Kendrick Lamar Gives Praise & Advice To Bishop Nehru

Kendrick Lamar offers some professional advice for Bishop Nehru.

After his recent concert in Brooklyn, New York, Kendrick Lamar had a message for another rapper, Bishop Nehru.

"Watching your show and hearing the vibe out there, it's a good thing for somebody to get it early, as a kid," Kendrick Lamar said to Nehru in a video by Fuse News. "I'm fairly young myself, but I've been studying it for a minute. For you to go out there and be young and fresh and know the true essence of Hip Hop and the roots of it and how to rhyme and construct words, and not only that but put songs together, it's a beautiful thing. You're doing your thing. Real talk.

"It's Hip Hop," Lamar continued."Keep doing it. Do not stop doing shit...Ever. Even when there's roadblocks, even when radio won't listen to you or labels don't, you just gotta go for self. From an artist, from me to you, block all that shit out and stay focused on what you're doing." 

Nehru posted an image of this interaction via Instagram. 

A video of their interaction can be seen below.

In August, HipHopDX reviewed Nehru's strictlyFLOWZ. The mixtape was touted as "a cohesive, polished mixtape that showcases stellar production and ample lyricism."

Nehru's "Mobb Dizzle" video can be seen below.

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