Kendrick Lamar Says "Control" Was Meant To Innovate Hip Hop

Kendrick Lamar says "Control" is about more than just challenging rappers to diss him. Instead, he says it's about pushing Hip Hop forward.

Although he has heard several responses to his verse on Big Sean's "Control," Kendrick Lamar says that he hopes listeners understand the meaning behind his lyrics on the selection. 

"I think [rappers] just took it as a challenge," Lamar said during an interview with Arsenio Hall. "But you know the whole point of the thing is not just the challenge for the moment, challenge for the whole extension of this Hip Hop culture. Not just off the hype, but what we going to do after, what we going to do to challenge ourselves, how we're going to make better records, how we're going to push forward and innovate the next generation coming up rather than just sticking in the moment of the verse. That was the whole point of the joint and I hope everybody really gets the idea behind it.

According to K. Dot, the verse was just another example of something that he's been doing since he was younger.

"Yeah, it's just Rap," Kendrick said. "[It's] something I love to do, something I've been practicing since I was 13 years old. It's a reflection, not only in the verse but in my album, and what I've been putting down with TDE for years. It's just Rap [and] having fun...It's really just about having fun and finding new ways to challenge yourself and express yourself on records. Shout out to Big Sean for putting some crazy bars on that as well, and Jay Electronica. It's the culture. It's Hip Hop."

During the interview, Kendrick Lamar, who has said that King Los had the best "Control" response, also said that he has not been offended by any of the diss records that have come since "Control" was leaked. Lamar added that he has "no wounds" from the aftermath of the record.

Beyond speaking about "Control," Kendrick also recalled seeing Dr. Dre and Tupac when he was younger. According to Lamar, his father took him to a swapmeet where the video for "California Love" was being filmed.

"'California Love' video," Lamar said. "Dr. Dre and Tupac. It was at the Compton Swap Meet. My father seen them. I'm two minutes [away] at the house down the block. He came and grabbed me. It was pandemonium. He put me on his shoulders. I'm watching 'Pac and Dre right there, just conversing with all the beautiful people out in Compton. Fifteen years later or so, I get in the studio with Dre. I bring up that same situation. He says he remember that. Everything. He remember all the little kids out there. I said, 'Dre, I was one of them kids that was looking at you.'" 

More of Lamar's interview with Arsenio Hall can be viewed below. 

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  • Hip Hop Push

    Kensrick in my opinion is okay, the verse was luke warm at best. I liked his flow but he wasn't saying much. So what he mentioned a couple of names! I think Big Sean's verse was Iller. just my opinion. Peace!

  • Anonymous

    Did a blender blow up in Arsenio's face?

  • xx004

  • jimmy72jay

    the real king of hip hop, he reminds me of Tupac a lot

  • trizmlsx

    I thought he was overrated... I heard gkmc last week.. damn this man is a BEAST. can't wait for his next album !!!

  • jerome.wauters

    Kendrick is really underrated. I saw his albums on every "best albums of all time" lists but this shit need to be top 5, not just top 20 of all time

  • mchoy

    I was a drake stan until I heard gkmc, that classic changed my opinion about my old fav rappers.

  • arrrr

    kendrick lamar, bringing real hip hop back !

  • friberg

    this dude will be remembered. great guest verses, best album of the last 2/3 years... challenging his pears to make better music, this is what I call hip hop

  • Kruszy

    good kid, m.a.a.d city has changed the newer generation's perception on what good rap music is. thank you kendrick, you make hip hop interesting again

  • qg

    he talks too much, but I would talk too if my album was a calssic like gkmc

  • genoO

    will probably give gkmc a listen, I heard 2-3 guest verses yesterday anhd I agree, he is head and shoulders above EVERYBODY, mainstream or underground

  • gghenry

    Kendrick is slowly making it into my top 10 of all time...

  • biootchi

    kdot is probably the best rapper right now, he is right .

  • gghenry

    I wasn't big on kendrick but I heard control and he is def the best right now, not a single good response tbh

  • Fredik.George

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  • 666

  • 666

  • 666

  • 666

  • chillthrillz

    kendrick name drops and everybody gets hyped,,,shit game been doing that,,,must be a cali thing dude is average at best,,,he just has a big machine behind him,,pushing,,him,,the powers that be are not hiphop they are business men exploiting every angle they can,,,catch a wave and ride type niggas

  • Arjun

    U know what, Arsenio Hall looks like a fuckin alien in this too.

  • Arjun

    Man this dude Kendrick looks weird sittin on that sofa. I like him and his music, but in this interview he lookin like a rat, like no joke, a real rat. lol

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • Helen Graham

    like Clifford replied I'm stunned that any one can earn $9838 in a few weeks on the internet. special info... you're in idiot, dude didn't compare his music to shawshank. he was just pointing out that people like different shit in everything whether its music movies or whatever

  • bashar alassad

    Joe Budden is better than Joe Budden is the best rapper alive

  • Kendrick Lamar

    Yes, i'm a fan, Kendrick is slowly making it into my top 1 of all time, i've heard his album is some masterpiece, i think i gotta check his album, which i already like - it is instant classic, never heard a verse tho. From what i see he also competes with the best like tru hip-hop og Drake or real oldschool emcee Big Sean, nevermind that toughguy J Cole.

  • Prevster

    He just reacted on Big Sean's inflated ass & now the whole rap game exploded... Does the is make Sean important? Does this mean it was premeditated? I think not

  • Anonymous

    Fucking tired of this old boring "control' verse stories, isn't there anything else happening in Hip-hop?

  • LAMYA1

    "But you know the whole point of the thing is not just the challenge for the moment, challenge for the whole extension of this Hip Hop culture. Not just off the hype, but what we going to do after, what we going to do to challenge ourselves, how we're going to make better records, how we're going to push forward and innovate the next generation coming up rather than just sticking in the moment of the verse. That was the whole point of the joint and I hope everybody really gets the idea behind it." Enough said.

  • Golf Wang

    Tyler and J cole > Kendrick Kendrick is so overrated. He's ok, his Maad City album was dope, but he's not gonna "save Hip Hop". Hip Hop doesn't need to be saved. There are still tons of great rappers all over the place, people just want to dwell on the whack ones.

    • klastino555

      I don't like kendrick but he is the best.

    • Anonymous

      "14 year little girls tastes should not be the prime factor in molding what hiphop is. they are just one facet, they may be the biggest disposable income spenders in the pop world but we need to stop chasing that dollar and be happy with ourselves and do us. The money will come if you do it right and have more faith in ourselves." ^ actual fact, make your music, and if it becomes a crossover hit, wonderful. Why I'm saying this Kendrick challenge isn't gonna innovate anything. The program directors will still get the memo on what to include in rotation, the rappers will still sit at the meeting and be told what will make the album and what will be pushed.

    • God Body

      The problem in hip hop music is not the artists. It's the taste makers, the Club DeeJays, the playlist programmers. Some of these types of people are so bent on promoting the crossover/pop this and that, they forget that real emcees/producers don't really want none of that in their artistic life, they just want the money so they deal. But the compromise shows in lack luster productions. It's about time hiphop and purveyers of hiphop stopped trying to squeeze it into some box that doesn't fit and just let it be what it is. The whole point is to be innovative, to lead and not follow. Some of these promoters have forgotten that and only promote what they think they we need to follow to where the money is. 14 year little girls tastes should not be the prime factor in molding what hiphop is. they are just one facet, they may be the biggest disposable income spenders in the pop world but we need to stop chasing that dollar and be happy with ourselves and do us. The money will come if you do it right and have more faith in ourselves. I think this is what is in Kendricks mind or at least should be. A true top hiphop artist should be able in these days and times to do a song that is universally liked by all demographics. Just some good god damn music in your ears you want to play again and again.

    • ETK

      you're dwelling on someone wack yourself... Tyler > Kendrick. get the fuck outta here

  • Gunplay tha Realest

    I want this son of a bitch Kendrick dead. I want him dead, I want his house burned to the ground, I want his family raped killed quartered and thrown in the sea.

  • Kendrick Won

    Kendrick's Control verse still has more buzz than Drake's emo-rap album. It's over for the effeminate RnB rap.. the real is back, Schoolboy Q bout to drop that Oxymoron, Kendrick on tour with Yeezus, and Ab-Soul and Jay Rock will drop heat in 2014. No more soft rich kid rap, TDE is making mainstream come to the streets.

  • Kizman

    This is the problem with Kendrick fans; when a lesser known but lyrically dope rapper makes a Control Response, they wave the relevancy card. But when Kendrick gets compared with the more popular rappers who have bigger pay cheques than him, they all fall on the yeah but technically Kendrick is the better rapper because he is more lyrical argument. Like woah! hold on, wait a minuteyou wasnt using that argument when so and so dropped a lyrical ether on Kendricks ass. Like what, all of a sudden Drake or Lil Wayne are bad rappers because we are judging rappers on lyrics now!? Negro please its as simple as this. If youre going to take a huge shit on your living room floor, and it stinks up the place dont buy another house. Stick to the one you already got. -Thank You

    • ^

      The irony. You, Kizman, and Not Worthy are fucking idiots.

    • ....

      "Kizman, Elz, and Not Worthy are fucking idiots." No. Just you, Anon, and ETK. Happy dickeating!!!

    • Anonymous

      Kizman, Elz, and Not Worthy are fucking idiots.

    • Anonymous

      At the end of the day, you sound stupid for calling some recently released music classic.

    • Elz

      @kizman..i agree. I think kendrick is a nice rapper but people act like he is a godly rapper. Like yeah he is a lyrical rapper and thats cool and all but so is a slightly less lyrical and more entertaining rapper. Hov said it best when he said he wanted to be a more lyrical rapper like a Common but he made $$$ off the song big pimpin. Most people dont always want that lyrical rap..only hip-hop heads. You gotta find a balance @Anon Didn't drakes album just get a grammy? Classic.. in most cases is in the eyes of the beholder nowadays.

    • Not Worthy

      The only people who consider Kendrick's albums "classics" are the same people who get all of their music from the radio.

    • Anon

      At the end of the day Kendrick is a better complete artist and makes better MUSIC than anybody who dissed him or the guys that make more money than him. He already has TWO classic albums, Section 80 and GKMC.. Drake and them may have more pop and club hits, but no classic albums.

  • 666

  • drake runs rap

    haha kendrick dickriders make me laugh. Kendrick goes platinum in months drake can go platinum in a week. Drake makes the biggest hits drake runs this rap shit its a fact. Kendrick is a nobody and most mainstream music fans dont even know who kendrick is while everyone knows drake. DRAKE IS THE GOD OF RAP

  • tired

    IM TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THE CONTROL VERSE. IT WASNT THAT BIG OF A DEAL. IN FACT ALL HE DID WAS SAY PEOPLES NAMES.. EVERYBODY IS LIKE "OMG THIS IS WHAT HIPHOP NEEDED"..IT WAS A PLOY..HE'S JUST DOING WHAT EVRYONE DOES..WHICH IS CAUSE CONTROVERSY. someone plz tell me how that line is so innovative? i not a real big fan of kdot..becuz i think his voice is weird. I do think he is one of the best rappers out right now. Call it what you want..I just think its crazy how everyone is going wild about this. It was a hot verse..but its over now.

    • BP

      @anon then it's a two-way street because he implied half of that.. that's all well and good if you're tryna play the diplomatic card to me, sayin "oh I listen to everything" and shit - hey that's great. but the "thought pattern"s a proven record for a reason. IF I'm wrong bout this dude, he would've given me some names/examples a long-ass time ago... instead he wasted his breath callin me an A+ dickrider. when I never uttered that the Control verse was that great of a verse, I said it WAS A BIG DEAL and got LOTS OF ATTENTION. both of those are fact, and I explained why. hell it's fuckin obvious why I didn't even need to say that. so I dickride because of that? yeah right. oh no, I dickride because I think Meek Mill or Tyga couldn't drop the same kinda verse. god damn that's a loose definition of "dickriding" if I've ever seen one. ffs..

    • BP

      I'm not trying anything. IF you're making all these claims and claiming I'm sucking K-dot's dick, the least you can do is come up with your list to clarify what you consider "good music". Otherwise you a whole lotta talk and a whole lotta nothin'. I'm not trying to make it Kendrick vs. anyone... if you named some good emcees I would've left this be, this isn't a pissing contest. What I implied was right, for fuck's sake you named 2 Chainz and Drake as an hypothetical if they spit that verse... do you really think either one of those niggas would've been as lyrical?? forget the namedrops.. everything else Kendrick said in that verse. do you see Drake spitting all that? if you do, I guess we got a problem

    • Tired

      BP's trying to turn this into a "My favorite rapper is better than yours" argument. Thats why he keeps asking me who i think is talented. When i clearly said i think kdot is talented but the control verse wasn't and it was and still is over hyped. You keep trying to get me to name an artist other than kendrick so you can make it a (???) vs Kendrick. No im not a big fan of him but i respect his music and think he is a positive artist for hiphop along with a few others. Ok, you didnt say he was a godly MC but you implied that if any other popular artist spit that verse it wouldn't mean anything which to me means he is better than them.

    • Anonymous

      "change your fuckin cassette" "what IS a big deal to you? when some underground rapper spits some crazy verse 100 people are gonna hear and it makes your titties happy that you're bumping it?" ^ this is bias BP "I'm not sayin Control verse was the best verse of all-time... but try to find me one verse that had as much impact as Kendrick's verse did... without going into your fucking 90s rap catalogue." ^ why can't I go thru the archives? Because of the internet talk of "90s elitists"? That's a bias BP. "but if you're gonna throw Kendrick and other solid emcees into the "radio" box, which is the same box Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa reside in, we got a problem." ^ don't even know where you got that from besides your thought pattern I'm a music fan who doesn't care about who's on a list or on radio. If the song resonates with me, I play it. If not, maybe the next song will. I know enough Hip Hop music to see 'Control' is somewhat of a 2013 'How To Rob', and although that impacted the game (for 50), it didn't innovate anything, which is the topic of discussion at hand. 50-I'll take your shit with names Kendrick-I'll take your fans with names 50 got responses from his peers too, which happened to be Jay, Nas, Wu, to name a few. I enjoyed this 'Control' episode, but to say this was a big thing, he's changing the game, and Pharrell comparing him to Bob Dylan (that was me talking to you over there) is straight dickriding. Can't even enjoy the brother's art right now without the foaming at the mouth talk. And because I don't agree and used an old example doesn't make me an elitist, an underground fan, a hater of radio, nothing like that. If anything you'll see I listen to all of the music.

    • BP

      come up with your list of who spits off the dome then. I wanna see who you think spits consistent freestyles, guest features or lyrical content. until you name names, fukk off with your "you're in love" bullshit. you tell me a talented MC is based on what you define as talent, which doesn't mean a fuckin thing because you haven't told me WHAT or WHO exactly correlates as good talent or music, all you said earlier was "a big deal to me is making good music" you ain't given me one god damn example. all you're doing is throwing pointless aimless jabs in order to seem superior about your tastes. I think you're right up there among the people I'm talkin about. YOU'RE the one saying I label him a godly MC. Where have I ever mentioned the words "innovating", "god" or any shit like that. FIND ME ONE FUCKIN SENTENCE. thats the definition of a bitch nigga, puttin words in another nigga's mouth to create an argument. all I did say K-Dot spits off the dome and got everybody's attention, and until you name names, I'll dub it as my undisputed opinion.

    • tired

      1) kendrick doesn't "spit of the dome" bro. If you think his songs are completely off the dome then thats sad. Joey BADA$$ doesn't either. 2) You calling me a "bitch ass nigga" is worst than me calling you a dickrider. You obviously are in love with that rapper. Which is cool..but please don't act as if he is this godly MC. And you saying "he is barely in my top 5" isn't an excuse. A talanted MC is based on what you define as talent..not what BP thinks. The verse was overrated and because it came from kdot it was viewed in a different way it would if another rapper said it..nuff said

    • BP

      I'm sorry, WHAT dislike do you see nigga? where, please, point that shit out to me. was it the 90s rap catalogue mention? cause I wasn't hating on that whatsoever. I love the classics. but if you're gonna throw Kendrick and other solid emcees into the "radio" box, which is the same box Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Wiz Khalifa reside in, we got a problem. just cause you hear Swimmming Pools 6 times a day on the radio doesn't make it anymore true. Actually anon, your second point I also said that. it's true. any of those niggas would've been laughed at for doing it. but the way Kendrick did it got a different reaction. You think that was just because he's HOT? nigga nah! it's because he's talented and he spits off the dome, unlike all the niggas you named(save for Badass) you got the nerve callin me biased when a) I just pointed out Kendrick is hardly in my top 5 and b) you got bitch niggas running around using the terms "stans" and "dickriders" like no tomorrow. and THAT's not biased? foh

    • Anonymous

      Macklemore's 'Same Love' had more impact and was a bigger deal that Kendrick's 'Control' verse. Didn't even need to go thru the rap archives to strike that down. And I agree with tired, if Meek, Wale, 2Chainz, Joey Badass, Rocky, Tyga, Lil Homie Quan would have done that verse many, MANY of you would have written it off and trash binned it. BP, you're biased. There's no way we can sit here and talk about Hip Hop music with you when you have already displayed a dislike for it's history. And I'm calling it like I see it.

    • BP

      and that goes for all of you lame ass niggas who call everyone stans and dickriders... those are just words y'all use when you can't come up with a good argument or cause something bumps on the radio too much and y'all tired of hearing about it.. newsflash it doesn't make you any better. everybody dickrides somebody different so stop usin the word like it means somethin' Kendrick is barely in my top 5, believe me there are rappers I "dickride" more than this nigga and y'all don't even wanna see it doe... but I call it like I see it

    • BP

      oh blah blah dickrider this dickrider that... change your fuckin cassette.. calling someone you don't agree with a dickrider is just as predictable as the shit mainstream rappers rap about. you ain't even answered my question so you got no business callin me a dickrider. I call em like I see it nigga, and a big deal is making good music? lol how is that an answer? WHAT IS GOOD MUSIC, that's what I'm asking you. if 2 Chainz or Drake said it, they would've gotten laughed at because they can't do it close to how Kendrick does it. and that's just fact. it's not the most INNOVATIVE thing he's done... it's the most IMPACTFUL. learn to make the difference. and you don't need to spit the greatest verse of all-time to make an impact(ask Lil Wayne)

    • tired

      it isn't a big deal. And the few rappers that did respond aren't even at worth mentioning. Its a big deal to dick riders like you..."awl he saved hiphop by trying to get other rappers attention" cuz that makes sense. STFU..stop dick riding..he did it for attention and it worked kudos to him. Lame for you for still creaming your pants about A big deal to me is making good music..bottomline. Not saying others peoples names in a rap and making it rhyme..anybody can do that. what if 2chainz said it?..what is drake said it?..ya ass wouldn't treat it the same would you? Once again I think kdot is a good rapper but if thats the most innovating thing he has done is what it is.

    • BP

      you know what, yes it was that big of a deal. that's the problem with most hip-hop fans, they like to dismiss anything that makes headlines like it wasn't nothing. I'm not sayin Control verse was the best verse of all-time... but try to find me one verse that had as much impact as Kendrick's verse did... without going into your fucking 90s rap catalogue. "all he did was name rapper's names" that's the fucking point he got everybody's attention. niggas who weren't mentioned in the song hollered at him, some tried to ether him, some tried to suck his dick. he got a bunch of spotlight on himself without doing some Lil Wayne/2 Chainz silly shit. and that doesn't happen everyday. answer me this, what IS a big deal to you? when some underground rapper spits some crazy verse 100 people are gonna hear and it makes your titties happy that you're bumping it? good luck with that.. nah people reacted to this for a reason

  • Anonymous

    I know im going to be called a pussy and dickrider for this but drake's new album is too good. Everyone is too busy making fun of drake and his fans to actually listen to drake and see he's actually rapping. NWTS is 3x better than take care. Kendrick is winning album of the year this year (god forbid Macklemore (im not a rapper) somehow takes away rap album of the year) but next year Drake is winning album of the year unless Eminem can put up something just as good as the Marshall Mathers LP.

    • Every1 is against Mackelmore but.....

      His music has more variance and creativity than Drake. I don't even like his music that much, but its obvious that hes got some good ideas (ex. varied subject matter between songs and a lil' social commentary). Drake is getting slightly better, but hes pretty much been talking about the same shit for three albums straight. And why would you say Makelmore is not a rapper but be cool with Drake? The dude is trying to be more of an singer/rapper than anyone else in the industry. Drake and Kendrick are just feeding people music that distracts from the real issues at hand. At least Mackelmore has something interesting to say about the underlying issues within American culture. Drake and Kendrick are just perpetuating the cultural norm or status quo.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick No. 1, That New Drizzy Drake at No. 2 , How much time this nigga really spending on the intro is No. 3, and Eminem is the 4th best rapper right now.

  • genoO

    I need to give his album a listen, I heard it was a masterpiece

  • stylzjaw

    I'm slowly becoming a fan, dude is imopressive, he does a lot for hip hop

  • hgh

    he is slowly making it into my top 20 of all time

  • xx004

  • xx004


    Most of these millennium rappers never had to battle their peers in a cypher. KRS went up against Shan. DMX & Jay-Z battled for sport (look it up on YT) . LL & Canibus. I could go on and on. These new rappers more worried about getting a sneaker/liquor/clothing deal to feature in their video than sharpening their skills. Much respect to K.Dot.

  • Anonymous

    Not a fan of Eminems album Encore, your not the only one. The album was almost a lot better though. This website details how, and gives you a way to hear the album the way it should of sounded.

  • drake runs rap

    one platinum album and kendricks ego goes to the roof. Kendrick will never be on drakes level draske saved rap and made it poipular. With out drake rap would have ended up going techno or some other trash that kanye and jay z were planning on trying to make it to be. Drake saved rap drake recreated hiphop. Kendrick can only dream of the accomplishments drake has aqquired. 1)Drake has the most number 1 hits at the age of 26 2) No other artist from the new wave of rappers goes double platinum like drake does 3) Drake is breaking a lot of records and he hasn't even reached 30 yet 4) Drake is the face of rap everyone listens to rap for drake 5)Drake is the only 1 capable to go platinum first weak these days and drake will go down as the greatest of all time when its all said and done 6)Drakes tours are the highest selling out of all rappers drake runs rap its a fact stop denying.

    • drake runs rap


    • Anonymous

      First off Drake hasn't been a rapper until 2 days ago when NWTS dropped and he got lyrical. Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nas, Jay-Z, and 2Pac's 20 albums after death saved rap.

    • gghenry

      kendrick is on all another level, he is twice as good as drake and I'm not even a fan

    • Anonymous

      OP seriously wasting your time

    • TDE Bitch!

      Lol jealous ass nigga.. Kendrick has the album of the year, went platinum, the most in demand for features, broke the Internet and put the game in a choke hold with ONE verse. Ain't nobody buzzing about weak ass Drake and his emo-raps... all eyes on Kendrick and TDE is running this shit.

    • drake runs rap


  • xx004

  • xx004

  • xx004

  • krustyg

    I agree with what he said, and I'm not even a fan

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar diss eminem !

  • gefr

    and it was needed I haven't been that excited for hip hop since the early 2000s

  • genoO

    I'm slowly becoming a fan, dude is doing a lot for us

  • mchoy

    I like what he is doing for the genre

  • OVO

    Please Kendrick, Drake has been innovating hip-hop since 2006. Hip-hop was dead, and as soon as Drake started dropping classic mixtapes it's resurgence began. Coincidence? I think not. Drake is the most innovative and authentic rapper of all-time. I bet you that his semen tastes like cotton candy. Even his semen is innovative. No homo.

  • BGN

    PPL are STILL bitching about this wtf!?!? Rappers are such little fuckin bitches nowadays kendrick did not diss anyone he said he got love for em at beginning of that line and just boosting his own confidence and BOASTING ON a track one of the most common and competitive things in rap music stfu already

    • Devante the Poet

      My thoughts exactly. Bunch of butthurt dudes trying to give their careers a boost. K-Dot could have just said Fuck All Y'all, but that wasn't the point. Everybody THINKS they shit is hot. It's time for MC's to start spittin like they're as hot as they say they are.

  • dexter

    Hip Hop is not a sport because players can't go back & reshoot, repass & retackle... But mc's go back & rewrite a verse haha!

  • Bryce Huffman

    I like this article a lot but it has some editing errors that the site editor or the author might want to fix.

    • Bryce Huffman



    Honestly tired of hearing about this Control verse. Rappers that were named are butt hurt, rappers that were left out are butt heart. Either Stfu or make a decent comeback track acknowledging kendrick's verse then putting in your two cents. Clearly these morons all took it the wrong way except Asap and drake. They simply brushed it off and took it as it was meant to be taken. As an instigative verse for hip hop all around. Also meek mill go fuck yourself. Instead of all these whack rappers simply trying to diss Kendrick and prove him wrong, why not realize that he's somewhat right to set a fire in the middle of the hip hop game to make all the competition actually step their game up and rap*

  • I Won One

    This chipmunk is become quite narcissistic. His intent is good and all but he carries himself with arrogance.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick bringing back the rap game. I just hope Drake follows.

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