Daz Dillinger Files Cease & Desist Letter Against "Grand Theft Auto V" Makers

Daz Dillinger files a cease and desist letter against "GTA V" makers Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software.

Daz Dillinger recently filed a cease and desist letter against Take-Two Interactive Software and Rockstar Games, the makers of Grand Theft Auto 5, according to tmz.com.

"C-Walk" and "Nothin' But the Cavi Hit," which appear in the video game, were used after Daz reportedly turned down an "offensively low offer of $4,271.000 for both songs," according to the letter, as per tmz.com. 

Daz is demanding a better offer from the video game makers or a recall and destruction of all unsold copies of the video game, according to tmz.com. 

Daz spoke with tmz.com about this. 

"[It's about] respecting an artist's work," Daz said to tmz.com. "Rockstar didn't do that here and I can't let them get away with it."

Daz and his attorneys have provided Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive Software with 14 days to comply with demands or to provide an offer that they can agree upon. 

Take-Two launched the new installment of the video game series in September and sales equaled more than $800 million worldwide in one day. Take-Two's stock rose 1.3 percent the Thursday after the figures were announced, according to cnn.com. The company's stock grew more than 60 percent this year. Grand Theft Auto V has sold more than 15 million copies to date. 

"I believe this is bigger than any blockbuster," Alan Lewis, vice president of corporate affairs and public relations for Take-Two said to cnn.com after the video game's release. "This is the biggest entertainment day launch in the history of any entertainment medium."

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  • Anonymous

    "Do you really think Rockstar didn't pay for the rights to use these songs?" For the major artists I'm sure they paid up, but who in their mind is going to call Daz's money people up and say were sending you 5 mill for two songs when you could either do it behind his back for free, or offer him several thousand when he threatens legal action. Obviously Rockstar knows what they're doing. Daz on the other hand just comes off looking greedy. He didn't make the game, nor did his slight musical contributions play a large role in the game's record shattering sales.

  • Anonymous

    "Would you rather your artistic work gets shown to millions of people for free or would you rather it gets shown to few for a cost?" Also consider that people download hundreds of songs a week for free. The artists, labels, whoever aren't getting a dime so in this case I can understand Daz wanting a piece of the pie, but he needs to be realistic about it. Just because the game is generating hundreds of millions doesn't mean artists are entitled to large portions of that. Ask for something reasonable like $15-20k and call it a day.

  • Anonymous

    Very easy here they are going to have to pay the man they game is already out and they use his song he about to get Paid.

  • Anonymous

    i co-produced biggies first album and fucked trannies. #GOODTIMES

  • Brizz

    Damn first i thought he turned down 4 mills hahaha. But man 4 k thats to damn low. Definately feeling Daz on this one. Especially since his contribution to the radio stations quality for me personally is major. Make em pay Daz make em pay!

  • schuyler

    To be honest, I think Daz is just salty because the game sold so much, and he didn't get offered more.

    • Anonymous

      especially when they made like 900 million from first week sales!!!

    • Money

      He turned down the offer before the game came out. Rock Star is pretty shitty, if they get rejected, and go and put that song on any way. Without conscent from the artist. If you made a song, and they went on and used it withouth payin' royalties to you. You'd be doin' the same thing.

  • T-Niggz

    If Daz owns a copy of GTA 5, they will most likely give him an in-game total of 500k to spend customizing his car and buying lap dances at the strip club.

    • Anonymous

      do 40 year old play video games? maybe his kids got the game....

    • schuyler

      I have read articles on this site for years and never created a name to write a in the comment section, but I had to make one to say that I am absolutely dying at this comment.



  • G-Money

    If it wasn't for the GTA franchise, I wouldn't of BOUGHT the following albums and singles Rick James - His whole catalogue (about 6 albums in total) In Deep - Last Night a DJ saved my life Whodini Seryoga - Russian rapper The Whispers Lionel Ritchie Foreigner Air Supply and so many more... The GTA franchise gives great exposure to artists who maybe then can inspire and gain new fans. Daz should be honored that GTA gave him an opportunity to air his music. You don't hear Cube bitching about it.

    • G_Money

      Obviously Daz knows nothing about business as it wouldn't have got this far if he did. Do you really think Rockstar didn't pay for the rights to use these songs? Seems to me that someone should ease up on the weed and pay attention to who owns and uses his music.

    • ???

      ^^^ Why don't you play your role as a fan and shut the fuck up you obviously know NOTHING of how BUSINESS works with company USING YOUR MUSIC...just listen enjoy and remain stupid...thank you

    • G-Money

      @D.O. Please... As I stated in a previous post, the stations on GTA expose so many more people to an artists work. That's a good thing. If an artist doesn't want one or two songs of their songs broadcast to millions of people for free then so be it. However, I find it highly improbable that ANY song featured on the GTAV soundtrack didn't have some cost incurred. Maybe they paid Interscope, DefJam, Ruthless, or even Death Row to get the clearance for some of the songs, but do people then go out and buy albums based upon which stable they came from? No they don't. They remember the artist and follow accordingly. Cube has a sound bite and one song (not owned by Jerry Heller) in the game. Did he get paid? Maybe... Or maybe his record label got paid? The thing to remember is this... Would you rather your artistic work gets shown to millions of people for free or would you rather it gets shown to few for a cost? Dre is not bitching. Eiht is not bitching. Kurrupt is not bitching. Ren is not bitching. DJ Quick is not bitching. Scarface (Geto Boys) is not bitching. Too $hort ain't bitching either. Rockstar should release an update and remove Daz's songs immediately. Sometimes, the best things in life are free.

    • D.O.

      @G-Money: You don't hear Cube (a more popular rapper, and one of the greatest rappers around) bitching about it because Rockstar probably HAD to pay him top dollar just to put his music on the game... Either way, Daz's response to the situation is justified. You don't feature an artist's music without paying for it (which is illegal, no matter how you cut it). There's way too many people that are making it seem like Daz is in the wrong and acting as if the situation is trivial when it actually very serious. It's as if these people have to be recording artists to understand the light of the situation.

    • lox

      True shit if I was a rapper I would pay gta to let my track be in the game the amount of people that are gon be exposed to ur music is incredible

  • Anonymous

    No way he's getting 4 million. That's laughable. Hey, 4k and change for two long forgotten songs. Take the money and be glad the makers of this game even know your name.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta admit, when that song comes on cruising in Los Santos, you as G as can be (plus running up on niggas w/ a shotty).

  • Anonymous

    i never liked this nigga

  • Kurama

    These people need to start proofreading their posts. It's $4,721, for a second I thought it said $4,721,000.

    • Riff Raff Is Lord

      Check your own proofreading dumbfuck, there is a decimal point after the 4,271. The zeros mean no change, but they did add an extra zero, which means dx editors are fucking retarded too

  • Anonymous

    what a faggot tries to ruin gta 5 for everyone over some shit.. fuck he should be happy hes even on that shit..

    • Fuck this nigga ^^^^

      Bitch, eat shit and die! Daz is a dope rapper/producer. Have you heard Dogg Food? Shit is still fire! FUCK YOU

  • http://smarturl.it/1uhz77

    until I looked at the paycheck four $4162, I have faith ...that...my sister could truly erning money in there spare time on there computar.. there mums best friend had bean doing this 4 only 17 months and as of now repaid the dept on their appartment and bought a great new Mazda. their explanation http://smarturl.it/1uhz77

  • Bobby Chill

    $4,271.00 or $4,271,000? That's a big difference that one typo can make HipHopDX. One truly is a lowball offer, and the other makes Daz sound really greedy.

  • Anonymous

    well get an update taking those songs off and he'll get nothing 4,271.000 is a big number

  • AOHH

    R* isn't so incompetent that they'd willfully use a song in their game without first having acquired the rights. Chances are Daz doesn't own the rights either. The rights are probably owned by the record label he was under when he released the songs whom, in all likelihood, granted R* the right to include the songs in the game. GTAV had a budget of 265 mil. Those 2 songs were about one of the most miniscule additions to the game. I doubt their inclusion or exclusion will make much of a difference.

    • D.O.

      If this were the case, Rockstar would have never approached Daz about having the music in the game. They would have gone straight to the record label(s) in question (and if that were the case, Daz would have known about it, also). Either way, Daz has to have some ownership (apart from some royalties and publishing) to those tracks. He wrote the lyrics for one and made the beats for both.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah good luck with that Daz.

  • Anonymous

    Get em Daz! What they did was against the law and blatantly disrespectful. He needs his $.

  • Anonymous

    I actually agree with him. Although only two songs, I would expect them to pay much more than that to feature songs in such a well earning game. I did read it as millions first - 3 zeroes after the decimal point?

  • Anonymous

    The amount that they offered him is totally disrespectful based on what the game brought in. They can afford to give him a couple hundred g's

  • Anonymous

    yeah im pretty sure they offered him 4200 for his 2 songs. 4.2 mill wouldnt be offensive at all and im sure he would have took that. that extra zero is throwing people off

  • they money too long to take to court Daz

    that say $4,271 for using both songs whats with the extra decimals makin it look like 4mil we aint talking bohemian rhapsody and billie jean here

  • JimmyBones323

    I see why most of you cats never make no money in the rap game. Let one of you sample 30 seconds of a track and the record companies will sue you into the poor house. Now that the tables are reversed and the "artist" who have legal rights, exercises those rights and all you silly niggaz can say is, he should have taken what ever they offered him for "his" music. That's some Tom ass shit..you don't just take what they give you if it's YOURS...Daz Dillinger has every right because he declined the offer and they USED IT ANYWAY!

    • FOH

      Do you even know what you are talking about?! If are signed to a label everything you make belongs to them especially if you use the budget money. If he was Indie he would have a greater chance but since they went through the label he pretty much lost the battle.

    • trill281

      True dat homie!

  • mean205

    If it was 4 mill he should have accepted and gladly. I'm assuming Rockstar just went over his head to whatever label owns the rights to those records. I doubt a billion dollar company is going to leave themselves open to lawsuits like this.

  • Anonymous

    4.2 mill?? that probably more then he made his whole career.

    • Anonymous

      ^how about you when have you had 3 zeros at the end of yo check..............da faq that has to do with anything stick to the topic bitch

    • Anonymous

      when have you ever seen 3 zeros at the end of a check

    • Anonymous

      Dumbass. Learn to read. It's $4271. There's a period after the 1, and 0s after. So it's four thousand, two hundred and seventy one dollars. smh..Man. Would you let a game as big as GTAV include your music for a measly $4271 for 2 tracks? FOH!

    • Anonymous

      not really. daz is also a producer

  • Jason

    holy shit!!!! I need a one hit wonder track lol

    • Dago

      What a low ball offer!! Especially since Nothing But The Cavi Hit has to be one of the best West Coast Classics of all time.

  • Andre

    This is why Daz Dillinger aint shit any more, take the money and take advantage of your songs being on the Highest grossing Game of all-time. Now all GTA V has to do is put an mandatory update on the game and remove those two songs and thats it. Fuckin idiot, take however the money and deal with it. GTA V is giving you a huge opportunity & you didnt take advantage of it. Another example of a guy who just another nigga that will never stay up.

    • trill281

      Dumb lil nigga @Andre, go back to your playstation nigga this grown folk business!

    • R.Pgh

      $4200 for 2 songs off a video that already made $1 billion, yeah, I'd be pissed too. Especially if they asked his permission, he said no, and they made it anyways. also, it's not as simple as some little update, since he's asking for all the games shipped, but not sold, be recalled. That would cost Rockstar a shit load of money.

    • ESCO

      He was the head producer for Tupacs All Eyez on Me, worked on the Chronic, went 2x platinum with Dogg Food, and still puts out albums to this day. Buy wait a second GTA V is supposed to be his "Huge Opportunity"??? Someone call JAY-Z agent and demand they put his next single on Halo 3! He needs to blow up!

    • Anonymous

      Money on it you're still in high school.

  • Anonymous

    So, 4,271 dollars or 4,271,000 dollars?

    • Anonymous

      Which was the point I was making to begin with.

    • mean205

      $4,271.000 Last I checked we didn't use 1/10 of a penny. So we're either assuming the meant $4,271,000 or $4,271.00

    • Anonymous

      "reportedly turned down an "offensively low offer of $4,271.000 for both songs," Retards. Fuck, now hip hop fans can't count? Four thousand idiots. SMH. Fools only know how to count when calling out an artists record sales but can't count shit to save their lives.

    • Anonymous

      thats mil bro...and i dont get it as well...thats a fair price

  • Money First

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