Game disses 50 Cent on “Hollywood,” a track he released today (October 11).

“Hub City thugs wit me, buck 50,” Game raps on the track. “Reunite with G-Unit, bitch fuck 50.”

“Hollywood,” which also features Scarface, is a bonus track from the deluxe version of Game’s OKE mixtape, which he released Wednesday (October 9).

The deluxe, untagged version of OKE is free of deejay drops and tags and also includes a digital booklet.

Game was a member of 50 Cent’s G-Unit before falling out with the rapper. The feud between them became violent in 2005 when a shooting took place outside of New York radio station HOT 97 while 50 Cent was in the building and Game and his entourage were outside.

During a recent interview with Larry King, Game spoke about his beef with the G-Unit leader. 

“I haven’t seen him in about eight years,” Game said. “There was a rift. We had a shootout in New York. In front of a radio station…It was a little bit more than a rift. Egos, young, dumb, ignorant, who knows.”

Game said that he has not started working on a new album because of OKE, which stands for “Operation Kill Everything.”

OKE is such a dope mixtape,” Game said. “It’s kind of like an album. So, I haven’t even started working on an album. I focused everything on ‘Operation Kill Everything.’ That’ll be an album. My mixtape gon’ be better than a lot of people album, and it’s sad, but that’s what it is.”

The tracklisting and the stream for the original version of OKE are as follows:

1. “Kill Everything” (Feat. Diddy) (Produced by Twin Towerz)

2. “Life Is But A Dream” (Feat. Elijah Blake)

3. “Astronaut Pussy/Welcome To California” (Feat. Skeme, Too Short, ScHoolboy Q, & Stacy Barthe) (Produced by Big Pops & Pilz)

4. “In The City” (Feat. Fred the Godson & Sam Hook) (Produced by SAP)

5. “F.I.V.E.” (Feat. Chris Brown & Lil Wayne) (Produced by SAP and Cool & Dre)

6. “Love On Fire” (Feat. Shantelle) (Produced by Amadeus)

7. “Breakfast with Al Pacino” (Produced by Cool & Dre)

8. “Oh Lord” (Feat. Shantelle) (Produced by Big Pops)

9. “TD” (Feat. Problem) (Produced by League of Starz)

10. “Same Hoes” (Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & Nipsey Hussle) (Produced by DJ Mustard)

11. “Turn Down For What” (Feat. Problem and Clyde Carson) (Produced by League of Starz)

12. “Fuck a Bitch” (Feat. Nipsey Hussle, Elijah Blake, & Joe Moses) (Produced by League of Starz)

13. “Compton” (Feat. Stat Quo) (Produced by SAP)

14. “Swerve” (Produced by Big Pops and 2oolman)

15. “Super Throwed” (Feat. Juicy J) (Produced by SAP)

16. “You Don’t Know” (Produced by Burd & Keyz)

17. “Just So You Know” (Produced by Big Duke, JP Did This 1, & Yonny)

18. “Maybe In Another Life” (Feat. K. Roosevelt) (Produced by Big Pops)

19. “Pour Up (Remix)” (Feat. Clyde Carson & Jeezy) (Produced by ShoNuff)

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