Aspiring Rapper Jay Meezee In Coma After Being Run Over

Jay Meezee is in a medically-induced coma with crushed legs and extensive internal injuries after being run over by an SUV in New York.

Aspiring rapper Jay Meezee is in a medically-induced coma with crushed legs and extensive internal injuries after being run over by an SUV in New York, New York Sunday (September 29), according to

“There’s no hope for his back,” said Jay Meezee’s wife, Dayana Mejia-Meises. “They crushed his spine — broke it in two different places — so he will be forever, forever paralyzed.”

Jay Meezee, whose given name is Edwin Mieses, was participating Sunday in an unauthorized rally by stunt bikers, according to the story.

After a collision, Jay Meezee got off his motorcycle to help another biker who was struck in the collision.

“When all the bikers stopped, my husband got out, parked his bike to walk over to try to help his friend,” Dayana Mejia-Meises said to WBZ-TV, according to the story. “He walked over towards the front of the vehicle when, at this point, I don’t know what happened. The man was scared. The man just peeled off and ran over my husband.”

Mieses said Jay Meezee, who is also a studio engineer, has injuries to his heart, lungs and ribs and that he is paralyzed from the waist down. The couple has two children, ages 15 and 9, the story says.

The incident apparently started when a Range Rover allegedly driven by Alexian Lien bumped a motorcyclist on the Henry Hudson Parkway in New York Sunday, according to a video that allegedly captured parts of the incident.

When the group of motorcycles slowed down, which resulted in Lien stopping his vehicle, Lien later started driving and apparently ran over Jay Meezee, the video appears to show.  

Driver Who Ran Over Jay Meezee Faces No Criminal Charges

Lien, 33, is not facing any charges in the incident, according to the story.

“What’s more annoying is that he’s getting away with it,” Mejia-Mieses said, as per “What’s more annoying is that everyone is trying to blame the bikers for something that he did.”

Police said Lien feared that his family was in danger, which prompted his actions.

The video also shows two bikers apparently attacking Lien’s vehicle. Christopher Cruz, 28, was charged with reckless endangerment, reckless driving, endangering the welfare of a child and menacing, police said, as per He was due to be arraigned Tuesday (October 1).

Another biker wanted by authorities turned himself into police. He was suspected of punching out the windshield of Lien’s vehicle and had not been charged as of Tuesday, the story says.

Although it is not shown on the video, police said that Lien was removed from his vehicle and assaulted,

Lien was taken to the hospital where he needed stitches to his face, the story says. His wife and child were unhurt, the story says.

Police said the bikers were part of a group called the “Hollywood Stuntz,” says. 

Beyond the incident with Lien, 200 people complained to police Sunday that the bikers were driving recklessly in Manhattan, the story says.

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  • Daddy Fat Sacks

    It sucks to be a biker/rapper when the real rappers and the real bikers all think you are pathetic.

  • Grither X

    Lyrics: I'm on my drip trying to make my whole drip bubble, I'm I'm on I'm on I'm (annoying stock horn noise) I'm I'm on I'm I'm on, I'm on my drip trying to make my whole drip bubble, I'm in the icee-u look how dey don't see me struggle, I need some cocaine so cocaine will wake my brain, The dope game is lame cuz I broke my two legs mane, I need that money from the blocc so I don't go mane, My facebook page it be growing real slow mane, I guess I should've never messed with Mr. Lo-Mein.

  • Bryan

    He got what he deserved. What really bothers me is the others didn't get what they deserved. TRASH. Pretty tough ganging up on a family. Worthless fucking trash. Now my tax dollars are sustaining the life of this garbage. THAT pisses me off even more.

  • Anonymous

    Damn this dude and his ghetto wife are welfare bums! No wonder they hired an ambulance chaser to try and get some of this hardworking mans money! Now instead of being by her boyfriends side at the hospital shes doing a media tour crying for the cameras on every tv network!!! Notice how they interview her from the side so you cant see her neck tattoo!!!!!

  • MC Rod Munch

    is this halfbreed dead yet? he pays off surprisingly well in this month's DEADPOOL. :-D

  • Anonymous

    ...that little cunt Dayana Mejia, another little whore, worse than Miley Cyrus and I don't like her, I don't like her attitude. She is a cunt, I can break her fucking back - BREAK HER BACK, MAKE HER HUMBLE, AND THEN FUCK HER ASS! I am ready to do it to her old country way...make her humble - Suplex her, put her in a camel clutch, break her back, and then FUCK HER ASS- make her humble. Teach her to respect Asians!

    • Anonymous

      yeah she a bitch her husband has a rap sheet a mile long and she trying to paint him as this innocent world best father who was only trying to help. fuck outta here. gun chargers, cocaine dealing. nigga aint even got a license, plates or insurance so whats their excuse for that shit? if he was obeying the law he would still be able to walk and get his dick up

  • MC Tough Guy

    I'm glad that stupid talentless faggot is paralyzed.

  • Straight Facts

    I truly wish that the driver had plowed a whole bunch more of those thugs over and that Jay had ended up with a whole record company full of paralyzed douchebags. Hey Jay, you're a big baller now! Too bad you can't walk tough guy!

  • Anonymous

    heard hes changing his rap name to Jay Para-Paleezee

  • Anonymous

    I said you Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die Fuck Around, Lay Around, do or die "You figgedy fuck around, you lay around"

  • Anonymous

    Mieses also has 15 guilty findings for criminal offenses including distribution of cocaine, possession of a firearm without a permit, knowingly receiving stolen property, resisting arrest and several motor vehicle violations, court records show. Mieses was sentenced to jail in 2004 for distribution of cocaine, in 2001 for operating without a license, in 2000 for possession of a firearm, and in 1999 for possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property, destruction of property and attaching plates, according to court records.

  • Deedee

    Shame on you, Green Label, for lousy reporting! If you watched the video, you would know that Gloria Allred and the biker's old lady are full of shit.

  • Calvin

    Rapper, cocaine dealer, stolen property broker, neighborhood idiot, biker, crack whore impregnator, family terrorizer, now paraplegic wheelie maker. This guy had done it all.

  • Anonymous

    no sympathy for this nigga, I see. good.

  • Anonymous

    stupid ass bikers. they fucked up this kid meezes life. if they wudnt have been dooshes he wuda never got run over by accident.

  • Ja Rule Army

    the best part of this POS is his POS family claiming he is the 'victim' if you go to that [Justice for Edwin Jay Mieses - Jay Meezee] on facebook they keep deleting 'negative' comments yet keep painting the SUV driver as a criminal & that they were doing nothing wrong. slashing the SUV's tires on the highway is not 'doing nothing wrong'

    • Anonymous

      yeah theres dozens of videos of them fucking with cars and everyone on the roads... they attacked a toyota prius for trying to turn on a GREEN LIGHT. i guess they think they have the right of way!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now this fucking loser and his welfare bum family are trying to sue the SUV driver cause they found out he just happens to be worth millions!!!! You already know the judge gonna throw that one out as soon as they see this moron was banned from driving anything until 2017!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, the driver of the SUV had every right to run everybody the F over if he felt he was in danger. His whip was surrounded by dozens of motorcycles.

  • Anonymous

    Poor loser is crippled. Serves him and his gang right for what they did to that family in the SUV. They terrosized them because they had numbers.

  • Anonymous

    now hes gonna have to start a wheelchair gang! maybe drake will join

  • Anonymous

    Even if the lil accident was the SUV's fault its not Jay Meezee's responsibility to play Police Officer and stop the guy from driving or moving. You cant stop a free man from driving on a public highway with his family.

  • Anonymous

    To people unfamiliar with rap music this is just another rapper and they have a picture in their head about most rappers being like these guys in their bikes, we know this guy is nobody as a rapper but they don't. Now the general public becomes scared of anybody that claims to be a rapper and there's your new boogieman theory throwing hip hop under the bus even tho there's no relation to the incident. That's some grimy scare tactic journalism right there.

    • JDilla

      Exactly, just another no name rapper thinking he lives in a music video. Normally you take care of a fender bender with a police report and exchanging insurance info. But he sees a guy out with his wife and kid and wonders to himself; "Why am I out riding with all these gangster wannabe biker dudes when I don't have a valid license? I mean I could be at home with my kids. Wait. Is this SUV driver trying to say he's better than me because he is actually spending time with his kid? Yeah I think he is. I think I'm going to try to pull this guy out of his car and teach him a lesson. He's not allowed to drive on the highway when the Hollywood Stuntz Crew is here!" Squish Coma Ambulance ride Double Coma Wheelchair Motivational Speaker or "Aspiring Rapper" Disability Earner

    • Anonymous

      Hey, Hey HEY!.......Shut up.

  • Anonymous

    It funny cause all these morons are getting arrested from the videos they posted online themselves! How fucking stupid can you be, hey lets upload a video of our gang terrorizing a family and then attacking him!!! That will be a youtube smash!!!

  • T-Niggz

    Good, fuck him and his whole motorcycle "gang", fucking pussies beat up some asian nerd with his wife and daughter in the car. If these niggas pulled that shit with me, i come out blasting, end of story. NY is sick of these try hard lil punks thinking they in charge.

  • Joanne S. Gibson

    uptil I saw the bank draft which said $7776, I have faith that my friend was like realy bringing home money in their spare time on their computer.. there friends cousin haz done this for under eight months and as of now repayed the morgage on there villa and bourt a top of the range Lancia. my response

  • Ghost

    These motorcycle fuck boys deserved this shit. Don't be an idiot and this kind of thing won't happen.

  • TheHumburger

    Except there's no video evidence that he simply got off to help the other rider. In fact there's no evidence the other rider even fell to the ground. He just as well could have been attacking the SUV along with the other bikers. And the SUV didn't get into a collision. The biker in front of SUV purposely break-checked it, causing the SUV to bump its tire, forcing it to stop. Nice "reporting".

    • Anonymous

      i know!! you dont get in front of an SUV on your motorcycle when dozens of your road raging buddies are surrounding a man and his family with no way out....what the fuck he think was gonna happen.

  • Anonymous

    SHould have been wearing a real proper motorcycle helmet that covers your face, not one of those little ones that sit on top of your head so you can look cool!!! Sure you might still be paralyzed but atleast your kids and wife would be able to look at you without crying monster!

  • Anonymous

    Those Range Rovers are impressive! No wonder they cost so much you can mow down asshat bikes and keep on going until they get you at a red light and slash your tires and rip you outta the car in front of your child and beat you. Still though... I'd consider a Rover if I was ever in the market for a luxury SUV, fuck an escalade

  • Anonymous

    This dude ain't no rapper. Not one song available to hear, but he's a rapper. GTFOH

  • Ja Rule Army

    wanna have fun? facebook these moron: [Justice for Edwin Jay Mieses - Jay Meezee] all yours!!

  • Ja Rule Army

    do it for the asian homie! if you love your family do it for your fam! it could be any of ya.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This might just be exactly what he needed for balance (no pun) His rap career might blow up now he's in the news plus now he has some real ass fucking struggle to rap about because he was probably some bullshitter. I think he got what was coming to him, I think God just wanted to make his music more real. Either that or he wanted to wipe out a failing MC. This shit is a blessing in disguise and a curse for his thighs haha

  • Ja Rule Army

    oh and to add this shit: His pops runs some church and on his FB page wrote some shit to effect to not make his kid as a thug = backfired page got raided.......His mom or aunt or whoever the fuck made a Justice for Jay Meezee asking for donations n shit (guess what again.....also got bombarded) lesson of the day kids is don't bring a motorbike to a SUV fight

  • Whorida

    You have a wife and 2 kids and you join a stupid group like this that fucks with other motorists on the highway?

  • Ja Rule Army

    now you morons want to give this fool time. Give the SUV driver (the real victim) time too. Fuck I'm an aspiring rapper as well why don't ya dedicate a story for me too. My upcoming album is called "Trolling the trolls". My upcoming single is "dentaldamboy is my son"

  • Lophatchedda

    I heard Meezee is planning an album with Lil Wayne and Juelz called "I Can't Feel My Legs"

  • Anonymous

    Whites are trolling this story extra hard, LOL, it's something about Black people being injured or murdered that brings the utter joy out in whites. It's hilarious, I'm Asian and I don't suffer from this sickness.

    • Anonymous

      It has nothing do to with race. I would be shitting on anyone who pulled that shit on a man out with his family. He just happened to be a black man breaking the law, driving without insurance or a license and without proper protective gear... he had an open face helmet thats where all those facial injuries came from

    • Ja Rule Army

      1. he wasnt black 2. it aint white ppl stupid...NYers are tired of this shit these dumbasses doing this bike stunt all the time like they run the streets. Now they in trouble n trying to play the victim card. fuck him n fuck the coward ass bikers for throwing under

  • Manny Faces

    Two things. One, you play a dangerous game writing about actual news stories when you are not necessarily qualified to be an actual news writer. Two, "aspiring rapper" is not necessary. Was "rapper" on his tax return? I criticize "mainstream" media for always trying to tie hip hop into some negative event, it shouldn't also be coming from within.

  • Anonymous

    He didn't have a drivers license! They didn't have a permit and were trying to shut down the fucking freeway to do stunts!!! Fuck outta here he should have ran them all down.

  • No

    Aspiring rapper? haha. Yeah, him and everyone else. He was looking to jack the guy and his family by stopping right in front of him. Him and his crownies tried bullying this guy. Getting run over is probably terrible but you reap what you sow.

  • William

    no one noticed the bikers attacked after the run over? no one touched the suv before that

    • TheHumburger

      Sorry to burst your bubble:!/photo.php?fbid=331191363691540&set=a.331191360358207.1073741828.330237683786908&type=1&theater

    • Anonymous

      You cant see what was happening but what would you do if you were crusing with your fam, some dipshit brake checks you and you hit him so you stop and get surround by a swarm of ignorant bikes who've been intimidating you for miles.

  • Anonymous

    Look on the bright side homie! All it took was getting paralyzed and never walking again but at least you got your name on HipHopDX for a night! Thats sure to boost your rap career!

  • Anonymous

    what kind of fuck tard brake checks an SUV moving at highway speeds that ways 4000 pounds more than your lil crotch rocket!

  • freshyboi

    This fucking loser and sorry excuse for a rapper and human being didn't even have a drivers license or insurance! He was banned from driving until 2017 for a reason!

  • freshyboi

    Shit if that was me and they tried that shit I would have ran over them all.

  • Anonymous

    anyone who say the whole video knows he got what he had coming. you dont play in traffic mother fucker and you dont fuck with a man and his family. play stupid games, you get stupid prizes

  • TRE

    i bet the dude who felt it was necessary to come to a complete stop in front of the Range feels like an idiot now.

    • TheHumburger

      Nah they all just playing the victim now. Riding around causing all kinds of mayhem but when shit goes bad they turn around and say we're the victims here. Pretty fucking lame if you ask me. BTW, there's zero evidence the dude was just getting off his bike to help anyone, or that anyone even needed help. That's just his family making stories to make him look better.

    • TRE

      unless your saying it should have been him instead of his boy. i read it as sarcasm the first time

    • TRE

      no shit can you read? he got hit and his friend got ran over checking on him. which would not have happened if he didnt stop in front of a car on the highway. so yeah its his fault his buddy is paralyzed.

    • Anonymous

      its too bad he wasnt the one who got paralyzed

  • >_

    thats what happens when motorcycle douchebags think they are tough. Get hurt and cry.

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