Drake Explains Upbringing On "Wu-Tang Forever"

Drake uses the latest single off "Nothing was the Same" to talk about his upbringing, friendships and success.

Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" has been released. The song is a much-discussed selection off of Drake's upcoming album, Nothing was the Same. On the song, Drake discusses his upbringing, his friendships and his success.

"I just gave the city life," Drake says on the track, which dropped today (September 12). "It ain't about who did it first. It's about who did it right / Niggas lookin like 'Preach' / Open cases on me for a half a million each / I find peace knowing that it's harder in the streets / I know. Luckily, I didn't have to grow there / I would only go there / 'Cause there's niggas that I know there."

Drake also appears to discuss troubles with Chris Brown and their nightclub brawl, which resulted in multiple lawsuits.

"I don't know what's getting in to me," Drake says. "I just like the rush when you see your enemy / Somewhere in the club and you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy / You ain't ever worried 'cause he's not who he pretend to be."

On the song, Drake also addresses the status of his friendship with fellow "Degrassi" actor, Mazin Elsadig.

"People like Mazin who was a best friend to me / Start to become a distant memory / Things change in that life and this life started lacking synergy / And fucking with me, I think it's meant to be."

Drake referred to Elsadig as his "best friend" during an MTV interview in 2010.

This is the latest release from Drake off of his forthcoming album Nothing was the Same, a project set to be released September 24. The album follows 2011's Take Care. In 2010, Drake released his debut full-length album, Thank Me Later, via Young Money Entertainment, Cash Money Records and Universal Motown.

Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" can be streamed on HipHopDX. It can also be streamed below via XVRecords.  

Drake's inspiration for the title of the song likely comes from Wu-Tang Forever, the title of Wu-Tang Clan's second album, a double-disc released in 1997 through Loud Records. On this song, Drake also borrows a line from Raekwon's verse from "It's Yourz," a selection off Wu-Tang Forever

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  • soft soft soft

    just cancelled the pre-order, bullshit singing album. If I wanted that shit id go get a Justin Timberlake cd WAY OVER RATED THIS SOFT PUSSY

  • Justin & Bryan

    I am a gay man & I love Drake, I really wish you guys weren't such meanies, & stop with the gay stuff. We all know that he is homosexual but there is no need to bash, just let him be who he is.

  • Ilovehim

    Me & Aubrey use to mess around before he became famous. Mostly we would just jerk each other off or just watch each other jerk off. He always said he was going to be the 1st gay rap artist but I think he fears the backlash. He never sucked me off or anything but we would hold each other, kiss & snuggle. He'll always be my lover.

  • Anonymous

    not hating (i like drake) but this album is just disappointing, it could of done with more features only thing i dislike about drake is he pretends he hard when really he soft like a nutsack

  • Anonymous

    too many bitch ass SINGING tracks 4 me............. next

  • Anonymous


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  • Jay DeLuca

    i just bootlegged his album lol waaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • what

    i hope this negga can potect his neck disrepecting the wu


    i can hear the bees buzzing hope they diss the fuck out of drake , just like 50



  • badnfjd


  • fuck drake

    Every single time I see this bitch I wanna punch him square in the face.

  • dentaldamboy

    As a bitch ass young money groupie with no accounting skills, I can confirm that wayne will never have a hot song again. This is because he is the worst rapper alive. Even will.i.am raps better than him and will.i.am is awful. No one on Young money has any talent whatsoever. We're simply broke hoes with no money because birdbitch steals it all. We kiss our daddies because we are gay.

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  • 3 headedmonsah

    This "CAT" is only doing this for more cred. if the title is going to be called WU TANG FOREVER, than im expecting the song to be about WU TANG. man he rapsinggin about bitches again... this is what i mean. young CATS using classic true hip hop groups and RnB artistes to boost up there shit.. Wrong. BEAT SICC THO lol

  • je

    I dont care about the fact that he called the song Wu Tang Forever. I care about the fact that the song is weak, boring, and retarded. The fact that a weak, boring, and retarded song was named Wu Tang Forever is disappointing because Wu is the opposite of all of those things. This song is pathetic, and Drake fans have small ears.

  • Anonymous

    golden arms should merk this fag

  • HipPopDx

    I have to space out their names because HHDX won't let me post tem without it saying: "Error Submitting Comment You have been temporarily blocked from posting." Y E S S I R, Y E B O, Ja Rule fanboy, the Drake stan (y o u n g s t a), D E N T A L D A M B O Y, S O I C Y B O I, B E A V I S & B U T T H E A D, B O Y, E y e C o n t r o l, F R E S H 2 D E F, B o b y a h e a d, R I C K Y R O Z A Y, the Anally Pussified Anon Guy (Anonymous & :^) who says "Everything You Say Is BULLSHIT LIES" and "Haha Good Joke", Q u o t e m a n, is the same pathetic fuckface immaturely replying, cosigning and arguing with himself (as other trolls) to look convincing because he is a waste of fucking space in real life. This comment section is a humongous piece of elephant shit now with the same bullshit posts and arguments being made by little ass high school/middle kids everyday. Only very few posters here are legit now. Fuck Generation Z, Alpha, and almost anyone born after 1994. Go the fuck back to your KanyeToThe, LilWayneHQ, Tumblr, HotNewHipHop, WorldStarHipHop, Twitter, OddFututeTalk, TrShady, or any other faggot-like website you came from. Between bullshit TMZ-esque articles and its editors and the retarded "hip hop" stans, it's safe to say that this site (along with much of the Internet and the world) is officially dead and pointless!

  • Anonymous

    Man, this shit wack. I cant stand corny ass....

  • Anonymous

    "GM fam! Woke up to a lot of @Drake disses... WTH? The homey did a song about us right? Is that not love/respect? Or did I miss sum'n?" - Inspectah Deck "HOW CAN WU FANS BE MAD A DRAKE LET ALONE WUTANG FOR PAYING HOMAGE ?" Official Wu-Tang Clan Twitter account "it's all luv, salute to him!!!" - Raekwon "S/out to my muthaphucka @Drake !He's a real man 2 pay homage 2 us where we been in this game 4 over 25 yrs -hip hop is only 30! I C u Drizzy" - Cappadonna "And I want all the Wu fans to cop @Drake album it's fuckin crazy!!! And prep yourself for that new Wu album and The Pillage 2 #WuTangForever" - Cappadonna "This kid [Drake] is a phenomenon. He's like a young pharaoh with a great talent. I call him the male version of Lauryn Hill. He can go this way or that way. I heard him mentioning the Wu in one of his new songs. So I know he understands the music...Three Stacks is a combination of many different things. He reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix, a RZA with super lyrical skills. You really can't define this dude. At the end of the day he's just a bad motherf*cker. He's a walking gem." - Raekwon (VIBE)

  • Anonymous

    hahahahah for all you "wu fans", go read the twitter posts...they even tellin you haters to shutup! hahha yall sound dumb

  • Anonymous

    I think some of you guys might be looking to deep into this... Drakes just showing that he has respect for WU. This has turned into a Drake hate page haha


    WHAT THE FUCK, raekwon should sue this cocksucker for fucking up their name

  • DavidDanielz

    This guy is soooooooooooo fake.

  • Anonymous

    To my real hip hop heads ,this sucks.Water down music just for radio .WU fan for real.

  • musicfan89

    http://www.music411blog.com/2013/09/new-music-drake-wu-tang-forever-download.html Read a review and download the track here!

  • maddog

    This song makes me want to whoop his ass

  • Drake's New Fan

    I give props to Drake for naming the song Wu-Tang Forever although i expected it to be more masculine for some reason. regardless of that i bet all these young kids who grew up on Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and Drake are wondering what the big deal is and taking it upon themselves to research Wu Tang Forever, which will lead them to Enter The 36 Chambers which will lead them to the classic solo projects. Although the song is about one of the stripper Drake fell in love with on Instagram, its still a good look for hip hop.

  • Young Pause

    Say what you want about Drake's rapping but the dude has the singing voice of an angel. You can hate him as a person but he is hella handsome and can get any girl he wants. His smile is infectious, the kind that makes you smile back, and his complexion looks like he smells like honey or vanilla. Wu-Tang Forever is a great record, and if you type in 'Drake Shirtless' on google you'll see his abs are starting to poke through, so at least he takes care of himself while you guys just hate from the internet. All Drake haters have no girlfriends.

  • Drakefan

    I licked Drakes entire butthole once while he jerked me off.

  • Henny

    This homosexual mother fucker shouldn't be allowed to say the words Wu-Tang forever.

  • Anonymous

    SMDH, why didn't he just name it "It's Yourz"? Now, you clowns may want to bolster Drake up, but listen to the struggle singing. His larynx sounds like it's begging him to stop. He can't hold a note. "It's Yourzzzzzzz" is off key. As for the bars, listen to "It's Yourz" & Drake's verses. Drake cannot hold his weight against Raekwon, U-God (yes, U-God), RZA, Deck, or Ghostface. No energy, no pride in this so-called "homage" song. As for the music, it sounds like a last call hookah lounge beat when most people are leaving and not paying attention. The reality is that if this song would have been done by anyone else besides Drake it would get absolutely no play at all. I bet Wu members are like "WTF is this, god? Sh*t is awful." But I know I'm speaking to a lot of stargazing groupies so go on ahead and attach the hater label, I'll keep listening to the music and know good from bad.

    • donnis mac

      Respect anon#2. We on the same page. @ da1 Dopium was hot too. Glad 2 speak with music fans.

    • da1

      he cant hold his weight. but u god just dropped a classic album he is by far not the worst wu tang artist masta killa or method man killa because he came with his way late

    • Anonymous

      all i was saying was deck defended him without even hearing the song cause he thought the songs was about wu-tang when its just another simp love song

    • Anonymous

      And what does that mean though? No points scored, that was an air ball. Do you realize that most people do not even use Twitter? The reality is this song is weak. If Drake was such the great rapper slash singer, we should have gotten another "Rainy Dayz" or "All That I Got" and he would be signing better than Blue Raspberry and Mary J with some strong rap lyrics, not this snooze-fest of a homage song. Talk about the music son, fvck the gossip. Can you do that?

    • Anonymous

      inspektah deck defended drake on twitter against the haters cause he thought drake made a song about them LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Expand your mind, ya'll. Hiphop isn't what it once was, it's evolved, for better or worse, you can either choose to do the same or the world will collapse on you.



  • drizzy!

    Drake haters out in full force. You know it's possible to love Wu-Tang and Drake, right? I know I do.

    • drizzy!

      I "stan troll" for him, because so many people like you come on here just to hate on him. What am I suppose to do take photos of my Itunes library and upload them on here? I've mentioned in several posts that I like a wide variety of music within hip-hop and outside of it.

    • Anonymous

      Your screen name is a Drake nickname, we've seen YOU stan troll for him, but NOW, you want to make it like you listen to all music so you can have a respected opinion? This song is WACK. You've already labeled those who say what I say haters. Show and PROVE what you say. I CAN. Already DID above.

    • Anonymous

      Huge Wu-Tang fan and I like Drake enough to stomach his material but its not that he would do a song paying homage but its just the way this song sounds. Its super RnB. It's like paying homage to NWA and saying I love the police. It just seems out of place.

    • drizzy!

      In the same day I'll bump ATCQ's Midnight Maurauders, El-P's I'll Sleep When You Are Dead, Bjork's Vespertine, GZA's Liquid Swords, Miles Davis' Bitches Brew, Led Zepplin's IV and Drake's Take Care. Go fuck yourself.

    • Anonymous

      you obviously don't LISTEN to WU if u fuck with drake AND Wu Tang. Cant play the fence faggot.

  • Tapeworm

    this nigga uses words like reciprocate and gets plaudits for lyricism...

  • Tapeworm

    its like diamonds from sierra leone where the song title has nothing to do with the lyrics

  • Tony starks

    The total in USA, the Wu-Tang Clan has sold over 40 million records. The Wu-Tang Forever album, alone, has sold 8.3 million copies. Read more http://www.kgbanswers.com/how-many-albums-has-the-wu-tang-clan-sold-overall/4051606#ixzz2emVXX5lN

    • Anonymous

      Enter the 36 chambers and Wu-Tang forever are classic albums and Wu-tang will always be my favorite group

    • Anonymous

      When that Double CD dropped it held the record for 1st week sales in Hip-Hop at that point. These youngins don't realize how much the Wu used to sell in their prime.

  • fuck mgk

    I fuckin knew hed be singing like a fruity ho on this fuck out here drizzy u been a rich boy ur whole life Ghostface need to split this wigga wit a boxcutter n watch him bleed sugary bitchness

  • Anonymous

    I hate this fuckin clown! Big Ghost please smack the sweetness out this nicca!

  • newschoolrapsucks

    Who ever said Drake has sold more than Wu Tang whole career does not fully know what hes talking about. And that's the main problem with new school hip hop fans. Wu tang have sold more records then drakes whole career in one album! Wu tang have sold over 20 million records! there 2nd album Wu tang forever sold 612,000 in its 1st week now with sales of 8.3 million records world wide And most of the members solo albums went Gold and Platinum Drakes only sold 5 million albums worldwide! SO DO YOUR RESEARCH AND GET SOME KNOWLEDGE BEFORE MAKING STUPID STATEMENTS!!!

    • Anonymous

      Rap is a sport so to speak so yes artist do have peaks and valleys. Meth went double platinum in America as a Solo artist has Drake done that yet? That answer the question. Again Drake in his prime can't outsell Meth his prime. Lets see if Drake is even around 20 years from now to fall off.

    • comeonson

      stop using the word "prime" thats dumb. is jay z in his "prime"? you either have it or you dont. wu tang has no appeal anymore, give it up already. nothing wrong with going back and listening to the old albums from the 90s, but it is all you have. all those guys lost it. no one is checking for meth anymore, he will never sell ! and times HAVE changed, people just dodwnload albums, you are not forced to go out and purchase records like you were. im sure justin timblerlake would be selling like 2 mil first week if there wasnt any internet. wu tang drops an album next week, they are lucky if they sell 50 thousand 1st week. p.s U GOD dropped an album the other week, i wonder how many wu fans supported that project...................................

    • Anonymous

      Times change is a lame excuse and there's nothing wrong with someone continuing to listen to Wu or anybody from the 90s in 2013. Only lames wish to say it's 2013, move on, when there's no rules or protocol that says an older rap fan has to listen to new rap music. Cut it out and grow up. Times change=dickrider talk

    • Anonymous

      FOH...Hip Hop is more mainstream now then every so its no excuse for Drake. He is in his prime and still can't outsell Method Man when he was in his prime. #Fact

    • comeonson

      its 2013, everything leaks on the internet. alot of people were selling back then. times have changed, wu tang dropped today, they wouldnt even go wood, let along platinum. i loved the wu in the past, but people need to face facts....your fav rapper from the 90s isnt dropping anything hot anytime soon...so for those waiting on Redman, Mobb Deep, Wu, etc need to move on maaaaaaaaaaaan ! *chris tucker voice*

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this album should of had more features

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck is this singing shit?????? and people say he's a rapper lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol fuck outta here fake nate dogg

  • COCA


  • dentaldamboy

    Best Rapper of All Time: Wayne Best All-Around Entertainer: Drake Hottest Female in the Game: Nicki Best Beat Picker: Rick Ross Biggest Rap Mogul: Birdman YMCMB MMG is an unstoppable empire.

    • Anonymous

      Wouldn't best rap mogul be JAY Z especially since he actually raps still and just put out a album?

    • OTS

      hahahaha you must be 15. stop ruining hip hop you fairy

    • biged

      u forgot biggest faggots too...fuckin pop homes..real rap is scarface,7l & esoteric, flatbush zombies,slaughterhouse, oc......SORRY TO TELL U THAT SUCKIN DICK WENT OUT IN 2012..THATS WHY THE LIL HOMO WAYNE COMMENT SECTION IS FULL OF PEOPLE THAT ARE SICK OF HIS FAGGOT ASS U LIL EMO NUT LICKER

    • So Icy Boi!

      you forgot... best street rapper: Meek Mill best cali gangsta: Tyga best friendly rapper: Lil Twist best poet: Wale swag

  • DMC


  • DMC

    This is how you pay tribute to the Wu...the right way

  • fuck drake

    this little chicha better watch what he's doin, naming his song that

  • So Icy Boi!

    Wu-Tang Clan fans are mad cuz dey can't accept Drake is a better MC and he outsold your old legendz. Method Men, Ghostface and Rae can be happy deir weak ass group name is mentioned on a hip hop legend's new song. swag

    • Anonymous

      ammo for the trolls don't respond so icy boi doesnt believe what he actually says he just wants you to check out his links on soundcloud by making ridiculous comments followed by swag.

    • khordkutta

      you waaaay out of line comparing drake to envogue, them chicks had talent

    • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

      you trolls these days hahahaha. This dude sings like a school girl, he should be on Envogue! Singing on a track with this title. This emo shit makes me sick. Dont they raise men anymore in the states? No new friends lol also sounds like a conceded sweet 16 Bday track. Just sad, cant win a war with schoolgirls

    • ---

      Yer because Drake really has over 7 million album sales. please shut your mouth.

    • Anonymous

      you know nothing about hip-hop if you think album sales make him a better mc.

    • So Icy Boi!

      Drake have sold more albums in 4 years den Wu-Tang Clan have sold in 20 years. sad but true fag. swag

    • Rod

      NO I think it's because Drake is an unoriginal biting MC.

  • dentaldamboy

    I can confirm you that I am the world wide famous musician Detail of Cash Money records and sold more records than Wu Tang Fags

  • Anonymous

    I think people would've recieved the song better if he named it something different.. Nobody tryna hear about him being with a bitch and being upset over lost friends over a song called 'Wu-Tang Forever'. Should've just been straight rhyming.

  • Dope

    Drizzy went on in this.. looking forward to the album

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