Ja Rule Admits Losing To 50 Cent

Ja Rule says Murder Inc's demise and his fallout with fans put him in an angry place. Irv Gotti comments on the toll his federal investigation had on Murder Inc.

Due to Queens rapper Ja Rule’s recent prison sentence, there hasn’t been much light shed on the demise of Murder Inc (now known as The Inc. Records) and the emotions the Pain Is Love 2 spitter was coping with during both his feud with 50 Cent and the federal investigation of the label he called home.

Now that much of his past struggles are behind him and it’s been close to five month since his release from prison, Ja finally opened up about the Murder Inc downfall, his beef with 50 Cent, and more, during an appearance on HOT 97’s The Angie Martinez Show.

Joined by Irv Gotti, Ja Rule detailed what it was like during Murder Inc’s most turbulent times as he compared the label’s quick decline to a roller coaster.

“It was a roller coaster because everything—we was going up so fast and everything was happening so fast and then it went ‘shooom.’ It was no slope. It was no dip. It was just a straight [drop],” Ja revealed. “And it was weird because I’m really, really a fan-driven artist…I think a lot of people think I was angry at the fans, but I wasn’t as much angry as I was hurt. Because like I said, I did a lot for my fans. It was really a weird time for me and I think out of that came the anger. And then I went into a dark place. And everything was dark for me. Everything that I wanted to do was just angry. My music, the way I moved on the streets.”

Irv Gotti, Murder Inc’s owner also commented on the label’s rapid decline and the repercussions, which followed. Due to an investigation by federal agents, Irv was unable to work with Universal Def Jam and was also unable to secure any funds for projects.

“It wasn’t just one thing, like everything came at us. So, I couldn’t even do business because the Feds told Universal if you do any business with Irving Lorenzo, you’re gonna be codefendants with Irving Lorenzo…I couldn’t enter into a new agreement. So, they couldn’t give me no money,” Irv explained. “They couldn’t do nothing. So, I’m sitting there trying to organize things and do things and I gotta do it with nothing because the Feds is on my back.”

After Irv Gotti confessed to taking a loss to rapper 50 Cent, Ja Rule further elaborated on his feud with Fifty during his interview with HOT 97. He went on to allude to 50 Cent possibly taking his spot due to the downfall of Murder Inc and his association with acts like Dr. Dre and Eminem.

“It was a lot going on in that time frame,” said Ja. “You got the federal indictment. Here’s what it is, it was orchestrated very well. He was a part of the juggernauts at that moment. Eminem, Dre, they were very, very big in what they were doing as well. So, as we were big over on our side they were also big on their side. And as everything started to crumble for us as far as we didn’t have a label home anymore, ya understand? There was a lot of things that were falling apart for us. It was easy for him to get people to turn on. And there was things that were behind the scenes that y’all don’t see that also made us seem more irrelevant. Like we couldn’t go to awards shows.”

Among those also affected by Murder Inc’s demise was Long Island songstress Ashanti who released a number of notable collabs with Ja Rule including “Put It On Me” and “Happy.” Both Irv Gotti and Ja Rule, who will star in the upcoming film I’m In Love With A Church Girl as well as a new reality show, fessed up to their relationship with the singer not being as strong, but revealed that they do have love for Ashanti.

"We're good. We talk. When we come around, we talk,” Irv revealed. “Honestly, I wish it was better. I wish we was better. I have nothing against being around her or letting everyone know that we're cool. I don't know if she feels the same way. All good...The bottom line with Ashanti is I love Ashanti."

"I've got love for [Ashanti]. We went through our little thing, but me and [Ashanti] are cool. It's like that sometimes with family,” Ja Rule added.

Due to Irv Gotti’s past dealings, Murder Inc garnered much attention from authorities who were led to believe that money used to fund the label was laundered from Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff. The negativity surrounding the label even led to Irv changing the name from Murder Inc to The Inc. Records in 2003.

The name change came just a couple of years after Ja Rule and 50 Cent’s feud was birthed. It’s unclear what exactly sparked the feud, both parties claim different reasons, but the two rappers beef with one another has gone strong for well over a decade.

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  • Anonymous

    50 or Ja are no longer relevant, i love 50 but he has fallen off, i hope Animal Ambition will be the resurgence we have all been lookin for, love Banks as well but G-unit has fallen off, Yayo is garbage

    • Marshall

      Animal ambition wasnt even counted as an album .. it wasnt officially promoted and released as a album .. thats why it didnt sell much .. it wasnt promoted..the real album is comin out soon "STREET KING IMMORTAL" this album is so promoted and its gonna sell much and get fitty back 50 never fell off he just got weaker and weaker by time .. 2015 g unit had two EPs "the beaufty of independence" and "the beast is g unit" .. they were not albums they were eps .. fitty recently said that they gonn be releasin a new album soon.. so next album is an album lol not an ep.. lets just hope it becomes a hit. The problem is that time has changed and music has changed also .. back in the days we used to buy the albums from stores but now people just download them for free. Sorry for the long story lol :P this pretty much explains everything :p

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  • Sellout 50

    And here come the 50 Stans....

    • Anonymous

      Drake is better than all of them & Ja Rule is actually his uncle, they sing together all the time.

    • Anonymous

      this article is 3 days old, they been here already and it works both ways, you got these niggas claiming ja rule runs rap and is the king of new york, ja rule ruined em's career and so on, at least the 50 stans arent delusional like that. if ja can admit he lost why cant u?

  • Fossie

    50 >>>>>>>>>>>>JA Rule, it is what it is!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ja rule new song fresh out the pennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy good http://youtu.be/7ndqRwAr0c8

  • Yony Tayo

    Ja Rule is getting butt-fucked in prison! He's a bitch. My nigga 50 destroyed this faggot and he's still tryin to come back! Nigga don't nobody wants to hear ur wack ass music so fall the fuck back ja. Ur career is officially over, you fucking faggot! You bitch ass nigga! FUCK MURDER INC!! GGGGGGG-UNIT!!!!

    • 50 cent

      "Yayo bring the condoms im in the room 2013" - 50 Cent , Piggy Bank

    • Anonymous

      These lil kids dont even remember that Murda Inc straight up FABRICATED the actual "Order of Protection" they claimed that 50 supposedly got- all the way down to the nonexistent officer who made it up to the imaginary precinct that wasnt located at the imaginary address that was listed lmao...you hit it on the head homie, Ja and them were DESPERATE to slow 50s momentum but he wasnt the one that made Murda Incs spot hot- Supreme walking up in Def Jams offices bragging about how he worked for Murda Inc just to get past security kinda draws attention to a company lol yes that really happened...point is,Ja and Murda Inc took their spot for granted and never thought that 50 would ever even be in position to hurt them,industry or streetwise.They never saw the Aftermath/Shady machine getting behind 50 or him selling that much coming- meanwhile at the time Ja was Drake before Drake:making estrogenized lullabies to sell records but ignoring the streets and the raw rap fans.50 HARMONIZED on some of his choruses before and after he blew up but nobody else actually thought they were full blown RnB singers like Ja on that Rain song wit Mary J lmao go back and listen to that song, THATS the main reason Ja lost his spot-BS like that..

    • YT

      Ja Rule is out of prison dummy, 50 cent called the feds for help an put the spotlight on Murder INC,evrybody knows 5-0 is a snitch

    • G-Unot!

      50 fell the fuck off too .. fuck that nigga ..

  • Anonymous


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  • mrmario100

    In my eyez, murder inc. was a dynasty label that fell to fast like ruthless, deathrow, but was a powerhouse in their own right like cash money, roc nation and the rest of them. ja Rule iz 1 of them artist I rode with from day 1 when I first heard his muzic. Good article. Got alot of Luv 4 Irv Gotti like the way he handled his business. I watch Ja's movies all the time. Wit his feud wit 50 and his come back responses I still knew what was up but the interview provided alot of light. Hope to hear good music and watch gud movies from ya nigga's. Your fan base is still here, I am 1 out of a million much luv!

    • geminiman7

      "Dynasty label"? LMMFAO!!! Death Row Records was a dynasty label. Murda Inc was trying to APPEAR like Death Row (they was pure copycats BTW). + them niggas only had 2 artists. Thanks for that good laugh.

    • Anonymous

      a powerhouse? LOL they had ja rule and ashanti, thats could hardly be considered a dynasty label or a powerhouse LMAO you are 1 out of 1 million you say? shit his last album hasnt sold 7000 yet i would say you are one out of 6500 but i bet you didnt even cop PIL2

  • Rebecca C. Williams

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  • Nuff said...

    And its ironic that the type of music that got Ja big is the same type of music that hurt him in the end.

  • Nuff said...

    Murder inc fell bcuz they only had 2 big artist and they were only makin that soft shit....

    • Anonymous

      lets just say little confused boys and women like soft rap, white and black!

    • Anonymous

      white ppl like soft rap? Im white I dont listen to pop rap. black ppl like soft music more

    • mac

      when he tried to go hard on clap back thats when it all started to collapse. he had white people in love like drake does today and he lost them by tryna go hard. smarten up and stop boxing dudes in.

  • Anonymous

    Illmind - "Rhythm Roulette" = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DC6F7HKe7QE support real hip hop

  • Barrio18, Ezup!

    I'm not a fan of Ja Rule's music but he seem like a pretty cool, down to earth dude. Peeps really need to stop takin' this hip hop/rap music shit so seriously and personally.

  • Anonymous

    this is going right on the list of shit everyone already knew

  • jim jim

    fuck ja rule fif fucked him up its over

  • Anonymous

    "ja had a longer run and sold more albums than drake at this point" He sold those back when CD's were flying off shelves. What Drake's doing now is more impressive because illegal downloading is killing the music industry, but not stopping him from going double platinum.

    • Anonymous

      No excuses #Fact Ja-Rule sold more and I don't like either of them. Hip Hop is even more mainstream now, so a case can be made that Drake should sell more even in today's conditions.

  • Anonymous

    things irv didnt mention being associated with a drug kingpin. they were extorted. preme went down, final nail in coffin ja was the only artist from new york on that r&b shit and it got weak as fuck irv and jay-z was tight, but irv felt nas won and was tryna reward him for winning by putting him on remixes and shit. jay and rocafella stopped fuckinin with murder inc once that happen and jay as a movement and power house increased. meanwhile nas status stayed the same at the same time he knew nas and bravehearts fucked with 50 so he tried to play chess and started blackballing 50. what goes around comes around dmx was on some fuck ja shit then 50 wave swooped through. then add eminem and interscope

  • harris

    Has it been confirmed yet if ja will be playing any of the ninja turtles in the new ninja turtle movie?

  • 49ers

    this shit is over 10years old, every1 needs to get over it, all you lil ja & 50 stans are sad , ja murdered 50 , 50 crushed ja who gives a fuck!!

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    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    my boy big Ja just sayin' this cuz he being smart and tryna get some sympathy sales.. We all kno Big Ja ended 50's shit come on ya'll stop playin'. Ja's a mastermind, he would never accept defeat. There is a hidden agenda behind this.

    • jbiz

      Ja put out the reign against 50...whoever doesn't remember that was being biased going along with peer pressure not to listen to Ja or just doesn't know music...the Reign was better than anything 50 put out that whole time.

    • georgel

      Are you serious? He had eminem, dre, d12, busta rhymes all going after ja rule. No one likes him. You dont remember the hail mary song eminem and busta did. No one remembers a damn thing ja rule put out against them. It wasnt even close and ja rule looks like a damn retarded midget. They all mocked his raspy singing voice and went at him hard. He was pop for a long time then tried going hard again after he was embarassed.

  • Gugu Bring The Chorus Inn

    The only thing i know is that JaRule came up without dissin anyone and 50 Cent did, Get Rich Or Die Trying the whole album was dissing Murder Inc The Massacre the whole album was dissing Murder Inc, Nas, JadaKiss, Fat Joe and Jay Z After that 50 Cent records declined because Hip-hop heads got tired of his dick riding shit, every album he got somebodys dick on his mouth. you can argue with it but thats the truth. These are other examples Lil Wayne he wont complete his given bars without saying Pussy, Whore, Bitch, Coke. The same goes to 2 Chains all other boogie rappers, so people are tired of hearing the same shit all over again The Game people got tired of his name dropping

    • Anonymous

      i actually listened to papoose like 2 or 3 months before he dissed kendrick 50 didnt start them beefs he just finished them.

    • Anonymous

      Beef sells because stupid kids buy into it... %0 built his career off beef with Ja. He watched how heated it got with nas and Jay not to mention big and 2pac and look how many people paid attention... FACT# diss someone people listen.. When was the last time u listened to Papoose b4 he dissed Kendrick?

    • Anonymous

      "I honestly blame 50 for NY hip hop being dead right now. He dissed just about all of new york's hot rappers and drove his legion of dick riding fans to basically boycott Ja, Lox, Nas, Fat Joe, Camron and even tried to sink Jay-Z's ship. " so funny how everyone tries to blame 50 for a whole fucking city falling off. Like Jay didnt beef with nas. Like Jay didnt beef with dipset. Like Lox wasnt beefing with The Roc. Like all these niggas weren't beefing with each other just as much it just didnt as much publicity

    • Anonymous

      vanilla ice also sold millions of records too dawg

    • Anonymous

      good music is not a gimmick. Gimmicks don't sell over 20 million records. The nerve of some haters! love your life and love success. If you find yourself hating on successful people. Just know that's the reason why you won't ever be successful( rich, wealthy) yourself!

    • Digs

      True shit. I caught onto 50's gimmick by the second album. Every album was teased with beef (Wanksta for GRODT, Piggy bank on Massacre and that staged 'feud' with Kanye on his Curtis album). I honestly blame 50 for NY hip hop being dead right now. He dissed just about all of new york's hot rappers and drove his legion of dick riding fans to basically boycott Ja, Lox, Nas, Fat Joe, Camron and even tried to sink Jay-Z's ship. After his hype died down there was basically nothing in the spotlight but Weezy and Rick Ross. Ja may have done a song with Bobby Brown but atleast he wasn't cuddling with a shirtless Souljah Boy on the cover of XXL.

  • Hopsin is real hip hop

    Ja rule sucks. Listen to Hopsin he saved my life

  • HalfwayCrook

    F#ck these clowns. They got what they deserve. They tried to blackball 50 Cent before he was signed to Aftermath. 50 had gotten a verse on a J-Lo record which was a big deal for him since he had lost his Columbia deal...these pricks called J-Lo's people and had him dropped from the record. I feel no sympathy for someone who would stoop to such levels to sabotage another artist's career when he is just trying to get a deal. 50 had every right to smash these guys once he got on. I enjoyed watching it happen too since I knew the backstory.

  • Anonymous

    50 will never spend time in prison, cause he's a snitch to the cops. You punks who call yoself street nigga's, who dog on Ja.... Think about it... You support 50, then you support corrupt/crooked cops. 50 means Five-0.... Stupid young fuckas nowadays, are ignorant to reality. R.U.L.E. = R.E.A.L

    • Anonymous

      you hate like a 12 year old. you dont even have a real reason. wheres your proof. yeah 50 wont ever spend a day in jail because hes not a fucking idiot like Lil Wayne, ja Rule, Fat Joe, etc... He lets other niggas carry the guns, he pays his taxes and he dont carry drugs...

  • The Dude from Queens

    Remember it was Nas that brought 50 Cent in the game if it wasn't for Nasir Jones Curtis Jackson would not of been the person who he is today back in the day when 50 Cent was a nobody Nas showed him the Diamond watches bracelets and chains 50 Cent back in 1997 1998 1999 could not of afford shit back in those times real talk Ja on the other hand is a serious motherfucker even tho hes broke so 50 Cent can suck Jas dick

  • 50 'Snitch' Cent

    Ja was da shit back in the early 2000's. Fuck 5-0 "the snitch" Cent and GAY-Unit are a bunch of phony wanksta's that told the fed's on Murder Inc when they got beat up and stabbed! Curtis "the snitch" Jackson took out a restraining order on Ja Rule and normally has full police (NYPD) protection!

    • TRE

      the order of protection was a fake and the officer that signed it was proven not to exist. next...

    • ^

      nobody was talking about officer ricky here, doesnt change the fact that 50 was a snitch

    • Anonymous

      These new jacks dont even remember that Murda Inc straight up FABRICATED the actual "Order of Protection" they claimed that 50 supposedly got- all the way down to the nonexistent officer who made it up to the imaginary precinct that wasnt located at the imaginary address that was listed lmao...you hit it on the head homie, Ja and them were DESPERATE to slow 50s momentum but he wasnt the one that made Murda Incs spot hot- Supreme walking up in Def Jams offices bragging about how he worked for Murda Inc just to get past security kinda draws attention to a company lol yes that really happened...point is,Ja and Murda Inc took their spot for granted and never thought that 50 would ever even be in position to hurt them,industry or streetwise.They never saw the Aftermath/Shady machine getting behind 50 or him selling that much coming- meanwhile at the time Ja was Drake before Drake:making estrogenized lullabies to sell records but ignoring the streets and the raw rap fans.50 HARMONIZED on some of his choruses before and after he blew up but nobody else actually thought they were full blown RnB singers like Ja on that Rain song wit Mary J lmao go back and listen to that song, THATS the main reason Ja lost his spot-BS like that..

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross also has regular NYPD protection they stand guard outside his hotel and they were at the MMG self made 3 release party this week when the fights broke out

  • Anonymous

    Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff ..... also asked police, to protected his black ass from Black Child & CaddilacTah.... the paperwork was real !

  • Ja Rule 4 Life

    I'LL TELL U Y FIDDY Snitch - DR GAY - FEMINEM ARE SLUTS and there Little teenager fans are more lame than Justin Beiber. If You Tell them This : Interviewer : Rick Ross Just Dissed you Em what are you goin 2 do about it?! feminem : I will HIT THE STUDIO & MAKE A SONG ABOUT Mariah Carey.But wont fight cuz I'm gettin fucked by Dre... Interviewer : FIDDY! Ross and Game dissed you...What are you goin to do about it? 50 Snitch : I will expose them on This Is 50 . cum & Talk about RECORD SALES...lol?

    • Anonymous

      Above comment so True. The Game is the fakest thug I ever seen. Drink bottles of water on stage and claims they vodka, Fronts with weed and does not inhale, check him in any youtube video. I dont think a real gangsta would be Bum Puffing

    • Anonymous

      Is Nas also a snitch then? Everything he said in that song was common knowledge to anyone around NY and the police at the time. No one ever got convicted or served any time from that song and 50 never went to court to testify. niggas been reaching for years. GAMES manage Jimmy Henchman on the other hand is a certified federal informant, paperwork and all, whole time Game was screaming stop snitching and spread lies he was standing next to a certified SNITCH NIGGA!!!!!

    • ^

      listen to Ghetto quran, that was a SNITCH ANTHEM!!

    • Anonymous

      if ja can admit he lost why cant you? notice how there was no talk of any snitching in these videos? they brought the feds on themselves by associating with preme

  • Anonymous

    50 CENT KILLED JA RULE'S CAREER. Despite all the "Ja Rule does this and that" trolls on the net, the truth is one man, 50 cent, destroyed this man's reputation 4 life. I almost feel sorry for him.. a few years back he was at a club in my city just chilling,and suddenly a bunch of people just started yelling "wanksta" which led to a fight and some legal troubles for Ja. Now the man's music sucked, but to be black balled by the industry for life just because of what 50 did back in '03... man that's some rough shit.

  • Kizman

    How much respect does ja have in the hood ? NONE! Ja is a SOFT ass nigga. He came in the game with wack shit and he left the game as a bitch. He waited years to come back because he was still healing from the ass whooping 50 gave him. What 50 been doing ? And what's ja been doing ...... Enough said Ja was equivalent to lil Wayne when he first drop. ... But some of you nigglets were still sucking on your mommie titties to remember that!

  • Anony

    You morons Ja Rule was either being sarcastic about losing to 50 Cent or using reverse psychology. Those words are over your tiny little brains of all the commenters on here lol. Fuckin homos Ja Rule is love, Ja Rule is life

  • Anonymous

    ...also idk why they chose "the inc." that's stupid. Even if they called it The Corporation, that would have made more sense.

  • Anonymous

    what he's sayin, it makes sense why they were decimated the way they were

  • Anonymous

    My big homie at Rikers told me Ja is a bottom bitch all the way

  • DPizzle3000

    No big surprise, Ja would look stupid still answering no to losing to 50. This is his last shot so he's taking a different approach. Lets be clear, no matter if he is answering yes or no to that question 50 finished his career. He should move on to something else and forget rap.

  • popoo

    Funny there is no ja rule lovers in here right now. The same people saying Ja rule ended 50 cents career. HAHAHAHA

  • popoo

    HAHAHAHAHA All you Ja rule lovers on this site got owned. Ja rule said it himself he got raped. 50 won the beef.


    illuminati imposters, that is not the real rule or irv.

  • Anonymous

    We knew this already! He's only admitting that to him self!

  • Anonymous

    People on this thread really need to go back and finish high school lol

  • If its beef better bring yo squad

    50 cent Lloyd banks Eminem dre obie buck d-12 all came for ja and all he had as back up was blackchild n caddilac tah shit was a massacre. Then Game Jadakiss SHeek Louch n Styles P took apart G-Unit that's why hip hop is great fuck the money n cars its about bars

    • 5*General

      the "REGIME" & C-Bo's West Coast MAFIA exposed them G-Unit PIGs In '04 when The GAME - (Change Of HEART Sh!t) was Still In the Group,then them other rappers got @em.

  • C-3

    I remember them going after Eminem for no other reason than that he was white. Then you'd see signs up at the end of Ja's mesmerize video saying "hip hop is black" and all this other ish. They came off as racist assholes and considering that most of their fans are white, it's no wonder why they failed. Did it all for the fans, yeah right.

  • Anonymous


  • thaN!99aULuv2Hate

    1st Off FUCK Curtis Jackson A.k.a Hawaii 5-O he'z A SNITCH point blank & that's THAT!!!,What'd Up IRV & Ja, REAL zaggiN Do REAL Things.Only Men can Own Up to Shit,even tho I don't think 5-O could've did It without that Dre Stamp,Em or Banks ghostwritin for'em.I NEVER bought into that gimmick Anyway - FUCK Curly.What'd Up YNG Buck,5-O took Another L with your situation $$$ - FREE!!! Young Buck

  • LoOnyBin G

    Yo these comments is crazy... seem like people dont care whats the truth or not they like what like and thats that lol i just think people need to see a bigger picture and stop choosing sides these rappers have real life problems and have families...

  • LoOnyBin G

    That was a dope interview. Good to see ja out and doing well. About the 50 stuff its done and over hiphop has changed alot since then and they might not work together but it would be good to see them shake hands. Another good thing is ja gave his life to god which more should do.

  • Anonymous

    "Cmon son, Ja was Drake before Drake was Drake" Ja Rule was never like Drake. He got good for a minute making radio friendly songs, but he was still talking reckless like all the other studio gangstas.

  • Anonymous

    best street rappers 1. Gucci Mane 2. Ja Rule 3. Rick Ross 4. Drake 5. Lil Wayne 6. Meek Mill 7. Riff Raff 8. Birdman 9. Afrika Bambaataa 10. Lil Twist

    • WHAT?

      what the fuck is Afrika Bombaattaa doin on the same list as those guys? Riff Raff? that nigga aint no street rapper, fuck all this shit aalsd;kfasdrfjasd;fmas;lvknasrof;aoerja;f FUCKa sdfal SMOKE DMT !!!!!!! YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YHESklYHES:LDJf;alsdf;l KA:A:::::

    • Kg

      Except the only street nigga on the list is gucci. Tard.

    • Alcee Fortier

      Cool list

  • Anonymous

    Respect to Ja he spoke well on the 50 situation

  • Anonymous

    Irv Gotti admitted that they lost to 50 should be the true headline.

    • Anonymous

      ja had zero street cred already he had nothing to lose at this point

    • Anonymous

      Ja should never have admitted this cause now his street cred is shot. No one man can physically end your career. 50's weak disses were only made relevant because he was selling like crazy so people jumped on his bandwagon, making Ja look like he lost when he fact he had already accomplished so much, and was going to fall off regardless of whether 50 or Eminem went at him.

    • Anonymous

      Ja was right beside him nodding the whole time and he didnt disagree

  • BK Nigga

    Interscope Records doesn't play fair, Slim Da Mobster exposed these fugazi's how they got the feds in their back pocket. 50 Cent is an informant.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      lol slim da mobster was butthurt that dre put him on the shelve and dropped his ass from the label after he tatted a Giant Aftermath logo on his back. If they were so shady why was he making songs wit them and shit. 50 didnt wanna do a record with him and help put him on so he caught feelings like a hoe. I noticed he aint talking too much anymore LOL hes scared

  • Anonymous

    If Ja & Gotti can admit why can't you 50 haters admit it lool, beefs old, done and over now 50 & Ja has both moved on

  • Lookin At My Gucci Its About That Time...

    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

  • Anonymous

    fuck this site is whack ima go play gta 5

  • Anonymous

    its a conspiracy of the illuminati because they know ja rule army is taking over worldwide. its gonna be world war 3!

  • fuck berzerk

    em straight fucked up his career 50 sucks

  • Anonymous

    if u look closely at the video you can clearly see its a hologram,probably set up by illuminati trying to bring the god down.

  • fuck berzerk

    if ja got down to it and made some shit like jeru or someone hed be better than em

  • no

    50 cent,eminem,obie trice,busta rhymes,D12,dmx,G-unit V.S.. Ja rule, ashanti,R&B Lloyd,Irv Gotti,and then a bunch of no names. that was just unfair.

  • Cwigg

    Not sure who was in Ja's ear,(Irv, we're looking at you) but his pop/rap stuff became too much. I too do not believe 50 ended his career....he did it to himself. Look at 50 now! The man is going through a similar situation. People got sick of what he was saying....on to the next one. I'll probably cop Street King Immortal, and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed PIL2...shit was cool.

    • jimmt

      Agreed this is the most reasonable comment ive seen on this site....50's career was big at the time and thats where he beat ja but eminem is who destroyed ja



  • #RuleTalk

    Man don't listen to this illuminati imposter, the real Ja Rule wouldnt say that.

  • Anonymous

    You aren't supposed to admit anything Jeff. Now 50 will have you in a chokehold for the rest of your waking days.

  • Anonymous

    I think Ja is about to make a strong comeback. Want to see more videos! Then go to thegrandreport

  • Not Impressed

    50 Cent didn't win anything, that's the biggest misconception with this Ja Rule thing. What happened to Ja Rule would have happened even if the 50 Cent beef never took place. It happens to every artist. Did 50 Cent kill Nelly's career? Did 50 Cent kill DMX's career? Did 50 Cent kill his own career? No, their time just came to an end. Besides Nas, Kanye, Jay-Z, Eminem and maybe Lil Wayne NO RAPPER has really managed to maintain a career through different eras in rap. They all fade away, well before a decade. Especially those rappers who come out the gate doing big, multi platinum, numbers. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    Just goes to show you how shady the industry is...Dictators and shit. Im so glad this day in age artists dont have to depend on the machine, and have outlets like youtube. fuck the music corporation and their whole black balling sysstem. The most ironic thing about it is how 50 was pretty much black balled after how to rob releasing his shit in Canada, and it took Em and corporate Interscope to give him a pass again due to his popularity (there was money to be made). The same powers that black balled ja...weird huh?

  • Anonymous

    They tried to blackball Godfather Fifty so he had to do it to them in a bigger and better way. Gave them a taste of their own medicine!!!

  • Anonymous

    ja rule is in talks with rockstar games about a gta spinoff based on ja rules life in the hood.


    Straight out the good book, look, niggas is shook 50 fear no man, warrior, swing swords like Conan Picture me, pen in hand writing lines knowing the Source'll quote it When I die, they'll read this and say a genius wrote it

  • Anonymous

    Irv talks too much.

  • nonymous

    ja didn't just lose to 50. he lost to 50 and Em. in WWE terms, he was put in a handicap match against them. but hopefully he and gotti can move on, get the inc back together (ashanti, cadillac tah, charlie b., newz, NOT black child) and get to work.

    • Anonymous

      you act like ja didnt have a bunch of niggas and his whole camp going at 50 just as hard truth is by the time em got involved it was already over.

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule has never been good so why does anyone care??

  • Anonymous

    Illuminati cant bring Ja down! real niggaz know.

  • Anonymous

    ja needs to get rid of irv fucking never liked that guy and he still wants to be a gangsta lol

  • Anonymous

    this is not the real ja rule, dont be fooled. illuminati is behind this.

  • Anonymous

    I bet Ja thought about 50 everyday while he was locked up wishing he was rich and in 50's position

  • Anonymous

    he finally admitted, em, dre, 50 star power was to much for him, way to go son

  • I swear I'm Asian

    TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE 5. Eminem 4. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 2. B-Rabbit 1. The white guy in D12

  • Anonymous

    "We were in my office, me and Rule. Flex was about to play In Da Club [Laughs]. So Flex played In Da Club and that record was so dope. I looked Rule like we have a major problem." - Irv Gotti

  • Ricky Rozay

    Ja don't got to worry cuz ross doing the same thing to Curtis that Curtis did to him. At least ja can get an album out Curtis can't even get shit released. That why that nigga comin out talkin bout big Sean and kerf nigga needs to do something to keep his name relevant. He know if he release an album that shit gon go wood. Niggas career is over! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ross aint done shit to Curtis just be real. He didnt win he just ignored him and kept putting out music because he fans dont seem to find that hes a fraud and a liar with no street cred. 50 clowned Ross so bad. The baby momma videos and photos, ross's son, the hooker baby momma sextape, pimpin curly, gunplays chain, etc... legendary shit!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The hits Rick Ross has compared to Ja are baby singles. But to me it's weird. Rick Ross is a bigger fraud and a below average artist compared to Ja but he is still here. That ain't right.

    • Anonymous

      Why does he need to release an album? Why you so concerned about that? No one makes money selling albums. He sells headphones, speakers, energy shots, MOVIES, books, video games, clothes, boxing fights.... He can put out mixtapes for for the fans and achieve anything Ross does by putting out albums every year that struggle to go gold.

    • Anonymous

      you are so hilarious. you gotta be a Correctional Officer too

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Ja Rule is on the same ''diet plan" as busta rhymes lol

  • Anonymous

    Notice how theres no mention of any snitching in here! they finally coming clean about how and why the fell off now that they've grown older and smarter!

  • FACT

    This nigga would be irrelevant if he didn't have Godfather 50 ruining his life and career to talk about!!!!


    Been over a decade and this nigga still thinks and talks about 50 Cent, get back to the music nigga, that's the reason why he lost the beef because he didn't focus on making music and wanted to rebuttal everything 50 said about him

  • Anonymous

    Theres nothing else to say. If ja and Irv can admit it all you stans and ja rule trolls should just get over it and go buy his new album when it comes out, support his music and move on.

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