Cam'ron Wants Dipset Reunion To Be Genuine

Cam'ron talks about a Dipset reunion and says he doesn't want a reunion album to be "watered down."

Cam'ron, who released his Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1 mixtape October 1, recently addressed a Dipset reunion.

"[Chances for a reunion] might've passed," Cam'ron says in an interview with MTV published today (October 11). "It might not. I can't say. We do shows four, five, six times a year together. We get booked to all do shows. It's just that everybody all got their personal thing goin' on. Jim is doing clothing. El doing clothing. I'm doing movies and clothing. It's just that everybody's got to find that space. What we don't want to do is dilute it and make it seem like it's fake."

During the interview, Cam'ron also says Dipset's authenticity is important. 

"When we did Diplomats music it was all genuine," Cam'ron says. "I think that's why people love it so much, because they seen a group of kids from Harlem that had almost nothing come up to be platinum-selling artists and people rode that wave with us. So, that's the one thing that we don't want to do, is make it watered down or it's not genuine."

Cam'ron Says Dipset Members Are Friends

During the interview, Cam'ron also addressed rumors of internal disagreements amongst members of Dipset, which have long-followed the Harlem, New York squad. 

"Basically we'll get in the studio, then people get busy for two or three weeks and don't see each other and that turns into two or three months," Cam'ron says. "But we're all in a good space and everybody's friends with each other. We just got to find that time to see if we can make it happen, so I don't want to say yes or no to that [reunion]."

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Yesterday (October 10), Cam'ron also addressed rumors of a feud amongst Dipset group members.

“Well, you know we all good with each other,” Cam said. “It’s about everybody—everybody still got a lot going on. You know what I’m saying? It’s about everybody just being on the same page and not being busy. Everybody got something going on right now. So, we all just gotta get on the same page and if we get the time, but it’s definitely all love. It’s just about nobody wants to sit in the studio for a week and just do a Dipset album cause it wouldn’t be genuine. So, basically we trying to figure out the time schedule so we can do it and get it right.”

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