Yesterday (September 14), DMX explained why he went streaking in a Detroit, Michigan hotel hallway August 31.

“What do you mean what was I doing streaking?” DMX said to a TMZ representative at Los Angeles International Airport a/k/a LAX yesterday. “I’ve got a big-ass dick and I like to show it.”

DMX then offers an additional explanation. “It was a dare,” he says. “It was a dare.”

The latter explanation jibes with a statement released earlier this month by DMX’s publicist, which said that the incident was nothing more than “a playful dare between friends.”

DMX’s streaking was caught on video thanks to a security camera placed in one of the hotel’s hallways. In the 30-second video, DMX is seen walking the halls in a pair of boxers. He later enters another hall, takes off his boxers and then proceeds to streak his way past what appears to be a hotel employee.

The statement released on the emcee’s behalf also says that DMX and his companions were unaware of the security camera present in the hotel hallway.

In the video from LAX yesterday, TMZ also asked DMX what his parole officer thought of his streaking. The rapper says that he does not have a parole officer.

DMX then takes a piece of paper from the TMZ reporter. The rapper says that the TMZ rep should be embarrassed because his handwriting looks like chicken scratch.

DMX reads one of the questions written on the paper, which asks him to explain how hard it is to put on socks with an electronic monitoring ankle bracelet. DMX has been arrested several times this year on charges that include driving under the influence and driving without a license. DMX also served seven months at an Arizona State Prison mental health unit from 2010 to 2011 after violating his probation.

“That’s a good question,” DMX says to TMZ. “You’ve got to work the sock under the ankle bracelet.”

DMX was likely flying in to Los Angeles in order to make an appearance on the talk show of Dr. Phil. The interview is scheduled to be taped tomorrow (September 16) and will discuss DMX’s relationship with God, among other topics, according to

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