G. Dep Feels "Absolved" After Confessing To Murder

G. Dep goes in depth about his feelings regarding the 2010 confession that landed him in prison.

In 2010, former Bad Boy artist G. Dep walked into a police precinct and confessed to a 1993 murder.

In 2012, the rapper, real name Trevell Coleman, was sentenced to 15 years for the murder.

Now, in an interview with ABC News, Dep says he doesn't regret the decision.

"I would do it again," he said of the confession. "There was no other way around it except me dying."

"It was the only way I could've been absolved," he continued. "Personal sacrifice."

The truth ate away at Dep.

"It seem like it just wasn't fair for me to be happy," Dep said. "I used to curb my happiness, like, 'Now wait a minute, I'm smiling too much. I'm laughing too much.'"

In 2010, Diddy, who signed Dep to his Bad Boy imprint in 1998, spoke about Dep's case on Sirius XM Radio's "Shade 45," as per ABC News' report.

"G. Dep is one of the nicest artists I ever worked with," Diddy said. "You could always feel like ... something was troubling his soul, because he was real quiet. But he's the type of guy who wouldn't hurt a fly. ... He did the right thing and manned up to it. But my prayers go out to him. He had a real bad drug problem and that could have caused that situation."

Watch the interview below:

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    Ok thats cool and all but who is guilty of murdering his hair ? Its funny how he has a hairline like that and totally bald like dr phil style

  • Good guy bad crime

    A shame how the good guys always end up in the worst place, haunted by his memories for 17 years before being locked up for even more, respect to this man for being honest

    • Anonymous

      A drug addict who killed someone is your definition of a good guy? Wow. I hope for your sake you never become an FBI profiler.

  • Jacqueline Thomason

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  • egyle

    rap is full of 'being real' this and 'being real' that. it doesn't get more real than g-dep. I have tremendous respect for him.

  • mar500

    I got respect for this man even though he is a murderer.

  • Anonymous

    He just wasn't build for what he did. And he man'd up and took it on the chin like god wanted him to do. Everything happens for a reason

  • your truth

    This man killed a bag of water. 99% of the mass of the human body is made up of only six elements: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus. Every organic molecule contains carbon. Since 65-90% of each body cell consists of water (by weight), it isn't surprising that oxygen and hydrogen are major components of the body. I feel bad that he took someone's life but what's done was done and him being in jail serves no purpose.

    • Brizz

      Obviously it serves a great purpose in himself. Being able to allow himself to smile and be happy is a great reason. And 15 years for someones life is not bad at all. He probably walk early aswell so all in all his sentence doesent seem unfair at all..for once.

    • Big Tim

      "him being in jail serves no purpose" Yeah we should just let everybody murder each other and not suffer any consequence or be punished, may aswell just go back to cavemen smashing each others heads in with rocks. Smh what a fucking idiot you are, esp after that gay water speech lol, retard.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck you all butt hurt? He killed someone in a botched robbery.. His conscious ate him up. Hows the victims family doing?

  • Salute

    Aw man Dep...man to man that hurt my heart to watch this but he's more of a man now than ever and I salute him for doing that I mean you NEVER hear anything like this...that must've been really eating him alive inside out. I just hope he continuously prays to the MOST HIGH and asks for forgiveness but I feel he's already on his path to GOD forgiving him. Sad story though for real. I listen to his old song with Faith called "Everyday" and it means so much more to me now.


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  • Diddy The Legend

    too bad this fool is irrelevant while Diddy is sittin on 600mil in the bank ahahahahhaha

  • Mary C. Simpson

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  • Anonymous

    "One of your twin sons said shortly after you confessed and were arrested that he's gonna take money from someone and he said 'If I steal then I can go to jail and be with Daddy" Man, when I heard that...I really shed a tear. That ripped my heart to pieces. His sons must really love him. I think he's a nice dude, regardless of what he did. I hope that he will find his peace of mind one day.

  • Anonymous

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  • mack

    Respect G.Dep. Do your fifteen and come home to live your life in peace.

  • P89

    Do you dep. Much respect. Most dudes aren't built for murder, even though all these fake niggas in the rap game think they are, most aren't.

  • sniperk

    "I never seen a man cry til I seen a man die"--Scarface Keep your head up, G. Dep

  • zina

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  • Anonymous

    He couldn't kill a fly, just another human being. Real insight there Diddy.

  • Fuck Diddy

    The drugs don't matter diddy drops n robs every artist he even got his so called best friends publishing (biggie). Dunno y any artist would mess wit him these days hes bin exposed as a snake by the LOX n bitch ass niglet (shyne). Only a desperate for fame retard would go near him like Machine Gun Kelly that guy would have sold the same amount of cds independent but cause hes a retard diddy got his publishing gets a cut from any shows he does n prolly wont even release another cd. G-Dep whatever its his choice if he couldn't live wit the guilt least he took it like a man n didn't off himself

  • Anonymous

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  • W

    The guy released wack shit with Bad Boy, he should have stuck to his old formula when he made Head Over Wheels


    bitch ass nigga I killed 5 men and thats nothing, bitch im feeling good

  • Anonymous

    i hope diddy got officer ricky to put in a good word with his boys up north to look out for dep

  • mgruppe.com

    he is a real man in fake world.

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