SMACK Says Math Hoffa Is Banned From URL After Punching Serius Jones

SMACK releases a video blog addressing his feud with Hitman Holla, refuting Daylyt's allegations of a conspiracy and reacting to Math Hoffa's fight with Serius Jones.

SMACK, co-founder and host of SMACK/URL, recently addressed the fight between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones, which took place at this year's "Summer Madness 3." 

"I just want all the fans to know that we don't condone that type of behavior here at the URL," SMACK said in the video blog. "We don't support it in no way, shape or form. At this point forward, as it stands right now, Math is definitely, definitely banned from the URL and won't be able to participate in none of the URL events, just due to the situation that happened and the liability that it may bring to our business. It's unfortunate because that's my brother at the end of the day. I don't hate Math. I just hate what he did. You gotta definitely hold your emotions, when we performing.

"This is a league," SMACK continued. "This is an art form. When you're a battle rapper, you're supposed to be professional. I know things can get kinda real frustrating at times when you're up there, but that's part of the sport and if you can't handle a punchline or a character of an opponent that you battling, then you really don't need to be battling on URL or anywhere on anybody's stage because that conduct is definitely not going to be acceptable to the fans or to the world." 

SMACK Says He Hopes Fight Doesn't Hurt Math Hoffa's Career 

SMACK went on to say that he hopes this doesn't interfere with Math Hoffa's career. 

"I just hope that Math Hoffa's behavior on that night at 'Summer Madness 3' don't hinder or don't interrupt no future endeavors or no future opportunities for him," SMACK said. "I don't think he's a bad person. I just thought that he just lost control at the wrong time. I felt real disrespected that that had to happen on my stage, on my league, just due to the fact that my team and myself worked for so many years to build this platform up. We're at a stage where we got actors, professional athletes, Hip Hop moguls coming to our venues, coming and participating in our events, and to do that in front of the world just basically leaves a bad mark on our brand.

"We work countless hours," SMACK added. "We go try to shop and find venues to put y'all in, and we work, spend a lot of money, just investing into elevating the look and the production of the events that we shoot just to give you guys a good look. And this is what you do? You violate our whole shit. I just feel that shit is just not right. I don't like it. I feel violated and that's just how I feel. A lot of y'all, I think that y'all don't really know what this URL platform is for. When we built this platform, we built this platform for emcees, for up-and-coming emcees to basically showcase their talent, to link up with other emcees in different markets so y'all can do music together, do tapes together, tap into each other's fanbase in different cities and shit like that, so we can travel the country and basically have our own industry within the Hip Hop culture." 

SMACK Addresses Feud With Hitman Holla Regarding Conceited Battle

SMACK also addressed a feud with Hitman Holla, a battle rapper who was upset when a different battle (Aye Verb versus Arsonal) was released to YouTube before his match-up against Conceited. In Twitter posts, Hitman Holla threatened SMACK.  

"Where I'm from, I don't know what it is out there, but if somebody say word to they flag, I'm not in that lifestyle, but...where we from, if you say word to your flag, you better eat food or you gon' be food," SMACK said. "That's how serious that...that's the mentality of that type of quote. For him to use those words against me, somebody who has been supporting him from Day 1 of his career, I just got mad and I felt some type of way."

"We definitely gotta have a conversation, but I'm not gonna let the fans suffer," SMACK continued. "We definitely gonna release that battle. I'm still gonna have a conversation with him. I don't know when yet but we gon' talk because I genuinely have love for these niggas."

Hitman Holla has responded to the blog.  

The blog was released after Hitman Holla's battle with Conceited surfaced on URL's channel. The battle can be viewed below. 

SMACK Refutes Daylyt's Allegations About URL, Calls Him A Character

SMACK also addressed allegations made by Daylyt. After his battle was canceled due to the aforementioned fight between Math Hoffa and Serius Jones, Daylyt told HipHopDX he felt URL conspired against him. SMACK addressed these statements in his blog.

"Everybody knows that Daylyt is a character," SMACK said. "You cannot believe one word that this dude says. He's a character. This is the same dude that dressed in a [KKK] suit, dresses up on stage as Batman, gets naked in a room full of men. He's a funny guy. That's why we hired you, dogs. We wanted to bring that level of entertainment to our stage to see what creative way you could basically engage our fanbase. But, it's different when you basically wanna portray a gangster image...That negative shit, my nigga, is the shit that caused the demise of two of the greatest legends in Hip Hop. I don't want no parts, and my associations don't want no type of dealings with that type of energy." 

SMACK's full blog can be found below. 

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  • Truth

    The best part is how he wasn't hard around cal or pat stay. Not sayin cal and pat are hard jus sayin how obviously weak math is. Let him do that around trick trick.

  • Anonymous

    Hoffa is not the realist!!! Why would you make yourself look stupid by fighting at a battle. That just make us look dumb and unprofessional. He's stupid he lost alot of fans and $ b/c he cant battle so he wants to fight. 1 bad appje spoils the bunch

  • TMZ

    Kendrick Lamar diss eminem !

  • Rebecca D. Garcia

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  • Jadakiss88

    But Hitman your battle with conceited was overrated and over advertised my much as I dislike Verb his battle with Arsonal was 1000 times better than your battle with Conceited. Hitman v Conceited First Round Tight,expecting even better rounds after that. Second Round Meh, it was ok. Third Round HORRIBLE!!! You know just like everyone else that Third Round was TRASH!!! You didn't even try and neither did conceited.

  • carlos74

    Hoffa's the realist...

  • Anonymous


  • jasonnns

  • smack this retard

    U KNOW WAT IM SAYINNN, nah mean U know wat im sayinn, nah mean U know wat im sayin Im smack ans I'm a dumb mother fcker nah mean u know wat im sayinn. DICKHEAD

  • HHH, that's me

    This is the only thing you americans know: Acting like mindless brutes that feel like you need to act out agressively just because you're mentally bitch made. I attend a 46000 student university in Europe and american students are the JOKE of every fucking student here. Like every time american students come they make fools out of themselves acting like brutes thinking girls will feel like they're "manly" just because they talk loud and grund while trying to get into fights. Chill with that agressive shit you fucking airheads cuz a bullet to your dome can be sent from the most scrawny dude out there.. Then all that rawdy behavior and muscle flexing sure is meaningless aint it..

    • John Blaze

      Like Brute said those are punk kids that are overprivileged and grew up with a Silver spoon in their mouths. Have you ever been to the US...nah probably not but if you have I am pretty sure you were told to never leave the city because it's be real, those same type of people you laugh at we laugh at too...all that hooting and hollering is a sign of weakness or fear.

    • brute

      you realize that the ONLY kids who have the money to go to a UK university are the richest of the rich, right...? so please miss me with that generalization bc most likely... we all hate those ppl too.

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  • Anonymous

    9/11 looking freak lol

  • bugsy

    Good read!..Bout time smack slam the gavel down. Every man responsible for their own actions. Now lets move on from this, keep URL going ..please no more clown wwf shit. Lets end the year right

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell are these faggots?

  • Anonymous

    Last thing though, Holla is crazy. Look, you don't say certain things unless you mean them, or you're going to get popped out the blue and it's going to be a mystery, you know know what I'm saying?

  • Anonymous

    I said it the moment the SM3 fallout began, Smack and Beasley are grown ass men dealing with talented, albeit emotional young niggas (in some cases old niggas with no self control). They don't see business side of shit, they don't see the networking aspect of hosting a battle league, they see the ME side of that shit. Anyway, I got nothing but love for any brothers out there tying to make it the right way, so respect to Smack and his team.

  • dash money

    that nigga holla is reckless

  • trock

    This dude is outta control. Let the words battle. I seen you battle and your shit is tight, but you have no self control kid.

  • Jahorse

    Lot of respect for SMACK, he's got a real level head and puts everything he's got into his work.

  • imho

    hoffa needs to be baned that was a bitch move he pulled..hell of a hook. but u dont hit someone during a battle rap.

  • Yeah right

    Yeah you spear chucker work on having the show done on time and not make fans come early. They have a right to boo because of how tired they are. Blah blah on your endless hour of work...get the venue booked, get the rappers, make sure their spear chucking aunt jemima syrup sucking selves get there on time and battle..that way no one is late and shit like this doesn't happen and shave that crab living beard ....I can do your job so easy. Either do your job right or take your self back to being behind the camera. Another thing release battles fast, not 5 mons later when no one cares's amazing KOTD released battles faster within a month and your ashy Self takes forever .Who does your vids? Hype Williams? No you amateur, it's not a movie it's a battle. Chill out with the director position.

    • Anonymous

      loL the whiteboys be having the ancient bigot talk. Spear chucker & aunt jemima? That's their grandaddy and dad's talk. "I hate n1ggers, but let me go to a hip hop site and watch some videos of them in it and comment"-yeah right loL. No one is changing anything for you cornball, and if you could do SMACK'S job so easily, you would have your own league instead of watching KOTD AND URL.

  • Eastcomments

    SMACK is a real brotha!!!,,,defnitly deserves more respect!!!,, SMRRRRRRRACK!!!!,,,,,,

  • K:O:S

    I stopped counting, the use of the phrases: "You know what I'm saying and Ya'meen", when the numbers exceeded 247!!! How can you represent a platform about the art of words, poetry, rhymes etc. and then be extremely inarticulate?! That's like being a vegetarion working at a butchers shop!

    • K:O:S

      Oh no did I really?! English is not my first language sorry mr. self righteous. The best defense is a good offense I guess! Weak and childlike response. According to your logic, I'm apparently not allowed to criticize your inadequate vocabulary, if my english grammar is not perfect? That's just pathetic! How dare I? Made me laugh hard! Get of your high horse! To the Anonymous person, so your interpretation was that I don't like slang?!! You buggin... All I was saying is switch it up, so every other word is not the same old you know what I'm sayin (read: No that phrase does not make you sound cool and street)

    • Anonymous

      This is URL, not Def Jam Poetry. And even on DJP they were using slang. If you want to listen to literary professors, rap music may not be for you. That's for YOU to decide, not for all others to change to fit your needs.

    • SMACK


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