Hopsin Explains Dissing Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar On "Hop Is Back"

Exclusive: The Funk Volume co-founder says that although he's a fan of Kanye West's earlier work, the Chicago rapper-producer has fallen off.

Last week, Hopsin released the video for “Hop Is Back,” the latest single from his forthcoming album, Knock Madness. In the song, the Funk Volume artist took aim at Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West.

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Hopsin explains why he chose to toss bars at two of Hip Hop’s most notable acts.

“I’m a Kanye West fan,” the Panorama City, California emcee says. “I like Kanye West. I like a lot of his old stuff so, you know, it’s not [like I’m not a fan]. But he’s on some bullshit now. He’s on some straight up [bullshit]. I’m not the only one that thinks this but it’s not even about what other people think. I just know what the fuck I think. Yeah, he’s on some bullshit.”

Hopsin cites the religious references in West’s latest release, Yeezus (which includes the track “I Am A God”) as an example. “The Godliness stuff, nah,” he says. “He can do whatever he wants. He’s a human. He’s entitled to do whatever. He can do whatever he wants. So can I, though. So can I. In his mind, he can be like, ‘What the hell? Who’s this cat dissing me, man? He don’t know who I am?’ And I can be like, ‘Oh, who the hell are you to be acting like this?’

“It’s two humans,” he continues. “It doesn’t matter. We’re just two humans doing human shit at the end of the day. He does what he does. I do what I do—simple as that. If he doesn’t like it, he can do something about it. If I don’t like what he does, I can say something about it. That’s just how the world works.

“But I’m a fan of his old stuff,” the Funk Volume co-founder adds. “I don’t hate Kanye. It’s Rap. It’s a game of sharks swimming around.” 

Hopsin Says He Doesn't Want To "Go To War" With Kendrick Lamar

Hopsin also explains that even though he does not intend to “go to war” with Kendrick Lamar, targeting the TDE artist following the rapper’s highly publicized verse on Big Sean’s “Control” is just a part of Hip Hop competition. 

“I’m glad Kendrick did that,” Hopsin says. “I hope it made other rappers [feel] like, ‘Oh shit, we gotta step our game up.’ That’s good. I’m glad that he fucking did that. That’s a great move. I don’t hate Kendrick Lamar. I’ve got nothing against him. I listen to his stuff from time to time. He’s not a guy that I’m trying to go to war with. I’m not saying that I’m fearing it like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to go to war.’ He’s a West Coast artist. He’s doing his shit. I’m not hating on him. But, it’s the Rap game. He knows it and says the same. It’s the Rap game. Rappers are gonna be fucking rappers.

“He raised the bar, but I’m a rapper myself,” Hopsin continues. “There’s not ever gonna be a time where I’m involved in something full-throttle with my life and I can just let someone else come out and go, ‘Boom! I’m the king.’ If I let you say that, and not acknowledge that, then I’m cool with that person being king. Nah.”

Hopsin also emphasizes that there is no ill will between him and Kendrick Lamar. “At the end of the day,” Hopsin says, “he’s cool. There’s no fucking bad vibes that I’m trying to spread between me and him. I haven’t met the guy personally. We had a show together a long time ago but I haven’t actually met him. It’s just like he raised the bar high and I made a joke about his height. I know he’s a little small dude. I’m just letting him know I’m about to raise the shit even higher. He’s cool though. I’m not hating on him. This is Rap.”

“Hop Is Back” is not the first time Hopsin has publicly called out rappers. On 2010’s “Sag My Pants,” the 2012 XXL Freshman dissed Lupe Fiasco, Drake and Rick Ross.

Hopsin’s Knock Madness is scheduled to be released on November 26. The video for “Hop Is Back” can be viewed below.

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  • Tyler

    Radio across the globe*..And Selling, being on the billboard, and winning grammys matter..Don't be a artist,and reject the fundamental cornerstones of your art...Just influence them forever the way you see fit...Make those mainstream elements recognize you, that's how you make a real legacy...Hopsin either needs to do that, or shut the fuck up..I swear if he drops some bs album that doesn't sell or is even in best buy or any store, or if its some wackly produced fruity loops sounding shit, I will drop his ass so fast...Cause he's been coming with that a lot..It's the same and not pushing boundaries..I mean Outkast was independent, underground, but they were truly creative/experimental, and had groundbreaking production and skills that forced the industry to adapt to them and give respect..Be like that..I gotta feeling Hop is gonna disappoint

    • 1984

      adio across the globe*..And Selling, being on the billboard, and winning grammys matter. With that 1 sentence your whole argument is shit. Go listen to joey bada$$ and action bronson and tell everyone how much of a "head" you are.

  • Tyler

    I kinda like hop, when I discovered him in like 2010, he was the only artist around with actual serious youtube views that was any good...He was definitely influenced by em, and I like that..But at the same time, don't say I'm about to raise the bar higher than Kdot..Just do it...Don't rap about being better, just be better...The way Kdot did it was appropriate, because he got commercial, critical, and peer acclaim/respect then spit that shit on control...That's how it works...FV is cool, but dont be independent and use that as your overall image thing..Literally compete with the mainstream, change the mainstream if you don't like it like TDE..Don't just say well i'm not even in the same lane(Mainstream), but my lane is better(Independent) and diss that way, its wack...I love real hip hop and fucks with Pro Era, Logic, TDE, etc...But FV should have already blew up by now, and I truly think there reluctance to embrace the mainstream is why..Why be kinda underground with a bunch of youtube views, but not be actually critically and commercially successful and be on the radio across the control..It's almost hypocritical..Numbers don't lie, and if Hop's new album still sounds like some fruity loops produced shit ima drop him forever...He needs to make an effort actually get real success rather than just sit in your fan base and never transcend that..

  • georgel

    I can explain it for him, he disses two of the hottest in the game to get in the news because his career isnt going anywhere quick. I liked his album raw but his newest song is wack. He keeps dissing everyone in the ill mind of hopsin songs and it hasnt gotten him much yet. eventually no one will ever do a song with him and regardless of what anyone says im sure he wants to do some with big artists if he could. money is more powerful than keeping it real. sorry. bills are real, children are real, woman who like money are real and any of these artist will sell out to get it all and so would u. but hopsin should shut up dissing and take out the dumb contacts and focus on making decent music not corny funny shit

    • lol

      the dickriding is real here

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Hopsin is far from being broke.

    • Maj

      Are you an idiot? His career isn't going anywhere? He owns the BIGGEST Independent Record Label, he was an XXL Freshman & One of the people he signed. His networth is 2 MILLIONS dollars & the kid isn't even 30 yet. He owns all of his licensing, publishing and clothing line rights. Mainstream Rappers wish they were in the position this guy is in. He can literally say fuck music and become a plumber tomorrow. He literally makes MILLIONS rapping in his basement. Shit, let me get something like that. These others guys are stuck in record deals and can't do shit until that deal is up. They aren't making much & the publicity will fuck them in the end. I wish I could still walk around to certain places like Hop, but have a lot of money in the bank. Sheesh Lol, no hate man. But just know what you're talking about before you say something. He has co-signs out the ass too! & most of his song are good positive filled tracks.

  • Martha Anderson

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  • ??

    Who da fuc is this fishazz nigga?

  • mwdinsa@gmail.com

    Tupac was against having the government raise the kids. He said this. When he was growing up he was basically indoctrinated into Communism. Communism/Marxism is all about having the government raise the kids.The media, and the government schools essentially do "raise the kids." I think that Tupac realized this later. That might be why he was killed. He was killed as a public spectacle like Kennedy. This has happened to other famous people who started opposing the power structure. I think that he realized how brainwashed he, and other people have been. Unfortunately, using the name "Illuminati" for a system that can be shown to exist simply associates valid research with wild conspiracy theories. This marginalizes any information which might make people start thinking. Thinking about the high-level control structure is the last thing that the elite who manipulate, and use the media, and the state want. Any form of state collectivism can benefit the controlling elite.

  • MAC

    "You either corny or an oppurtunist." That young man did not lie. Hopsin and rappers alike if u wanna acknowledge the fact the he raised the bar than how about you in your studio and make something or TRY to make something timteless! I swear you guys are missing the point. This how he popped off like he said in his own song, so, whateva


    fuck all these pussy ass niggas free the champion of real niggas free big guwop

  • Anonymous

    My response would have been fuck them bitches i'm going to destroy there careers.Why go after artists with out the intent of laying them to rest (ending there career or actually putting there ass in the dirt)the rap game is way to friendly.

  • nyttowll242

    Haha, i got scared as shit. Could have sworn i clicked the link for Lauryn Hill new song and this shit came on.... Had a nigga like wtf Lauryn, nooooooooooooooo

  • jaceshadoe

    kanye's in the past few years has been on some wack ass shit and bullshit. The content in his music is shitty and makes no sense at all. I wouldn't have thought an artist who putted out the albums his first did ( first 3 prob.) would end up on some self-centered " I am God" delusional insecurity shit. Can't wait to hear Hopsins album soon.

  • Level 32

    This ol soggy sandwich '90s rapping 1 hit wonder ass nigga. If that's how you're bringing hip hop back "Flipping people off from the trapeze" you can leave that off brand form of hip hop where it's at...I'm so tired of hearing these L7 ass nigga's saying they're gonna bring the game back...it never left it just lowered the bar and you're causing it to lower that much more with shit like this...

  • Trashman

    Another suburban oreo making emo-rap dude is FUCKING TRASH

  • KidSugoi

    This dude is lame and he wishes he was Eminem. That is all

  • Anonymous

    if you arent a dick rider and just a straight fan of hip hop you know hopsin can spit just as hard and as intelligent as kendrick can. This would be a dope forth and back.

  • Anonymous

    I don't see how people think the Kendrick thing was a diss... I mean that's what kendrick WANTED isn't it? He was creating a challenge to other rappers to compete with him. Hopsin is doing just that.

  • rty

    THE DISNEY KID???? lol!!!!

  • jasonnns


  • jasonnns


  • leather facesss


  • imiles1166

    hopsins the shit i mean he did sign wit tech and tech is real as shit and at least he dont rap bout bullshit like drugs money and whores like all them shitty "rappers" like lil wayne tyga and 2 chains

  • Anonymous

    What hopsin doesn't realise is that Kanyes message is really that we all are gods if we can learn to harness our minds.

  • Golf Wang

    too bad Tyler "ja ruled" Hopsin's career!

    • Anonymous

      when? tyler ended his own career with all the gay shit hes put out. dudes a straight unoriginal one trick pony ass fag. you just a bigger fag for being friends with him

  • anon

    yeah fuck hopsin. gimic ass rapper.

  • Anonymous

    all three of them make shitty music for young impressionable ignorant bitches


    I LIKE THIS PISS!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Haha Kendrick's not that short, I met him.. he's about 5'6".. And he raised the bar so high where a lot of good rappers may not reach so Hopsin most definitely won't reach... No disrespect to Hopsin and jus sayin what's real

  • dat nigga

    they're all equally great in different ways. the reason why hopsin won't ever get a record deal is cause he's childish and disses every rapper of every label

    • Anonymous

      He had a record deal way ask but he left and went independent, and childish...c'mon man look at the rap game right now, Chief Keefe for 1

  • Anonymous

    Hopsin > Kenny Lamar

  • fredddyyy


  • Anonymous

    he's not even going to hear your song, hopsin.

  • yes

    you guys are looking at the surface of hopsin. he may come off as a corny, irrelevant rapper who disses to get attention, but none of thats true. dude is a true artist...rapper, producer, and owns his OWN indie label... hes got a fairly large dedicated fanbase and has signed some dope mcs (jarren benton, dizzy wright). hes already made it quite far by breaking the industrys rule, and he speaks what he feels.. if youre gonna tell me you dont have negative opinions of certain artists out there, youre straight lying. at least hop has the balls to say it on record. call me a dickrider all you want, but im not even a huge hopsin fan. i just have the ability unbiasedly to recognize talent and art when i see it, and im calling bullshit on most of the negative hate being spewed here. open your minds hiphop heads

  • sdf

    This shit is terrible. Just reaching so hard to get some attention.

    • ddd

      who are you to say what his intentions are behind the namedrops? listen to the song, and he says he raps how he feels on the mic, and why should he have to hide a part of him.... i talk shit about rick ross in my verses doesnt mean im trying to get attention

  • mulletman

    i dont think he dissed kanye in sag my pants... hopsin is not the most polished artist. His hooks could use some work.. but his bars are sick and there is a reason no one responses to his disses. he also went at Tyler the creator you would think hiphopdx would do their research. the game name drops 3 times a much.. I will always like hopsin he seems like a cool guy and always connects with fans.. but i will admit "hop is back" is the hottest track hes had in a year or so and its not a game changer or anything.

  • 0000


  • 0000


  • 0000

    method man 4 21 day after album cover looking like 911

  • hopsin > kanye

    hopsin is the only good rapper

  • 00000

    9.11 and sea side boardwalk 13 years apart. both in sept

  • Ella J. Encinas

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  • Realist Rappa

    MAn whats this guy man, that Gucci man beat his ass man. is his skin cola white or something man. oh wait! this is 2013 in America, what is diversity? get off his dick!

  • Anonymous

    This dude is a fag. Somehow he thinks rapping about "shock" shit isn't bullshit? dude is a delusional queer.

  • Hip-Hop

    so you think hes on "bullshit"...sorry.was expecting more from Hop.hes just another hater.he sounds like a youtube comment. and his explanation for Kendrick shit was even more sus. Hopsin is just a troll.its sad.thought he actually stood for something.

  • mali

    niggas speaking the truth..#dope joint

  • Dick B

    Does anyone actually take this nigga seriously?

  • Anonymous

    cornball I like having someone to hate

  • Hype by dRE

    Kendrick knows not to diss hospin and papoose, he knows they the best when it comes to battle rap, Kendrick want say they names if he does diss them, unlike hospin and pap, they said Kendrick name.

    • SMD

      his entire discography, 7 critically acclaimed albums, to add to his 21 grammys out of 53 nominations, and somehow people still act like they still got a reason to hate on yeezy. you niggas are lames, and as far as kendrick goes. you cant predict shit about the future, so shut the fuck up with your hoe asss.

    • SMH

      but this where your wrong kendrick is just the next trend not a legend and kanye is an egotistical racist fuck

    • lol @ u

      it's funny because Hop and Papoose are irrelevant and will not be remembered in time. Kanye and Kdot will be looked at as legends in the future. Kanye for his progression in the genre (mainly production wise) and KDot for being one of the best spitters out rn. Nobody cares about hating ass rappers that diss niggas who actually make money. The only people who support hating ass rappers are people who are haters theirselves and generally unhappy 24/7. Plus if you listen to Hopsin chances are you are white and corny.

  • weirdos

    "I dont like hopsin, but i'll still read articles about him and leave comments about how I dont like him" you haters are confusing

    • GOD

      To reiterate my earlier statements. Hating is the new black, I'm just simply being unbiased commenter about a rapper I'm aware of dissing a rapper I enjoy and a rapper I don't. I could have kept it generic like "fuck Hopsin, dude is a fag" that is all.

    • DaMamba

      Ayo dickriding in any form is lame yo

  • RiP Eyedea

    everyone check out this rapper i just heard his name is Talent Display he's gotta trak called "Halloween murder" and it was produced by funk volume pretty dope!

  • Silas Lyng

    On 2010s Sag My Pants, the 2012 XXL Freshman dissed Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne - not Kanye West*

  • Anonymous

    I don't like this guy.

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ anybody who listens to hopsin

  • Cealix

    This dude name drops almost every successful artist, no matter how good or bad they are on the mic. That seems the be the underground trend. Diss someone in the mainstream and hope some major company will pick you up. Ironically, Funk Volume has been quiet lately.

    • bratX2

      FV quiet??? Ha, Dizzy is always releasing something and Jarren just dropped MGB not to long ago. Yea Hop and swizz have been. They have a label to run. Not to mention Hop produces all his own shit. SMH

  • TheApm

    am i the only one around here who found his statements hella confusing? like barely coherent?

  • GOD

    Hopsin is hilarious. Kanye apparently fell off, but Hopsin was never on so who is he to throw stones, especially when He's know for hiding his hands after, let's examine his Game Dis or his Soulja Bout dis. I've learnt to never give a fuck what Hopsin is saying. I liked Kill Her that's it

    • JRich

      Yeah cus it's nothing that serious. What reason would Hopsin have to get involved with a beef with Soulja Boy? He just drops names from time to time, I don't think its a big deal.

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