Cam'ron Reveals Reason Behind Dipset Album Delay

Cam'ron preparing to release new "First Of The Month" video series, talks "Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1" skits.

While appearing on Hoodrich Radio this week, Harlem emcee Cam’ron revealed the reason why a new Dipset album has yet to happen. According to the Crime Pays rapper, a conflict in schedules is the primary reason those who are a part of the Harlem-based crew have yet to record tracks for a new The Diplomats project.

Cam’ron later went on to state that the end-product would not be genuine if those in Dipset were to knock out the album in a short period of time.

“Well, you know we all good with each other,” said Cam. “It’s about everybody—everybody still got a lot going on. You know what I’m saying? It’s about everybody just being on the same page and not being busy. Everybody got something going on right now. So, we all just gotta get on the same page and if we get the time, but it’s definitely all love. It’s just about nobody wants to sit in the studio for a week and just do a Dipset album cause it wouldn’t be genuine. So, basically we trying to figure out the time schedule so we can do it and get it right.”

A Dipset album may not be in the works at the moment, but in the meantime Cam’ron has again shifted his attention to acting. At the top of next year, he plans on introducing a new video series titled “First Of The Month.” The monthly series will consist of 30-minute episodes, which will be accompanied by new music.

“What I’m doing is I’m working on a series right now it’s called ‘First Of The Month’,” Cam’ron said. “And what I’mma start doing is instead of like putting out a movie every month, I mean every year or two years, etc. we’re doing like 30-minute episodes where it comes out on the first of the month and the name of the series is ‘First Of The Month.’ And we gon’ put music out every month with the series. Right now I’m working on a deal figuring out where we gonna distribute it at, but it’ll definitely be out the top of the year in January.”

Most recently, Cam released Ghetto Heaven Vol.1, a mixtape which dropped on October 1. Amidst tracks featuring the likes of 2 Chainz and Shy Boogs, the mixtape also features a handful of skits and according to the Dipset founder, it was through social media that he found the inspiration for that particular addition to his mixtape.

“The skits on this joint basically came from—you know Instagram is poppin’, so everybody be talking about it and they hear what girls be arguing about,” he said. “And when guys be seeing this catfish and this, that, and the third, so I just put one together cause one of my homegirls was mad about her boyfriend liking a girls picture or something like that. So, we just put it together from there.”

Over the past couple of years, various members of Dipset have offered updates on a new album from the Harlem crew. In March of this year, Juelz Santana revealed that there are “definitely” plans for an in-studio reunion among those in Dipset.

"We definitely going to get back in the studio and start working on some music and if the vibe is good and the music is coming out the way it's supposed to come out. We going to put that record out," said Juelz during an interview with HipHopSince1987.

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  • 50 cent

    yo its the kid 50 cent, killa cam the only thing your killin is hip hop with your terrible music!! im rich im rich im filthy fuckin rich

  • Bios

    It's over, and has been over for a long time already. Dipset peaked commercially what, 10 years ago? A lot has happened since then. Cam hasn't released a great album in a while, and Jim was never that great anyway but had a couple of decent songs back in the day. Juelz's third album is forever delayed. Meanwhile, the rest of the hip-hop world moved on. Juelz had a chance to really blow up if he just played his cards right though. He took too damn long and should have struck while the iron was hot in 2006 or so. He missed his window.

  • poppa large

    album delay? more like unplanned and not close to even being started.

  • chilly

    smfh, shit is ridiculous, tired of waiting, basically this nigguh is saying they need a multi-million dollar check to work together again, that shit is wack anyway, got beats up for download, don't front -

  • jimjim

    those boys are like getting 20 to life done beat it cocksuckers

  • Crunkatlanta

    I wonder what this album will be like.. Who gonna shine above them all?

  • Anonymous

    No one cares. Dipset was barely hot when it was hot.

  • fuck yall

    Dipsets problem is the money aint around for them anymore and now the flashy harlem niggas be fighting over who gets paid what no real street loyalty in that crew Cam'ron - a fronting bully type who picks on a&r's but bitched out when it came to tru life Jim Jones - talks a good game but he only a gangsta if he got a lot of his boys around to save his ass Juelz - good at rapping that crack n gunz shit but it never happened them London boys robbed him without a gun or knife Freeky zeeky - Cant say much he a real street nigga

  • Anonymous

    too bad 50 "ja ruled" Cam's career!

    • NONO

      ...50 retreated and named his album Curtis, because Cam's campaign was gettin' too big. Good business move, but 50 will be knows for "Ja Ruling" himself out the game through overexposure.

  • Anonymous

    That shit ain't happening! If it was, it should've happened already! Harlem cats are the grimiest and stay doing each other dirty. No loyalty over there! Especially amongst Dip Set!

  • Anonymous

    "Its about everybodyeverybody still got a lot going on. You know what Im saying?" No we don't know Cam. Why don't you share with the world what exactly Dipset has poppin off at this time.

  • J dirty

    Id like to see all the old crews from 2000 + get back together...Dipset,G-Unit,Clipse,Three six mafia...All this emo rap shit droppin these days has to go.

  • Mike

    Dipset album right now. I'm still waiting for the Juelz solo album 'Born to lose, built to win'.

  • JDK

    Niggaz still listen to Cam & Dipshit? these pink bangin bunnies are super wack gfoh!!!!

  • BBlanco

    Who da fuck even wants a new Dipset album dem niggaz iz ova!

  • SomeInternetGuy

    If you followed Dipset back in the day this is no surprise to you. EVERYTHING was delayed. They just don't have the work ethic. I don't wanna hear about scheduling conflicts. The best thing that ever happened to them in their careers is the success of Diplomatic Immunity 1 & 2. What is possibly more important? Half their fan base has forgotten about them and by the time they release anything people really wont give a damn.

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Yo fuck this wack ass Dockers video playing loud n shit

  • Ja Rule Army

    as a fan this is the same excuse they been giving since the 'reunion' Be real they ain't on the same page them dudes don't see eye to eye. IF that was the case why none of them dropping albums. Cam aint drop anything since the UN album (solo in 09), Juelz (lazy mofo Regan era been dropping every yr), Jones (10 or 11), Freekey Zekey (stop rapping), JR Writer (just dropped an album), 40 Cal (missing), Hell Rell (just dropped a garbage of a mixtape), Face it the Dips ship sunk a LONG time ago.

  • Anonymous

    Dipshit is finished and that's a fact. Cam'ron sold Juelz's contract for $2 million like a slave, him and Jim ain't tight no more, Max B's in jail, Hell Rell left. Need I say more? They might have made an impact on the East Coast rap scene from '02 - '07 but now their run is pretty much over. Nobody's checking for them.

  • Anonymous

    Even E1 won't release this.

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