Chris Brown Says Jay Z Gets Pass Despite Drug Dealing Past

Chris Brown identifies with Trayvon Martin, says this generation is racist and adds that "nobody brings up the fact that [Jay Z] stabbed somebody and sold drugs."

Chris Brown is set to be featured in the October 14 issue of Jet. Excerpts of the cover story on the singer/rapper/actor reveal quotes regarding Trayvon Martin and Brown's relationship with the press. During his interview, Brown also points out why he feels Jay Z gets a pass from "White America." 

"This is something I've been dealing with for the past maybe five years," Brown says to Jet, according to CNN. "Anybody with a voice – Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. – gets formatted…except maybe for Jay Z, who is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I'm a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass."

Brown, who had a rumored confrontation with Jay Z in 2012, is likely referring to the stabbing of Lance "Un" Rivera in his interview. Jay Z pled guilty to stabbing Rivera in 2001 and addressed the incident on The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse's "I Did It My Way."

"This nigga Un, yo, I scratched him," Jay Z rhymes on the song. "He went home without an aspirin / But it’s cool cause we back friends / It happened and it’s over / It's in the past and I'm glad / Now I'm back to being Hova."

Chris Brown Identifies With Trayvon Martin, Says He Deals With Racism

Chris Brown reportedly feels that while Jay Z "gets a pass" from some despite having a past in drug trafficking, he has not been able to move beyond 2009, when he assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna. According to Brown, this has been difficult to deal with and has made his relationship with the media quarrelsome. 

"I got to the point where it's only so much you can take from the master," Brown tells Jet in this cover story. "I've taken my fair share of lashings. I've dealt with the media. Instead of being an artist, I've been called a woman beater. I've been insulted in public and judged. And being able to not want to kill yourself at the end of the day is what made me say, 'Fuck it.'"

Beyond his discussion regarding the media, Brown also details his perspective on racism in America in the upcoming issue of Jet.

“I identify with Trayvon 100 percent as far as living in 2013 and still dealing with blatant racism," Brown says. This generation is so used to racism that it’s normal. We don’t care. We aren’t on drugs or catching AIDS, but they still look at us as niggas.”

The issue of Jet is set to be released today (September 23), according to Huffington Post. The cover can be viewed below.

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  • CJ

    Chris Brown is the 2013 Dennis Rodman...same look lol

  • magmatic123

    jay z is the bread winner, hes married he doesnt beat women... nuff said

  • Anonymous

    he's mad cause white people make him do everything to blend in and he messed it up with one punch

  • Dominick

    Seriously...are you kidding me....I am sooooo sick of white people being blamed for your shitty life and problems!!!!....first white people did not start theslave was the persians....second...white racisists 100 percent cunts for the crimes perpetrated against all other far as racism today goes.....there is 100 percent more racism towards white people....If a black guy goes into a white suburb...what happens....oh no people are looking at me and cops are bugging me cuz I am dressed like a wanna be tuff guy thug...BUT...if a white guy goes into the hood...he will be robbed beaten or murdered...probably is hard...stop blaming others for shit....the war is not against is about the HAVES and the HAVE-NOTS!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this house negro even though I hate him and his bleached ass hair

  • Julie Young

    upto I saw the paycheck 4 $7329, I did not believe that my neighbour woz like they say actualy earning money in their spare time from there labtop.. there uncle has done this for under sixteen months and recently repaid the dept on there condo and bought Renault 4. This Site...

  • BGG

    This kid is a fucktard but has a very good point! Although at some point you gotta grow outta the immature bullshit. Jay-Z did but breezy still acting like a lil punk!

  • j

    people forget......Snoop and Ray Lewis got check for connections to MURDER. look at them now. you move away from the bullshit but not stepping into new bullshit. Marketing 101, Chris.

  • Rex

    Don't like this kid at all. But... He is correct about Jay Z.

    • j

      ur wrong. when Diddy got involved in that club shooting he was untouchable as afar as his label and marketing. then he got the mtv reality show, and people wanted to talk about cheesecake. he ran the NYC marathon and did all these things to distance himself from that bad image. Chris however, has done nothing to distance himself in the last 4 years from that bad image. He gets in fights with Drake, he gets in fights with Frank Ocean, He gets into an altercation with a valet. Jay Z distanced himself from the stabbing because he did nothing controversial since then.

  • CHoc DOnut

    Chris BRown actually has a decent voice. If he hadn't played Joe Frazier with Rihanna's face, he wouldn't be int he trouble he is now. Of course, youngsters will battle, male and female, and let's face it, lots of stuff went down in the ages before cameras. Not defending it, just saying a chick can drive a brother crazy, we know its true. Still, him saying anything about JayZ is a bad move. He should just shut up, make music, and stop bringing negative attention to himself, because it makes him look like he didnt deserve another break after all. THe guy is still in the public eye, what is he complaining about? Jay Z did get a lot of passes, and so what. I cant stand his music, but what are you going to do about his obvious skill at working fame and money. Nothing, so zip it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this nigga is clueless.

  • Anonymous

    boo fucking hoo... *cue the violin*

  • Brown

    I wonder if Chris ever thinks back to that night in the car with Rihanna and regrets what he did. I bet he doesn't. I bet she disrespected him in a major way, so, he beat her. Now he's gotta pay for it. He should own it. Say, 'yea, I kicked her ass cause she thought I wouldn't!' Anything would be better than him crying over the fact that a majority of people will not respect you for putting hands on a woman, let alone Rihanna. What a loser.

  • j

    this guy is so oblivious......... Jay got a pass because nothing happened since, and he marketed himself as being approachable while Chris gets into club fights, driving incidents , parking lot fights and is just a jerk. its about marketing yourself and your manner. does anybody think about Puffy's shooting incident these days?

  • BigNoct2

    I just hate him because his music sucks...Not because he's a dick...

  • ut oh

    oh boy chris brown has felt racism and made a statement we should crack open the books operate 24/7 until we can get this situation resolved no good honest law abiding citizens like chris brown should be called bad names!!

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z was just trying to escape poverty by hustling. Chris Brown comparing his assault on Rihanna is a completely different situation. Jay was just trying to get rich, and get out of a shit life; was Chris trying to get himself out of a shit life by beating up Rihanna? I don't think it works that way.

  • Anonymous

    "i swear i seen 50 cent on video last year beating down gunplay" His friends did it. Curtis was too scared to handle dirt all by his lonesome.

  • Anonymous

    "Lance "UN" Rivera was a well known music industry executive" Nobody follows the career of an executive.

    • Anonymous

      dont worry this nigga watches the Pauly D Show and Miami Vice

    • Anonymous

      You're admitting you stargaze. How do YOU know all so much about the back scenes when YOU comment when you just admitted you have NO CLUE as to who's making the moves, beyond WHO THEY PUT IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA? To add INSULT TO INJURY, why do YOU know about BILL GATES, WARREN BUFFETT, BLOOMBERG, STEVE JOBS? They were/are EXECUTIVES!

    • Anonymous

      everyone follows the online trolling career of quoteman though!


    Well you can start Chris by not worrying about what the next man did. Yes You made a mistake. Jay made a mistake but Jay moved on from his mistake. If you do one thing and KEEP on doing shit then yes people will look at you sideways and wonder WTF is wrong with you. You're in the entertainment biz. You're always under a scope. I guess he didn't think about that. Trying to push it back on Jay is not going to make people think you're more likable plus why do you care so much what White people think?

  • TrollHunter

    It's all about manipulating the viewpoint on how Middle America sees the Negro. Derek Jeter's herpes infested ass got that shit mastered. He's 38 year old bachelor, banging a new chick every week, and women see him as this clean cut choir boy. They'll sooner believe Lebron James banging mad hoes than Jeter and LJ is married. It's all about smiling for the camera and knowing when to keep your mouth shut. THE END.

  • Anonymous

    this is known what we call in the game 'snitching'

  • Jay Hova

    A Chris Brown-That's where you're wrong I came into this motherfucker a hundred grand strong Nine to be exact, from grindin' G-packs Put this shit in motion ain't no rewindin me back Could make 40 off a brick but one rhyme could beat that And if somebody woulda told 'em that Hov' would sell clothing.. Not in this lifetime, wasn't in my right mind That's another difference that's between me and them I smarten up, open the market up One million, two million, three million, four In eighteen months, eighty million more Now add that number up with the one I said before You are now lookin at one smart black boy Momma ain't raised no fool Put me anywhere on God's green earth, I'll triple my worth Motherfucker - I, will, not, lose I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell I am a hustler baby, I'll sell water to a well I was born to get cake, move on and switch states Cop the Coupe with the roof gone and switch plates Was born to dictate, never follow orders Dickface, get your shit straight, fucka' this is Big Jay I will, not, lose, ever.. FUCKA!

  • H.O.V.A.

    Mastered a corner like Deion in his uniform Pop hurtin assertive, flirted with death Damn near murdered before my first album hit the shelf Grandma's favorite, she could not understand How there's people in the world who wouldn't want me as a neighbor Has to explain to her, you think these folks want me in the penthouse As a reminder that I make top paper? Black entrepeneur, nobody did us no favors Nobody gave us shit, we made us The Rap Pack, I'm Sinatra, Dame's Sam Davis Big's the smart one on the low like Dean Martin We came in this game, not beggin niggaz pardon Demandin y'all respect, hand over a check And while y'all at it, hand over the jet We the reason they ain't hand over Def Jam so quick They new every year I was droppin new product I was raisin the stock up, while buildin the Roc up But that's alright, cause they knew they had to see us When it was time for us to re-up, make us multi-million-ires Je-je-jeah! Cheah! "In My Lifetime" I caught smaller cases, but I had capital Hypocritic system let me right back at you You better hope a rich rapper never attacks you Not even that scratches you, 'specially if you black dude They don't give a shit unless the accused just happen to rap And they can look good by paintin him as bad news Cause in my past, I seen dudes get half of they views Exposed to the curb and nobody said a word So imagine how disturbed I was When I seen how big they made my fight scene at the club Let me explain exactly how this shit was This nigga Un yo I scratched him, he went home without an aspirin But it's cool cause he's back friends, and half-inning is over It's in the past and I'm glad, now I'm back to bein Hova Me back with the chaffeur, laid back Helicopter seat, feat inclined, shit feelin like a sofa Helicopter meet me, Teta Vero(?) take me over Somewhere peaceful for the weekend now it's back to speakin of vultures So the next time that page six approaches us Here's a quote from Jay, nigga I did it my - way

  • BP

    this fucknigga would've been forgiven about the Rihanna thing long ago if he didn't act like a whiny bitch the rest of the way. his antics since then have been shameful... fight with Drake, fight with Frank Ocean, yelling at a valet for a fuckin 10$ bill, and now he pulls the whole victim card get the fuck out of here. he was given chances. I remember people lashed out at Jay-Z for not letting him be apart of a BET awards show or something cause he had paid his dues. not long after that, he started acting a fool again. fuck him

  • donnis mac

    "The fact that the woman was famous just makes it that much harder to forget about it." ^ so let me gets this clear, because you're not the only one who's said it here, is if she wasn't famous/music icon/celebrity you wouldn't have gave a damn, right? Because I've read the things y'all say about the unknown women when they make claims. The other day about Tyga perhaps? So beyond the YMCMB hate/love connection, Mack Maine should have no problem with that charge because she ain't celebrity status? Because that some scumbag type of mentality y'all trying to pass off as golden rule, you're cosigning the very women in your family to be victims.

    • Anonymous

      So you're admitting it's about who's popular/image, not justice being served. Like how Trayvon's girl, no matter how she was the last person to kick it with him on the phone that night, it was the image that was portrayed that made you believe, not the facts. Ri got slapped/punched/brutalized, this Mack Maine girl got her jaw broke. Why should Mack be fine? The money. That money can snuff out your momma, aunt, sister's pain. Even you, with the gay agenda and how they tried to redefine rape last year. Why even try to justify it? Ya really look stupid trying though.

    • Kones

      I can only speak for myself, and that's what I'll do since it is my earlier comment that you're quoting here. So as for me, no, you're wrong. That's why the sentences that I wrote preceding that quote were making the point that it's wrong to beat a woman and that's why people won't let it die. However, we all know the reality is that people will remember it a lot longer with both parties being celebrities, in the same way that nobody would be talking about it at all if neither party were a celebrity.

    • Chris Etrata

      No matter if the girl is famous or not, no celebrity should get a pass for beating women. The only reason why Mack Maine's popularity won't go down is because he has none to begin with. Chris Brown on the other hand, was generally regarded as the next Michael Jackson and he had a good image. After the Rihanna incident, Chris Brown wasn't the same. Instead, he's more of a "bad boy" in music image today.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, you proved my point. It's not interesting because it's no one valued or deemed relevant in the public eye, so who cares? Especially when the one, like you, saying that, IS the person not in the public eye. You don't even realize when you're disrespecting yourself.

    • Anonymous

      no one cares about mack maine though. he'll be fine

  • trill281

    That nigga Jay earned his stripes in the game, he makin money now, this little nigga chris dont have a clue what that means, he talkin bout his feelings hurt cuz hes been called names by the media....nigga man up, stop actin like a child, bitch ass!

  • David Bunz

    It doesn't hurt that Jay-Z (I like the hyphen in the name better fyi) acts like a business man and Chris Brown still acts like an entitled punk just out of high school. or middle school, take your pick

  • jenner

    i love it when black sharpies beat on each other.

  • chris vega

    All thats cool but to more important matters this nigga is ill

  • Just being honest

    Killing yourself doesn't sound like a bad idea, he should consider it for the good of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z may be a bitch nigga now but back in the day he really did put in that work in BK ask around

    • Anonymous

      who said he was suppose to be putting in work in forever you dumb fuck, I have my reasons for calling him a bitch nigga

    • soo... doesn't that mean

      that Jay isn't a bitch nigga, because he earned his stripes, and is echelons above anybody now ? Was he supposed to keep "putting in work" in BK forever? What about being involved in the move to the Nets to BK, isn't that considered "putting in work"? Ya'll young cats are stupid.

  • Anonymous

    Brown has a point but he better be careful Jay Z will blackball him

  • TrollHunter

    It's all about manipulating the viewpoint on how Middle America sees the Negro. Derek Jeter's herpes infested ass got that shit mastered. 38 year old bachelor, banging a new chick every week, and women see him as this clean cut choir boy. They'll sooner believe Lebron James banging mad hoes than Jeter and LJ is married. It's all about smiling for the camera and knowing when to keep your mouth shut. THE END.

  • Akz

    Don't forget Big Homie shot his brother and sold his mother crack....

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Jay knows how to move among the wolves. He adapted and made the necessary changes. Hard for anyone calling themselves a man to be mad at that. Some folks only know how to be the prey. Instead of learning and adapting themselves, they fuck around and wind up in the jaws of the predator over and over again.

  • donnis mac

    If you're from B'klyn, especially around that time, you know what it is. People who lived around there were scared to take the 54 or the G/GG (Broadway, Flushing, Myrtle-Willoughby), what makes you think these outsider internet nerds would know what Jay was doing? Sit back and laugh at the gossip.

    • Anonymous

      LOL. I posted actual geographic fact and time period info, but this clown trying to say otherwise. Post FACTS, weirdo. Until then, STFU.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have a clue what you're doing much less what Jay did back before he was famous. Keep your mouth shut unless ordered to speak.

  • Anonymous

    So what Michael Jackson kissed children as well

  • wash

    Read the times article when they had Jay-Z on the cover..even the fucking mayor of NYC, Bloomberg said" he knows Jay-Z past and admires how he successfully changed his life around"...nothing to brag about..but Hov defintelty was out there, and if you from Bk you know what it is...

  • kev

    If you niggaz dont believe Jay-Z was that nigga..ask of the the illiest niggaz in Red Hook...Calvin Klein...

  • mased

    Im from BK..and i know for a fact HOV was gettin that paper before rap...ask real niggaz about his past..not jealous azz hatin you fuck boys just talking because you got a dick...

  • Teza

    Chris Brown just pulled a Kobe...NO RESPECT

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of Chris Brown..but he just owned Jay-Z with that line "This is something I've been dealing with for the past maybe five years," Brown says to Jet, according to CNN. "Anybody with a voice Tupac, Michael Jackson, the Notorious B.I.G. gets formattedexcept maybe for Jay Z, who is accepted by White America because he shakes hands and kisses babies. No disrespect, because I'm a fan, but nobody brings up the fact that he stabbed somebody and sold drugs. He gets a pass." Like Nas said.. f**k Jay-Z. follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    She needed her ass kick shit she burned him YOU KNOW YALL NIGGAS WOULD HAVE DID THE SAME.

  • dentaldamboy

    1. Drake greets women, chris brown beats them. 2. Drake had a hard life and turned to being a true gangster. Chris Brown had the richest life anyone can think of. 3. Drake will go platinum 1st week while chris brown will go wood.

  • Anonymous

    he should have compared himself to charlie sheen who beat and i think even shot a woman before, or some other woman beater... you cant compare apples to watermelons

  • Kones

    He gets a pass for selling drugs and stabbing someone because, ummmmm, that's not BEATING A WOMAN'S FACE IN. Real men do what they gotta do every day to get by, that might include selling drugs or stabbing someone in extreme cases. It doesn't include beating your girl's face in, in the back of a limo.The fact that the woman was famous just makes it that much harder to forget about it. Chris Brown is a complete j*rk0ff.

  • Brolic_Sholar

    In case you all forgot Jay-z lost 92 bricks. How many bricks have you lost? #Brolic_Scholar

    • Anonymous

      If you actually believe Jay-Z had a brick of anything that didn't go on a wall somewhere you're dumb as f**k. follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    LOL at these people on here trying to deny Jay's past like dealing on a small time level in Marcy in the 80's is something special.

  • dino

    fun fact. Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony accidentally shot Wish Bone in the leg with a shotgun that they were planning on robbing someone with. This was a few years before they dropped their first album, Krayzie was sentenced to prison. Not many people know this.

  • mean205

    While I'm not racist. If I ever met Chris Brown, I'd call him a bitch-ass nigga...and then run before he could show me his new dance moves.

  • killa

    you ppl all are retarded who think jay never sold drugs.. you actually think jay wulda made it out of the 90s era of rap being fake??? come on now, he wulda been exposed by every rapper.

  • CommmonSense

    This dude is still immature he doesnt get that jay changed his image and did a good pr job while his dumbass is hulking out over some dumb shit. He just keeps feeding the media the reactions they want from him

  • Anonymous

    Jay stabbed a man... Chris brown beet up a women!!!!!!!! Big difference. He a hoe

    • Anonymous

      "yeah jay stabbed some un known hood nigga who probably deserved it" ^ Lance "UN" Rivera was a well known music industry executive label partner with Biggie, business partner with Jay, if I'm correct used to manage Foxy, had Junior Mafia in the stable, in the circles with Puffy, Irv, Stoute, Dee (Murder Inc, Nas, Ruff Ryders), put Cam'ron on. Get it right internet gossiper. That's some funny style sh^t you doing, wrong is wrong, you don't determine who's wrong is wronger.

    • Anonymous

      yeah jay stabbed some un known hood nigga who probably deserved it chris brown beat up a famous pop star who also may have deserved it but you cant do that if you're a celebrity

  • Lmao

    Chris Brown, you are an idiot. He did that shit in the 80s, and you fucking beat up an icon. How do you expect people to react when you beat another famous person up. How many rappers have sold drugs? I'm tired of this ignorant porch monkey

  • Anonymous

    I hate to break it to you kids but most of these street rappers ARE NOT FAKE. Run up on them and see how fake they are.

    • Anonymous

      I'd say its 50 - 50

    • Anonymous

      yeah i dare yall to run up on 2 chainz! nigga faster than usian bolt when he sees a gun! i wouldnt try gunplay either lol that glass jaw nigga might fall asleep after one punch to the dome at his own concert after he started it by talking shit!! REAL NIGGAS LOL

  • The Decatur Dictator

    Jay-Z is not on the news every other 2 months about some ignorance he did, Drunk Driving, Hit & Run, Whopping a Bit*h, Spitting at the paparazzi, it's almost endless crap that this dude does to thrust himself back into the media. Jay-Z meanwhile, had one incident, told his side and he has never been in trouble since. He stays making wise business moves.

  • Henny

    Jay-Z gets a "pass" on selling drugs because everyone knows that he actually never did sell drugs.

  • Anonymous

    nigga keeps acting like everyones out to get him but if he just shut his fucking mouth and made good music people would forget but when you're in the media freaking out every month people are just gonna keep laughing at you he just mad jay-z didnt stand for him when everyone else gave him that standing ovation LOL

  • s_oo

    Jay-Z stabbed Lance Un Riviera (Biggie business asociate) But Lance told years it was a set up to make money. It was for both a smart move. Do you really thing that Jay-Z is a street nigga and would stab someone? It happened in 1998/1999 when jigga was a huge star. So fuck you Chris! And Jigga sold dope??? Hmm can somebody give proof

    • Anonymous

      A lot of niggas who grew up with Jay and have a reason to hate on him have said that he sold drugs, he was no fucking kingpin, but he def did his work in the street.

    • Anonymous

      " It happened in 1998/1999 when jigga was a huge star." so huge stars cant fight or assault niggas? i swear i seen 50 cent on video last year beating down gunplay

  • Anonymous

    hhdx is sooo fucking late on this one i read this story on thursday

  • Anonymous

    you are not being "called" a woman beater, you are a woman beater

  • dentaldamboy

    Chris Brown is shit. First off, Jay Z was a poser, not a drug dealer. That's Rick Ross. Second, Chris Brown beats women and gay people. Even though we at ymcmb are straight, we never beat anyone.

  • Anonymous

    "If you think Jay-Z never sold drugs, then you just exposed yourself as a wanna-be hip-hop fan" How naive are you to believe anything you read. Most rappers brag about moving major weight when in reality they were marginally successful, but saw an opportunity to make alot more money legally, and changed pathes. The drug dealer talk is what sells albums. Jay already admitted this years back. If you get deep with people in song they tune out, but you say you sold drugs, and shot guns, suddenly you're double platinum. They can feed you whatever lies they want too simply because they know you'll believe them.

    • Anonymous

      111 Nostrand Ave says stick that opinion up your ass Quote-Man. Why would he tell on himself to prove something to you internet nerds? Spin that sh*t like a top and watch those like you get dizzy.

    • Anonymous

      where did they get the money from to start roc-a-fella? jay was a drug-dealer, it's been said by countless of old associates.

    • Anonymous

      Drake sells drugs & is hard & he gets a pass, he's a true gangster

    • Anonymous

      "but you say you sold drugs, and shot guns, suddenly you're double platinum." if this was really true ross would have been double platinum years ago, instead of just gold

  • Art Brooks

    Being a drug dealer is better than being a woman beater.

  • Anonymous

    RIGHT! NOBODY brings it up, only Jay himself throughout his whole discography.

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    "...No disrespect, cause I'm a fan." Really?? :-/

  • EarthToneDaProducer

    This whole interview is his problem right there. It's the attitude. No one ever believed he was truely sorry for stealin off on Rhianna, and all of his antics since that point have been far too frequent. Just a young lost brother looking to pass blame...

  • Anonymous

    "No one brings it up, except me. Let me keep throwing no woman beaters under the bus to try to get attention off my own woman beating" -Chris Breezy Brown

  • drizzy!

    Pathetic, trying to throw Jay under the bus. People hate you because of your tantrums and because you beat a woman and a gay dude...both of whom are more talented than you. Also the fact that you look like a total douchebag doesn't help either.

  • Anonymous

    It's a combination of the differing types of music they do and the public images they present. Jay-Z started off by presenting himself as a criminal. A sophisticated and affable one, but still a criminal. As he's got older (everything following "Kingdom Come" (sans "American Gangster") in particular), he's given this less importance and instead focused more on his views on society and social issues - a good example being "Oceans" off of MCHG) and bragging about his wealth. This and good PR, coupled with him being worth $500m, owning his own company and being self-made, has made him be a "respectable" (if "edgy") celebrity. On top of that, Jay-Z is considered a rap legend, and he's not got himself into any more brushes with the law since the 2001 incident (which most people have forgotten anyway). Chris Brown started off presenting himself in the same way as the likes of Usher, Mario, Lil' Bow Wow etc. He was a squeaky-clean teen idol heartthrob singer, thrust into the limelight at age 15. And teen heartthrobs, as everyone from CB's little pal Justin Bieber to Amanda Bynes to Miley Cyrus have discovered, have a tough time when it comes to maturing and being taken seriously as "adults". Miley Cyrus will be taken seriously as a singer, but I doubt the "moral" sides of the media will ever let her forget the VMA performance; because that (whether she intended it to or not) has defined her public persona at the moment (whether that will change - it still has time to - is a matter for Miley and her advisers). Chris Brown (at around the same age as Miley is now) beat up Rihanna. And that's taken a lot more seriously by the media than another tween idol (Miley) twerking on stage with a married singer, and taken considerably more seriously than a celebrity (Jay-Z) who brags about criminality getting arrested for stabbing someone. If he hadn't let it affect him, it wouldn't be defining him still. If he hadn't released a song addressing the issue (one that namechecked Ike Turner at that, if that wasn't awkward enough) as his comeback single, and if he hadn't let it give him an excuse to start acting "thug" and rapping, then perhaps he would be taken seriously. That and getting into fights with the likes of Frank Ocean and Drake (two of the least threatening artists in urban music), makes him look like a bratty bully punching above his weight.

    • R.Pgh

      well put. Jay brags about being a drug kingpin prior to entering the music industry. Reasonable Doubt dropped in 96. So he was pushing drugs in what...93, 94? That's damn near 20 years ago. If Brown stops whining and grows the fuck up, runs a successful business, and shows his past is in the past, perhaps in 20 years he'll get a pass from the media as well. But every time this dude opens his mouth its always the same shit: the media won't let me forget that I beat up a girl. Well, dickhead, you talk about it every chance you get so what the fuck do you expect? Also, pulling yourself up by your bootstraps by way of hustling drugs is a bit different than beating your girl with your bootstraps. Selling drugs involves supply and demand. Someone else is demanding a product that you are supplying. Beating the fuck out of a girl involves being a fucking pussy who can't handle their emotions without throwing a fist. He's not exactly comparing apples to apples here.

  • Anonymous

    chris brown is a wannabe gangster and jay-z never sold drugs

    • ^

      You're an idiot if you think he never did dirt.

    • Anonymous

      No, he is correct, Jay-Z never sold drugs, it's an image he portrays. You people are so naive

    • Anonymous

      what a fucking wigger. several known gs in brooklyn backed jay's past.

    • PhillyMu

      ^^^THIS is what happens when you let white computer nerds into the culture of hip-hop. It's almost like it's now a part of hip-hop (internet) culture to get online and say how every rapper is fake. Any hip-hop fan with an ounce of knowledge about Jay-Z knows he is one of the few who was really in the streets getting that dope money before this rap shit. If you think Jay-Z never sold drugs, then you just exposed yourself as a wanna-be hip-hop fan that only knows about the culture by reading blogs. Do your fucking homework, nerd.

  • w.w.

    It's because everybody loves a Heisenberg

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