Danny Brown Says Miley Cyrus' Supporters In Rap Are Disingenuous

Danny Brown also likens Miley Cyrus to "the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills."

Danny Brown, set to release his upcoming album Old on October 8, says the project can be described as an "indie Rap" collection. 

"I’d say it's a Rap album, but it's an 'indie rap' album," Brown said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. "Indie Rap, you can tell it's no motives of making money behind it. It's just artistic expression. I know how to rap and I care about pushing the genre forward, being progressive. [Rap purists] are probably stuck in the early Nineties. For me, that sound is cool, that sound is great, but if we just continue to do that, where we gonna be in 10 years? 

During the interview, Brown also spoke about his recent criticism of Big Sean. 

"My point with Big Sean is that every time you hear him in an interview and every time he do anything, he's like, ''Cause I’m from Detroit. I’m from Detroit.' There’s ho-ass niggas from Detroit and there's gangstas in Detroit. Just being from a place doesn't dictate, doesn't mean anything. My whole point is about inspiring people to do things to get out of Detroit. Somebody like him hasn't been in Detroit forever, in years. He repping it like it's a cool place to be." 

In August, Brown said Sean was "spoiled" and "sheltered" due to his upbringing. Later, Big Sean said that he and Brown spoke about their differences

Brown had similar words for Miley Cyrus, who recently told Rolling Stone that she "really grew up" after spending a summer in Detroit. 

"Detroit's where I felt like I really grew up," she said in her cover story for the magazine. "It was only for a summer, but that's where I started going to clubs, where I got my first tattoo...without my mom's consent. I got it on 8 Mile."

Brown was asked about Cyrus' quote.

"She ain't live no Detroit experience," Brown said. "We can throw that out the window. I think she just trying to be cool. Personally, the reason that I don't like it is there's a lot of little girls that saw and looked up to Miley Cyrus as a little kid. Now they grown and they seeing what she doing. Somebody else can do that. You can be the one person who don't do that. What's your point? That you want to fuck black niggas or something? I don't get it. You just lost a nice-looking White dude, who was rich. Is he? I don’t know. I just know homeboy left Miley Cyrus and I say, 'Duh.'

Brown was also asked how he feels about men in Hip Hop who have endorsed Miley Cyrus' music and rapping. Cyrus, for example, appears as a rapper on Mike WiLL Made It's recent single "23," which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa, who have also publicly endorsed Cyrus. 

"I think anybody doing that just trying to eat," Brown said. "Ain't no nigga worried about their own music worried about her. Kendrick Lamar is not trying to do no song with Miley Cyrus. It's just like this, man. It's like the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills or some shit. You gonna be nice to her to get your plug or whatever you need to get. They trying to eat." 

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  • Cmon Man

    Dx, if you are fucking with Detroit you need to do something with Boldy James. Fuck weak ass Danny Brown.

  • Cmon Man

    As a dude who was born and raised in Detroit (Dexter/Linwood Area), Danny Brown don't represent us. He's a hipster fag. His main support come from white broads like Miley. He is actually a lame ass nigga who got turned out by a white girl from Royal Oak. Now he got a perm and tight ass pants. I get tired of hearing this nigga down the city. What does he do to help "the hood"? Danny Brown is a bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad somebody is speaking the truth about Miley. She has no place in real hip-hop culture. Just main stream radio culture; where you find the likes of wiz kalifa, French Montana and 'Mike WiLL Made It' (whoever the fuck that is).

  • wgfwrg

    Wow this is an amazing interview. Brown said alotta real shit that I believe 100% Smart nigga

  • Anonymous


  • Waddap

    Uhhh to anyone who wants to take up for Miley Cyrus, did you not see any of her kinky videos and sexual antics on TV? What damn rock you been hiding under without cable in it?

  • Info

    He's a lame ass fucker

  • Young Guwop

    That you wanna fuck Black niggas or something. Danny Brown is too hilarious. But Miley is trying to hard to fit in and not being herself at all.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown. Worst rapper ever? I don't care what he has to say tbh.

  • Anonymous

    Danny Brown with the realness for Miley and u little white kids trynna' be rappers or "Urban"

  • Anonymous

    is mike will made it even a rapper or just some guy that screams his name at the beginning of songs, i don't know.

  • COCA

    "the little White girl in the hood that might get you a plug on some pills" GREAT COMPARISON!!! I WOULDN'T BET AGAINST KENDRICK DOING A SONG WITH MILEY THOUGH...

    • yazdeep

      ^ to comment above. You stupid? If kendrick did a collab with lady gaga only to LEAVE IT OFF his major label debut cos he didn't feel it, then chances are high that he WONT do a collab with chicken bones over there.

    • Anonymous

      ^ to comment above. You stupid? If kendrick did a collab with lady gaga, then chances are high that he'll do a collab with chicken bones over there.

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here hes not desperate like big sean, mike will and wiz his shit went plat

  • marc

    1 summer in Detroit is not something that will make you grow up. Not to mention she most likely did a bunch of sight seeing and was driven around with a bunch of bodygaurds Shacked up in a Riverfront apartment downtown. She aint experience REAL Detroit life.

  • Anonymous


  • Youngindy21

    I don't much like Danny Brown (for many reasons including seeing him in concert and being underwhelmed) But he is speaking the truth. I wish more famous people would speak the truth like that. IDC that Miley like black guys but she is hanging with the wrong kinda black guys cus those rappers seem like they are being disingenuous. She's 20 and hanging out with a man that is 38 years old (Juicy J). It's like she is trying way too hard to rebel.

  • white women are the right women

    I'm disappointed in Danny Brown. His remarks are ignorant. Not all White women who listen to hip-hop are hoes chasing after Black dick. People are free to vibe to and listen to any music that they want. Beautiful and talented White women like Miley Cyrus should be praised and respected.


    Why the fuck are you (the writer) still capitalizing "White" while "black" remains lowercase? Shit is disrespectful, b.

  • Super Nigga

    Bout' time someone kept it real about Miley... Ish is stupid. She's an idiot.

  • Mickey

    Man Danny Brown just said the realist shit I ever read lol much respect.

    • dadukestin

      ^^damn quit being a grammer nazi yo shit is retarted

    • The Realist

      Let's be realistic here. You need some grammar lessons. If something is the most big, it's the biggest. biggEST. If something is the most high, it's the highest. highEST. If something is the most real, what is it? The realEST. REALEST! How fucking hard is that to remember? Tell your friends. It's realest. realest. That's the realest way to say most real.

  • dentaldamboy

    K dot sounds more like a white girl than Miley Cyrus. She grew up with hiphop and watned to be a rapper from day one. She grew up in the hoods.

  • Anonymous

    No lies were told tho..

  • niceone

    Realest shit. look at that. Maybe you guys listened or missed the irony completely. Last week DX were supporting Cyrus in rap, now Danny Brown saying anybody who supports Cyrus in rap is disingenuous. Does this make DX disingenuous.


      ^^ DX pushes nothing but garbage, so them pushing garbage hows exactly what they support, and what kind of site this is... GARBAGE.

    • Anonymous

      DX is just showing Hip Hop news, rappers views.. DX does not necessarily endorse every single rappers view

  • Anonymous

    It's the nature of the beast. Kendrick Lamar, A$ap, Juicy J, French, T.I., 2-Chainz etc etc are all trying to tap into the White Girl Energy by doing collabs with white women so they can boost their sales by catering to the white buying demographic. These artists know that if they co-sign these white pop chicks they can tap into the highly lucrative white-girl-market who buy CDs in the abundance and support your singles....Nicki Minaj has built a career off white females. Kendrick Lamar worked this formula so well that most people didn't even notice.

    • Anonymous

      ^ to benben...who are you talking about exactly? All those niggas worked with white women to get some money off that demographic with the most disposable income this side of the gotdamn planet. kendrick - lady gaga. asap - lana del rey. TI - iggy azalea, etc. That Hip Hop shit you hear on the radio is ALL targeted towards the young white women demographic.

    • benben178

      Idk what you talking about, he only did one show with Robin and that was because of the song. He wasn't trying to work with Miley Cyrus. He's not the type he leeches off a white woman to get sales. So must disagree... Now as much as I would love to defend A$AP and TI I can't because you are right.

  • Anonymous


  • EarthToneDaProducer


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