Drake Says He Lost Respect For Kendrick Lamar's Sentiments On "Control"

UPDATE: Video released as Drake also says Kendrick Lamar went halfway with his verse on Big Sean's "Control."

Drake has spoken about Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control." Drake addressed the matter during an interview for CRWN with Elliott Wilson in New York University's Skirball Center. 

“That ['Control'] verse was a moment to talk about," Drake said, as reported by Miss Info and Vibe. "Are you listening to it now?”

Drake, who said it was "all love" when he saw Lamar days later, also explained why he lost respect for "the sentiments" behind Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Control."

"He didn’t come in there on some wild, ‘I’m in New York, fuck everybody.’ I almost wish he had come in there on that shit because I kind of lost a little bit of respect for the sentiment of the verse,” Drake said. “If it’s really ‘fuck everybody’ then it needs to be ‘fuck everybody’. It can’t just be halfway.”

Drake also addressed the Kendrick Lamar verse in a recent interview with Billboard.

"I didn't really have anything to say about it," Drake said. "It just sounded like an ambitious thought to me...I know good and well that Kendrick's not murdering me, at all, in any platform...When that day presents itself, I guess we can revisit the topic."

The CRWN interview, filmed over the weekend, has not aired. Part 1 of the CRWN interview series presented by Myspace will air on myspace.com Wednesday, September 25. It will air in 3 parts. Past CRWN interviews were done with J. Cole and Macklemore. 

(September 23)

UPDATE: Part 1 of Drake's interview for CRWN was released today. The excerpts above were from this interview. In the full clip, Drake says more regarding this matter.

"He's the new guy to love and rightfully so," Drake says in the clip regarding Kendrick Lamar. "He's super talented...That verse was a moment to talk about. Are you listening to it now, at this point in time? But it was real cool for a couple weeks. But if I ask you, for example, how does that verse start? Mind you, it'll go on and Complex or Rap Radar will give it 'Verse of the Millennium' and all that shit or whatever...I remember somebody asked if Kendrick Lamar is my biggest competition in this generation. I think Kendrick has the utmost potential. I see Kendrick tomorrow, I'ma dap him. I didn't feel a way about the verse. I get it. I get the moment. And I know that verse had no malice behind it because I saw him five days later at the VMAs and it was all love.

Drake Says He Aspires To Surpass Kanye West

"When it comes to competition, I'm more about consistency," Drake continued. "I'm more worried about bodies of work. I'm talking about hit records. I'm basically talking about, there's one guy who's up every night thinking about how to get better and how to do things bigger. That's Kanye West. He's always gonna be the guy that's trying to outthink and outdo. So, for me, that's my guy that I aspire to surpass. 

"As far as Kendrick goes, I can't wait to see what he does," Drake added. "Now it's time to show and prove. It's been one album. Consistency, you need more than one album. It's time to show and prove. I look forward to seeing what he does. He's fuckin' super talented. Cheers to Kendrick Lamar." 

CRWN, presented by MySpace, can be viewed below.

CRWN x Drake, Ep. 1: NWTS, Rivals and Idols from CRWN on Myspace.

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  • Konner Frederic

    Surpassing Kanye is gonna be hard, since Kanye takes much more control over his music. The arrangement, production... Kanye is actually pretty god damn respectable, and not half as inconsiderate a person as he's made out to be. A lot of his self-consciousness comes off as arrogance to the tabloids, but I'm pretty convinced he's a good person

  • Leah

    Oh shut the fuck up Drake, you pussy.

  • Ricco

    ANYBODY Who Says Drake Is A Better Rapper Than Kendrick Is A Big Fan Of MAINSTREAM Music. Kendrick Is Bringing Back The True Essence Of Hip Hop The Shit They Were Rocking On Street Corners In The 80's He Has A Real Message Behind His Music That's Why He Gets Most Of My Respect Along With The Whole T.D.E Industry . You Say That Drake Is A True MC? You HAVE TO BE Smoking On Bathsalt. C'mon Son

  • Anonymous

    "No one turned against Kendrick at all" I'm not big on lists, but you know the names of the people who shot fire back at the new Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

  • Anon

    Drake comes across as real bitter, trying to downplay K-Dot when he's shining brighter than him. GKMC will win a Grammy, and Kendrick already has TWO classic albums. Drake has yet to make a classic album, just throwaway pop records and club tracks.

    • Anon

      Yeah Kendrick has TWO classic albums. Just because Section 80 was released independently doesn't mean it doesn't count. Section 80 is what got Kendrick noticed by the industry. Drake has ZERO undisputed classic albums.

    • Anonymous

      Arrow guy is another dumb Drake stan.

    • Anonymous

      Two classics? lol He's only released one mainstream album.

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit. Drake is coming off as a champion. GKMC will not win a grammy at all while Drake won best rap album over NAS for Take Care. That makes Take Care a classic album.

  • TDE Bitch!

    You looking like an easy come up ya bish A silver spoon I know you come from ya bish" These K-Dot lines fit Drake perfectly. Drake is a bitch, Kendrick broke the Internet and had even mainstream (white) newspapers covering his Control verse. Drake is jealous, sees he's not getting any attention for his emo-rap new album and starts dissing. He does not really want it with Kendrick..

  • Anonymous

    ja rule gon put an end to kendricks career in 2014.

  • Cutter

    Do you really care if this pop queen responses or not? When you mention great MC's will you ever mention Drake??? A true MC would response in some fashion but this queen is no true MC he's a crooner that raps. Credit him for knowing when to duck confrontation that would cost you fans, money and stans!!!

  • Andrew

    me thinks Drake doth protest too much, jealoussssss

  • OPP

    Can't believe Drake is dating Manziel, I knew Drake was a femboy but I honestly had no idea Johnny Football was gay. What a sad time.

  • Anonymous

    Drake would murder this squirrel-looking fag in a battle. Kendrick should be glad that Drake didn't decide to off him with one line.

    • leah

      You have got to be taking the fucking piss lmao, Drake could not touch Kendrick on a lyrical level. He couldn't even fucking dream of it, compared to Kendrick, Drake is a piece of shit on the bottom of a shoe. You dumb fuck.

    • Anonymous

      What's Drake gonna do, sing to him to death? LMAO Drake doesn't stand a chance against Kendrick lyrically.

    • Anonymous

      Biggest joke of the millennium.What's Drake gonna do, sing at him to death? LOL. Kendrick's a real lyricist. He could murder Drake without even trying.

  • Anonymous

    Drake may be on a higher money platform but he is a Canadian sweetheart pussy. Kendrick is a real rapper

  • Anonymous

    Drake a chump Nas and Jigga went to of the greatest ever to rock the microphone now their working together . So for Drake to catch feelings is lame didn't he say he was coming for the throne and Jigga and Kanye took with a grain a salt



  • TMZ

    Drake Diss Kendrick Lamar ! http://tinyurl.com/mbthsgt

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick ain't even there yet. Drake is way ahead of him, like 10 levels above kendrick. why will drake go at him to sell records. come with a better comment. ^ reason 1 to hate drake and his faggot ass fanbase

    • SleepGhost


    • real

      Yes, when it comes to record sales K.dot isnt touching Drake but records sales does not classify you as the best rapper. Drake makes better radio cutsbut when it comes to straight bars, K.Dot is better than Drake. And when he says noone can say how the verse starts, people might have the same problem with some of Drakes songs. Drake speaking on this situation shows its touch him a certain way. Drake music is great but as a lyricist K. Dot is the truth

    • ^

      Everything you say is BULLSHIT!!

  • Anonymous


  • mannn

    also, he said no one's checkin for that song. NOT TRUE, "control" didnt even make it on Big Sean's album and its gotten more radio play then Sean's "beware" single w/ wayne.

  • mannn

    Drake is GASSED and butt hurt. You can tell in his comments. Everyone else loved the verse and knew what it did for hip hop, Drake's just mad cuz Kendricks the first person to really challenge his spot. Kendrick has lyrics and hits just like drake. Drakes got two major albums over Kendrick so give it to albums time and we'll see who the true king is

    • ^

      Everything you say is BULLSHIT!

    • ^

      No, they didn't. No one turned against Kendrick at all; he didn't even diss anyone. Drake ain't murdering anyone. Think before you speak, dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      No its not a joke. Everyone not linked to hiphopdx turned against kendrick. There's so much hate for drake and all drake was doing was murdering k dot.

    • ^

      Is that a joke? Nothing you say is true.

    • Anonymous

      Who exactly is everyone else? lol Almost the entire industry shot back at him. That's not a positive thing, and Drake being where he is right now has the right to react negatively to it. He's not afraid of Kendrick. He feels sorry for the big earred freak.

  • Anonymous

    cry baby drake! just go back to being wheel chair jimmy industry thuggin ass jew

  • const

    you comment was epic fail hahahlol

  • WinkDiggyFunkMasta

    I hope Drake knows that good kid, m.A.A.d. city is better than any album he has released. However, Drake is a great artist with a lot of talent and he has made some awesome songs. His first two albums are good as well. He doesnt have a GKMC under his belt though. He is a bigger star, has sold more albums, and has more money, but he can't mess with Kendrick on making a classic album. Nothing Was The Same is up there, but I will have to take a few more listens to determine if it truely compares to GKMC. Murdering? Maybe not. But 2012 was the year Kendrick. We'll see what the future holds for these guys.

  • Young White Boy

    Kendrick aint on drake's level that why he as lost respect for him drake is just to good for these industry rappers go home

  • Anonymous




  • Anonymous

    I lost respect for drake when I heard his music.

  • Drakes Gay

    Is it me or is Drake starting to sound hella gay in these interviews? I lost respect for Drake over the Kendrick shit, this nigga really took that verse to heart which lets me know this dude ain't got no bars... This nigga don't want to see that Bar raised high, he ain't tryna jump and get it he better off trying to skydive; out the exit window of 5 G5's with 5 grand. Sincerly, Drakes Gay

  • sxxx9


  • 2Music3

    "[Kendrick] is giving people moments," he said of the "Control" verse. "But are you listening to it now, at this point in time? Okay... It was real cool for a couple weeks." But, he continued: "If I asked you, for example, how does that verse start?" Wilson came up empty. "Mind you, it'll go on-- Complex and Rap Radar will give it like, verse of the millennium and all that shit or whatever." Point Drake. -- Pitchfork (where there are no trolls)

  • melo

    Calm down people, this droopy eyed queer just selling records. He knows damn well Kendrick didnt violate him. Drake is tryna sell CD's so what better way to do it, simply go at the nigga Kendrick. Drake trys too hard to be tough...Hes glass, we can all see through.

    • Anonymous

      10 times above kendrick's level? sounds like u blowing drake dick a little. he wont respond cause hes too much of a bitch to do it and wants to remain being the bitch his teeny bopper fans worshipp like yourself haha

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha melo is an idiot

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick ain't even there yet. Drake is way ahead of him, like 10 levels above kendrick. why will drake go at him to sell records. come with a better comment.

  • Anonymous

    Haha all these Drake haters can do is call his fans dick riders... Arent you supposed to stick up for your favorite rappers? Get some real shit to say cause it sounds like you aint got none

    • Anonymous

      "Get some real shit to say cause it sounds like you aint got none" ^ right back at you corn pop

    • Anonymous

      you are dickriders when the only arguements u have to defend drake is overusing the word "hater" and when u make dumb generic arguements thats not based on the merit of his music or talent, but his record sells, money and popularity. besides, you guys are defending the man as if you guys personally know him, so guess what, if it sounds like u dick-riding u, thats what u gonna get called unless u can come with solid logical arguements

  • yugang

    "He didnt come in there on some wild, Im in New York, fuck everybody. I almost wish he had come in there on that shit because I kind of lost a little bit of respect for the sentiment of the verse, Drake said. If its really fuck everybody then it needs to be fuck everybody. It cant just be halfway. ^^all this coming from a man who doesn't even want to release a response to kendrick let alone even having the balls to do a control-like verse his damn self.

    • fhdfh

      how is that a dumb comment? makes perfect since to me

    • yugang

      ^^hmm, lets see: drake is saying he's disappointed cause apparently kendrick didn't go-in hard enough and felt he held back and half-assed it. drake NEVER made a verse like this in his career, drake never made tracks to show his competitive spirit as a mc/lyricist in his career, and he basically admits he doesn't want to do anything of the sort. He has the odasity to talk about being disappointed in kendrick not going-in all the way when drake (who talks a big game as a rapstar) has NEVER done anything like that himself. Clown ass nigga, i ask you, Whats dumb or untruthful about that??

    • Anonymous

      Haha this is the dumbest comment on here

  • sam

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  • Anonymous

    oh yeah check out reverbnation/crownking

  • Anonymous

    check out reverbnation/crownking

  • Anonymous

    After what happened with Common I expect him to talk down any friction he encounters, he knows it ain't smart to go at another lyricist that's in a crew of equally if not nicer dudes that probably compete amongst themselves keeping themselves sharp and honest, than having yes men around. It's been month anyway he should've been over it by now, so why is this still on his mind?

    • ^

      You're wrong about everything.

    • Anonymous

      Common acted like a 10 year old who was mad at Drake for playing with his toys. Then Lonny turned around and praised Drake cause he knew his little publicity stunt backfired. The real kings don't have to say a word to win a battle. Remember that sport.

  • 614grind

    Of course Drake is tight at Kendrick for raising the bar. Drake wants everybody to play by his rules, which are touch instead of tackle. Sorry Aubrey, Hip Hop is a full contact sport. "Lost respect" is just Drake's way of saying he's disappointed that Kendrick doesn't need him.

  • Anonymous

    Fuck me!! Just heard on the radio the Drake is in a relationship with Johnny Football. How in the fuck is this possible?

  • WTF

    You guys are the Biggest bunch of haters I've seen in my life. You guys live such shitty lives that you have to hate on someone to make yourselves fell better a bout the failures you've become. I don't think drake cares about a bunch of no name idiots calling a fag when he's hit way better chick thank you butt lickers have ever dreamed of, And next time when your short on your rent money maybe you can ask drake to hire you guys to clean his house for him,.,.. Haters!!

  • Anonymous

    wait, drakes dating a man ??

  • Anonymous

    Damn, even ESPN is saying that Drake & Manziel were seen on a romantic date last weekend, there goes the season for the Aggies, WTF!

  • Anonymous

    wait till kendrick and cole drop

  • Anonymous

    ya'll dickriding kendrick too much.

  • Devin doby

    These subtle KDot disses are seriously cracking me up.

  • kang

    yes i'd like to gift drake some wet wipes, depends, and a gold iphone cuz him deserve to be happy lmao

  • fxxx654

    hey its sarah from emo store anyone need help with um lol

  • Anonymous

    can somebody kill this annoying faggot.

  • Harry

    Watch out haters, with Drake finally settling down with his new man Manziel there is going to be so much attention on those 2. I don't ever remember a gay couple with more star power. I applaud Manziel for coming out as well, I'm so excited!!

  • Anonymous

    kendrick better than drake but kendrick just kendrick drake is whack

    • drizzy!

      @Anonymous (the one that is less likely to be gay): Mainstream sellout?! None of Drake's mixtapes were straight up rap albums, so why would you even bother to make that comment? Dude has never claimed to be "only a rapper". When he was underground and doing tracks with Phonte and Nickelus F. he was doing the same stuff he is now.

  • Anonymous

    i hate drake i hate mgk i hate young money i hate mainstream sellouts

  • kang

    drake the type of nigga to get "WELCOME" tatted on his back. with his doormat ass lol. he know he can;t really get at kendrick tho

  • drakespeepee

    Drake's new album is called Nothing is the Same but it sounds the same as all of his other songs.. and he thinks he can sing! Lol. Kendrick's lyrics are 10 times smarter than Drakes. Drake can flow and that's about it..

    • Anonymous

      how to the fuck cares about drake only fake hiphop fans like him if ur dedicated to hip hop ur not listening to drake

  • tha OG

    Fuck Drake pussy ass soft nigga!!!!

  • DarkSkin

    drake is the only one butt hurt talking about i cant do a song withhim after that....thats cool J.Cole will he lightskin but he aint soft like a drake sponge

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is so butthurt LOL

  • Anonymous

    man hhdx dick rides drake sooo hard, I mean out of all the front page topics, drake is in at least 5 of them, and mention and some of others sub topics...come on hhdx

  • casillasj2002

    Obviously the sensitive r&b singer needs to get over it. make a hip hop album, stop singing about how rihanna left you. Pusha t just released a song with kendrick, j cole praised it, and so did everyone else.

  • Saltiness

    Yeah Drake a little salty...this new era generation of rappers are great and I love the resurgence. But, the biggest knock against them is that their debut albums don't live up to the mix tapes...Drake, BIG Sean, J Cole, etc...Kendrick definitely did, sold units, has been killing every feature, and finished only about $1 million less than Drake on this year's Forbes list. So Drake, who considers himself a premier veteran, better watch out for the "new blood." Because he's killing him lyrically IMO and he's gaining on him financially, which is something YOUNG MONEY bases its success on.

    • RealKnowledge144

      sorry brah in my humble opinion Section 80 was better then his actual album. But honestly neither of them are good all the way threw in my opinion. He is getting placed on the throne because all his peers suck!!!!! When i was coming up in the 90's that Control verse wouldn't have been shit, and Drake would mos def not be shit either. Kendrick is NOT the God emcee. There a lot of legends that are still alive that deserve the title more than him. Kendrick is getting cocky and all this ish is going to his head I CAN TELL

  • je

    Drake is totally right. K-Dot isn't murdering him at all. Nope. He's straight up DECIMATING his weak ass. Its beyond murder. K-Dot going hard against Drake would be like child abuse.

  • brandon

    Kendrick verse wasn't even a diss, but Kendrick did go halfway on the verse in a sense that he didn't need to say it was competition. Why are you giving a disclaimer about your intentions are on the verse?? Why say it's just competition, especially when you say you down with all the rappers you mentioned. Just say you coming for they head and leave it at that! The verse was over sensitized by everybody!

  • Anonymous

    Drake talking slick, this comp between them ain't going away any time soon. Watch.

  • da1

    ill give him that the song came and went, it was just so he could cross over a million sold. drake and kendrick the same person though singing and rappin. except kendrick got those styles though

  • colemaidzt

    Drake is wack, do never comapre him to great rappers like kdot

  • shameek

    drake is a joke, step ur game up and then you can talk

  • korchids

    drake is pathetic, obviously the worst artist of this gen, he doesn't want it with kendrick

  • friberg

    drake is sitting on average albums while kendrick is already sitting on a future classic

  • klastino555

    drake is not good enough to challenge the best rapper alive: kendrick

  • Anonymous

    "Drake has NEVER gone 2X Platinum unless you are talking outside America" The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 chart, selling 631,000 copies in its first week. By April 7, 2013, it had sold 2,003,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

  • drake runs rap

    only internet nerd virgins are fans of kendrick people who actually live the yolo life style and get pussy support drake

  • drake runs rap

    drake is the king of this rap shit drake is known world wide most of the people in the U.S don't even know who kendrick is. He is irrelevent when comparing to drake compare rappers like jay z and eminem but kendrick what a joke.

  • Anonymous

    drake is right believe it or not,if your going to go at people its stupid if you state your love for them

  • Anonymous

    Listening to too much Drake can get your man card revoked.

  • lol


  • DavidDanielz

    Drake clearly isn't saying a word. He isn't real hiphop, he wasn't made that way. He's very kiddish, I heard from a friend in Vegas he was popping molly and high fiving people all night long. This is what rap turned into. Pop shit but no real moves are ever made. At least Kendrick had something to say and had everyone talking. Drake when have you ever done that? You will never have respect from real hiphop heads.

  • BG

    I applaud Drake for being himself, it is tough to tell people you are gay & he does it in the spot light, props to him. I am not gay but I will continue to support him.

  • deez

    dear drake, get over it. you sound like a lil girl

  • Julie Young

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    • Anonymous

      I'm still waiting to hear about your pussy hair babe, also does your asshole have hair around it? I'm starting to like that in a lady

  • 614grind

    Says the dude who ONLY sends indirect shots at people. Drake is a politician, man. He'll do anything to avoid confrontation and then tries to use reverse logic to make it look like he won. Kendrick said your name, bruh. How is that halfway?

    • ^

      You're an idiot. There's no beef involved. It's just Kendrick telling other rappers to step their pen game up.

    • eh

      but he said he got love for him and everyone he mentioned. drake is right, dont be halfway if your gunna make statements like that, thats why beefing is wack nowadays, it aint real cause there all friends

  • Anonymous

    he did that subliminal halfway shit to common

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    Everyone's bumpin their gums, but we still haven't heard any relevant musical responses from anyone but Meek Mill. If you a rapper, the rap. Fuck all this talkin and make some music...

  • Anonymous

    niggas always try to talk shit down like their wiser than that shit but they aint,just trying to stay relevant and bigger than the topic. Kendrick this Kendrick that but the point is Kendrick rapped and he rapped like your meant to rap with vindication in your words all these rappers these days drop a line and then 2 days later its all love though i didnt mean nothing by it like wtf?

  • Anonymous

    LOl @ drake 'it can't be just halfway', he did that subliminal halfway shit to common


    drake talking like he wan see something

  • CHoc Donut

    Drake has the worst voice in the history of hip hop bar none. He needs to autotune it down about an octave and let them nuts fall someday.

    • The fuck?

      this could be the gayest comment ive read yet on this site. i hope your kidding. "Drake has the worst voice in the history of hip hop bar none" you wanna listen to some Biggie to soothen your pussy??

    • 614grind

      The only voice more annoying than Drake's is Big Sean's. Of course, they're basically the same nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Your a grown man dog, stop worrying about someone's voice

  • kron

    Yea drake got way more fans... lil girls and boys... not G'z not Playaz not Hustlaz jus Mitch Bade ass muh fuckaz LOL @ bumpin drake at a gangsta party

  • klastino55g

    drake is a joke, release a good album and then we can talk bu so far, you ain't on kendrick's level son

  • zeerax444

    drake ain't talented enough to challenge kendrick

  • WOW

    Drake... Kendrick would eat your fucking food. shut it son.

  • MCYeFFa

    uh drizzy, did you even listen to the verse and his reason for the verse? its not a 'fuck everybody' it's an 'im nicer than you on the mic' that's why i'm murderin you' learn to read between the lines...oh shoot i think your eyebrows are in the way ? LoL

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick reminds me of Trey from Boyz N Da Hood for some reason,.....

  • dentaldamboy

    My penis throbs for you aubrey.

  • chilly

    awwh aubrey...lmaoo! anyway check out a nigga beats at soundcloud.com/tha_chiller

  • Anonymous

    Drakes new album is fire.

  • knifegrpro

    Drake, you better step ur game up if you want to go at kdot

  • Pushawow

    drake is not good enough to challenge anybody

  • Jay28

    How is this going to be a who's better and who sucks? They both have different styles and this wasn't much of a diss, plus Drake's got a point about the whole "fuck everybody halfway" shit.

    • Anonymous

      Because it's the internet, so if someone has any opinion on anyone else its hate or beef

    • MCYeFFa

      i agree with you as too there different styles. But i disagree with the "fuck everybody halfway" cause the verse doesn't even come off as that kind of aggressive. But what do i know, these are just blogs. LoL #HiiiPower

  • Anonymous

    every day on the mic hes murdering you. your feminine as just point to record sales. thats not skill bruh. but you will never understand that shit cause thats hip hop.





  • drake runs rap

    kendrick is nothing compared to drake kendrick doesnt even have a quarter of the accomplishments drake has. 1)Drake has the most number 1 hits at the age of 26 2) No other artist from the new wave of rappers goes double platinum like drake does 3) Drake is breaking a lot of records and he hasn't even reached 30 yet 4) Drake is the face of rap everyone listens to rap for drake 5)Drake is the only 1 capable to go platinum first weak these days and drake will go down as the greatest of all time when its all said and done 6)Drakes tours are the highest selling out of all rappers drake runs rap its a fact stop denying.

    • Anonymous

      You write the same bullshit lies over and over again, Drake stan.

    • _-_

      You got far too much time on your hands man go outside or something. Retarded trolls like you need to stop its not funny, its sad really

    • drake runs rap

      you anonoymous lying cunt i write facts you write fairy tales herees the proof. 1) Age has a lot to do with it if you are young and stay consistent your fan base grows you sell more you break records you grow larger and more established 2) How many hot new artists since 2005 have came and had a big impact as drake in hiphop? How many have went double platinum and had countless hit songs like drake? no body 3) Who else in the rap game has a the buzz drake has right now? Drake is everywhere on the radio on youtube his songs get the highest views most dounloads he is the 1 talked about by mainstream music fans 4)Drake has officially set the record for most number one singles (10 total) on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. And it appears that he has 2 Chainz to thank as their collaboration, "No Lie," just hit topped the chart. With this news, Drizzy passes previous record holder, Jay-Z, who had nine chart-topping cuts. Below is a breakdown of the top four artists in this realm. And just to note: the total number, like Drizzy's 10, for example, includes both his own tracks and those he appeared on as a guest. 1. Drake [2009] - 10 (3 Lead, 7 Collaborations) 2. Jay-Z [1995] - 9 (4 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 3. Lil Wayne [1999] - 8 (3 Lead, 5 Collaborations) 4. Kanye West [2003] - 6 (3 Lead, 3 Collaborations) There you go in 4 years he has had more chart topping hits than jay z and the rest of the vets so you are the 1 claiming false. 5)Drake sold 700k in the first week last album he dropped and he has gotten more popular eminem is a vet in the game but he has lost his buzz 6)Drake secures the Number 19 spot on the "Top 50 Worldwide Tours" list thanks to his Club Paradise Tour.Other artists featured on the Top 50 Worldwide Tours list include Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, and The Black Keys.

    • Anonymous

      YO! How are you going to list all of those lies? 1)It's virtually IMPOSSIBLE for someone to have "the most #1's" and they only have 2 albums. And you can't be talking about singles either because ons of rappers have had #1 smashes before 26. 2)Drake has NEVER gone 2X Platinum unless you are talking outside America. 3) What records? Again he on;y has 2 albums. What "2 album records" has he broken? 4) No response needed. 5)Drake has NEVER gone platinum in 1 week. The last one to do that was Wayne. If you say "capable" then you are already debating opinion. 6) OK

    • Anonymous

      Shut up, Drake dickrider.

  • dentaldamboy

    Everyone's agreeing with me that Drake is murdering k dot right now.

  • wat

    kendrick is murdering him as a rapper. Drake has a larger fanbase so he sells more than kendrick. Kendrick is more skillful. w

  • Anonymous

    "He went in halfway" says the softest rapper in the game

  • Ron

    Kendrick definitely made Drake feel some type of way lol He knows Dots got that #1 spot right now!

  • Personality

    This is funny because Drake is the king of subliminals

  • Dash

    WOW!! Now I've lost respect for Drake. Feeling himself way too much lately. He, like most of these other cats, totally missed what Kendrick was talking about. These cats get up in their feelings too easily. Lil mark! Very disappointing. I thought Drake knew what it was. smh

  • biffjenkins

    Drake missed the whole point anyway

  • slim

    for all of you agreeing wit drake are dumb. michael jordan was tryin to kill everyone on the court but off the court if he fucked wit you he was your friend. a very good friend at that. rap is a business and a sport, its gonna be competive but that dont mean you have to seriously beef with a person. sum people still not understanding his verse smh

  • juce

    yo drake, yes i'm still listening to the control verse cause its fiyahhhh

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I've lost respect just cause he sooked about the Kendrick Verse on Big Sean's - Control, fuckin sook or wat? just cause he can't diss Kendrick back cause all songs arent competitive, he speaks his emotions, which is still cool, just i reckon he a different type of hip hip knowm to me as (D&M)Deep and Meaningful and, Kendrick on that particticualr verse was to set the bar higher in hip hop bringing it's competitiveness back, which he has now done. Reply to this comment if I'm wrong back that's just my opinion.

  • firehawk17

    while i believe drake is dope writer and lyricist if i were to pick between the 2 in a rap battle im going with Kendrick.. now i do feel Drake is competent and won't come with a wack verse but it will be hard to really take him serious on some aggressive shit without him sounding emotional...But i guess he was trying to stir the pot a lil bit.. We'll see what this spawns..if i were Kendrick i'd say fuck it and go in...

  • TDE Bitch!

    Soft Canada Dry ass nigga.. Common murdered this bitch like 2 years ago and he's still chirping, saying his little slick shit. Kendrick murders this fool where it counts; lyrics and making classic music. All his sales will never get him the respect that he so desperately wants.

  • 416

    So sick of this spoiled rich kid. Drake makes pop hits, Kendrick makes classic albums.

  • Anonymous

    "cuz sales define quality of music right?" So if Drake sells 700,000 next week it's not quality? You Kendrick dolls are a riot.

    • Anonymous

      The funny part about Quote-Man is he'll spin every and any fact just to make his opinion above all. His hero the rapper Rick Ross don't sell like that, but he'll count every other sale of Ross and deny that same benefit. -Macklemore doing Jay #s-he's a drunk according to Quote-Man -Kendrick doing Jay #s-no one I know listens to him -Ross CAN'T do Jay #s-he's still popular and sold x______ worldwide and songs charted ......SLAP yourself Bobby for even POSTING Marvin Gray. If it was a typo and YOU KNEW IT WAS WRONG, you would have corrected it IMMEDIATELY. SOMEBODY gotta check these FOOLS.

    • Bobbyge

      He still makes good music, it just differnt type of hip hop Drake has said he's trying to be the next Marvin Gray, which is cool, but Kendrick on that verse was trying to bring the competitiveness back into Hip Hop. He should'nt of opened his mouth he's a sook.

  • Anonymous

    "Great music doesn't need to sell a lot in order to be great" In the hip hop genre it does.

    • Anonymous

      Harlem ethered you Quote-Man. Hours or days from now you'll contradict yourself in defense of the MMG crew and you're a running joke around here so it's no surprise how you're willing to switch your beliefs in order to be right.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      It doesn't. What makes a hip hop album great is its lasting appeal and longevity. Example: Hip Hop Hooray sold mad units. Ignorant units actually. Play NBN anywhere and the crowd goes crazy...STILL. Yung Joc? Mad units sold. Nobody knows or cares if that fool or his music is even still alive. That's the difference.

  • maaaaaan

    Kendrick would make Drake pull a Thomas DuBois, singing let it burn while his career goes down the drain

  • Anonymous

    I'd lose respect for an MC too if they had to resort to little antics just to sell a few more units.

  • ky

    Usually never listen to drake at all but what he's saying is on point here


    Drake suck the skin off a woody with them soft pink lips. Where DentalDamBoy when you need him?

  • gwap

    I swear this is the same shit I said when control came out... How you gone half way diss niggas "I got love for you all, but Im tryna murder you niggas" Drake kind of said it perfect, If its its fuck em, then fuck em. It can be fuck you but I got love for you...

    • Anonymous

      i guess gwap never competed with people he was friends with before.

    • firehawk17

      you dont get it... say we're cool.. we hang... get money..get bitches together.. say we play ball for different teams.. when we get on the court its fuck you I'm trying to win...and i hope u come at me the say way... that rap is the same.. when u get on a track u dont say "awww u my boy i gotta ease up on this verse"...naw u go in and try to slay that shit..fuck who ur friends with you wanna be better than them period.. u wanna see them eat but u wanna say u cant fuck with me though...



  • Keith

    Am I listening to it now though? Yes, yes, I am.

  • CBS Up

    #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn #WeOn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFL8CBtIUNU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFL8CBtIUNU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFL8CBtIUNU

  • H.O.V.A.

    AYO Drake -That's where you're wrong I came into this motherfucker a hundred grand strong Nine to be exact, from grindin' G-packs Put this shit in motion ain't no rewindin me back Could make 40 off a brick but one rhyme could beat that And if somebody woulda told 'em that Hov' would sell clothing.. Not in this lifetime, wasn't in my right mind That's another difference that's between me and them I smarten up, open the market up One million, two million, three million, four In eighteen months, eighty million more Now add that number up with the one I said before You are now lookin at one smart black boy Momma ain't raised no fool Put me anywhere on God's green earth, I'll triple my worth Motherfucker - I, will, not, lose I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well I was born to get cake, move on and switch states Cop the Coupe with the roof gone and switch plates Was born to dictate, never follow orders Dickface, get your shit straight, fucka

  • Anonymous

    drake makes hit songs bottom line

  • imho

    drakes a herb. he knows kdot would destroy him in a battle so hes going to try and take the high route. foh hes womantaylored

  • Anonymous

    kendrick can't murder drake cuz he been dead

  • Anonymous

    Just comment about the music ,all this other fucking bullshit people say kill it already..PINK IS FOR THE HONEYS,said Mc Eight.

  • Chris Etrata

    Translation: WAHH WAHH WAHHH! I NEED RESPECT, NOT K DOT!! Settle the fuck down Drake.

  • Anonymous

    that's funny cuz he probably never had spect for your bitch ass anyway

  • ij4

    Kendrick murdering you drake Your new album aint going platinum your music isnt as good kendrick got respect from both male and females

  • dentaldamboy

    Now these K Dot dickriders are just being fucking idiots. K Dot is not one of the best rappers in the game. The only reason why K dot is even known in the first place is because Drake took a chance on him. No way is he better than Drake.

    • ^

      Both of you are wrong.

    • DJ DIZ

      i totally agree! several of the artists he mentioned in the control verse gave him a helping hand. before he attempted his coup of sorts i really thought rap/hiphop was taking a new more unified turn in terms of major label and established artists. just with and since the failed attempt by k. lamar alone rap/hiphop has a stagnant feel just that quick it seems the "brotherhood" of sorts has disappeared. and now that drake speaks my opinion is that he is delivering the real thoughts of some of the other artists invloved in the "control" verse. and big sean a clown for allowing him to do it on his song!

    • dentaldamboy

      Kendrick's mixtapes had very few downloads. Its the touring with drake that blew him up, just by association. Kendrick is shit and is one of the worst rappers in the game. Also, K Dot does pop disguised ashiphop while drake isn't afraid to sing R&B.

    • nah

      Kendrick isn't known because of going on tour with Drake or making songs with him. It's because of his mixtapes that blew him up. I think his lyrical quality is crazy high. I wouldn't say Kendrick is better than Drake. In my opinion, they both make good music that will probably last a long time.

  • kron

    fuck drake...faggot homo cunt

  • ETK

    Kendrick WASN'T saying "fuck everybody", what a damn idiot. Music aside, this fruitcake needs to know what the fuck he's talking about Kendrick was inspiring rappers everywhere, him included. If the inspiration results in Drake shedding tears and saying "I lost respect for you booboo" then I guess he wasn't worth being namedropped... clown.

    • Anonymous

      It's not Kendrick's job to pull inspiration out of other rappers. His peers don't respect him talking like he could lyrically destroy them. He doesn't even know he could do that. Drake is laughing at this rookie. Go 2x platinum then talk kid.

  • nah

    WAA WAA crybaby, get your ass in the studio and do something about it

  • CreamHo

    I bought some of Drake's hair in July, it smells so fruity, it always makes me horny. I'm always doing some wake'n'Drake, weed laced with his hair. I'm much fitter ever since then, all respect to him. Kendrick should be the 5th Backstreet Boy though.

  • Brandy the Vodka Killa

    I hurd 2Puck gunna rlz a album wit Drake he defo alive they best ruppurz eva yea u huurrd I hop 4 Soldier Boy Tell Em 'n Gucci Mane 'n all thoz best ruppurz gunna b featured on it OPEN YO EYEZ PPL BIGGIE SMALLZ WAZNT BLACK @ ALL!!

  • Anonymous

    what part of "I'm trying to murder you niggas" is halfway?

  • Wedgewood

    I have zero respect for the words of you keyboard warriors. You don't know music, art, Hip Hop, or what it means to create anything with your life. You are all consumers. Children. If you knew anything about creating art/music/Hip Hop you would have respect for the otherworldly talent Drake posses. His flows are on another level. His producer is next-level. He's one of the few emcees who can write SONGS, MUSIC, an ALBUM. Not just hot 16's. Chris y'all need to get over the fact that he was an actor before a musician. The world's greatest musicians know a lot about theater and acting. The two go hand-in-hand. It's learning how to perform. Get over the fact that Wayne threw him into the stratosphere. All your favorite shit emcees were given hand-ups as well. Get over the fact that he can sing and women like his music. Your favorite shit emcees would do it too if they had real musical ability. You can only give what you have. I see a forum full of people with hateful souls. Focus on making yourself a better person and you will start to see the world as a better place.

  • Drake

    I rep the rich side of Toronto yall

  • Anonymous

    Too scared to say Common's name on wax? Common is a has been whose never gone platinum. Then when Drake wouldn't take the bait he switched up and started saying how great Drake was.

  • Kyle

    It's pretty clear that none of Drake's work has come close to 'Good Kid, Maad City'. And for someone who produces three albums full of love songs, it's a little contradictory to diss someone about how hard they went.

    • Kyle

      By the way the reason I use those two albums is because they both were released in late August 2011 and they perfectly illustrate my point

    • Kyle

      You can read any single critics review, they will tell you that Yeezus was rated higher. I personally think they're pretty equal, although I like Yeezus more. That wasn't my point. My point was that critics rate a number of albums higher when they don't sell as many. You can insert any comparison of two albums you'd like. Purely for example, Carter 4 outsold the Chili Peppers album by a lot out the gate, but critics generally rated I'm with You (by RHCP) as a better album. It seems like you're relying on insults behind an anonymous post name rather than any facts. Your first comment says album sales are what matters in determining good music, and I'm arguing (successfully) that you're wrong.

    • Anonymous

      If you think Yeezus was also better than Born Sinner than this just shows that you have no music knowledge whatsoever... Hahaha someone erase this whole post..

    • Kyle

      First of all, it's not a guarantee NWTS outsells GKMC. It could happen, probably will, but until it happens lets put that argument to the side. Secondly, I wasn't aware that albums sales determined the quality of music. Yeezus sold less than Born Sinner, and while I'm a fan of both, the general consensus is that Yeezus was the better album. Great music doesn't need to sell a lot in order to be great.

    • Krusty1

      it's true, gkmc shits on drake's whole catalog, and I'm a drake fan...

    • Anonymous

      cuz sales define quality of music right? u sound so ignorant

    • Anonymous

      You sound like you enjoy a big ol fat dick every once in a while Anon, want me to fuck you into the dirt? We can listen to Drake while I rock your booty.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha, we will see how quick NWTS sells out Mad City... You sound dumb

  • am alive

    This coming from the same nigga too scared to say Common's name on wax? Fuckouttahere Aubrey

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Lmao. Drake is a complete joke. Go back to kids television shows.

  • annomous

    Coming from the most sensitive rapper all time.... "we gon be in some trouble".... Come on Drake.

  • skywalker

    these niggas dont want a problem, with this nigga though >>>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CD4XZVGsLHY

  • Michael Jay

    I am a homosexual man & love what Drake is doing, forget all the meanies.

  • Greg

    Drake is so cool, I was at a video shoot with him a while back & my hand grazed his pants right in the crotch area. He told me he liked it. I couldn't believe it, we went into a room & kissed for a bit & I jerked him off in his pants, I got it all over my hand too but we licked it off together, it was soo hot.

  • Get Real Son

    Kendrick is way overhyped but then again, Droopy's always been shit. Only dumb bitches listen to that garbage, and even most of them know better. None of these dudes is murdering anyone, especially not by rapping. Hell, I'LL slice em in half if need be, easily.

  • Drake Sucks

    His intention wasn't to say "f*ck everybody" it was to wake people up. Drake doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

  • j

    "I know good and well that Kendrick's not murdering me, at all" Maybe not in 13 yr old fans or money but lyrically... GTFO

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is murdering Drake tho. And its not like Kendrick's intention was "Fuck Everybody". It was a challenge to those he respects, saying hes always gonna come the hardest... idk Drake cant come to grips with it

  • Anonymous

    Well Kendrick wasn't saying fuck everybody, so now what?

  • colemaidzt

    Drake is the worst artist of this generation

  • zeerax444

    I respect drake because he said in that interview that he would never top gkmc

  • rene2812

    Drake is a clown, step your game up please

    • giles

      What is your net worth comparing to Drakes? MONEY DONT MAKE YOU GREAT YOUR TALENT DO... WHICH DRAKE HAS! How many music awards have you won? HOW MANY HAVE VANILLA ICE & MILEY CYRUS WON FUCK AWARDS How many albums have you sold? QUANTITY OVER QUALITY When you die who will remember you? HOPEFULLY THE GUYS FAMILY

    • Anonymous

      @AJ Whats your bank account compared to mine? What other talents do you have besides trolling the internet? I dont need to ask the third question When you die who will remember you besides your ugly mom?

    • Anonymous

      clowns can still have money and awards, it doesnt make then any less of a clown

    • A.J

      "Step your game up please" What is your net worth comparing to Drakes? How many music awards have you won? How many albums have you sold? When you die who will remember you? Fucking Hater!

  • jturner

    I lost respect for Drake, dude never dropped a single great album

  • Anonymous

    Drake sounds bitter. Definitely hatin

  • deez

    Come on Drake, you are the guy always talking smack about everyone in your rhymes w/o saying the names. Understand the verse. geez

  • I swear Im Black

    TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE 5. Eminem 4. Slim Shady 3. Marshal Mather's 2. B Rabbit 1. The white guy from D12

  • A Lost Beatles Song

    Mark My Words: Someone will come around and merk Kendric lyrically. Little Lamar needs to calm his chipmunk ass down before someone unloads all over his fucking face. Exorcist with Extra Clips type shit.

  • ghgh@gmail.com

    Drake is one of the most talented rappers I have ever heard. That is my true and honest sentiment, but you know what I think his downfall will be? I think his downfall will be the fact that he doesn't want to compete. For reasons unknown to us he feels he is exempt from this and its rather absurd considering he is existing in the most competitive music genre on the planet. Sincerely Yours - Malone

    • HHp

      @ Malone I co-sign your "twelve year" comment But cmon man, you probably ain't much older either Otherwise you wouldn't end everything with "sincerely yours"

    • Deebo

      True, he's talented, but he's fucking lame. I like him on some things...and when I like him I like him, but his personality is made of arrogant dog-shit. He's not what he thinks he is. Honestly, he's a poser.

    • Malone

      ^Hopefully one day when you turn twelve we can have a discussion about this in a respectable manner. Sincerely Yours -Malone

    • Anonymous

      Fuck your sincerly yours bullshit nigga.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick doesnt want or need the respect of a soft ass canadian r&b singing child actor

    • Anonymous

      You talk like Kendrick was an OG. Drake doesn't have to apologize for having had success before the music thing came around. It actually helped him, and don't front. We all know you own Degrassi on Blu-Ray and DVD.

    • camar

      Still gotta give Drake props for bringing K.dot along for his tour. Drake was partly responsible for both Rocky and Dot's up comings. jus sayin. also Drake gotta pick a side. Crying in the mirror Drake or fuck you i'm the most arrogant piece of shit on the planet Drake. Kanye can back that last one up - Drake can't. I seriously believe that Drake cries over stuff like this Kendrick verse or his album sales or reviews.

    • Anonymous

      ^The only thing good about 5 am in toronto is the beat

    • Anonymous

      5AM in Toronto >>>>>>>>>>> Kendrick.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, just like you did on Stay Scheming when you said Commons name...

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