Mac Miller Affiliate Hardo Faces Drug Charges For Heroin Possession

After signing a reported $3 million deal, Hardo reportedly gets busted with roughly 250 bags of heroin.

Pittsburgh area rapper Hardo may be facing serious drug charges after police in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania pulled the 21-year-old over and discovered him with copious amounts of heroin.

CBS Pittsburgh reports that Hardo, a Mac Miller affiliate, was found with over 250 individual baggies of heroin in his car.

Police say that the young rapper was not carrying an ID, and was driving with a suspended license. Police also say Hardo attempted to run away from the scene, but was tackled to the ground. Hardo claimed the car was owned by a friend in the hospital.

The emcee recently signed a reported $3 million record deal with Atlantic Records, reportedly with the help of T.I. Tip recently complemented the young man in a July interview. However, HipHopWired reports that both Atlantic and Mac Miller's camps deny being affiliated with Hardo.

Hardo is currently being held on $25,000 bond.

Mac Miller has repeatedly discussed drug use, revealing in January that criticism of his Blue Slide Park project made him turn to drugs.

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  • fire

    So you post an article titled "Mac Miller Affiliate..." and WITHIN your article you say that Mac Miller denied being associated to him. Learn how to report stories properly you fucking amateurs.

  • Anonymous

    who / what the f**k is a Hardo? Isn't that what happens when a b**ch gets u sprung? follow at noles506

  • foreal

    top 3 things rappers do with advance money 1. buy a lambo or ferrari 2. buy a trunk full of dope 3. Buy a chain

    • Anonymous

      lmao u think these dudes even bother with their kids, or even know what an education fund is? hahahahaha... dumb as a bag of hammers. follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      if they were smart they would have 1. bought a modest house they can afford 2. invested in something for the future 3. started an education fund for their children

  • Young Pause

    I don't know Hardo but I met Mac Miller at a Meet & Greet and he is hella chill and down to earth. He's the kind of bro you can stare up at the stars with and have deep conversations about the meaning of life. My only advice about his music is that he could lose about 10 pounds, get some muscle definition, and tanner skin tone. His album was most dope, and as a fan I'd give anything for a day where we could just hang out and watch a movie with the sound off.

  • Tha R

    U're really stupid, Hardo.

  • R.Pgh

    If he really had a $3 mil deal, he could have owned Wilkinsburg since it's basically a step above a rat hole.

  • Anonymous

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    • Young Guwop

      WTF??? lol!!! You either have too much free time or an ex con.

    • Bunter

      Making Totillas hahaha never heard that one b4 every color gets bitched out white Hispanic black its always by their own race too. Not always cause of being weak a lot of times debts for drugs or whatever get run up n its the only way to pay

  • jim jim

    dum bitch 3 mill deal get used to getting spoon fed

  • Beyong Retarded

    Never heard of him n never will 250 bags u getting 5 years minimum 3 million deal in his hands? fuck this dumb fuck take him to jail have fun freestyling in the yard wit the lifers

  • Anonymous

    blacks never learn do they????

  • COCA

    "However, HipHopWired reports that both Atlantic and Mac Miller's camps deny being affiliated with Hardo." HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • Trav

    Why even put Mac name in the title, just say Pittsburgh rapper so and so

  • DAMN

    Sheer proof that even with a 3 million dollar deal, niggas are still in a crackhead broke mentality struggling to make ends meet, the executives must have gave him chicken scraps

    • Anonymous

      the label denied having anything to do with him i dont know how true that deal was.... if he really had a deal like that why would he be pushing H?

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