Tupac Shakur Biopic Planned, Production To Begin Next Year

A biographical movie about Tupac will be executive produced by his mother, Afeni Shakur.

Morgan Creek Productions and Emmett Furla Films are in final negotiations to partner on a Tupac biopic.

A press release from the two companies announced that the biopic will be produced by James G. Robinson, David Robinson and LT Hutton, along with Randall Emmett and George Furtla.

The film will be executive produced by the late rapper's mother, Afeni Shakur.

Production on the film is scheduled to begin in 2014 in Atlanta.

The movie centers on the life of Tupac, with the press release referring to Pac's "politically charged lyrics, inspired by his parents' activism as Black Panthers in the '60s and early '70s, condemned governmental intrusion in black communities."

Tupac was shot several times on a street corner in Las Vegas, Nevada, on September 7, 1996. He would die six days later from his wounds. Pac's death came after a lengthy East Coast/West Coast rivalry, which would also go on to claim the life of The Notorious B.I.G. The murder remains unsolved.

Afeni Shakur has been involved in several projects relating to her son, including executive-producing his past two albums. In 2009, Morgan Creek sued Amaru Entertainment, alleging that the company, which was run by Afeni Shakur, reneged on an agreement to sell Tupac's life rights for a film adaptation. Since then, there have been numerous updates regarding a Tupac film, but nothing has materialized.

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  • Yousef Musa

    Hey, I saw this article and was wondering if there is any updates about the tupac casting? And if so, what website is it taking place on? Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Who names their kid Lonny?

  • Ryaaaa

    His real name wasn't even tupac it was lesane crooks

  • Anonymous

    Who named their kid tupac?

  • Anonymous

    lol fuck these pac stans probably they never heard of rakim, krs, biggie, big l etc they all shit on 2pac

  • 2pacfolife

    Best rapper ever in the history of rap.. he is like the black elvis of rap.. Everyone of his songs are great , better than any of the crap thats put out now. Lil wayne, doesn't even belong in same category, he is terrible and his music is garbage... one of my favorite tracks are from r u still down album....16 on death row , and only fear of death

  • Anonymous

    this better out do the biggie biopic. that was a fuckin disgrace.

  • I swear I'm Indian

    TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE 5. Eminem 4. Slim Shady 3. Marshall Mathers 2. B-Rabbit 1. The white guy in D12

  • ShitsLame

    Knowing the way Hollywood works, Rob Schneider will be playing Pac.

  • Anonymous

    Now can your mind picture, a thug nigga drinkin hard liquor This ghetto life has got me catchin up to God quicker Who would figure that all I need was a hair trigger Semi-automatic MAC-11 just to scare niggas Pardon my thug poetry, but suckers is born everyday And fear of man - grow on trees Criminal ties for centuries, a legend in my own rhymes So niggas whisper when they mention Machiavelli was my tutor Donald Goines, my father figure Moms sent me to go play with the drug dealers Hits fall, we thug niggas and we came in packs Every one of niggas strapped sippin on 'nac (Cognac) In the back, my AR-15 Thuggin till I die, these streets got me cravin thorazine My lyrics are blueprints to money makin' Fat as that ass that honey shakin

  • Susan Rooney

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  • Tha don

    What is a ymcmb and a Wayne?

  • Gbeg

    To all the trolls and equally ignorant people on this site: Tupac inspired millions and continuous to do so even tho he's been dead for years. With lyrics that still tell the truth. He's your favorite rapper favorite rapper and still gets mentioned by every rapper out there today. His legacy will go on no matter how hard you troll

  • m.o.r.e.

    Most overrated rapper ever. I remember in the beginning of the 90's niggas named him the weaker version of Chuck D then he switch his style and became gangsta because of Suge. Pac was alright but far from a classic rapper. There atleast 20 rappers i can name that are better then pac.

  • Po

    Gillie tha kid is playing 2pac in the movie

    • volunteer

      Actually Gillie is playing tupac in the suge knight biopic. Ving Rhames is playing suge. They dont have someone to play pac but check out the auditions on youtube their amazing. just type tupac audition

  • BOY

    Real Bloods in LA (Compton) respect Wayne and got his back. No real gangster respected 2Pac. Thats why they terminated his bitch ass for being a fake ass loud mouth. YMCMB!

    • theBavarianIlluminati


  • Doublespeak

    Tupac most overrated ever; only a handful of resonant tracks. He drowns in his own sea of mediocrity against the other hip-hop heavyweights.

    • Doublespeak

      You appear to be worryingly overzealous in your defence of this overrated rapper. Incidentally, I have never listened to your aforementioned rappers.

    • Anonymous

      If pac and Big were never killed Jay Z wouldn't be in the position he is in now . When those 2 GOATS left the game a little bit of hip hop died to . Jay filled the vacuum that was left and has done a decent job of it minus a few missteps here and there (Blue Print 2 )(Kingdom Come) but a lot of you 90s babys have no idea what influence 2 pac and Big had on the game .

    • Confused u Are

      Doublespeak ironic name considering the weak responses you have come back with . I never mentioned decent or adequate so not sure were you got that from . I also have no interest in discrediting your view as and your opinion is your opinion and it has no bearing on my life . I stand by my point your original post is laughable i.e Pac 'only had a handful of resonant tracks' Maybe you are hard of hearing so here is another small collection of 2 Pac tracks that might have somehow passed you buy Tradin' War Stories I Ain't Mad At Cha Blasphemy (If you cant feel this track there is something wrong with you ) White Manz World Letter 2 My Unborn All Out (unapreciated classic) Everything They Owe etc,etc Your argument is illogical and redundant 2 pac was murdered in his mid 20s the body of work he left in that short time shits all over anything 'P' has done as a solo artist in his career Rap fans like you are the reason the Chief Keefs,French Montannas,Titti Bois of this world are so popular Class is dismissed FUNNY CLOWN

    • Doublespeak

      It depends on what your definition is decent is; if you are content with just being decent in life then that is your right, but to me that is an indicator of mediocrity. Your attempt to discredit my argument by attacking my list is not logically sound; my "embarrassingly overrated" comment was geared towards the masses' opinion of 'Pac; not my own. If P was generally considered a GOAT too by the masses then you would have a valid point. But he isn't so you don't. Listened to all of those tracks over the years. Again - in my opinion - some are good, some are decent, and some are average. Anything else you would like to add in your futile attempt to change my own personal opinion?

    • GIRL

      FACTS: -Wayne shot himself n the chest pretending to be Pac -Wayne wears his daughters leopard print jeggings and pink t-shirts -Wayne kisses Birdman, who he has no relation to on the lips and he kissed Stevie J on the lips too -Wayne and Birdman were scared to get out of their trucks in LA because 40 Glocc was outside and he got beat up 1 handed by a male stripper!

    • Confused u Are

      @ DoubleSpeak you sir are an idiot you have actually just said that he 'drowns in his own sea of mediocrity' And you then continue your random babbling by saying he is 'embarrassingly overrated but then throw Prodigy into the mix as one of your favorite rappers ...LOLZ No disrespect to P but come on son what kind of madness are you talking ...Just in case you are fourteen or are trolling/new to hip hop check out the tracks below when you have a spare minute . Hit 'Em Up Hail Mary Only God Can Judge Me Ambitionz as a Ridah To Live & Die in L.A Ballad of a Dead Soulja Hell 4 a Hustler Me and My Girlfriend (not the Jay and Beyonce version) Against All Odds ETC,ETC,

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself for the bullshit you said.

    • Doublespeak

      You're assuming that I think he's shit. He is a decent rapper, but embarrassingly overrated. You are also assuming I like Soulja Boy, where in actuality my favourite emcees are Nas, Scarface, AZ, Prodigy, GZA, Jay-Z, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Tragedy Kahdafi, Andre 3000; all infinitely more talented and skillful than Tupac, in my opinion. Bless you for trying to discredit my opinion with your straw man though.

    • BOY

      FACTS - Pac went to a rich kid school. - Pac had a boyfriend. - Pac took ballet classes. - Pac was a ballerina. - Pac wore a tu-tu. - Pac had a homosexual tone to his voice before the whole "Thug Life" image he pushed. Pac was a faggot. Wayne is a Triple OG Blood. YMCMB!

    • D

      The fucc!!!! Overrated???? You probably like Soulja Boy

  • 2pacfan

    When you can't beat a dead man, that's when you know yer fucking up. This goes out to: ALL rappers, old and new.

  • 2pacfan

    2PAC BACK!!! Fuck Biggie, Diddy, Nas, Jay, Kendrick, Snoop, Yeezus, Weezy, Faith, Lil Kim, Delores Tucker, Bob Doyle, Wendy Williams, Ja Rule, DMX, Eminem, J Cole, Drake, ASAP Mob, Wu Tang. I say FUCK EM ALL!

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