Wu-Tang Clan has come out to defend Drake from criticism he’s received regarding his new song “Wu-Tang Forever.” The song, titled after Wu-Tang Clan’s second album, was released yesterday (September 12). Drake’s song features lyrics borrowed from a Raekwon verse off “It’s Yourz,” a selection from Wu-Tang Clan’s second LP, Wu-Tang Forever

While some have criticized Drake for his use of the Wu-Tang Clan album title, it appears Wu-Tang has no problems with the song. 

In an update posted today (September 13), Wu-Tang Clan’s verified Twitter account addressed the matter. 

Wu-Tang’s Inspectah Deck also tweeted his response to the song.  

Drake’s song, “Wu-Tang Forever,” is slated to appear on the rapper’s upcoming album Nothing was the Same

On “Wu-Tang Forever,” Drake explains his upbringing. 

“I just gave the city life,” Drake says on the track. “It ain’t about who did it first. It’s about who did it right / Niggas lookin like ‘Preach’ / Open cases on me for a half a million each / I find peace knowing that it’s harder in the streets / I know. Luckily, I didn’t have to grow there / I would only go there / ‘Cause there’s niggas that I know there.”

On the song, Drake also appears to discuss a nightclub brawl he had with Chris Brown, which resulted in multiple lawsuits.

“I don’t know what’s getting in to me,” Drake says. “I just like the rush when you see your enemy / Somewhere in the club and you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy / You ain’t ever worried ’cause he’s not who he pretend to be.”

Nothing was the Same is slated to be released September 24.

Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever” can be streamed via HipHopDX

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