Eminem's "Berzerk" Certified Platinum

Eminem's "Berzerk," the first single from his forthcoming "The Marshall Mathers LP 2," has been certified platinum.

 Eminem’s “Berzerk” single has been certified platinum, according to rapradar.com.

“Berzerk” is the first single from Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is scheduled for a November 5 release.

Eminem’s best-selling single is 2011’s “Love The Way You Lie,” which features Rihanna and has been certified 11-times platinum, as per RIAA.com.

“Love The Way You Lie” is culled from Recovery, Eminem’s 2010 album. That collection has been certified triple platinum by the RIAA.

Yesterday, Eminem released the tracklisting for The Marshall Mathers LP 2. “Berzerk” is one of the album’s 16 selections. Other songs include “The Monster” with Rihanna and “Love Game” with Kendrick Lamar.

The full tracklisting is as follows:

1.  “Bad Guy”

2.  “Parking Lot (Skit)”

3.  “Rhyme Or Reason”

4.  “So Much Better”

5.  “Survival”

6.  “Legacy”

7.  “Asshole” f. Skylar Grey

8.  “Berzerk”

9.  “Rap God”

10.  “Brainless”

11.  “Stronger Than I Was”

12.  “The Monster” f. Rihanna

13.  “So Far…”

14.  “Love Game” f. Kendrick Lamar

15.  “Headlights” f. Nate Ruess

16.  “Evil Twin”

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  • me again

    hes beating elvis right now folks. fux w it. fux wit Detroit. motherfuckin Motown. motherfuckin we don't don't do drive bys we park in front of houses and shoot, and wen the police come we shoot it out wit em too. motherfuckin d town. mtherfuckr rappin bout cops coming. they don't come. get permission before u enter this city. white pride!

  • anonomous

    all the black guys r mad that shady is breaking all records a black guy has ever made and destroyed their own game. He's making not only rap history but music history. quit lying to yourselves. he's dope and doesn't rap about bouncing bouncing bouncin.

  • Anonymous

    This has to be the shittiest em song I've ever heard. Not to mention biting the whole concept from beastie boys

  • Anonymous


  • Jonathan

    Berzerk wasn't very good at first but the more I listen to it the better it gets. I think more people should give it a chance and listen to the words. I haven't bought an album in 8 years but will buy the MMLP2

  • Anonymous

    that shit is wack its because he's white

    • Shadik

      It was weak, cheesy and the singing on it really made it terrible, i think if he would've kept it raw without the singing i would be like that's ish is alright but the singing just made it stupid corny. I'm an Em fan but he need to stop singing. It just takes away from his lyrics and rawness but hey he gots White America that will by that stuff up even if it's garbage. They seem him is the great white hope, i seem him as a dope lyricist he needs to get back to the basic for the hip hop fans not the pop.

  • Anonymous

    i co-produced biggies first album and fucked trannies. #GOODTIMES

  • Anonymous

    Berzerk is a shitty song, a disgrace to the Beastie Boys' catalog.

  • ;pampered

    this dude is not the best rapper...so wat he sells a lot...white folks help out there own kind

    • Anonymous

      "they are not flopped rappers stop trying to justify anything...there's a obvious favoritism with Eminem and Macklemore" Those two did flop; their albums didn't even sell gold. And what favoritism is there with Eminem and Macklemore? How come every white rapper isn't selling millions like Em?

    • Anonymous

      When will the "other people" start doing the same? Everything is fancy clothes and Hennessy...buy a couple of albums for a change

    • Anonymous

      they are not flopped rappers stop trying to justify anything...there's a obvious favoritism with Eminem and Macklemore

    • Anonymous

      so why did yelawolf and machine gun kelly flop? you cant blame all his success on being white

  • insanemacbeth

    hoping for a bunch of DR. DRE-produced records. oh else, i won't be checkin' for this!

  • Anonymous

    3 things I hate: 1) Survival is included. 2) No slaughterhouse features 3) No PSA skit

    • Anonymous

      She's not credited, never been

    • TracerOne

      I think the Survival song on MMLP2 is different than the song he release on COD coz if it's actually the same it's supposed to include ft. Liz Rodrigues right? So let's just hope and see.

  • Anonymous

    Recovery II. Still excited though

  • yup

    If you think MMLP2 is going to be anything like the first one, you're sadly going to be let down. I'm pretty sure he came up with the title for just the hype. He's no longer the crazy-drug addict, but don't get me wrong, he's still Eminem.

  • One

    That didn't take long. It was a song that was barely played and it's platinum already. He'll top the charts for the year. I believe MMLP2 will not be a great sequel to the original.

  • imho

    YES HE GOT THAT KENDRICK VERSE LETS GOOOOO! him n rihanna make great music so hopefully that continues..tracklist looks solid..i pray this is a straight up rap album n he just beasts on it.. 2013 Kendrick lamar >eminem>>>everyone else

  • Anonymous

    "No one's heard that song before" Millions have. It's the new anthem at car shows.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem has nothing to prove as an artist. Ya'll getting falling off confused with falling back. I do wish he could get the artists on his label on par with him tho, that's his real challenge.

  • Fuck sales make real hip hop u rich as fuck already

    This album is gonna be slaughtered in the comments page when it comes out cause everyone gon go thru each track n compare it to one from MMLP. Already Bezerk sounds like a shit beastie boys track and survivor is complete trash the voice n flow he got now is horrible

  • Dina Rae

    I used to work with Eminem on his projects but then I saw him hit Halie and I just couldn't bear to work with him anymore. I feel bad for Skylar Grey.

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX is late once again with the news.

  • Marlene J. Peters

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  • Anonymous

    Recovery is 4x platinum and I'm pretty sure Love the Way You Lie is 6-7x platinum not 11.

    • Anonymous

      at that point does it even matter? he got the rap game by the nuts! who elses singles going over 5x plat other than Macklemore

  • Anonymous

    Gallardo has just been certified 13x platinum.

    • Anonymous

      i didnt buy and i hate the song actually! but you cant say it shouldnt be plat if a million other people do like it and bought it

    • Anonymous

      Let me guess, ^^^you bought it didn't you? Defending trash music is a terrible disease.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean shouldn't be platinum? They don't give out certifications based on the quality or ratings of the songs. Its based on sales. He sold a million singles so he deserves that platinum whether you and I like the song or not!

    • Anonymous

      Berzerk shouldn't be platinum, the song is shitty. I don't know what the fuck "Gallardo" is, but I'm sure it sucks also.

    • Anonymous

      only in your fantasies gunplay never gonna get even a gold single with his name on it

    • Anonymous

      Damn, dentalbitch. Making up lies again? What the fuck is Gallardo? No one's heard that song before.

    • Anonymous

      "shit aint even go cardboard" That would describe bezerk, excluding the 950k copies eminem bought himself. gallardo has been certified diamond thanks to streams.

    • Anonymous

      shit aint even go cardboard

  • OUCH!

    Its quadruple platinum,As of September 25, 2011, the album has sold 4,040,000 copies in the United States alone.

  • Givenchy Clothz

    Good for him . But he needs to focus on shady records! Like find some new talent make a collective album with his label because his time as a solo rapper is almost up

    • Anonymous

      ^ the re-up went platinum.... it did suck though

    • Anonymous

      He put out a compilation album back in 06, it sucked and sold like shit. This album is going to suck also, but it won't sell like shit, because for some reason white people and their parents love anything Eminem puts out.

    • Anonymous

      You cant even compare Good and MMG, Cruel Summer sold over 4x what Self Made 3 did first week! LMAO

    • Givenchy Clothz

      Yeah he's still going platinum. But the music isn't actually matching you kno how white folks are...

    • j

      You mean collective albums like what G.O.O.D. Music and MMG did? Oh because those did so well /s

    • Anonymous

      LOL how you figure his time is almost up if hes still going plat on all these niggas who cant even go gold?

  • Khalil

    Eminem could fart over a dj mustard instrumental in go 2x platinum...

  • Anonymous

    he gonna have to buy another crib just to store all his platinum plaques. shit i doubt he even gives a fuck about going plat at this point in his career

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