Jim Jones Laughs At Government Shutdown

After being released from police custody following his DUI charge last week, Jim Jones makes fun of the government shutdown.

Jim Jones has been released from police custody after being arrested October 2. The rapper was stopped for speeding on a New York highway and when police officers approached Jones' Chevrolet Impala, the rapper-mogul reportedly appeared to be under the influence of drugs, according to TMZ.com’s report at the time. 

Yesterday (October 6), TMZ posted a video of Jones leaving police custody. In the clip, TMZ asked Jones why he declined the breathalyzer at the time of his arrest last week.

“I can’t talk about it,” Jones says. “You gotta ask the government. Oh, they shut down.”

Jones then laughs and continues walking down the street.

Much of the United States government shut down last week after Congress and the President were unable to agree on a funding bill by the September 30 deadline. The last time the government had a shutdown was 1995. That shutdown lasted 21 days and carried into 1996.

As for Jones, he said to TMZ that he would not discuss his case.

“I can’t talk about it,” he says in the video. “But you heard it. You seen it and I’m out. I’m a free man. It feel good.”

Jones’ arrest earlier this month follows his February arrest near his New Jersey home. He was reportedly charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction involving two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

In February 2012, Jones was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The rapper was also arrested in the same month due his involvement in a Las Vegas, Nevada brawl. Jones was accused of assaulting an officer in that incident. He was ordered to pay a fine and the case was closed in October 2012.

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  • chilly

    the saddest thing is nigguhs like this don't read or educate themselves because they think money makes everything them immune from the Economical dangers & political problems...& kids look up to cats like this u_u anyway, i got beats to download, stop frontin & check'em out nigguhs - soundcloud.com/tha_chiller


    little jimmiy fucking up again

  • COCA


  • Paris for no.1 spot

    Yeah Jimmy!!!

  • NWA

    Y'all niggas kill me with the, "oh it ain't cute to get arrested jimmyyy" I think it's past your bed time fuck boy ya mama gon be mad. BITCH NIGGAS.

  • SMH

    Funny how everyone wanna kick knowledge as soon as Jim Jones says something about the "government shutdown".. smh, yall can shit on him as much as you want (he is an asshole), but he made think for a sec!! Shit is real out here.

  • Fish

    This fool gives DMX a run for his money for how many times you can get arrested in a year. The difference is DMX gets some goodwill from fans because he's got classic albums behind him. How many classics you got Jimmy??

  • Anonymous

    "Much of the United States government shut down last week after Congress and the President were unable to agree on a funding bill by the September 30 deadline" ^ and this is erroneous

  • Badmofo

    At what point is gettin arrested/busted not cute anymore??? I say 30 is the cut off & this turd is 37.

    • Anonymous

      there's no age limit to getting arrested silly little boy it's about breaking a law and people older than him get arrested daily. but you wouldn't know, you're home safe under parental supervision.

  • Myrna C. Ruggles

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  • Jason

    Some muthafuckas never learn lessons.

  • Anonymous

    Jimmy also took a shot at Meek Mill and Rick Ross this morning on twitter for that Rich Porter song on DC3 saying none of these rappers making songs about them knew big meech or rich porter. Ofcourse tweet mill was quick to respond LOL

    • Anonymous

      jimmy aint know rich porter either though but he got a mixtape named after him lol

    • Anonymous

      anonymous#2 got served, lol

    • Anonymous

      because rich porter been dead since before ross was locking niggas up and jeezy even said ross aint know no one in bmf before he made that song

    • Anonymous

      How does Jimmy know whether or not Ross has come into contact with these people? JJ has no room to talk. He's embarassing himself on VH-1 just trying to make a buck. That's worse than Ross being a CO at 19.

  • Anonymous

    Jim Jones = GOAT rapper (hah) but not a brain cell to fucking spare Somebody put this sack of shit to sleep & the black gene pool starts to make its comeback

  • Anonymous

    Fuck the government. All we need is the military to keep the freaks of the world from fucking with us. Everyone else in the government is just collecting paychecks and doing their jobs half ass at best. We should be evolved enough at this point to handle our own affairs within our communities. We don't need shit head republicans and democrats telling us where our tax dollars should be spent, meanwhile they can't even budget the money they do have and end up in debt. The government was set up so ordinary citizens could represent their communities within the united states, not so career politicians can grease the wheels for lobbyist. Fuck all right wing conservatists and left wing liberals. Spend my tax dollars on stem cell research and deep space exploration and not tax breaks for job creators or well fare for lazy bums, please and thank you. Assholes.

    • Anonymous

      "you got PEOPLE LIKE the Koch brothers spending 200m to influence elections" ^ stop responding with emotions and READ @ JRA "China, the US's largest creditor, is "naturally concerned about developments in the US fiscal cliff", vice finance minister Zhu Guangyao said. Washington must agree a deal to raise its borrowing limit by 17 October, or risk being unable to pay its bills. He asked that "the US earnestly take steps to resolve" the issue. US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew has said that unless Congress agrees an increase in the debt ceiling by 17 October, Washington will be left with about $30bn (18.6bn) in cash to meet its obligations - about half the $60bn-a-day needed."-BBC ^ if we owed ourselves we could print up money to handle that What niggas should be asking is where's that Ft Knox GOLD that could be used as collateral.

    • Ja Rule Army

      ^Fail! search 'us debt broken down' educate yourself we 'owe ourselves' trillions

    • Anonymous

      the Koch brothers aren't the only ones funding politicans.. im tired of liberals acting like conservatives are the only ones who receive hundreds of millions from special intrests.. BOTH parties are sacks of shit, and receive me from people whoo would like nothing better than to tell that politican exactly what to do...

    • Anonymous

      And I forgot, we owe trillions of dollars to other countries, keep thinking these "lazy people" are bringing down the country when it's been g-r-e-e-d.

    • Anonymous

      Many flaws in your statement even though I agree somewhat Wall St regulations-gov't Food & Drug inspections-gov't state funding allocations-gov't banking regulations-gov't military-paid for by gov't That life you're speaking about says an Umbrella Company can exist and take over because there's no policing. But I agree, take out the lobbyists, special interest, millionaires with an agenda, and impose regular, 9-5 people as representatives and we can turn this around. But it ain't looking that way, you got people like the Koch brothers spending 200m to influence elections and communities ain't even got that type of bread to get a voice.

  • gin

    Because it's such a laughing matter...

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