but let's face it, he was a scumbag lol Call it like it is instead of being all timid and dancing around the truth.

    • TRE

      Amen.. Dont forget he was also too fat i guess.....

    • legitimate reason man

      The property OWNERS that pay property taxes don't want it, simple. If the people that want the street named after him want to see it happen then buy up the properties then, not just rent there. At the end of the day money talks and it trumps any emotional plea or justification.

    • blaklex

      Great points my friend. Best post I've read this week for sure!

  • gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

    Same people that don't kno about the STRUGGLE! Fuck em .

  • Anonymous

    ...and oh, yeah, lets blame biggie for others assassinating him. Is president Kennedy any less blameless in that? of course he was a president, but he and his family didn't have the most upstanding past either.

    • Anonymous

      So now your comparing the legacies of a rapper to a famous president and his well to do family? That's just like hip hop to obsess over their heroes. Biggie was out for a buck like all the rest. That doesn't warrant a street name change.

    • HARD


    • Anonymous

      Biggie was not assassinated, go watch some Chris Rock

  • Anonymous

    yeah these people are hypocrites. Im sure these are the same people who would laud jay z if he gave them the time of day. Also, the man started as a drug dealer and all that, but he died doing a legit business. they don't see that cause his legit business was rapping. Maybe they should take down all the shit named after the Kennedys, and the Adams

  • Anonymous

    If streets named after MLK are violent as hell, I would hate to see what a street named after Biggie would be like.

  • Phacade

    Obama smoked weed and did coke. Bush, Clinton, and I'm pretty sure every other president has done some sort of drug. Biggie only smoked weed and sold the drugs to our presidents. If anything he's better than half the idols we praise today. Just like someone said, if Memphis can name something after a KKK member, NY deserves a street named after biggie

  • DrebinSlevin

    If Memphis can have a municipal park named after the founder of the KKK then New York can have a street named after Biggie Smalls.

    • Anonymous

      All ya'll lack reading comprehension, there's no comparison being made here, sheez! Actually not a single similarity between the two. But once again where was it stated that one was either bad or good? Plus protesting doesn't work for black people you need to upgrade to lobbying and boycotting the local businesses around there, hit their pockets.

    • DrebinSlevin

      There have been multiple protests over the naming of the park. And if you think that naming a park after a person who started one of the most racist terrorist groups of all time is the same as naming a street after a rapper you need to get you head checked.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't say one was worse than the other, I said where was the outrage when the city of Memphis decided to name a park after a kkk founder? I'm sure it wasn't cosigned 100%, so why you think a white system is gonna bend to name a street after a black man? Like for real.

    • Anonymous

      Or maybe you're dumb thinking that a rapper is as bad as a KKK leader.

    • Anonymous

      That doesn't justify neither, it just shows that the black people in Memphis are too dumb to stand up against shit like that.

    • GOD

      you are right my child

  • Fish

    This committee is missing the point - the street name should have nothing to do with them, it's about the people that live there. Watch the footage of Biggie's funeral and tell me the people in his neighbourhood would be opposed to naming a street after him. Dickheads.

  • Anonymous

    post an article about the feds questioning Jimmy Henchman about Diddy diddling underage boys!!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should give him a street name, everybody has a past smh. Y'all need to checkout thegrandreport, they have good viral and hip hop videos on there

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