T.I., Twista, Too Short, R. Kelly Slated To Appear On Lady Gaga's "ARTPOP" Album

Lady Gaga's forthcoming "ARTPOP" album is slated to feature Rap and R&B acts T.I., Twista, Too Short and R. Kelly.

Lady Gaga's forthcoming ARTPOP album is scheduled to feature T.I., Too Short and Twista on the song "Jewels N' Drugs" and R. Kelly on "Do What U Want," according to vulture.com.

In August, Too Short said that he got to work with Lady Gaga through DJ White Shadow, one of Lady Gaga’s producers.

“I went in the studio and the song was already ready,” Too Short said. “They were like, ‘Here’s your part.’ I sat down and wrote a little something down, did a little something. Got in the [booth], and I walked out and left. I’m the kind of artist to where I don’t care who’s on the show with me tonight. I don’t care what city we’re going to next. You can let me know at any time. I just go. I walked out, I know I left something good behind. I called White Shadow back and said, ‘If you feel like you gotta take me off the song, just give me another shot. Let me put something else on it.' I didn’t know if it really fit. I guess it worked out.”

The tracklisting for Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, which is scheduled for a November release, is as follows:

1. "Aura"

2. "Venus"

3. "G.U.Y."

4. "Sexxx Dreams"

5. "Jewels N’ Drugs" f. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista

6. "Manicure"

7. "Do What U Want" f. R. Kelly


9. "Swine"

10. "Donatella"

11. "Fashion!"

12. "Mary Jane Holland"

13. "Dope"

14. "Gypsy"

15. "Applause"

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  • dentaldamboy

    Lady Gaga is NOT the next Madonna. That goes to Miley Cyrus. Also, I find it ironic that Lady Gaga keeps saying that K Dot would appear on her album yet he doesn't make an appearance LOL.

    • ETK

      the plan was that Gaga and Kendrick recorded a couple tracks together, with at least one planned for GKMC. But niggas started cryin foul before Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe even leaked, so they took Gaga off the album.. there's a chance it ceased K-Dot's opportunity to be on this album too. those tracks they made together could still be laying somewhere dormant and might pop out someday, they released the BDKMV version with Lady Gaga already

    • Anonymous

      Nope. Miley doesn't even have half the talent Madonna has. At least Gaga has talent unlike Miley. Also, Gaga never said anything about Kendrick being on the album at all.

  • Anonymous

    What's with these wack pop singers trying to gain an urban audience? Stay in your lane.

  • Anonymous

    Her time has passed.

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