Raekwon Responds To Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever"

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon also says he plans on recording a guest verse for "Wu-Tang Forever's" remix.

Raekwon recently announced that he plans on being featured on Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" remix.

"I ain't get a chance to bust my joint off yet, but I talked to Drake and we're gonna get to it," Raekwon said in an interview with MTV. "It just was like, we was on the road. Things was happening so quick. Some brothers were able to go in there and smash out, and unfortunately, I wasn't able to get there yet, but it's gonna happen though." 

Raekwon also addressed his stance on Drake's song title, which has been criticized by some, including Inspectah Deck, because the song is not a tribute to the group despite being named after the Clan's acclaimed 1997 double-album, Wu-Tang Forever. 

"At the end of the day, regardless of what, we were mentioned in a great way," Raekwon said. "He named the title of his song after brothers, so however you did it, at the end of the day, it's still love. It's still respect there. I still thought the record was a great record, regardless of what. It ain't nothin' rude about the record, nothin' disrespectful. It's all love. Hey, I'm for it."

Drake also uses one of Raekwon's "It's Yourz" lines in a verse from his song "Wu-Tang Forever."

Raekwon's interview can be viewed below.

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As reported by HipHopDX in September, Inspectah Deck disagreed with Drake's song title. Deck also said that he would not appear on the track's remix. 

"I don't even know how to take it, my brother," Deck said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "I just felt it don't need to be 'Wu-Tang Forever.' It should be called 'It's Yourz,' if that's the case. That's what the hook seems to be. That's what the main basis of the rhyme seems to be. So you can call it 'It's Yourz' and it would have the same impact. But to call it Wu Tang Forever'...unless the song is about the Clan like that, then it's cool. I'm like, 'Yo, if there's a remix coming out, it got brothers on it and you just wanted to leak this one first and then come back with the Clan in that strategy, that's not the understanding that brothers had in the beginning."

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  • Big Bad 18th Street Gang, E'zup!

    Drake, the Canadian wack ass so called rapper faggot running around in the game right now. This perra is wack as fuck and a homo too!

  • Anonymous

    * plays 'House of Daggers'* * laugh at how silly many of you are *

  • Anonymous

    they should be working on a new album not a fuckng drake remix

    • Cal

      I dig it bruh... Working on a Drake remix does feel like a waste of time considering I'm a Wu fan, and Drake's music is sub-par no matter who's featured. I just think that if the clan isn't going to uphold the respect of their name amongst their hardcore fans then the fans shouldn't worry about it. Gone are the days of punching a fool in the face for depicting the Clan in an adverse fashion... And trust me Drake fans, making a chick song entitled Wu-Tang Forever is indeed an adverse depiction.

    • CS

      lol.. How you gonna tell the WU .... what they should be doing. Shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      nicca talking about what some grown man should be doing instead of worrying about himself!!!

    • Anonymous

      So they can't do features while working on an album? Dumb comment...

  • t5bg6ynuj


  • asda

    drake is a jerk and dumb asshole. i puke everytime i hear his shit voice and weak rapping. worst artist ever.

  • micheal myers devils


  • Greg

    OMG, Drake is soo hot in that pic, love the duck face!

  • Underground

    WTF is this shit about hip hop dying? Talking about shit's only gotten worse since the 90's. There are some underground original MC's goin OFF right now. If you think "hip-hop is dead" {Ignorant ass statement} check out these artists... Little Vic, Vakill, Celph Titled, Louis Logic, K-0s, J-Live, Immortal Technique, Atmosphere, Blu and Exile, Prolyphic and Reanimator, Atmosphere, Joe Budden (mood muzik mixtapes), Danny!, MF Doom, Binary Star, Blue Scholars, Brother Ali, Mighty Joseph, Cannibal Ox, Jay Electronica, EMC, Murs, One be Lo, etc. Get off this fuckin "hip hop is dead" bandwagon. Especially when you won't even look past the mainstream radio and t.v. for good music.

    • Bronco

      Nigga you can't mention groups from the 00's to prove your point about hip hop having talented new artists. They aint going off right now, they already fuckin DID. It's 2015 bitch name someone new.

    • m.n.mmn,/nm,

      you didn't really reference any relevant "underground" rappers that are being slept on. Danny Brown is slept on. Freddie Gibbs etc etc

    • Anonymous

      You said Atmosphere twice & they haven't had a decent track in years, those last few albums were not very good at all.

  • Anonymous

    murda inc forever!

  • Anonymous

    at least inspectah still has some integrity left. really disappointed with raes stance, faces too. They were anti everything drake stood for forever. I dunnno if theyre low on money or what but this is a sad day for hip hop.

    • Young Guwop

      He does. Chef worked with 2 Chainz and Justin Bieber before. So working with Drake isn't shocking at all. Chef rather have relevancy and a check than integrity any day.

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  • Eye Control

    "You wanna do me, then you go and tell the people Knock me down, temp drops as the sun rise" These lines, like most lines in this song, probably refers to the Zimmerman-Trayvon incident. Zimmerman slayed Trayvon Martin and then told the people it was in self defense. Perhaps Ross is insinuating that Zimmerman wanted to kill Martin, but acted as if that wasnt his intent. The people refers simultaneously to the jurors and the state of Florida, as criminal prosecutions are brought by the state, known as The People. The second part of the line again refers to Zimmerman, as he knocked Trayvon down first. Many Trayvon defender believe that Zimmerman was the first aggressor. Ross uses a metaphor to compare Trayvon to the sun perhaps he is implying that Trayvons soul rose as he died. Use of the homophone sun anticipates the of the use of the word son in the next line, making Trayvon a symbol for all young black men, including Rosss son. The case hit home for many black families, as they believed it couldve been their son who couldve been killed, even President Obama once said If I had a son, hed look like Trayvon. Very clever wordplay in these two lines by Ross.

    • Cal

      Dude you want figurative language listen to Warcloud. Ross is about as lyrical as an illiterate 5 year old.

    • Anonymous

      " including Rosss son" the same son we saw with 50 cent and floyd mayweather? LOL I know he also impregnated a hooker but i cant remember he had a son or daughter to to that skeezy hoor

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  • Tdot representah

    I'm from Tdot aka Toronto so all you bitches can start hating "its all lovel" ....let me break it down!! 1. First off I could be wrong but Raekwon look suspect to me he should just keep quiet FACTS it pays homage somewhat due to the tract called "wu tang" but lets face it, ITS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WU TANG at all, its actually the WORST song on Drakes ALBUM. I've lost respect for Rae cause wu tang and what they bout and known for should put a dude in check and call a SPADE A SPADE shit aint no wu tang song or about the clan period! 2. Drake be like jokes are funny as a MF...here goes drake be like that guy that be getting pu**y and you dudes be HATING cause you guys NOT getting any!! 3. Drake be like that dude that is arguably #1 in the game for what 2-3 yrs straight!!..#FACTS #s dont lie 4. Drake be like the best rapper that shit is on some real shit that everyone can relate too but are afraid to cause you might feel weak due to him singing on a track and might feel soft around your boys but on the low YOU know the shit he be saying YOU ALL BEEN THROUGH but choose to hate ...(BTW listen to his new album I forget the track where he says "ni**as talk more than bi*ches these days") #FACTS 5. DRAKE be like if you have never gotten any pu**y dont expect you too understand and if you love woman and still have problem getting pu**y buy a VIBRATOR you just a b*tch anyway. 6. WE the f'kn best up north Toronto we run this shhhhhhhhhhhit!!!!! ALL you other Haters without ya'll all this would NOT BE POSSIBLE lol PS. up here we DONT rap for gimmick or for publicity stunt to sell records!!! if ppl beef here! its REAL none of this publicity attention seeking bs #FACTS!!

  • Anonymous

    translation: I need money so I ain't fucking with this soft ass nigga

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  • Anonymous

    Man. Wu was one of the last real niggas left in the game. Throwin it down the tubes I see. SMH


    10. Wiz Khalifa Wiz has been a rapper that I have followed in the past few years. I love a lot of his songs but a lot of his material is the same. Other than weed, women, and living the good life, Wiz Khalifa doesnt have much more to say. Theres no substance in his words, but not everyone needs or wants substance. His delivery and the ability to throw a party by rapping is what makes him popular, not his ability as a rapper. 9. Bone Thugs N Harmony If you dont listen to a lot of rap, you wouldnt even know enough about this rap group to dispute this ranking. I do like them a lot, but I thought I needed to have at least one overrated rap group. Their flow is actually one of my favorites but most rap groups have great flow. Thats the point of forming a group. There are some songs they have that have some great lyrics, but in most of their songs, their verses are incoherent. That being said, their lyrics dont mean anything to me. This group goes way back and theyve got too much credit for how mediocre their entire career was. Anything after The Art of War was garbage, but people still love them because they werent full on rap. Their more recent albums have been criticized for being extremely violent. Strength & Loyalty, released in 2007,was tight but thats only because it had Mariah Carey, Twista, will.i.am, and many others. When you put BTNHs R&B rap flow together with someone like Mariah Carey, youre bound to get something great. 8. Drake Why couldnt he stick to playing Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi? NWTS came out and thats really the only reason hes on this list in the first place. The album isnt bad, but why are people so obsessed with him? I thought he was a teenage girl fad, but I had four personal friends tell me that hes their favorite rapper. Whats up with that? His flow and delivery is odd at times and I get the feeling that hes trying too hard. Most of his lyrics are about how no one believed in him and now hes on top. That type of material only gets you so far in the rap game and sooner or later hes going to need to pick up a drug addiction so he can give every one some fresh material. If it wasnt for Lil Wayne, Drake would still be trying to differentiate himself from Jimmy Brooks. Drake gets big names to get big results and thats why everyone loves him so much. 7. Method Man Dont get me wrong, Im all about Wu-Tang, but the fact of the matter is that Method Man hasnt done anything since Wu-Tang. This one doesnt even need to be broken down. He just doesnt have the musical talent that some people think he does. None of his material is different and he still delivers his lines with the same scratchy voice as he did in 1993. 6. Puff Daddy/ P. Diddy/ Sean Combs As the business man of the list, I had to make sure I drew the line between great rapper and great producer/ promoter. Look, Puff changed the rap game and helped many influential rappers make it big who otherwise would have never had a chance, but thats the only reason he was popular himself. Think of any song that you like that has Combs in it and tell me if any other artists are featured in it. He used HIS artists to help his own rap career. Type in P. Diddy on Youtube and look at what the first five options are. All five are songs that feature some other artist. When you listen to Diddys lyrics, you get the feeling that he definitely didnt write them himself, and his material is so cliche that it angers me to know people put him on Biggies level. Diddy has some great lines and uncanny ability to produce great songs but hed be nothing without those surrounding him. His only real musical creation worth noting is Ill Be Missing You, but of course thats also because Faith Evans kills it on the chorus. 5. Gucci Mane He isnt looked at as one of the greater rappers of all time, but too many people like him for him not be on this list. Lets look at one of his more well-known songs, Lemonade. The first verse is, My Phantom sittin on sixes, no 20s in my gun Your Cutlass motor knockin, because it is a lemon My rifle Georgia peaches, but you look more like a lemon These sour apple bitter bitches, Im not fuckin wit em Im truly stupid paid thats just how I feel today At no point in that verse does he rhyme one word. Obviously all rap fans dont need a lyrical poet to meet their needs, but come on Gucci, rhyming gun with lemon is just too far. 4. Snoop Doggy Dogg Snoop is definitely an icon of rap. Hell, hes been in the rap game for 20 years now. My problem with Snoop is the fact that hes been rapping songs for all twenty of those years. Other than a few singles here and there, the only good songs youll hear by Snoop are on Doggystyle or when hes featuring on The Chronic. Unfortunately, Doggystyle was his first album so since then, one could say that he hasnt recorded one good album. Look, Snoop Dogg is one of my favorite rappers but thats because of his personality. He started the for shizzle language for gods sake. Not to mention his never-ending crusade to get marijuana legalized is just oh so admirable. But when it comes down to how good this rapper has been throughout his career, Snoop just doesnt make the cut as one of the best rappers ever as he is presumed to be. 3. Lil Wayne What is there to say about Mr. Carter? Theres just too much to say. I love the fact that he is always trying to experiment with new sounds and that most of his music is free. Love it. But that doesnt make him a good rapper. He possesses many of the attributes above but it seems he isnt able to combine all of them to make one great album. And I always get that feeling that hes trying to change the game too much. Whether its his rock anthems or his hood ass shit with Hot Boyz, he tries too hard to get you to change your lifestyle to his. I always feel that sense of unsatisfaction after each Carter is released and that has much to do with the fact that he is a man of many singles. Ive been known to bump some Wayne every now and then but when you deem yourself, best rapper alive, you better get ready for some lash-back. 2. 50 Cent For me, 50 Cent represents all that is terrible in the new age of rap music. He was the pioneer of writing catchy hooks and shitty verses. He was no desire to rap about anything unless its about having sex or robbing people. Other rappers have some sort of basis to rap about. Eminem has his 8 Mile roots and tears himself apart every time he spits a verse. Kid Cudi has his inner demons and drug addiction that make his lyrics powerful to the listener. The only powerful thing thing that comes out of 50 Cent is his bellowing, G-Uniiiiiiiiit. The only song that I ever put on repeat by 50 was Candy Shop (the least creative rap song of all time), but hey, it was catchy. Ill give 50 Cent kudos in one category, hooks. Ill take you to the candy shop, Ill let you lick the lollipop, go head girl, dont you stop, keep going til you the spot (whoa), is pure genius for a hook but the rest of the song is horrendous. Ill break it down for you now, baby its simple, if you be a nympho, Ill be a nympho, in the hotel or in the back of the rental, are just some of 50 Cents lyrics in Candy Shop. Hes the type of rapper whom I can finish every one of his lyrics because he uses no puns or any play on words for that matter. The only thing worse than 50 Cents rapping ability is his acting in Get Rich or Die Tryin. Tupac For all those people about to come to my house because you got thug love for Pac, hear me out. Let me just start out by saying this, All Eyez on Me is still one of my favorite albums of all time and 2Pacalypse Now isnt too shabby either. The problem I have with Tupac is that by many peoples standards, he is the best rapper of all time. I would put him in my top ten favorite rappers of all-time easily but hes not the best and that is why he is on this list. Tupac Shakur is the most overrated rapper of all-time. Seeing it is Tupac, Ill give him the decency to break it down for you. Flow/Delivery- All Eyez on Me is by far Tupacs best album because he lays his rhymes down so effortlessly and all the words seem to fit perfectly. Bottom line, he was amazing on that album. But lets not forget, that same year OutKast released ATLiens and that album is a masterpiece as far as flow and delivery go. Now here is where most people make their argument on how Tupac is the best rapper of all-time; lyrics and storytelling. Dont get me wrong, Pac is one of the most influential lyricists that rap has ever seen but hes just not the best overall. When Pac released Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z in 93, people started to realize that he wasnt some ordinary thug from Oakland. The thing most people dont realize is that in 93, Enter the Wu Tang was released by the Wu-Tang Clan which I highly regard as the best lyrical album of all-time and rap group by the name of A Tribe Called Quest, released Midnight Marauders, which I believe is the best story-telling album of all time. Im not saying that you have to agree with me but I only ask that you think about other rappers of that time. If Tupac hadnt been killed, he wouldnt be the legend he is today. Because of that legendary status, in my book, he is the most overrated rapper of all-time.

    • Cutter

      I won't read your Tupac deal cause any fool that does not dig Tupac and got him #1 on a worst rappers list is a goddamn fool. Meth is on this too...dog kill yourself fuckboy

    • namrah.shafiq

      drake for me the most over-rated .. like cant stand him at all you are wrong about method man being on that list u mad?

    • lowprofile

      you dont really say whats wrong with Pca you just mention albums that you thought were better then all eyes on me though what people dont realise is that there are many elements in hip hop there isnt a single artist that can be best all round and it depends on whatever mood u are in at that point as far as what you prefer 2 listen. some people enjoy wordplay, others look for emotion while some go for overall songin terms of beats, hook... u can not name 1 artist that embodies all of that Pac, Em and Jay are top three of the greatest as far as influence goes and their impact in hip hop overall but thet are far from best (all three of them) to some it all up your argument on Pac is shit

    • fry

      You sound like you're basing everything on record sales. And what does Method man "Not doing anything since Wu-tang" mean? Since Wu-Tang what? Since Wu-Tang came out? lol...you never hear 4:21 The day after? And why wouldn't he still be rapping with the same voice? It's his voice. I didn't realize rappers had to change their voices?

    • Anonymous

      After wu-Tang method man made the Blackout albums 1 + 2 which was fire! he made how high the movie got a tv show... Do youre research you sound fucking dumb!

    • Anonymous

      way to throw out all your credibility

  • golden age

    you know people shouldn't be surprised by this myself included cause we live in the days where nothing is wack anymore. see we as purist are used to a certain standard and that same bar hasnt been met in yrs so when bad shit gets played no one can ID it as garbage so yes the radio plays terrible music all damn day and those who don't know any better consume it and tell you that its popin because there is nothing showing you in comparison that it could never be good. they pushed all rules and a certain sound out the door long time ago not through evolution but through the hands of industry and corporate politics. music is at an all time low and so are the minds who cater to it. so its crazy when you hear people who carried this art form get old minded and start compromising and contradicting what they stood for over a few listen from those that don't support oppose to the ones that do. look we lost the culture and its a big fight to hold on to what we as real hip hop fans been accustomed too. don't pat any attention to stuff like this cuz it was bound to happen just keep loving and supportin the ones who stick to what they satnd for. maybe its time too let the wu sleep in their own bed this time if your a true wu fan just hold them accountable too there own judgement to how they looked at hiphop when they first started.

  • TrollLife

    Bla bla bla, fuck drake, bla bla, gay, bla bla bla, singing, bla bla time for bed.

  • jasonnn


  • micheal myers devils


  • Wu done

    This is why I no longer support Wu. Even if Raekwon is ok with the song he shoulda kept his mouth shut. I would never openly go against my brother, but Wu members do it every chance they get. If they not missing shows they throwing shots toward the others. Crab in the bucket ass niggas!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah they should all agree like they did on 8 Diagrams

    • Chi Town Bound

      ^and that is the perfect reason I hate to listen to the radio now. Nothing but "$5,000 shoes, big booty hoes, *weezy's gay laugh*, shake it like a red nose', etc." Just because these rappers are mainstream doesn't mean they have sick ass talent -_-

    • ^

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol Drake is clearly untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media...he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol... all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about... Game on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 20 mill and still is...

  • Anonymous

    lol Drake dorky as fuck

  • Crip4Life

    Lmao this nigga Drake has been singing on tracks for 5 years now and ya'll imbeciles get pissed about it all over again every time he drops a track. Facts: Real Niggas like R&B. We relate because we get pussy. Fuck niggas sit on the internet and judge other niggas sexuality when they are the actual homos.

    • HNIC

      NEGRO PLEASE, get the fuck outta here with that shit. Listen to yourself you simple ass nigga. It's the FRAT boys and white girls that make Drake who he is today you mindless gnome. You must have weak ass game if you need to rotate RnB to get pussy. Step your game up son. I'm tried of you simpleton as niggas trying to put us all in a box. Nigga you don't speak for me. I'm black (HNIC) and I get pussy.......and i don't listen to this corny, no-BAR-having-ass-nigga....NO BARS SON.

    • Fish

      Fuck sake, so now hating Drake is for white people?? So white people are ruining hip hop by buying music from people like Drake, but they're also ruining hip hop by hating him?? Typical ghetto mentality - blame the white people. Faggot.

    • Chi Town Bound

      If anything, if real niggas were to listen to R&B, they certainly wouldn't be listening to this motherfucker. They would go straight to the R&B section, not a fake ass rapper being a singer 80% of the time.

    • Anonymous

      real niggas don't listen to soft fake ass niggas

    • Anonymous

      99% sure you guys are still faggots no matter the weak ass pussy you get.

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign 100%. I garuntee 90% of Drake haters on this website are white fratboys/nerds from the suburbs

  • Anonymous

    Best Wu-Tang Remix- SWV "Anything"

  • Anonymous

    shout to deck,gza,mastakilla and cappa for staying the same way they came in and not just shitting on they fan base by co-signing wack pop music destrying the true fabric of hip hop. the rest of the clan is just hoes lookin for the next dollar with cum on there breath shaking hands with any and everybody on some simple nigga shit. what ever happen to (STOP RUNNIN UP ON NIGGAS WIT ALL THAT WACK SHIT TALKIN BOUT YOU MC)WU-TANG FOREVER 2 DISC

    • anti tight jeans and dont say corny shit like swag and turn up

      plain and simple drake fans just started listenin to music altogether let alone know anything about hip hop.radio is what they wait on to tell them what is dope and whatever its not playin they figure it has no value so really if they started playin kkk rap music and made it all day rotation they would be defendin that too because they simple ass come back is it makes money. you know nothing of respect so quit runnin up on niggas with all that wack shit

    • Crimiknowledy

      Also funny how you name (aside GZA) hands down all the least respected Wu members.

    • Crimiknowledy

      Hey man. You gotta take cappa off that list. He shouts out Drake on a cameo on Tuscan Leather and he also did a song with Drake before he became famous. So he..uh.. "sold out" or whateva you hiphop backpacker morons call it.

  • Eye Control

    I swear 90% of hiphop fans are nothing but hipsters. They'll listen to a rapper all the way until he blows up and then turn around and diss him. It happened with Drake and some other rappers. You niggas cry all day about shit sounding the same but when someone takes a risk and switches it up you call them wack or sell out. You know the type of music Drake makes and if you weren't a fan of his before this post then why the hell did you click it just to leave a stupid ass comment?? Idiots!!!

  • Anonymous

    I bet 90% on here who claim to rep Wu have never been to a concert of them.

  • Anonymous

    Your about as controversial as a bingo game, anon. The last time a woman touched you it was just your mom wishing you luck before you went off to college. At least Kendrick gets paid to wear a tampon. What's your excuse?

  • Quote man the legend

    -"Drake is the worst rapper ever, he fucking sucks, I hate this faggot" -"Why is he the worst rapper? How does he suck?" -"CAUSE HES A FAGGOT!!!" Arguing with a hater. its pointless. Cant argue a point with reason, just comes with straight ignorance.

  • e4drft6gy7h


  • Anonymous

    Its funny all the slander in here....especially when you take into account Wu members co-signing dude....lol Hilarious "GM fam! Woke up to a lot of @Drake disses... WTH? The homey did a song about us right? Is that not love/respect? Or did I miss sum'n?" - Inspectah Deck "HOW CAN WU FANS BE MAD A DRAKE LET ALONE WUTANG FOR PAYING HOMAGE ?" Official Wu-Tang Clan Twitter account "it's all luv, salute to him!!!" - Raekwon "S/out to my muthaphucka @Drake !He's a real man 2 pay homage 2 us where we been in this game 4 over 25 yrs -hip hop is only 30! I C u Drizzy" - Cappadonna "And I want all the Wu fans to cop @Drake album it's fuckin crazy!!! And prep yourself for that new Wu album and The Pillage 2 #WuTangForever" - Cappadonna "This kid [Drake] is a phenomenon. He's like a young pharaoh with a great talent. I call him the male version of Lauryn Hill. He can go this way or that way. I heard him mentioning the Wu in one of his new songs. So I know he understands the music...Three Stacks is a combination of many different things. He reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix, a RZA with super lyrical skills. You really can't define this dude. At the end of the day he's just a bad motherf*cker. He's a walking gem." - Raekwon (VIBE)

  • J

    Now that is how a boss represents the group. It is sad when his group members chose to bring a negative light to something that was meant to pay homage. I hate when washup rappers say anything negative about some mega star. Raekwon took the high road and got reward with getting opportunity to get a verse on a hot joint and further continue to advance his name and his group's legacy..

  • ynumju


  • barrydavillain

    Rae is lost if he liked this song, it's corny. He just getting press for this, he's disappointed me with ditching the Rock the Bells and not recording on the Wu LP yet.

    • Anonymous

      from the sounds of it kendrick working with them is nothing close to being a sellout, especially when raekwon is doing justin bieber and drake songs

    • OVO

      The "Anonymous" who doesn't know who anyone is, is clearly a bitch nigga. Do you listen to Cunninlynguists? They frequently collab with them, dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      who the fuck is anna wise?

    • Anonymous

      Sonnymoon is the the group Anna Wise is in, she's the POP chick that sings on "Money Trees" and on "I'm Real" off of Kemdricks first album.

    • Anonymous

      rae did a song with bieber thats the definition of selling out

    • Anonymous

      Who the fuck is Sonnymoon?

    • Anonymous

      Sad how people are mad at Raekwon and calling him a sellout because he's gonna do a song with a Canadian rap-singer. Maybe Raekwon likes Drakes music the same way you people love Marshall Mathers music. You got rap dudes like Kendrick Lamar doing songs with Sonnymoon and you wanna call Raekwon a sellout!?

  • Anonymous

    "dunked in maple syrup and shot at with hockey pucks, eh?" Keep your weird fantasies to yourself, eh?

    • Anonymous

      says the Ross tittymeat oiler the tampon bleeder over Kendrick commenter the man pocket watcher the f*ckboy the cornball extraordinaire the don't know sh*t but wanna talk about it the culprit, Quote-Man, the bitch

  • FU

    Isn't that the guy who jump on a Justin bieber track with kanye? And he's reactin for drake? Tell him shut da hell up!


    You so-called Wu-Tang fans are hilarious. Very little understanding of music. Of course, Rae would be behind Drake. These guys are genius artists who aren't blinded by phony hipster cliques in reference to music. They aren't hanging out with hipsters at starbucks analyzing Drake's music video. They are hiphop pioneers impressed with Drake's creativity, lyrical skill etc.. He wasn't born in the suburbs pretending to know hip-hop like you fools are. When Wu-Tang dropped, they were innovative artists who broke the rules. They laced plenty of their tracks with R&B in an innovative way. Drake is likewise - breaking the rules - blurring R&B and hip-hop and acting like a sensitive p**sy on his tracks. Rae reps hard New York City. Drake reps softer Toronto. Artists respect other artists. "Wu-Tang Forever" is a dope Drake track. You are just blinded by your phony stereotypical ideas about hiphop / ghetto life. I swear its these hiphop purists which are the biggest threat to destroying the evolution of the culture because they are not letting it grow. Traditions destroy music genres from growing. Look at disco, punk music and funk. They died because traditionalist narrowed the definition to restrict Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day and EDM. Rock and Roll still grows because it allows room for its genres and styles. They didn't restrict it to Elvis Presley and a simple blue progression. RZA, Ghostface and Rae will all respect Drake. These guys are high-caliber artists not dumb kids from the suburbs fronting like they know hiphop. Get real.

    • ^

      dude, that was a horrible comeback

    • Rena

      A lot of what you say is right. As hip hop is getting older, I see it as the new rock and roll. The 90s fanatics (I love 90s hip hop by the way) will not allow the music to grow. It reminds me of the old guys from the 70s so stuck on Zeppelin that they could not acknowledge Nirvana. If you are a true fan of hip hop you have to let it grow. Like what you like, don't like what you don't like but stop thinking you have the corner on what is "real" hiphop.

    • Anonymous

      @GET REAL ..PATHETIC POSERS Everything you say is a lie. Drake ain't doing anything new and he ain't breaking any rules. He's basically the modern day Nelly/Ja Rule, another shitty pop-rap artist making radio-friendly crap for the masses to consume and will fade away in 10 years.

    • Anonymous

      "They are hiphop pioneers impressed with Drake's creativity, lyrical skill etc.." Yeah, this is where you lost me.

    • Anonymous

      only thing I don't agree on is the song but respect to your input.

  • Anonymous

    u need this promo for ur new album rae. we know the deal. remember u did a song with bieber. lol

  • OUCH!

    Very disappointed, Deck is the only one that kept it 100% real. The others are just jumping on that drake bandwagon for promo.

  • jasonns

    prepair your self this holloween from unwanted types of ppl at jasons and micheals chain saw shops.


    Still waiting for my 12 Reasons to Die from SCAM TEMPLE MUSIC Rae tell RZA we want our stuff or our money back, no more excuses and lies!!!

  • WU fanz

    I agree with Inspeckah deck, the song sucks.

  • Myrna C. Ruggles

    up to I saw the bank draft for $8376, I didnt believe ...that...my friends brother was like realie bringing home money in their spare time on their computer.. there aunt had bean doing this for only 1 year and recently took care of the mortgage on there house and purchased a great Bugatti Veyron. my link http://korta.nu/lvx0w

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Deck. He should have given it another name

  • Anonymous

    WTF happened to the wu?

    • Anonymous

      What happened to WU? The same thing that has happened to every rapper not named JayZ.....they got older and more mature and sank in popularity. What happened to DmX? What happened to Ludacris? What happened to Busta Rhymes, What happened to T.I.? A rappers shelf life is about 4-5 years with these fickle HipHop fans and Wu Tang had their run, now they are just trying to survive and feed their families in an industry where the current trend is Emo/Homo/Euro. Drake ain't that bad, he's no worse than an R&B singer, it's not like he's some POP singer along the same lines as Skylar Grey.

  • Gibran Saleem

    So I did a roast of Drizzy drizzle aubrey drake. Let me know what yall think, its pretty damn good.: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsfHREny1AA

  • 0000000

    ice cubes movies trying to get at ppl

  • 0000000

    ppl skatebording that was never into it

  • 0000000

    ppl messing with others none stop getting em mad than saying omg whats wrong with them

  • Anonymous

    Rae knows if he doesn't praise Drake he'll get handled Canadian style.

  • 0000000

    tmz fallowing britty spears none stop making her go crazy, than saying like omg whats wrong with her

  • 0000000

    prez hilton pretending to be gay.getting in fake fights with will i am

  • Anonymous

    it too bad these old men have no balls anymore and dickride every new artist and go outta their way not to offend anyone shit even 10 years ago i feel like wu would have shit all over this nicca for naming a love song about a bitch after them

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