A fight reportedly took place outside of Drake’s one day only pop-up shop in New York. The pop-up shop, “Compliments of the Company,” was one of three shops meant to feature Nothing was the Same apparel, promoting Drake’s upcoming album.

The fight allegedly led to the New York pop-up shop being shut down, according to a Complex.com report. An Alife employee, working where the pop-up shop was set to be held, reportedly told a crowd about the fight. Later, a separate Alife employee allegedly walked down the line outside of the shop to let everyone know that “the Drake thing is off,” as per Complex.com’s report. 

Contradicting those statements, a different employee of Alife later reportedly told Complex that a fight did not take place. 

“There was no fight,” the employee said. “That was just a rumor. We ran out of shirts and needed to clear the line.” 

Approximately eight police officers, four police squad cars and an ambulance were on the scene, according to Complex. Police officers reportedly helped move the crowd of fans away from the area. Police officers also denied that a fight took place, as per Complex’s report.  

Instagram video, allegedly of the fight, can be viewed below, via SlickJackson, a fan who attended the event, as reported by Complex and MissInfo.

Drake Poses With Fans In Los Angeles Pop-Up Shop

Although the New York pop-up shop was reportedly marred by violence, the Los Angeles pop-up shop featured an appearance from Drake, as per MissInfo.

A photograph of Drake, who posed with fans, can be seen below, via Karen Civil.

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