Fugees' Pras Sues Studio Owners For Double-Booking

Pras says he was cheated out of thousands of dollars and is suing to recover more than just lost studio time.

Pras recently claimed that he was cheated out of thousands of dollars and double-crossed by two men who double-booked a North Hollywood recording studio, according to TMZ.

Filing the suit in a Los Angeles small claims court under his full name, Prakazrel Samuel Michel, Pras claims he paid Jason Gluz and Chasen Spellman $5,600 to rent their recording studio. TMZ reports that upon attempting to record, the studio was double-booked and when confronted about it, the two studio owners refused to refund the rapper.

Pras is suing them for a total of $9,000, $5,600 for the rental cost of the studio and an additional $3,400 for the hotel and airfare that surrounded the L.A. studio session.

This isn't the first lawsuit Pras has filed. Late last year, he sued director Marshall Tyler for documentary footage he believes Tyler must hand over to him. He sued to either get the footage, or retain the money he personally spent plus damages.

Watch TMZ's short interview about the incident with Pras below:


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  • Damm right

    these f heads should get what they deserve. Jason Gluz and Chasen Spellman are the biggest pieces of Sh** on this planet.

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  • Nik

    I sure hope this brother's luck gets better soon

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Read the key, it says first week sales.

    • Anonymous

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    • mar500

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