Cam'ron Refutes Jay Z's "Pound Cake" Claims

Cam'ron responds to Jay Z's claims on "Pound Cake," where the rapper says he made Cam'ron a millionaire.

Cam'ron has responded to Jay Z's line on Drake's "Pound Cake," where the rapper says he made Cam'ron a millionaire. 

"She said Jay made you a millionaire and looked me in the eyes," Cam'ron raps on "Come and Talk To Me" off his recently released mixtape, Ghetto Heaven Vol. 1. "Said cake, cake, cake, got that from the pies / We made each other millions, that was my reply / But had a mill before I met him, baby, that ain't no lie." 

Cam'ron released two albums prior to signing with Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella Records. Released via Epic Records, Cam'ron's debut solo album, 1998's Confessions of Fire, was certified gold by the RIAA. Cam'ron's second album, S.D.E., was released in 2000. Given Cam'ron's likely income from album sales, merchandise, touring, endorsements and other revenue streams, it is probable that he generated at least $1 million before he signed with Jay Z's imprint. 

On the aforementioned "Pound Cake," Jay Z says he made several other people millionaires.  

"I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did," Jay Z raps on the song. "Dame [Dash] made millions / [Kareem] Biggs [Burke] made millions / [Kanye West] made millions, Just [Blaze] made millions / Lyor [Cohen] made millions / Cam made millions." 

Cam'ron joined Jay Z's Roc-A-Fella in 2001. Cam'ron was named Vice President of the imprint in 2002, the year he also released his third solo album, the platinum-selling Come Home With Me

After Jay Z and his Roc-A-Fella partners parted ways in 2004, Cam'ron made "You Got To Love It," a diss track aimed at Jay Z. On the song, Cam'ron chastised Jay Z's use of sandals, likened him to a camel and claimed Jay Z stole Roc-A-Fella Records, Roc-A-Wear clothing and Kanye West from Dame Dash. 

Cam'ron's "Come and Talk to Me" can be heard below. Cam's mixtape can be streamed on HipHopDX via Datpiff

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  • Anonymous

    Ems Relapse sold 2 million, Recovery Sold 4.5 Million. Why?, Relapse was disappointing. Interscope had a version of Relapse that could of sold easily 4 million. Check out this site to hear it.

  • JhonDaAnalyst

    Cam had liquor stores and all that poppin waaaay before him and Jay ever sat in the same room together

  • Anonymous

    "e forreal tho yo if you got 1.01 your not gonna consider youself a millionaire" Agreed. Liken it to someone who signs a sports contract and makes say 1.5 million their first season. That's alot of money, but in comparison to someone making $20 mill that season, it's chump change. Cam probably had the prospects lined up to make millions, but I doubt he had millions.

  • Anonymous

    "Confessions of fire Purple Haze SDE" Horse and Carriage was his only good song. The rest was wack garbage.

  • The Fuck

    Cam can't rap for shit. Tryna diss Jay nigga. He'd ruin Camron's WHOLE career. OOP. He did it all by himself. Cam is like Chief Keef, Lil B and Soulja Boy in one.

    • Dame Dash

      @NAW you're a dumb fuck, he has other classics than that, u forgot "I really mean it", "More than music", "I love you"..

    • TRU TALK

      ^You wasting your time son it will never click for these kids from the burbs !!!!

    • Anonymous

      You people are the reason hip hop should fucking die Confessions of fire Purple Haze SDE The above albums shit on 89% of the euro pop shit you nerds thinks is hot

    • ^ Naw

      I admit Camron had SOME good tracks back in the day. His flow is stupid (bad)though. Purple Haze had some good tracks like "Down and Out" with Kanye, but it was not a classic bruh. Second, I think his "Come home with me" album is what did it for him with tracks like "Oh Boy" and "Hey Ma"... He aint shit now though.

    • ^

      purple haze was a classic

  • Anonymous

    weak, who cares? he's towering over you now and he made it there by being better than you.

  • Low life's

    [Jay-Z:] I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me Every little city I go, fuck me Shawty mustve heard, got the word, I move that D Had it by a bladder, she like "oh I gotta pee" Ran into a Rothko in my restroom Singer slash actress in my bedroom God I have the ticket for a walk through Everything that do is big I talk big money, I talk big homes I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome Million dollar voice, came through phone We heading to the top, if you coming, come on Im Flying out to Pisa, just to get some pizza Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa Sex on the beach, left love speechless They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up Whats up Y'all and broke cam are upside down cakes.... Get a life bitches

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    Cam'ron smokes Jay z.. Tell me how Jay is better without metioning finnacial success, or flow cause jay flow and content is weak as fuck

    • Anonymous

      no it isnt. jays flow might be the best ever.

    • TRE

      Reasonable Doubt, In My Lifetime Vol. 1, The Blueprint 1 & 2, The Black Album >> any album Cam'ron ever made Cam maybe has 3-4 decent songs per album but other then that he is trash. The Diplomats were trash too they just had some great production

  • Anonymous


  • t6h7y8ujhkji

  • superkicks88

    shit all this talk about a million i want one lol..but cam just basically said i had money before i met and after the dude but jay-z basically said when cam was with the roc he made millions.

  • Anonymous

    Ems Relapse sold 2 million. Recovery Sold 4.5 Million. Why?, Relapse was disappointing. Interscope had a version of Relapse that could of sold easily 4 million. Check out this site to hear it.

  • imho

    jay wasnt trying to say he made cam him first million. he was just syaing dealing with him he made him millions.

    • clevelandchief

      Kinda like Jay saying he made a million off the Nets but would have done it for free? Then calling them dweebs... Sensitive ass niggas I swear...

    • Anonymous

      exactly, people interpret things the way they want ,so ignorant. listen to what Jay saying , he made more millionaires than the lotto did, its a figure of speech

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  • Anonymous

    Cams got a point still. That was his own grind. And while I used to hate on dipset back in the day, they had their own energy.

  • Jay

    Dead man walking...RIP to the entire Dip Set. It hurts to even see a new video from any of these guys. I would not walk across the street to see any of them.

  • Anonymous

    Hear Relapse how it should of been heard here.

  • d-nucks

    who cares who had millions when and whenever...this is dumb....

  • yep

    i think the thing to really look at... is damn that is a wack line Jay

    • clevelandchief

      How about Jay acting like he did biggs and dame a favor. Ungrateful motherfucka yall was partners. And last time I checked you raped them in the end.

  • Tree

    it's always good when one line can get people riled up...and listening to a Camron response is powerful! lol


    But Jay Z did say "I made more millionaires than lotto" before that so I guess I do see where Cam could feel a certain way about it.


    I don't get it. Jay Z said, "Cam made millions", he didn't say he made Camron a millionaire he said, "Cam made millions" which I'm sure he did make millions while he was on Rocafella. Is Camron denying that he made millions while on Rocafella?

  • Mack

    Mr. Tardio good Hip-hop reporting.

  • dat dude

    cam trash my dude right here sick tho

  • lapetitecollette

    hiphop dx is reachin' big time.

  • Mecc

    This dude is trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not A Donk

    I just want to make sure everyone knows that $1M literally means you're a millionaire, not $1M and one cent u donks. Jay was just talking on that song just like on every other song. He did play a role in making millions for CAM just as CAM did for him. There's nothing agressive about what he said he at all.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Love all you cats talking about people "falling off". You prob haven't even had a paycheck over 100 bucks. Stop Hating.

  • Antholek4

    Gucci is some real trash, and he's a codine head to top it off.

  • EWAY

    Who gives a Fuck!...Ya'll both got money...EAT! And Ya'll on here worried about people who have more money than all us put together...Fuck they money get you some!

  • Anonymous

    "You mean the pool at his vacation home in Florida" Did you have a sleep over?

  • chilly

    u a lie if you say its not a dope mixtape, Cam always got the best skits too. Beats are on point. listen to my beats nigguhs & stop playing, email me too if you need somethin' -

  • Anonymous

    He said he had a million before he met jay,Isnt that singular? ,Jay said he made him a millionaire which is having more than the million he had before they met, so Cam really isnt saying Jay is lying he just said they made each other millions.Basically saying he wasnt just eating off Jay,they ate off each other

    • Anonymous

      Be forreal tho yo if you got 1.01 your not gonna consider youself a millionaire be honest and he said Cam made millions not 1.01 lol

    • Scrilla Scram

      1.01 million is more than a million so anything a penny above 1M is millionaire status.

  • Gucci The Realest

    Who gives a fuck about Cam'Ron. Nigga ver had one classic album and is stock in weak albums and definitely not as street as Gucci.

  • Anonymous

    Cam destroyed himself when he filmed that ridiculous ass video with that small ass pool in the back.

    • Anonymous

      butthurt stan going all out while telling us all about his life.

    • Anonymous

      sorry but that video was a joke. cam standing in front of his lil ass pool in his boxer shorts. neighbors houses like 10 feet away lol

    • E.

      You mean the pool at his vacation home in Florida. I bet you don't even own one spot. I bet you don't even rent your own spot. I bet you don't even have a whip of your own. talking on the next man pool at a place that probably worth more then anything you have ever set foot in. talking on a next mans pool and shit. GTFOH

  • Anonymous

    jay-z is such a political little pussy. always talks shit and hides his hands. type to say something and drive off. cam destroyed jay z on you gotta love it and alls jay z did was diss jim jones. jay z dissing beanie sigel waaay after the fact. little pot shot on a drake album. jigga is a pathetic old man when it comes to confrontation. here come the jay z super fans saying cam is a loser and jay is a boss, magna carta was ass and jay-z is a washed up puss. cam mixtape destroys magna carta. samsung made that album a success, because it failed on its own. jay plays the sales game but wants to be accepted by the hipster indy crowd. jay also got ate on welcome to ny city.

    • Marligold

      without the deal with samsung, MCHG just was certified platinum today... so how did it fail. how many rap albums been platinum the last 3 years. all i know is Cam anint had one nor has he had one since he was with roc-a-fella. Case closed. yall all hate. the dude is 43 years old. y would he still be talkin about the streets. yall them types of dudes that will 30 40+ talkin bout i got the dope game on lock and im street this street that. Grow up.

    • E.

      Jay wack that better for you.

    • Anonymous

      jay is so wack that you have to write a book to convince people about it. off yourself.

  • mrny718

    He said Cam made millions. Not he made him a millionaire. He made millions while on the Roc. That is all.

    • alonzo

      ya but he says "lyor made millions" and Lyor Cohen is Without a doubt a millionaire before Jay-Z ever got involved in his life. So I think for some people he made them millionaires, Kanye for example. Others he just made them millions on top of their millions (Lyor, Camron etc. etc.) and beanie a faggot. and jay is lame now, hasnt been dope for years. Pound Cake shoulda had 3 drizzy verses and it woulda been doper, jay just came through with his generic ass shit

    • alonzo

      *lyor cohen WAS a millionaire before Jay ever got involved...

    • Anonymous

      No the line before clearly says he made more millionaires then the lotto. Then he rattles off all the names. Cam and everyone else knows what Jay-Z meant.

    • Anonymous

      "I done made more millionaires than the Lotto did"

  • E.

    I will say Cam had a milli before the Jay-Z days. Plus who gives a shit grab his new mixtape its straight fire.

  • Whorida

    "Horse & Carriage" with Ma$e was his biggest record before Roc-a-fella and it was a pretty big hit to get him a million or 2.

  • Anonymous

    Now place in Pound Cake does Jay say he made millions for Cam. he says that all of the people mentioned made millions

  • Anonymous

    cam wasnt a millionaire before rocafella, maybe a hundred thosandaire but he was definetly not trapping

    • Anonymous

      this nigga cam had one hit and whole lot of budget from Columbia then got dropped for going triple wood. Singles didn't make money back then, (pre ringtones & itunes numbers) Cam made 100,000 from that first deal at best...

    • killa

      Biggest rap deal all time next to snoop

    • Chris

      S.D.E. definitely made him a millionaire if he wasn't before that. Cam had Jay's wifey featured on there before SHE was a millionaire!!! Lol

  • DJ Game

    i still fuck with cam.

  • Anonymous

    He made Freeway thousands.

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