Cam’ron recently refuted Jay Z’s claims on Drake’s “Pound Cake,” a song that features Jay Z rapping about making Cam’ron millions of dollars. During a recent interview, Cam’ron was asked if he was shocked that Jay Z mentioned him on “Pound Cake.”

“Not really shocked,” Cam’ron said in an interview with “That’s just mad random. I thought it came from nowhere basically. Just to clarify, I don’t think Jay was necessarily taking shots at me. I just stated the facts of the scenario. He said he made more millionaires than the Lotto did, but I knew Jay when he didn’t have a million, when none of us had a million, when Dame and them were on the come-up. I respect what all of us have done because I know where we all come from. But the way he put his lyrics [together] and made it seem like he made niggas money or put them in the place where they was supposed to be…He could’ve worded it like he helped niggas make more millions, instead of saying you made niggas millionaires.” 

Cam’ron’s response to Jay Z’s claims can be heard on his new mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. On “Come And Talk To Me,” Cam’ron refutes the notion that Jay Z made him a millionaire. 

“She said Jay made you a millionaire and looked me in the eyes,” Cam’ron raps on “Come and Talk To Me.” “Said cake, cake, cake, got that from the pies / We made each other millions, that was my reply / But had a mill before I met him, baby, that ain’t no lie.” 

Cam’ron addressed the track, saying he’s “fine” with how it’s been received. 

“It wasn’t nothing,” Cam said of the song. “But you know the streets and the blogs and the radio personalities turned it into whatever they wanted to turn it into. I’m fine with that.

On the aforementioned “Pound Cake,” Jay Z says he made several other people millionaires.  

“I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did,” Jay Z raps on the song. “Dame [Dash] made millions / [Kareem] Biggs [Burke] made millions / [Kanye West] made millions, Just [Blaze] made millions / Lyor [Cohen] made millions / Cam made millions.”

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