Pusha T Says Emo Rappers Are "Culture Vultures"

Pusha T explains who culture vultures are, explaining the changes he's witnessed in Hip Hop.

Pusha T, who released his My Name is My Name album this week, recently spoke about culture vultures. 

"All the different rappers now," Pusha T said, when asked about culture vultures in an interview with hardknock.tv. "Rap is so emo right now. Right? Rap is so emo and this is how you have to look at it. Cool. That's the change that's going on right now. Boom. That's fine. We'll take that. But now the emo guys and other rappers who aren't of the street world or of that mentality, they now want to use street slang and they want to use the street metaphors, the drug references because it makes their rhymes sound good. It makes their rhymes sound cool or whatever. Culture vultures, man. They're everywhere, even in Rap."

The question was asked based on Pusha T's raps on the third verse of "King Push."  

"Vultures to my culture," Pusha T raps on the song. "Exploit the struggle, insult ya / They name dropping 'bout 'caine copping / But never been a foot soldier." 

Pusha spoke about "King Push" in September. 

"When it comes to this D-Boy Rap, I don't think there's anybody better than me," Pusha T said in an interview with MTV. "They gave it the title 'Coke Rap.' I really don't even like the title. The first record I heard was about the streets. It was called 'The Message.' They didn't give it a title of 'Coke Rap.' It was just about the reality of life and what's going on right now. I just feel like there's nobody as intricate as me when it comes to this."

The interview can be viewed below, followed by the video for "King Push." 

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  • Anonymous

    Honest criticism, the amount he talks on what other people are doing, is fucking exhausting. I don't fuckin' care.

  • Anonymous

    All you emo's on here so butt hurt...

    • Anonymous

      Pusha should look in the mirror. He's part of the biggest culture jackers in hip-hop history. Drug dealing rappers. This guy can't be serious.

  • Anonymous

    I must say after posting on here a few negative comments about this album, after a few listens and hearing it around there are a few bangers here.

  • Anonymous

    but pusha t is an emo rapper. pusha t fans are emo faggots. good music fans are emo. neptunes fans are emo. this geek niggas entire career is built on emo fans and being an emo coke rapper. hes not raekwon. hes a 40 yr old bum thats gonna flop big time when his emo fans dont buy his weak ass album that already came and went before it's even out.

  • elitemsoove

    EMO RAP - has always existed in hip hop...whether the Sugar Hill Gang..Grandmaster Flash...Rakim..Kane...all of them had songs that had some Emo in them...but it was not the content of their whole albums...That is what I believe Pusha T is talking about...your main content is about a female breaking your heart or how bad you wanna blaze a girl, etc...It has watered down the genre because that is all the radios play, Its a whole bunch of LL Cool J's out here...and while that is not a bad thing...there is no versatility...and those who do come from a different angle...do not get any radio play...I do remember back in the 80's and even 90's for that matter...you would barely hear any hip hop records on the radio becuase the content was still taboo...no one wanted to "really" know what was going on in the Hoods across America....I think maybe the Major Cities played hip hop but not the smaller ones. Now, you have every station playing the same hip hop...and sure people are talking about the "life" but it is so over-exaggerated i.e. Rick Ross, that its more fantasy rap than "truth" rap...People have criticized Pusha for still talking about the D-Boy Life...but I believe it is still relevant...drugs run rampant throughout the world...so his lane still exists...actually the 90's still exist...but the powers that be do not want that consciousness to be heard anymore... I applaud Push for keeping it real with himself and staying in the lane he is comfortable in...I think if most rappers today did that, the culture would be in a better position...As big as Hip Hop is, there is no way it shouldnt be the #1 genre of the world...IMO

    • Anonymous

      He's had hit records telling people he supports selling black people poision and murdering each other. FUCK HIM.

  • cell

    niggas just soft today. point blank. U cats cruise up the highway singing along with drake canadian ass half crying and shit. I love street shit. Im no drug dealer but the hood is what i see everyday. dealers on the corner right now. thats what i relate to more. J.cole still rains supreme right now. If anybody else made that drake CD nobody buys it. its all cause of his name. pusha t album hot but came out in the wrong dumbed down era

    • jerryc

      everyone is pushing it within the industry. The super producers know that rap is worse than its ever been, and they want it to stay alive. Pusha has been a part of rap for 12 years and has made so many classic songs throughout that time period. He gave us Lord Willin and Hell Hath No Fury, which many consider one of the greatest hip hop albums ever. If you dont like Pusha thats fine, but you are tasteless and you are part of the reason why rap is dead

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    We cannot forget "Gangsta Rap" of the late 80's and 90's, a lot of those dudes were banging on wax, but were from the burbs. It's all cyclical.

  • 614grind

    I fux with Puhs heavy. He sounds like nobody else and I love how he ruffles peoples feathers.

  • Anonymous

    Whole album sounds like Jay-z "death of auto tune" and he over emphazing everything he says, and every song mention's coke. Ba ba ba boring...... he will sell in America but no other countries are fucking with this shit

  • anon

    he clearly states that he doesn't have issues with emo rap,only those who try to act tough and gangsta like drake..does kanye try to act hard?

  • DK

    This Fool wants us to believe his Scarface fantasies

  • DK

    Drake can fuck Pusha's mom

  • DK

    FUK Pusha and anybody that love em. This fool is dissing KAnye West

  • Anonymous

    @Eye Control: go back to school lil boy.

  • Eye Control

    Okay we know Ross is a former cop but what about: 50 Cent snitched to the feds on murda inc T.I. snitch to the feds. getting a year for buying illegal weapons?? come on??? Young Jeezy was not bmf and Gucci Mane exposed him as a fraud mobb deep making music since they were 13/14 years old so off course they were never criminals ice cube was 14/15 years old when he joined cia and later n.w.a off course he was never a gangbanger eminem never was a serial killer or a homo hater. he did a song with elton john snoop wasnt really a gangmember. Fans don't realize hiphop is ENTERTAINMENT! who cares if rick ross was a former cop its about music!!

    • Anonymous

      i cosign kandongas comment

    • kandonga

      I think your facts are a lil twisted here 50 snitched? give me proof T.I snitched? give me proof Young Jeezy was a bmf affiliate, there is proof mobb deep making music..do u know Chi ali? shaheem? lil jamal? chief kief? EM has never said he is a real serial killer..that is entertainment. This is entertainment but many claim they really did it, now Ross claiming he was never a co and it was photo shop and blah blah, is different from em saying he killed his wife

    • Anonymous

      we dont support liars

    • 614grind

      The only thing you were right about was Officer Rick. Everything else is B.S.

  • jerryc

    Unpolished, Unapologetic Might of broke a heart or two but gave an honest effort My nonchalant attitude is always F it 35 years and my mama left it You shouldn't question if you ever stood a chance with him The better question is did you enjoy the dance with him (Yughh!) I'll probably never pull you chair out, bitch You know this money grew your hair out All that shit I bought you wear out Rich, and I'm the only one I care about Place none above me, God don't like ugly Hate me or love me, only he can judge me He has many deep lines, ridiculous metaphors, etc., that arent coc related. If you actually gave it a chance youd see why every top rapper/producer is backing pusha so much. HE is the truth.

  • Anonymous

    I don't really follow pusha T all that much but damn this dude comes across as arrogant


    He's right, hiphop doesnt need more pussy ass emo rappers. We need more real spittas like big Guwop, Waka Flocka, French Montana, Chief Keef.... Hate if u want emo pussies we get money

  • ETK

    it's sort of a valid point Pusha T is making, but that's negated by the fact that's all he fucking raps about. how you gon you don't like the "coke rap" moniker, maybe cause that's what it really is? nigga's bustin about this, actin like his sellin dope legacy is all he has.

  • Who's an emo rapper?

    Give me an example. Joe Budden?

  • S

    But really, what does Pusha bring to the table other than coke slangin similies? I can't listen to his shit without laughing because its just one after another

  • 80sbaby

    If music has no EMOtion in it then how is it art? Do you really want to listen to a rapper, rap about all the money he's got and you don't, the lifestyle he's got and you don't, blunts, 40oz, big screen TVs, and bitches? get real.

  • 80sbaby

    Tupac was the first emo rapper, he rapped about social issues, his views, and his life. Pusha T can go fuck himself with his soulless music and his meaningless punchlines.

  • Anonymous

    Emo rappers like that mackelmoore FAGGOT.

  • Anonymous

    did he just figure that out?

  • Massacred

    As far as I can tell the diversity of production takes us a trip through the past two decades from the prestige of a drug dealer all the way to Hip Hop hustler on the brink of Zeitgeist enlightenment. The production is pretty comprehensive and shows his appreciation of G.O.O.D., the 90s as well as R&B. Its very much a trip through a few decades through the eyes of a drug dealer. And of course, the constant that ties it all together, testosterone fueled, yet some how well collected coke raps something of a signature for the artist. Lastly, to me what makes this a truly interesting listen is him drawing parallels from the gang banging lifestyle to being a hip hop mogul. The Hustle is still alive and well. One must look no further than SIMPLY the album artwork. The parallel being white albums to white kilos. The bar code indicates, hey this is just another day at work for Pusha T, whether is selling coke or albums, its much the same to him. 4.5/5 certainly one of better releases this year.

  • Cell

    Wow these youngins will defend todays rappers to the core. this shit only hot to them because they were too young to witness the golden era of hiphop. u cant blame them for loving this corny shit. What i cant stand is when they think they know about the golden era ad say dumb shit like wayne top five of all time. My dude young and he said Jay-Z didnt get hot until American Gangster.Smdh Point blank period 90a was the best time for hip-hop this eraand beyond will never top. sorry u missed out 90 babies lol

  • Anonymous

    "You wanna do me, then you go and tell the people Knock me down, temp drops as the sun rise" These lines, like most lines in this song, probably refers to the Zimmerman-Trayvon incident. Zimmerman slayed Trayvon Martin and then told the people it was in self defense. Perhaps Ross is insinuating that Zimmerman wanted to kill Martin, but acted as if that wasnt his intent. The people refers simultaneously to the jurors and the state of Florida, as criminal prosecutions are brought by the state, known as The People. The second part of the line again refers to Zimmerman, as he knocked Trayvon down first. Many Trayvon defender believe that Zimmerman was the first aggressor. Ross uses a metaphor to compare Trayvon to the sun perhaps he is implying that Trayvons soul rose as he died. Use of the homophone sun anticipates the of the use of the word son in the next line, making Trayvon a symbol for all young black men, including Rosss son. The case hit home for many black families, as they believed it couldve been their son who couldve been killed, even President Obama once said If I had a son, hed look like Trayvon. Very clever wordplay in these two lines by Ross.

    • Anonymous

      you are a fucking retard.. and you think ross meant anything about traycon in those two bars?? shit is fucking idiot b.,.

    • Anonymous

      not that clever tho. I gave you power now that's clever. rick ross ( a correctional officer using a drug dealers name that's not too clever more like fake which is the point of this article) would shit his pants if he came up with anything as clever as nas. the most clever thing ross did was make a noise that sounds like hes out of breath because he is

  • Anonymous

    speak on my nigga

  • Andre

    Thats a load of shit, thats like saying well... Fabolous uses NBA references so, that nigga better have played in the NBA. This is Music. Im a big Pusha T fan, but that shit is so backwards to say hey, emo rappers yall cant be talking about drugs and shit cause you never did that, but hey Pusha T be talking about making millions, but truth is none of it in his own name. Culture Vultures? Hip/Hop was never about selling drugs and shit, you mean Gangsta Culture? well idk any rapper that is actually in Gangsta Culture, because if they were actually gangsta's yall would be mothafuckin dead by now, with all the info yall done gave up on wax. Real Gangstas move in silence.

  • Anonymous

    Thats a fair point. they should keep it real

  • chillthrillz

    hip-hop wasnt supposed to last remember...nobody wanted to fuck with it,,,, fast forward,,now every tom dick and such and such,,,,wants to rap, WHY?,,,,because its the shit,, now everybody got bars,,,hip-hop has brought people together cool?,,,,,but the original essence of the culture is watered down and lost to the all mighty dollar,,,,and the wrong people are in control of it,,,,,the only way for it to survive is to keep listening to the classics and build from there,,,,,

  • TheOneAndOnly

    Emo? Your a musician, lyricist...rapper...expressing your thoughts and feelings...that's emotional. IDIOT. The next clip he's talking about a painful song....waaaaahhhhhh, I lost my friend. That's EMOTIONAL! LOL This guy is terrible. A terrible lyricist and his songs are boring and corny. He thinks more of himself than he deserves.

  • Anon

    Emo Rap = Drake. Real men don't talk about emotions.

  • Anonymous

    Once Vanilla Ice and Emenim Infiltrated the culture it was on life support and you knew it was gonna end, now every label has to have a white artist to attract the fans and every Gold/platinum album has to have a white artist on it or be by a white or half-white artist. The best selling songs this year under the HipHop genre are all Drake, whites, or that Asian guy from YouTube. It's pretty much over, we need ro make something else.

    • Anonymous

      That's some ignorant racist shit doe^ blame the white rappers? maybe the white executives or the guys signing the checks but the rappers? em signs slaughter house and yelawolf two acts that care about lyrics and your gonna put him in the same category as vanilla ice? fuckin retards

    • Anonymous

      we ain't gotta go anywhere, tell them go back to their caves where they can be emo & alone all they want and take Ross with you, he won't be missed

    • Anonymous

      Lets all go back to Africa to get away from the evil white people. Rick Ross is building an arch!

    • imho

      tell that to jayz, kendrick lamar and drake soon kaynes gold, coles gold.. and only 2 out of like 5-6 (soon to be eminem) have gone platinum or even gold. try again troll

    • Anonymous

      "every Gold/platinum album has to have a white artist on it or be by a white or half-white artist." This guy is so pissed that Ross and MMG cant go platinum it's hilarious!! Like it doesnt count if you got a white artist singing your hook or if you're half white its not legit LOL

  • Anonymous

    This dumb muthafucka is on the same shit that is killing the fuckin culture. fuckin moron. hes emplyed by the most emo rapper of all time in kanye!

    • Anonymous

      give me an example of an emo rapper pretending to be a coke pusher?

    • Anonymous

      yall need reading comprehension. he said emo rappers that front like they're coke pushers

    • Word

      I totally agre with you! I can't stand the hypocracy among these rappers today. These guys talk about unity, positivity, acceptance & music. But only if it's just related to street hood shit. God forbid an artist actually talks about different subject matter rather than the usual gun clapping dope boy bullshit! You shouldn't care about the hood, you should care about your family because that's who you are supposed be concerned about. Not some asshole on the corner who just prefers to live in a box like a fucking bum. Grow up hip hop!

  • Anonymous

    just listened to the album. it was a good album i was surprised

  • Dino

    Kanye and Kid Cudi are both GOOD Music and up there with some of the most emo rappers of all time lol.

    • Anonymous

      But neither of them pretend to be gangster or drug dealers which is the point he was making. Emo rappers that pretend to be street etc.

  • D

    Hmmmmmmmm, right, lets see, didn't Pusha do a song with Tyler the creator

  • imho

    but to be honest whose to say what you can or can not rap about. every type of person lives a diff life. not all people are drug runners in this world. some experience different types of struggles and money issues or w.e in life..whose one person to say they cant rap about it just bec he doesnt likee or its not dboy rap. smh

  • imho

    pushas a beast. about to listen 2 the album tonight too

  • Anonymous

    he reminds me of C-BO via the PAC era,,,,Pusha gon get u niggaz work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    this dude is real tho

  • drakeblows

    do you hear that drake?

  • Anonymous

    mackelmore bitch ass is such a vulture uses all those gay artists to push his own music

  • Ed

    This mufucka must have the all time record for interviews done before even his fuckin album dropped(now it has finally). Since when is this dude the spokesman of hiphop? IMO mad overrated, his flow is rendundant slow and awkward. HATERS GET AT ME

  • Anonymous

    the only constant in life is change

  • Walkerblack

    Doesn't that make Kendrick a vulture?? but you workin with him so what's ya point???

    • cmon son

      Everybody got guns and drugs in their environment, doesnt mean thats their lifestyle. Kendrick is supposed to be conscious but his first single is promoting over intoxication. Then hes on 50s single talkin bout he just bought a choppa, really Kendrick??? Hes just another wolf in sheeps clothing.

    • Anonymous

      No. That wasn't what Pusha was talking about. Kendrick is merely speaking about his environment. His music isn't emo at all; it's conscious.

    • walkerblack

      Kendrick is a good kid who references drugs and guns, he may not glorify it but he references it, so isn't that what pusha is talkin about? IMO kendrick is no different than drake except he has the whole west coast backing him because of his team. His music is still emo

    • Anonymous

      no, conscious raps (Common etc) are not like emo rap: teen angst (Eminem) or breakups/going through bitches their cellphone (Drake)

  • Culture Vulture

    I love emo rap

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