Charron Disses Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross On "B.E.T. Cypher Verse 2013"

Charron has released his verse for the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher despite being excluded from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

Charron has released a video for a verse he says was meant to be featured at this year's BET Hip Hop Awards cypher.

Charron was slated to appear on the BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers after winning a competition on BET's "106 & Park." However, the rapper was excluded from the filming of the cyphers.  

In October, Charron spoke with HipHopDX about this exclusion. 

"I was avoided for months and given a response after the cypher was pre-filmed," Charron said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "At the end of the day, I was denied of a prize we contractually agreed on.

"I have proof that I've emailed people I've been dealing with," Charron added. "I made phone calls. I have records from June and earlier dates. They didn't respond...They [later] told me they changed the format for this year, but if you look, there's no format change. It's the same as every year." 

The verse discusses his exclusion from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher and contains clips of his appearance on "106 & Park." One clip features the program's host Bow Wow saying that the winner of the battle competition would earn a slot on BET's Hip Hop Awards cyphers.

"No invitation / And no indication," Charron raps in the verse. "This is with a station / Originally created / To fight discrimination." 

Later in the verse, Charron says he thinks BET excluded him intentionally. 

"You think the White boy from Canada sucks," he raps. "'Cause your target market won't find me ratchet enough." 

Charron Disses Justin Bieber, Usher, Rick Ross & Kendrick Lamar

Charron's verse also disses Kendrick Lamar, Chief Keef, Usher, Justin Bieber and Rick Ross. 

"I'll handle Kendrick Lamar," Charron says. "With a mothafuckin' left like a Hendrix guitar / Crazy, people gonna shout / Accidentally cut off Usher's dick while stabbin' Bieber in the mouth / Whoa, probably shouldn't spit that / Think it's Ludacris? Then pay him to write your diss track / Rick Ross, what you really think? / Only substance that you have is in other peoples' drinks / Hip Hop these days lost a lot of flavor / If you like the new school, you're a Waka Flocka flamer / Big L, Big Pun, those are some rappers / Wish Chief Keef died instead of Ol' Dirty Bastard." 

Charron's video can be viewed below. 

During an interview with HipHopDX earlier this month, Charron explained why he was so upset with BET over the exclusion.

"I'm very upset because I did this on my own dollar," Charron said. "I'm coming from Canada. I had to quit my job to do this because I had a dream. I was confident that I'm the best. I feel like I'm the best freestyler in the world. I would have beat everyone there. I auditioned online for three years and they never let me on. They're letting random bums on there with the swag image for their demographics. Finally, I got all my fans on Twitter to message them to give [me] a chance.

"[BET] told me from the start they weren't gonna give me money for the hotel and bus," Charron continued. "I said, 'That's fine,' because the exposure I was gonna get from the BET cypher was gonna be worth it. To me, I wouldn't have done it if it was just $5,000 because I invested about $3,000 to do it. That's only $2,000. I could make that doing a written battle instead of all this work. So, I was doing it for the BET exposure because there's no way to gauge how good I was gonna do. I've been skyrocketing this year, working my hardest to improve my craft. With [a recent battle against] DNA, you can see the progression I've made. My buzz right now is at an all-time high. If you know anything about the game, you can go from the top to bottom anytime soon.

"This BET cypher could have skyrocketed my career," Charron added. "To get the people they have on - they have Kendrick Lamar and all those guys - to get a verse from one of those guys has to be somewhere between $30,000 to $80,000. To actually be on the BET cypher with them, you can't really gauge how much that is worth for your career. I get paid for shows. If I'm on the BET cypher, now I'm getting paid more for shows. Everything I do, I'm making more money off it. Now, I'm kicked off the cypher. You've got people on message boards saying, 'Charron was kicked off the cypher because he's not good enough.' Now it's public humiliation. It lowers my stock. I make money battling, too. This is ammunition for my future battlers. It's public humiliation as well because I think I'm better than 90 percent of the people on that cypher so there's no way I was kicked off because I wasn't good enough. It's just very upsetting." 

HipHopDX contacted BET before the October 2 interview was published. HipHopDX was told a statement would be released regarding the matter. No statement has been received. 

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  • Jason Biggs

    0 flow , 0 presence, 0 delivery. His voice sounds like he gargled on Organik's nutts just before this, after taking a hot load on his back from drizzy. Canadians should stick to lumberjacking.

  • Anonymous

    but still he has nooooooooo confidence in the voice!!!!!! why do these kids think its rap HERE YOUR VOICE ITS NOT THERE!!! GO STUDY.

  • 2true

    Every single fucking thing he said is true. EVERYTHING. I dont give a fuck if you dont like his voice or flow, or if you arent intelligent enough to get his metaphors. He spit pure truth, and the so called hip hop heads of this retarded generation denounced it. Fuck yall. You have small ears.

  • mick

    Despite what the horde of racist cunts that makes up 98% of the commenters on this site have to say, this kid earned a spot. BET is, has been, and always will be a fucking joke, and now they are racist pieces of dog shit for denying a guy his rightful price based on skin color. Fuck them, and fuck you if you agree with their bullshit.

    • amber

      I agree. Because how the fuck can the people, ceo whatever of BET discriminate against a white guy, when all black people do is ask of white people not to do the same of them. What the fuck!? Kind of makes me a little disgusted of BET being im black. He has so much talent, and you let Mac Miller, Machine Kelly, Macklemore for having a more "swagged out" kind of image but wont let a white rapper from canada on!? the fuck? Macklemore is just as different as Charron, only thing is Macklemore doesnt do what everyone wants of him and never has, and this guy Charron doesnt want to either, he wants to be the best and make it to the top and a team of fucking black people sit in a damnn room and say what, shit like, "oh no this white boy has no swag, boot em out." He's got more soul in the way he flows then a lot of the rappers out right now, if not an equal amount of soul. Fuck BET dude, your in america, make your own way here bro. If canada loves you, pretty sure america will. Your pretty dope in my opinion.

  • Anonymous

    Find out what the other MMLP2 tracks will sound like here...

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule - Fuck Fame Tracklist: 1. King Of The Nile - Ft Chrisette Michele & Andre 3000 (produced by. Cool & dre ) 2. Never Gone (Produced By. Kanye West) 3. My Brother's Keeper - Ft Rick Ross & Kanye West (produced by. 7) 4. Freedom - Ft. The Dream (produced by. Chink Santana) 5. What We Gon' Do (produced by. Street Runners) 6. Prime Time- Ft. Jay Z & DMX ( produced by. Irv Gotti ) 7. All Of This - Ft. Drake (Produced by. Noah "40") 8. The Rules (Produced By. Just Blaze) 9. Queens Kings Ft. Action Bronson (Produced By Harry Fraud) 10. My Baby Ft Ashanti ( Produced By. 7) 11. Dangerous Minds Ft. A$ap Rocky ( Produced by. Hit Boy ) 12. The World Ft. Scarface, Nas & Jadakiss (Produced by. Irv Gotti ) 13. No Limits ( Produced by Justice L.E.A.G.U.E ) 14. On The Run Ft. Fat Joe & N.O.R.E ( produced by. 7) 15. Fuck Fame (produced by. No I.D) 16. Our Life Ft. Mary J Blige( produced by. 7) 17. Ride With Me (produced by. Irv Gotti ) 18. Bill Gates Ft. Lil Wayne, Birdman & Master P (produced by. Irv Gotti ) 19. My Dreams Ft. LLoyd ,Black Child , Cadillac Tah, Vita , Charlie Baltimore & Ashanti ( produced by. Malay)

    • Jacc

      Goddamn, do you waste all of your shitty day coming up with all these fake ass tracklists? Don't you have some friends? Some obligations? Don't you have a family?? Don't you have a life?!?! Get some therapy, B. QUICKLY.

  • Anonymous

    so he dissed the show that could of eventually put him on tv and dised the rappers that could have helped him this nigga getting no play bravo!!!!

  • Varsitysdfw

    Are you guys serious??? This guy is hott trash... Just bc u drop a few names in a verse doen not make you HOT! his flow and delivery is garbage... I watch battle raps from url, kotd, smack, uw, dont flop, etc.... this guy not even in top 15

  • Anonymous

    I love how he murdered Mac Miller.

  • Jon Blendz

    Charron is ite at best...but fair is fair. The man was promised a feature, BET dropped the ball on this one.

  • Anonymous

    yea, he a decent rapper with a below average flow, but dam, the dude won the contest that said he'd get into the cypher and now BET is gonna take all that away from him just cus?!? He's right, now, instead of getting respect for winning, he's gettin laughed at for all this shit. All the directors at BET can go choke on a fat one. stick to your word you worthless fucks.

  • Honestly..

    you have a couple witty punchlines but your delivery and voice is not appealing at all. Even from a hiphop stand point. You just sound like any other angry battle rapper. Screaming your whole rap. your voice is dull. Not marketable any way you look at it, but hey, America accepts anything for entertainment these days so maybe youll make it, but i doubt it..highly doubt it.

  • Lothario

    B.E.T. is a national disgrace to black people. I have NEVER seen a company sell its soul so aggregiously. It's one of the biggest machines in pushing black ignorance and perpetuating black stereotypes which are becoming more and more true every day, because of companies like B.E.T.. I'm sayin' all this and I'm not even black. But since Black people don't stand up and say anything about injustices towards their people any more, other people are going to have to step up and do it, because truth is truth, and that shit just isn't right.

    • Anonymous

      Damn son don't say no shit like "Black people don't stand up and say anything about injustices towards their people any more" cause we do, you might only see our ignorant ones shining on TV but most of us ain't happy about all this shit. It's like the last dude said, "although Blacks may be in charge, there is a white washing of content entity above them". We still need to get our thing together on this country.

    • @ Lothario

      I don't know where you've been, but BET is owned by Viacom (do your research). Mr Johnson sold it a while ago (If I'm correct when he was trying to buy the Charlotte basketball franchise), so although Blacks may be in charge, there is a white washing of content entity above them because sponsorship (commercials) is everything when it comes to broadcasting. What you should be asking is why do they always want to have a hands on, controlling aspect when it comes to Blacks, when they don't do it to Hispanic, Asian, Hindu, or Arabic programming. If you look at besides Telemundo, the other cultures programming is nothing but public access, not major prime time TV. This time only I'll give you a pass for trying to speak on Black and not having your sh*t straight. The reality is we already knew when they got sold.

    • Varsitysdfw

      So is MTV a disgrace to whites bc i dont know any of my white friends or associate that act like how those show protray them to be

    • Anonymous

      ^dammmmm, speakin the truth!!

  • ntoberko

    dude won the competition despite of what you think. he earned his spot

  • Anonymous

    I don't know what was in that BET contract, but this guy has sabotaged his own career. It was unnecessary to diss a whole country, a country where this career you want is based in. Calm down Sharon, you're not that good. I look forward to other rappers sh!tting on you in battles, no one told you to include everyone in a country just because you have a problem with one person/entity.

    • donnis mac

      Sharon already burned his bridges, how long is he going to be bitter and blame and diss people who have absolutely nothing to do with this ordeal. You diss America, but want to pursue a career in American music and expect respect. You re-read that and see how stupid it sounds. 100% cosign Word. Add this rah-rah MELTDOWN, and how this world goes, he's gonna get that attention he's craving for. Mark my words. And if you follow battle rap, you can name a strong 5 that will murder Sharon. Calicoe got eaten alive from the inside like cancer by Lux & I'd put a Grant on Calicoe. A Mook battle wouldn't even be fair. Sharon ain't even go against the best of the craft and he whining. Daylyt would clown him with the Kool Keith style. End of the day, Sharon died from a self inflicted wound.

    • S

      To anonymous, Speaking your mind is what this genre is about

    • Word

      He's upset with BET, but he takes it to America and clowns the shutdowns and how he beats tons of American rap artists in battles. He has some points about BET, but let's it seep into taking jabs at America. I think some of his punchlines are funny and catchy, but he lacks flow. I've heard this guy on KOTD. He's another battle artist who wont transition into mainstream let alone put together songs worth a shit. The controversy here is what makes him relevant, but it wont last. The only move I see him making, to keep his name in the game a little longer, is continuing to talk the shit he's talking (America sucks, BET discrimination, dissing artists etc).

  • thatruth2u

    Dude just snapped!! BET has its good and bad, but I'd rather hear this dude in a Cypher than some of these known artists who are full of b.s. rhymes. Beats are cool, but real lyrics actually takes time to write and makes the listener have to use their brain. He should be on it, but regardless he still went for his.

    • YouSerious?

      At what point did this guy's verse actually make you "think"? The punchlines were pretty obvious...nothing shocking. "Miley Cyrus, I don't like you!" ain't exactly a profound statement.

  • Alex

    Regardless of what you think of him, his race, his flow or lyrics...... FAIR IS FAIR! He won a competition that clearly stated to the public what the winner received which was an appearance on the BET Cypher. I would definitely take this to court if I was him.

    • YouSerious?

      So if he hasn't...maybe he's exaggerating or he didn't understand the language of whatever contract they had in place

  • Anonymous

    He better got to King of T Dot with that shit dissing America.. If you can't be humble enough to respect the culture.. stay in your own wilderness country and rap with other Canada rappers that will never make it big..

  • Anonymous

    Well if you are upset, dissing America, BET, the only platform for you to even to be seen in America, and other famous rappers that can possibly give you some shine by including you on their songs, you are fuckin up your career before it was started.. His content is good but his delivery is very shaky and timid.. his voice sounds confident but his body movement is very non confident and to be an MC you have to have all the tangibles..

  • mr facepalm

    seem a few people here seem to have a bit of trouble grasping that this issue has nothing to do with what anyone here thinks of charron's skillz. the bottom line is that he won BET's freestyle competition - this CANNOT be argued - if he deserved it of not is irrelevant as the facts are indisputable. the prize for winning was very clearly stated to not only the competitors but the public as well. trying to suggest that he should be robbed of what he's owed because YOU don't like his music is beyond retarded. for the record, i too am not a fan of charron, but i do hope he lawyers up and takes legal action.

    • jdobypr

      I agree that the only relevant underlying issue here is whether he received the prize package he earned by winning the competition. I can't say I am a fan of his music but I believe in fairness and integrity.

  • D-Banger

    If Chief Keef heard that, RIP Charron. Just ask Lil JoJo.

  • DJ Cool Herc

    Swag? Are you guys fucking serious? That's what makes Hip Hop now? Damn and I thought it was lyricsm.

  • Anonymous

    I see a lotta Drake fans on here....smh

  • Anon

    LOL @ the people who say they are fans of Hip Hop but are trashing this dude. You guys probably live in Atlanta or New Orleans. Cash Money Stans. smh

  • Anon

    Some of these comments make me sick to my stomach. Da Mambe actually said, he doesn't want to hear lyrics when he listens to Hip Hop. You must like Wocka Flocka. Then everyone is saying he is whack. Really? And who that is out right now is better? Drake...sure Wale...ok Tyga..GTFOH Lil Wayne....figures y'all would like gay shit like that.

    • Word

      DaMamba I listen to lyrics and the "platform" its brought on (the beat and flow). There some songs where the lyrics and flow are so dope that it transcends the beat then there are some songs where the lyrics are wack as fuck, but the beat is so catchy and the flow is decent that it worth listening to. This dude Charron has a wack ass flow. His punchlines are funny and witty at times, but at the end of the day he can't compose a hit single or put together a song that's not dissing someone. That's what he is though, a battle rapper, that's what he does, and that's where he will remain.

    • DaMamba

      Bruh, you don't get what I'm gettin at. When I'm talkin bout lyrics...I don't wanna hear songs like Lupe's Gotta Eat (you know, songs that take a large theme like drug dealing and try and use corny metaphors and multi-syllable words to get to a simple point) over songs like You Must Love Me (Jay speaks about hustlin from an emotional, deep perspective without having to throw in words that are unnecessary as fuck). Why you lame ass fans always gotta find the worst examples for competition for other rappers? "OH...BUT WHO'S BETTER THEN THIS DUDE THEN?! WACKA?! TYGA?! HUH??". Nobody saying that. What people are saying is this Charron dude...when he raps....sounds wack as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    He sounds like he's not all there to me. Just saying. BET did jerk him but the fact this guy won? How? "No Invitation , with no indication, with a station" this is like rapping The cat Jumped the hat It was fat Had to get the rat Doormat Yeah I just spat deal with THAT! Elementary Rhymes

  • Anonymous

    "Charron has released his verse for the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher despite being excluded from the BET Hip Hop Awards cypher." Nice grammar.

  • true hip hop

    The so called Hip Hop heads of this generation have no respect for freestyle battle rap the way true heads do. They dont understand it because its not backed up by a hit making producers beat and a cookie cutter hooked out chorus. Freestyle is the purest form of rap known to man, and this kid is ill as fuck. His skill is undeniable to anyone without little ears and ignorant brains.

    • Anonymous

      This kid ain't never spit a freestyle in his life, all this new school pre-written battle shit is an insult to the old school battles. It was all about thinking on your feet and reacting on the spot, to see who was sharper off the top. All these kids like this do is sit around and spend all their time writing insult raps instead of making actual music. Its a parlor trick performed by a bunch of amateurs with no future outside of KOTD.

  • Anonymous

    "Wish Chief Keef woulda died instead of Ol' Dirty Bastard" Ok, even if you think he's wack, that line is fuckin' on point.

    • killa

      yo anonymous stop crying like a little bitch!.. have you never heard "Hit Em Up".. 2pac wishes death on like 500ppl

    • Anonymous

      wow dude you dont know hip hop if you find that offensive

    • Anonymous

      Wishing death upon a man who never did you wrong just because you think his music sucks is far from "On Point". That's the kind of thing socially awkard weirdos do, motherfuckers with no life who are so angry they would actually wish death on a person they never even met. Go outside and make a real enemy lol

  • K-NOS

    Okay, points for the Rick Ross and Chief Keef lines, but... yeah, dude's just meh as an MC.

  • jh

    How the fuck can get this nobody an article on this site? He can't really rap but he's stuffy like hell. Seems like he thinks the only rapper is the dead rapper, so please somebody kill him.

  • COCA


  • Dick B

    Wow, he killed it with the name dropping. lol

  • Dick B

    People care what this irrelevant wigga has to say?



    • Anonymous

      your statement fuckin tru!!!!(2 chainz voice)lmaoooo

    • jabesi

      hey dude your statement is whack just as the rapper u mentioned...this is raw as raw hiphop as it is suposed to be but these ignorant ymcmb are fucking it up black but i like white niggas hiphop now coz they have a point than these stupid black bitch ass niggas....check out R.a the rugged man and more then u'll see what i mean

    • plex

      The streets dont want to hear yuppies? UMMMM. DRAKE? Kiss my ass man. White people buy more rap albums than black people. Ignorant fool. This kid probably knows more about hip hop and true artistry than 95% of the dumb asses who comment on here, and that definitely includes you.

    • COCA


  • A-Day

    This guy is god awful. Coming from a white man, this is typical out of the burbs name dropping, weak flow, weak lines trying to get on top. Shit is just terrible. There is a reason he wasn't on the cypher. Miley Cyrus I dont really like you.... Dude is garbage

  • Ja Rule Army Commander

    Stop lying son, this guys a nobody. Our lord and savior Ja Rule will save the rap game with his next album, and eat this lil nigga Charron for breakfast like a Take 5.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is charron? more white boy KOTD shit i bet how much they paying you HHDX?

  • itspressbaby

    Honestly, if you guys have not heard of Charron you must live under a rock. Dude has been climbing through the battle scene for at least the past 4 years. The amount of stupidity that I read in the comments is insane. Charron got jerked by BET. Enough said.

    • RagDollPoets

      Damn right and I'm proud of my background. Beating nerds up and claiming the top dog position in the school yard made me the boss hog i am today. Still bullying nerds btw, corporate style.

    • Anonymous

      Ragdollpoets ? must be the bully

    • RagDollPoets

      Battle scene? Fuck that prewritten battle scene, it's a fucking hoax. I'm not really impressed with anything that the prewritten battles offer. Real fucking rappers freestyle battle from the top of their dome. And fuck all these news about the corny battle rappers also. Charron looks like a fucking nerd that used to get beat up at school go back home playing video games

    • The Real Ja Rule Army Commander

      Stop lying son, this guys a nobody. Our lord and savior Ja Rule will save the rap game with his next album, and eat this lil nigga Charron for breakfast like a Take 5, quit frontin' lil ho

  • James C.

    I watched the video clip & the end of the article. DUDE CAN NOT RAP. BOTTOM LINE.

  • Anonymous

    my nigga kilt it tho!!!

  • Anonymous

    He should write for eminem.

  • TRE

    this kid is just looking for attention and reaching hard.however that Ross line was awesome. "the only substance you have is in other peoples drinks"

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a nobody

  • Anonymous

    anyone who disses Officer Ricky is cool with me

  • Anonymous

    These nobodies will say anything to get some attention. Than end up on songs w the same artists they dissed

  • GAME

    Game handled 50 and all of G Unit. And guess what? I am a fan of 50 and Banks. But Game was the 1st person to handle G Unit and especially 50. And I don't care if 50 has more money or sold more albums. GAME HANDLED 50.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      ahahahahahahaha,yeah right. How many times did GAME beg 50 for G-Unit reunion again? Now he's on Cash Money and about to be Paris Hilton's Diva back up singer. Yes, he destroyed G-Unit by being a douchebag and ruining the movement Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit had by acting like a 5 year old, and NOT LYRICALLY. GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      now hes signed to Birdman with Paris Hilton, LOL what a boss

  • shiz

    Wow, son got a lil chip on his shoulder!! Not bad, I personally like this joint. And I fucks withs he cats he was shitting on. The rap game is finally getting interesting again. NO SINGING/ AUTOTUNE..

  • nickle_nine

    Looking past the subpar delivery, he was straight up robbed of the cypher.

  • Aim80

    ehhhhh... : / Never even heard of this dude 'til right now, and i was actually expecting some really impressive shit. But ehhhh..... that's about how i felt about it. SOME of the writing was impressive, like 40/60, but the style and delivery and overall presence was very bland and boring. Not exactly a monotonous flow, but very dry cadence. And the lyrics and structure definitely cant save his style... Very EH.

  • $$$$$

    when Kendrick hears this hes gonna beat a white boy til he turns black

  • fably

    BREAKING: Fredo has left the cut and is on his way to Charron's house with the chopper and the 30. Witnesses report it is "a scary sight".

  • AX556

    Who cares what Charron thinks? You need chips to play the game. This "rapper" is a nobody.

  • Anonymous

    Is this Kreayshawns brother or are we in the twilight zone?

  • DeathBlow

    Somebody tell this idiot that BET is owned by white people.

  • Anonymous

    LOL this dude fucking sucks. And he's from canada get a new hobby

  • Anonymous

    Dude calm down you not as good as you think you are. You too stiff white boy, Good lyrics tho!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess we wont ever see him at an award show in the future. Waka, Cheif, Ross, Usher will all takes turns slapping the shit outta him. Why go that hard at Chief? Why? Charron you actually better pray they never see you.

    • Anonymous

      get real homies. Usher aint touching no one and neither is Ross. he'll have his bodyguards to that just like DJ Vlad and Kreayshawn

  • 40oztoFreedom

    calling out kendrick is career suicide

  • Anonymous

    No homo, Emeneim already sis the sexual shock rap about dicks you ain't gonna steal his fans buddy.

  • DaMamba

    Ayo I'm waitin for all the Em stans who bust a nut over his corny ass songs to come over to this dude and say he's the next GOAT...wouldn't put it past any of them. need delivery, style, mic presence....and this dude's corny in all those categories.

  • Anonymous

    Corny dudes like this wanker give us whites a bad name. He sucks monkey-balls and he's using the tired formula of dissing people just to get a buzz, BET is for Blacks just like Telemundo is for Hispanics. BET saw how corny this kid was so they dumped him and now he's lashing out at the people who get ro perform at the awards.

  • Anonymous

    That shit looked horrible. This "trauma/shock" type of rap is fucking gay. Hopsin, Tyler, this dude, they all need to go away.

  • Thisdudeblowsballs

    this turd needs to start a christian rap group and suck his own tits. yawn yawn yawn.

  • Anonymous




  • U

    Charon, your delivery is subpar at best. Your timing isn't sharp. This is an honest opinion. You have good lyrics though. Negative attention can only get you so far. Calling out big names isn't the smartest. It can get your stocks up or just have you crash. I'd bet my money on the later. Focus on your craft and be smart about the battles you dare engage in. The winner isn't always the best, remember that. There are very talented folks out there but they'd forever remain on ur craft buddy.

  • Real 416

    Man, fuck this white boy with his self entitlement issues.. BET is owned by,wait for it.... WHITE PEOPLE! Yet he's trying to make it seem like it was Black people keeping him out.

    • PhifeDidawg

      It's still pretty racist though. White people keep him out, so they can make more money off of black people, by showing that they don't endorse corny white kids. Which leads to black people thinking that BET is true "black" television.

  • DoseofDopeness

    LOL dude has some bars (ehhh) but his delivery and style is horrible. He sounds like he's reading it straight off a note pad with a football helmet on. He wouldn't fit in the cypher, that's why BET excluded his lame ass.

  • Wayne S. Webb

    until I saw the draft 4 $4540, I have faith that my neighbour could realey earning money in there spare time from there labtop.. there friends cousin had bean doing this 4 less than a year and by now cleared the mortgage on there house and got a great Subaru Impreza. try this out

  • Wow

    Hi I'm Charron and I'm a big fucking baby! Waah! Go get a pacifier and a bib you fucking faggot!

  • dc

    Chris Miles the 14yr old would smash this loser

  • Cealix

    lol Charron is garbage on the mic.

  • Anonymous

    he handle better than those black hippy faggots could

  • Josue

    Oh, I thought this said Cam'ron. My bad yo, i misread

  • d

    So corny holy shit. This didn't prove shit but why BET dropped him.

  • K Dot

    Me and Paris Hilton are doing a new song called Fun.

  • ETK

    he's a battle rapper, straight up... that's his pride. but rapping-wise, he's got a long way to go

  • Anonymous

    Dude just went in man, damn! Go checkout thegrandreport, they got some good vids on there

  • Anonymous

    damn he got more balls than 98% of the rap industry!

    • Anonymous

      The only people caring so much are probably the only fans this clown has... Bet has always sucked, even before all this... Nobody gives a fuck about this guy, and his complaints. The guy will probably still be bitching about it weeks after to keep his name ringing.

    • Anonymous

      Whoever gives a fuck about this guy is lame, whether he won or not he's fucking WACK! If everyone gave a fuck about this guy so much then go be his fucking Stans haha. Fuck out of here, he's not that great to be complaining this much like a bitch. What do you expect from Bet? All ya'll stop getting your panties in a bunch, fucking swaggots hahahaha.

    • Anonymous

      The fuck you mean it's easy to talk shit when no one knows or cares who you are.

    • drizzy!

      Macklemore is already famous and has more 'style' than Charron. They had White dudes competing against Charron in the competition. I never said it was due to "race" if that's what you're implying dumbass. It was due to his image. Two years ago another White dude won and who was more "street". Charron doesn't fit that mold. Not everything is about race! Note: I'm Black, and I'm not an idiot. Ever since VIACOM took over BET they've been about selling certain images and ignoring others. That's a fact. BOW WOW said before the final battle started that the winner would get a spot in BET cypher, it was on air nigga! Just like it has been every year. Stop being a fucking ignorant tool.

    • Anonymous

      STFU bitch, he was discriminated against, the same duckin awards nominated that Mckenmore dude and he won the fuckin BET award, now does that sound like they discriminates against that ducking pig?

    • drizzy!

      Dude won the competition and BET broke their promise. He has every reason to complain. He was basically discriminated against because he ain't a thug or a slut. If BET didn't want him winning they could have easily rigged the final.

    • Anonymous

      How so? All he's doing is complaining about it, it's wack, and he's been doing this for a while now. He needs to move on, nobody gives a fuck. He's very desperate to get put on, and get his name out there.

  • dc

    Well dude you just blackballed yourself. Good luck out there

  • V-Nasty is God

    Lyrically he's nice as fuck... too bad lyrics alone don't make it in mainstream rap. His voice, flow, delivery, image, and swag is lacking. He looks and sounds like like a rap John Stockton. No wonder BET reneged on their contract. Fucked up, but he should stop worrying about BET and stick to battling and underground rap. Sucks that the nigga quit his job and came to America on his own dime for nothing though.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo when I listen to hip-hop SONGS, I don't wanna hear some super technical intricate lyrics shit that. The best rappers to do it are the best cause they can speak on larger themes and ideas with simpler lyrics. Meanwhile dudes like Canibus say a whole lotta big words and use boring ass flows and beats...and a lot less people feel it. It ain't just an image thing. You gotta be able to enjoy listening to music yo, and I don't enjoy hearing whoever the fuck this is rap

    • V-Nasty is God

      @drake No I don't support discrimination, i'm just stating facts. Mainstream rap has a certain image and he definitely doesn't fit it. Blame whoever decides what's popular this month. He'd be a better battle or underground rapper than something BET would promote. @anon I know John Stockton was nice, but imagine how goofy he would look trying to rap. That's this guy. He can rap but looks hella awkward doing it. Also I'm not a troll my screen name is just a way to get people to read what I say, and it works.

    • Anonymous

      You're being trolled. Look at the screen name. Nobody in their right mind would consider V-Nasty a God. Also, V-Nasty, guess what that is short for, fucking VAGINA NASTY. ITS TROLLING SEASON!!! And I dont know about you but John Stockton was nice, HALL OF FAME. V-Nasty would be like Adam Morrison of the NBA.

    • drizzy!

      His image and swag are lacking? So you support discrimination based on appearance. You're a cunt.

  • Anonymous

    noticed how hhdx has removed the rihanna snitch news?

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX are prostitutes. They put Kendrick & Ross in the title to get views but this story is garbage

  • RSX

    He has lyrics, but his rapping ability is poor

  • Anonymous

    He also got at 2Chainz...... 2 brains better than one....Two chains better than none.

  • Anonymous

    who is this dude and why is this news on the home page of ur site. credibility lost

  • Shuttaman

    I mean if BET said he would and decided to stop, then they are fucking pricks. Anyways fuck BET this shit has gone way too downhill bunch of uncle tom ass faggoty motherfuckers up there. Boondocks exposed their bitch asses

    • Anonymous

      Bet has always sucked, even before all this... Nobody gives a fuck about this guy, and his complaints. The guy will probably still be bitching about it weeks after to keep his name ringing.

  • Anonymous


  • K Dot

    Hey fans. Just wanted to let you know that ill be putting out a new single called Fun with Paris Hilton, one of the best singers of all time.

  • Daylyt3

    Well, well, well....that was WACK as fuck!!! Another unknown tryna get a name. Don't feed the trolls.

    • Tyrannyofman

      You know Daylyt backs him right??? Idiot...Not a huge Charron fan personally...But dude ripped it here...He is a nasty battle cat I'll give him that...But if yall dont know about him, then yall lacking not him...Dude is making a big name in KOTD with 100's of thousands of views...

  • Sucio

    Lyrics was tight...not a fan of his flow/delivery...but if you're going to promise the winner a slot in the 2013 cypher, you should hold up your end of the bargain... Then again, that shit is like MTVs Real World, anyway. They couldn't handle having a white dude in the cypher that doesn't have any affiliation with Interscope or Bad boy...

  • Anon

    Let's be honest, he killed this. If you listen to those lyrics not a lot of verses in the cypher are gonna come near this.

  • Mehhhhh

    Whats wrong with this guys voice? Is he deaf or something?

  • jayr

    Way below average rapper. Hmmm wonder why they didn't add you. *sniffle*

  • aaaaaaiiiiiigh

    I ain't gon lie, if he didn't sound so white, had such garbage delivery, this woulda been some hectic iish

  • Affirmative Action

    And this is why I don't support BET. As a black man who remembers the "glory days" so to speak, I remember seeing BET switch up to negativity. I remember BET pretending to be a keeper of African American pride and dignity and beliefs, and then turn around and opt to not film Coretta Scott King's funeral and instead continue regular programming. And I remember BET relinquishing ownership to a predominately caucasian company. And I'm nowhere near racist but that's just sad. And now, we're watching BET go back on its promise and not give this kid a chance to prosper. Things like this are why (if you notice) the biggest stars don't even show up to the Award shows. Denziel Washington, Jay Z a few times, and several others aren't never there to accept their awards because BET becomes its own worst enemy way too many times. Okay I'm done

    • V-Nasty is God

      BET selling themselves to VIACOM was the biggest thing they've done to have me go "wtf are they thinking".... but they were falling off before then anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Lyrics is dope as shit!

  • Anonymous

    The rappers he name dropped need to have their Goons commit acts of violence on this dude, he needs to be reprimanded. He can try to want death for a kid like Keef but I bet he loves a rapist like Tyler the Creator.

  • Anonymous

    Dope until he starting dissing people. Desperately trying to get attention. Bad move

  • Bitch

    White boy gtfoh weak as fuck smh!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeaa thats what happens when u write freestyles it sounds ok but again not a freestyle

  • WhatTheFuckIsWrongWithPeople

    " I feel like I'm the best freestyler in the world. " Uhhh no you`re definitely not....calm the fuck down

    • Anon

      Not a lot of people better off the top than Charron. And I'm not a fan of his at all...but the kid is sick with the frees.

  • Anonymous

    I think he was doin it to someone who happened to be black haha your lookin hard for something that's not there

  • Anonymous

    He's terrible, but if they said they were gonna put him on, they should have put him on.

  • Godbody

    In typical white boy fashion he raps about castrating a Black man, cutting his penis off. How you gonna wish death on somebody because you not like their music? Why is this clown mentioning Ol Dirty when everybody knows Ol Dirty was the living God and viewed the white man as the Devil according to Supreme Wisdom?

    • Anonymous

      The genetic material within the Black males genitals can literally bring about white generic annihilation through miscegenation and Dominate genes overtaking the recessive's only natural that whites feel threatened by the Blaxk mans genitals which is why they attack them. Whites are know for lynching and castrating Black men here in America, it use to be a common pastime for this like a picnic, they would bring their kids to the lynching and cut off bodyboard of their ablack victim to keep as souvenirs. Charron knows his history so he went right for the castration.

  • Anonymous

    He'd be horrible live but the lyrics was nice

  • jay

    this dude is wack. He has no breath control and he's boring. Goodnight.

  • Anonymous

    Just when you thought white people in HipHop couldn't get more corny.



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