Big K.R.I.T. Addresses Lord Jamar's White Rapper Remarks

Big K.R.I.T. working with Jim Jonsin, DJ Toomp, and "a lot of different producers" on his next LP, "Cadillactica."

Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar drew a great deal of criticism during a recent interview when he stated that white rappers are guests in Hip Hop as he addressed matters of race and homophobia in the genre. Following Jamar’s remarks, Mississippi spitter Big K.R.I.T. was questioned about the New York rapper’s comments as he walked the red carpet at the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards.

When asked if he agrees with Jamar’s statements, K.R.I.T. spoke on being more concerned with his own music rather than judging others based on what they choose to paint on their musical canvas.

“I mean everybody’s entitled to their own opinion,” said K.R.I.T. “For me, man, I just make music based off how I feel and what I do. I don’t really judge people based off what they wanna paint on they canvas cause Hip Hop is an art form. And we dealing with art, I can’t say what’s dope, what’s not. Because I’m just more focused on what I paint on a canvas.”

It was just last month when Jamar made his comments about white rappers during an interview with Vlad TV. The topic of race and Hip Hop’s acceptance of the gay community was brought about as the rapper was questioned about Seattle emcee Macklemore and his equal rights anthem, “Same Love.” Jamar went on to express his belief that Macklemore has no right to push an agenda in a genre he feels the rapper is not a part of.

“Okay, white rappers, you’re coming to this almost as a guest,” said Jamar. “Okay, matter of fact you are guests in the house of Hip Hop. Just because you have a hit record doesn’t give you the right as I feel to voice your opinion…To me when people like Macklemore come out with songs like that, I know he loves Hip Hop and all that, but he’s trying to push an agenda that him as a white man feels is acceptable.”

In addition to giving his thoughts on Lord Jamar’s interview, K.R.I.T. also shared a few details about his next album, Cadillactica. Although the Live From The Underground rapper has provided beats for a number of his records, he’s recruited the help of both Jim Jonsin and DJ Toomp for Cadillactica.

“I’m working on my album right now. It’s called Cadillactica,” said the rapper. “I’m working with a lot of different producers on it too, man. Jim Jonsin…DJ Toomp, you know what I’m saying. So, we out here working.”

K.R.I.T. first shared the news of his upcoming album via Twitter as he expressed his “excitement” about the LP’s release. News of a new studio album from K.R.I.T. comes almost a year and a half after he released his debut album, Live From The Underground.

There’s no word yet on when Cadillactica, which will serve as Big K.R.I.T.’s second studio album, will be released.

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  • TheMASS

    Just watched the Shawn Lov response to Lord Jamar saying White Rappers are Guests in Hip-Hop... I think Jamar and those who share his opinion should take note. Link:

  • hype_rocky

    really that gay shit period should stay out of hip hop, that means from frank ocean on down to macklmore talking about gay problems and shit.

  • Rosa B. Tompkins

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  • Jimmy

    This shit is so funny cus the only two people I know involved in hiphop that are gay is Frank Ocean(openly gay) and Mr.Cee(caught red handed with male prostitute). Both of those men are black and proven that they is gay, so shut da fuck up u old retaded motherfucker.

  • Anonymous

    Who's Lord Jamar? Some wack ass sidekick who is broke and struggling to get a record deal.

  • Derek

    Where do I begin? Shame on you Lord Jamar. Don't jump up to get beat down. Racism can't ever end if YOU can't accept the fact that most white boys rhymin are WAY more interesting than MC trap rap, Gangsta gangsta..... Never mind. "After I'm done you'd rather suck on pencils"

  • Anonymous

    So if Macklemore is a guest for being white, Drake has one foot in and one foot out of the hip hop door?

  • mar500

    I seen a clip of chelsea lately asking macklemore when he found out he was not gay. Funny af

  • Anonymous

    respects to the legends but what the fuck Jamar kno??? Nigga stop thinkin backwards for real kill that shit

    • Co-sign 100% ^^^^^^^^^^^^

      Spoken like a true black intellect. Jamar is just another example of an old ass racist biggot who is clearly brainwashed by the Nation of Islam. This nigga talkin like he own the HipHop genre or something, the world is moving on and this idiot is still livin in the dark ages.

    • Anonymous

      what.....?? Nigga read between the lines. he saying that because he personally doesn;t want a white rapper doing it. "White rappers, those of yall who really studied the culture, that truly love Hip Hop and all that, keep it real with yourself, you know this is a black mans thing." Why he ain't get on murs when he kissed another nigga?? I'm black and nah aint homosexual. but I don't fuck with macklemore's music. That doesnt mean he don't got a place in hip hop. There's a lot of niggas that really don't deserve a place in hip hop that push an agenda way worse than Macklemore, you the nigga not thinking my g and the people pushing the agenda is my fuckin people. IF you knew anything about the foundation of hip hop you'd know it IS and will always be a platform for expression. Jamar just pushin his own opinion as fact, na nigga cut that shit out. have your own mind g. when niggas dictate what hip hop is for you, then it ain't hip hop

    • Anonymous

      You must be homosexual...Because all he is saying is don't use hip-hop to push agendas that don't and never have represented the culture. Do that shit on sitcoms and cable TV but don't use hip-hop as a canvas for this shit....real talk...If you knew anything about the foundation of Hip-Hop or had any knowledge of yourself you would understand what Jamar is talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody cares what Lord Jamar thinks, lol, Big K.R.I.T just all the way ignored that question. Last I heard he was working on a mixtape with Yelawolf anyway so I doubt he's really sitting around giving a fuck about this kind of shit



  • TheWhiteGuy

    Hip Hop was and is a everybody thing!...without white, brown,and darker brown people coming together there would be no Hip Hop! Hip Hop is great because it is a melting pot of everything!

  • Julius

    It would be interesting to know what people's initial reactions would have been to Lord Jamar's comments if it wasn't connected to a homophobia issue. If he had just came out and stated an opinion that white people are guests in hip hop would people have taken it seriously?

  • Oh really Jamar

    Oh forreal? The Beasty Boys are guests in hip hop? Eminem is a guest in hip hop? Shut the fuck up, shut all the way the fuck up. Dumb ass.

  • Josh

    What the hell was the point of this article? It didn't even address the topic...

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha

    Lord Jamar is a piece of shit. He's a guest in the shit house. Jamar loves talking about free speech in his raps but I guess it was only free speech for blacks huh. Sucks these white balls jamar. I wouldn't download your shit album on utorrent.

    • Anonymous

      Lol truthman just got ethered

    • Yjd

      Truth bitch go suck a dick. Go back to your minimum wage job at mcdonalds workin the drive through with your no education havin stupid black ass. I'll be Rollin through the drive through in my audi with my bitch in an hour to grab some fries so get to it you knuckle dragging monkey mother Fucker.

    • Truthman

      Lord Jamar is the king. You are a gay white piece of shit and you do not belong in hiphop go listen to country and get out of our house pale face cum colored demon.

  • imho

    DX really just reached for this article so bad. dx really like rallying up race debates that no site in the world publishes except dx

  • Anonymous

    worst rapper in brand nubian

  • Anonymous

    Jamar is a washed up has been who had limited success as a rapper eons ago. For him to act like Macklemore needs permission to say what he wants on his platform is insanely dumb. Nobody forced him to listen to the song.

    • smh

      the fuck does kendrick gotta do with this? and you fucking stupid for throwing insults then sayin peace to the gods n earths. btw fuck the gne, some bullshit beliefs (just like all religions)

    • ellsworth23

      fuck u,mackelmore n Kendrick lamar peace to the gods n earths

  • Anonymous

    pointless article.

  • Anonymous

    What a stupid fucking article. He didn't even comment on it. He just brushed it off. I'm sick of hhdx. I'm gone.

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