Papoose Says Government Shutdown Is "Perfect Example Of Self-Destruction"

Exclusive: Papoose explains why he believes a small group of Republicans are "hating on Obamacare." He also says that the United States government should offer universal healthcare and universal education.

As the United States enters its second week of partial government shutdown, Brooklyn, New York emcee Papoose provided his perspective on the situation. Speaking exclusively with HipHopDX, the Narcirema Dream rapper says that House Republicans moving to shutter the federal government unless the Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, is delayed or defunded is the “perfect example of self-destruction.”

“It’s just a small group of Republicans that’s hating on Obamacare,” Papoose says. “There’s a lot of people who are upset, but they don’t take the time to analyze the basics of the problem. It’s all about money. It’s some ridiculous amount of people with no insurance—45 to 50 million people with no insurance. I just feel like Obamacare is providing affordable insurance for poor people. They don’t like that because these insurance companies are all about making money. They’re not thinking about the health of people and longevity and preserving life. It’s just a small group of people that’s hating on Obamacare. That’s the situation. That’s the basics of this whole situation and they’re just being selfish and they want to shutdown. That’s definitely what it is.”

Last September, the New York Times reported that the percentage of uninsured Americans decreased from 15.7 percent in 2011 to 15.4 percent in 2012 and that the increase in coverage was “attributed to government programs.” The publication also reports that there are currently 48 million uninsured Americans.

CBS News reports that Congress has until October 17 to reach an agreement to fund the government or else the United States will default on their financial obligations for the first time in history.

Papoose Says The Government Shutdown Is Wrong

Papoose says that the government shutdown is “wrong” and people need to be aware of the possible outcomes. “A lot of people are taking it for granted and they don’t realize in two weeks it’s going to be an effective shutdown.

“When I say effective,” he continues, “I mean that the people that are going to suffer, it’s not going to be them. Congress is still going to get paid. Unemployment is going to be effected. Social Security is going to be effected. There’s things of that nature that’s definitely going to see the downside of the situation. I just think that people don’t really know what we say is imminent. They think it’s a game. But in two weeks, it’s going to be an effective shutdown if something don’t drastically change. I just think it’s fucked up that they’re making a decision that’s only going to affect certain people.”

When asked whether the Obama Administration is partially responsible for the gridlock by not effectively selling the Affordable Care Act to the American public, Papoose says since the legislation was passed into law by the Senate and House Of Representatives and ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, President Obama is not to blame for the shutdown.

“I don’t think it’s Obama’s fault,” says the "Law Library" emcee. “If you sit back and analyze it, other branches of government agreed to it. Even the judicial system ruled it’s constitutional. As far as him explaining it, I think he explained it very much well in the details about it, as far as the taxes are concerned. Obama breaks this shit down fully. All you gotta do it pay attention.

“The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting more poor, and these guys are frustrated,” he continues. “Even the other countries have universal healthcare. We should have universal education and universal healthcare. It’s just a lot of people that can’t afford to pay all their money towards healthcare and doctors. It’s just an unfortunate situation.

“What other way to self-destruct than a government shutdown?” Papoose adds. “Analyze what’s going on. They shutting down on their own. There’s no bigger form of self-destruction than that. So with all the crookedness that goes on with politics, it speaks for itself.”

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, was passed into law on March 23, 2010. On June 28, 2012, the United States Supreme Court upheld Obamacare’s constitutionality in the case of National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebellius. Obamacare’s new insurance exchanges, which are designed to expand health coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, officially opened on October 1, 2013, the same day that Congress moved to shutdown the federal government.

Papoose says he plans to release his next mixtape, Blackballed, in the coming weeks.

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  • Anonymous

    papoose stick to rapping

  • Anonymous

    What does a guy who couldn't capitalize off a $1.5 million dollar tell us about self-destruction?

  • Da Spaniard

    Could somebody please tell me why Obamacare "FORCES every single adult (18+) to buy insurance.. yes, that means every single person that happens to read this, is FORCED to buy insurance or pay a fine"?? I dont get it, I though Obamacare will get you Americans free public healthcare like we have here in Spain or another european countries. Of course we pay taxes but there arent specific taxes to finance healthcare; and every spaniard, just for being it, has the right to get free healthcare even without a job. Thanks

    • @bgootz

      Spaniard- no, Obamacare is not free, universal healthcare for all US citizens (although it should be.. smh).. Obamacare is really just a marketplace that is set up for people to compare and purchase health insurance... It is complete and utter bullshit, forcing people to buy health insurance.. the insurance companies know that everyone is forced to buy insurance now, so they collude and start jacking up the prices (already happening.. premiums are up 28% since the first of this year alone)

    • 614grind

      A single payer option is ideal but that would never get passed in this country. The wackos would call it socialism.

  • Anonymous

    "I know of a Russian Billionaire and a Brazilian Millionaire who never went pass the 6th grade" And who knows what they had to do to get that money. Doesn't make them intelligent.

  • @bgootz

    Obamacare is strait garbage.. it goes against everything America was supposed to mean.. obamacare FORCES every single adult (18+) to buy insurance.. yes, that means every single person that happens to read this, is FORCED to buy insurance or pay a fine.. how does that sound to all you folks on this website that can barely afford to pay rent and the bills on time the way it is??? (not saying everybody on hhdx is scraping by, just making a point)

    • @bgootz

      and why because I dislike Obamacare so much, do you think I am a republican?? both parties are bought and paid for by the special intrests (who really run this country)..

    • Anonymous

      and how do you suggest people barely scraping by now afford it?? I work a full time job and barely make enough for the rent, bills, my kid etc.. to add another 400 a month on top of that is crazy..

    • 614grind

      Do you think auto insurance is "un-American"? It's illegal to drive without it. Know why? Because you might hit someone or something that costs more money than you have to fix it and it becomes someone else's bill. You know why everyone should have health care? Besides the obvious(preservation of life), because you WILL get sick and go to the hospital and rack up thousands of dollars. Guess who ends up paying for it?

    • Anonymous

      so my choices are, be forced to buy something at highly inflated prices (health insurance), or quit my job and become a beggar.. are you fuckin serious?? this country is fucked..

    • Anonymouswriter

      no its not your idiot its for people who work and pay taxes. If you dont want ObamaCare just quit your job and make no income whatsoever. You can beat the system that way. Just move in with your parents and let them provide for you..... Or is that to close to Communism when someone else provides for you. I guess you could just live on the street and beg for change from Republicans. Im sure that would work.

  • Myrna C. Ruggles

    up to I saw the bank draft for $8376, I didnt believe friends brother was like realie bringing home money in their spare time on their computer.. there aunt had bean doing this for only 1 year and recently took care of the mortgage on there house and purchased a great Bugatti Veyron. my link

  • Fish

    Most important thing I read in this article - one of my favourite rappers is releasing a new mixtape in the next few weeks!!

  • Noone

    Papoose is a moron. People will pay 2 to 3 times what they were paying for insurance. People who got medical treatment for free will be paying out of pocket. The poor will get poorer with obamacare. The government shutdown just proves how useless the government is. Business keeps going. Obama refuses to negotiate. How is it not his fault? Stick to the alphabet Pap, politics isn't your thing.

    • @bgootz

      614grind- props on rational debate.. not many on here know how to do that.. we agree to disagree.. lol

    • 614grind

      I agree with all that, especially the responsibility being on us to fact check. However, this is 100000% on the Tea Party. This shutdown has been a part of their mission statement from the beginning. Many of them were elected because the vowed to shut down the government. Beohner is just too weak to stand up to them and put a vote on the floor. I can't blame him though, he's getting no support from the moderates because they don't want to get primaried. He's trying to balance bold ignorance against political opportunism and WE all suffer.

    • @bgootz

      and no one- prices going up 2 or 3 times, is a figure pulled out of your ass (although recent studies show, that premiums are indeed increasing).. the shutdown WILL affect people, just not right away... again, something pulled out of your ass.. Obama, and john beohner BOTH refuse to negotiate unless certain points are met, so they both are fuckin idiots.. (im independent, I believe that both political parties are bought and paid for puppets). you, no one, need to do research and stop talking out of your ass..

    • Anonymous

      Robert- Obamacare is strait garbage.. it goes against everything America was supposed to mean.. obamacare FORCES every single adult (18+) to buy insurance.. yes, that means every single person that happens to read this, is FORCED to buy insurance or pay a fine.. how does that sound to all you folks on this website that can barely afford to pay rent and the bills on time the way it is??? (not saying everybody on hhdx is scraping by, just making a point)

    • Robert

      LOL are you one of those tea party hip hop kids? Though the Obamacare stuff you said is still debatable (unless you read right wing websites and watch Fox News) I am wondering where (besides some Tea Party talking head) did you get the idea that a government shutdown means nothing? Business doesn't keep going, haven't you seen the stock market go down? LOL. You are probably a college kid. Once you get into the real world you will see what a difference it makes. A kid living off a government stipend for education can't fairly comment on stuff like this. Maybe politics (or the real world in general) is not YOUR thing.

  • Anonymous

    Papoose, you never graduated high school.

    • @bgootz

      anon 2- because we can choose not to buy a car and drive if need be.. there is no option for obamacare.. every single adult in the US (18+) is FORCED to buy health insurance or they get fined.. every single adult.. that's bull shit, and only the tip of the iceberg in regards to problems with obamacare..

    • Anonymous

      I know of a Russian Billionaire and a Brazilian Millionaire who never went pass the 6th grade ... So what was your emphasis ... U don't think universal healthcare is good or universal education... I wonder about the world we live in... We are already forced to have car insurance if you operate a vehicle damn why is everyone up in arms about healthcare...

  • anon

    Did u hear wat he said? It affects unemployment? U shuld b concerned.

  • Lol

    You would know a lot about self destruction hey Papoose? As far as your career goes! Why does this guy even have a opinion? He's fucking whack!

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