Nelly says he shouldn’t have to pay taxes during the government shutdown.

“I’m trying to campaign since the government ain’t working, we shouldn’t have to pay taxes because paying taxes is supposed to pay for the government, which in turn is not working,” Nelly says during an interview with VH1. “So if they’re not working, I shouldn’t have to pay taxes.”

Much of the United States government shut down last week after Congress and the President were unable to agree on a funding bill by the September 30 deadline. The last time the government had a shutdown was 1995. That shutdown lasted 21 days and carried into 1996.

Given his income, Nelly, who released his M.O. album last week, says any tax savings he could experience would be beneficial.

“Me being in the upper echelon of the tax bracket, [I] feel that the money that I could be saving over these next couple a days could be very vital to my survival,” he says. “That’s how I feel about it. So ya’ll keep bangin’.”

During an exclusive interview with Papoose last week, the rapper said that House Republicans moving to shutter the federal government unless the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is delayed or defunded is the “perfect example of self-destruction,” which is likely what Nelly was referring to with his “ya’ll keep bangin’” comment.

“It’s just a small group of Republicans that’s hating on Obamacare,” Papoose said. “There’s a lot of people who are upset, but they don’t take the time to analyze the basics of the problem. It’s all about money. It’s some ridiculous amount of people with no insurance—45 to 50 million people with no insurance. I just feel like Obamacare is providing affordable insurance for poor people. They don’t like that because these insurance companies are all about making money. They’re not thinking about the health of people and longevity and preserving life. It’s just a small group of people that’s hating on Obamacare. That’s the situation. That’s the basics of this whole situation and they’re just being selfish and they want to shutdown. That’s definitely what it is.”

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